Malawi female soldiers catch Mutharika’s eyes: President off to South Africa

A good display by the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) female commanding officers during the Guard of Honour (GoH) presentation to President  Peter Mutharika on Sunday did not elude  the Head of State on his departure to South Africa.

Major Hellen Soko in charge of the guard of honour to President Mutharika

Major Hellen Soko in charge of the guard of honour to President Mutharika

Mutharika, who is Commander-In-Chief of the MDF, did not hide the presidential excitement over the flawless female soldiers maiden commanding antics as he was flying out to a Pan African Parliament mission.

“First of all I must thank the female commanding officers for the wonderful work shown here. I congratulate the Malawi Ddefence Force for such a wonderful military display,” said Mutharika on Sunday in Lilongwe at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) before departure for South Africa where he will address Pan African Parliament.

The parade was commanded by Major Hellen Soko of the second Battalion of the Malawi Defence Force.

He was answering to a single question that he entertained soon after inspecting the military parade on his way to the fourth Ordinary Session of the PAP expected to take place this week.

The Malawi leader is expected to grace the opening occasion along with his Burkina Faso counterpart and Chairperson of the African Union, Moussa Faki is expected to attend.

On the Pana African Parliament, Mutharika said it is a very important meeting where 55 African countries discusses a number of issues including economic development, trade, peace and security.

He said the Pan African Parliament only meet once a year and this enables member countries to discuss issues affecting them.

The President disclosed that during the session the First Lady Madam Dr. Gertrude Mutharika will be bestowed as an ambassador for the Pan African Parliament.


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14 thoughts on “Malawi female soldiers catch Mutharika’s eyes: President off to South Africa”

  1. koma amalowa mnyumba ngati a bwampiniwa??????

  2. winston msowoya says:

    Wansankho,It seems also to me that you are a deranged monster I can not even comprehend what you are talking about.Who is Cuthbert Kachale anyways? Please rush to the psychiatrist forthwith because you are not in good health and your brains do not work as it should be.Please leave me alone you maniac I have no time to deal with animal-like people.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    MALAWI,it seems to me that you are untutored and I do not have to waste my precious time to garbage people like you.Leave me alone please you are not my equal you bastard,you go to hell.

  4. winston msowoya says:

    Mr Vindelemsataye,yes you are right,I was born in the village and so I think like a villager.You are lucky yourself,you were born in the City that is why you think big,GOOD LUCK!!!! I stand on my own feet and principles and I still maintain that the Government of Malawi is extremely two sided leaving the North fighting its own economic war.However,it is extremely melancholy that people like Vindelemsataye,eventhough the name itself,describes what sort of a person he is,does not follow or feel the economic strains which sweep the North.In education,the North is completely sidelined and hit with tribalistically motivated QUOTA SYSTEM,the north lacks industrial development where people could be hired instead of travelling to the two Regions,the infrastructure is dead and buried.We have the Nyika National Park the envy of the World,but it has been willingly neglected by our government,where is our Chikangawa the pride of our nation? Our roads are still gravel-covered while in the South and Central,the roads are almosed tarred so on and so forth.Mr Vindelemsataye,with all these anomalies should the Northerners remain unconcerned while our people also pay taxes as their brothers and sisters in the South and Central. I hope I have given you Mr.Vindelemsataye my piece of mind and remain with your crooked notions.

  5. agogo says:

    mutharika is a chief commander of malawi defence force, he is a vice- chancelor of unima and polytecnic college, why bombard one person with so many positions that require attention, no wonder lecturers are still striking at chancelor college and he has done nothing about i. dont be greedy mr president give other people a chance to hold such position who will be able to hold such position with great versality.

  6. winston msowoya says:

    Mr.Malawi,Iam pretty sure that you are out of your senses and I do not comprehend what is your problem? If you are from the South and Central Malawi,you are obliged to write bunkum,please think before you write shit!!!!!!

  7. nachui says:

    Well done MDF for putting a woman in a commanding lead. Let more women rise through the ranks of the Malawi Army. It’s time women took an active role. By the way, the suggestion that only men can work in the army is silly and primitive. What war have male soldiers in Malawi fought since independence? Amangoyenda bawo or kukakamila peace-keeping (UN guarding) ku DRC. We need more women in senior positions in the army.

  8. Vinderemsataye. says:

    Mr. Msowoya I beg to differ. At times its not good to think like an illiterate villager. At times, we in the north should be proud that educationally we are a better off as a region, than the other two and as such our understanding of economy is above average.
    I hope you are well aware that Malawi’s economy is agro based. If I may ask what % does, production wise, the north contribute to the country?
    Whatever % you give is the the Norths contribution, have you ever thought that it is the Southerners who are doing the production in terms of labor. Check and quantify the tenants in all estates in Rumphi, Mzimba and NkhataBay or just ask Harry and Gotani Mkandawire who have the answers off their finger tips.
    Secondly if you leave in the Capital City and you are an honest person, go around and give statistics on how many Southerners and Centrals own NGOs, personal companies, real estates worthy pointing at compared to the Northeners. How come do 90% of the Northerners own property in the Center and South but not in Mzuzu?
    In democracy that our own late Chakufwa Chihana championed the majority rules,
    Now who are in majority in Malawi?
    If we are to simply proportion, to be fair basing on the ruling population statistics, how many jobs, secondary school places, college spaces should be rightfully allocated to the Northerners per every thousand people?
    Assuming the Archangel Michael had come down and was given the task to share a national cake without fovour and according to each region’s sweat and also considering that we are all equal before God, what percentage do you think HE would have given the North?

  9. winston msowoya says:

    Really Muthalika,attending Pan-African Conference in South Africa? Needless to say,Pan-Africanism is a non-entity for Peter Muthalika and most of the attendees,in the sense that,to them it is just a name.Muthalika is wasting millions of dollars in such gatherings which he cares and comprehends very little.The name Pan-Africanism was introduced by the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo the late Patrice E.Lumumba and this is the term which threatened the imperialist nations hence,his brutal murder by Mobutu Sese Seko used by his masters.Nkhrumah first President of Ghana,replaced the term with another slogan of Pan-African High Command which was to entervene militarily in countries of armed conflicts.Suffice to say these two greatest leaders of our time,did not stay in power for long.Kwame was removed from power by his own soldiers under the cover of the CIA.This was a great setback for the Pan-Africanism and African Liberation Struggle for only two Pan-Africanist leaders remained in the fray VIZ: J.K.Nyerere and D,K.Kaunda.To be fair,these two greatest leaders,played a revolutionary role that saw Mozambique,Zimbabwe,Angola,Namibia,South Africa and the Cape Verde Islands,attained independence. It is absurd today,to see our President Peter Muthalika wasting public funds for the cause he does not comprehend.How can he speak of Pan-Africanism,while back home he is supressing NATIONALISM in the sense that,he is oppressing the people of the North both politically and economically.The Northerners are treated at times,worse than South Africans under the obnoxious apartheid system,Northerners are the victims of the tribalistically motivated QUOTA SYSTEM,ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IS WORSE THAN THE TWO PROVINCES AND NEPOTISM HAS REACHED ITS ZENITH SO ON AND SO FORTH.Africa needs practical and patriotic leadership if we want our Continent to serve its people with fairness and in spirit of real Pan-Africanism. For instance,the atrocities committed in South Africa recently against fellow Africans from other countries,were unimaginable and shamefull.

    1. Malawi says:

      A Msowoya, do you know South Africa. How many years have you spent in South Africa and which provinces? You mean you can compare the peace in Malawi to violence that occurs here. Ask anzanu akuwuzani, the economy is good here and thats why we all trek to South Africa but not peace. That Northerners are treated at times,worse than South Africans under the obnoxious apartheid system is an exaggeration of peace itself because you do not know the opposite of that peace which is here.

      1. wansankho says:

        Usalimbane ndi Winston aka Cuthbert Kachale of Zimbabwe. The man is a tribalist and sees everything through the lenses of the northern region. He hates the Muthalikas and DPP that he can’t see anything good about them. The man does not even leave in Malawi. He is based in Zimbabwe. Afa choncho ndi nkhwiyo ife tili pheee.

    2. Snetizo says:


  10. ade says:


    1. Funo says:

      opusa iwe eti

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