Malawi first ever success summit organised

Business tycoons in the country have organized the first ever Success Summit which is expected to take place early this year 2015.BUSINESS SUMMIT

One of the young entrepreneurs in the country Mike Chilewe Junior has spoken of the need for young people to acquire relevant skills to enable them to set up successful businesses.

Mike Chilewe Junior said young people have the potential to effectively contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

Chilewe said they are planning to conduct the Success Summit annually.

“We have a number of prominent business people that will speak and teach people how to grow their businesses,” said Chilewe.

He said the Summit will focus on grooming young people but also those who have retired and wish to venture in various businesses.

Chilewe said the reason why most people fail in businesses is the lack of skill and proper knowledge on how to grow their businesses.

“Will give them the skills how to make their ideas bankable and investable,” Assured Chilewe junior.

The venue of the event is yet to be confirmed.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi first ever success summit organised”

  1. Joseph says:

    Some of the people here are not successful.ngongole thooo.akulandidwa ma nyumbaaa so its not fair kut akandiphunzitse ine oti I dnt have ngongole more than 5 million kwacha with any bank and I have cash reserves more than 20 million in the banks with houses worth MK 210 million kwacha in value.i think am much better than these people and I deserve to go and teach these so called entreprenuers how to make money honestly without political connections in Malawi

  2. Gerald says:

    Hahahaha I can only see a few business tycoons here.Mpinganjira and Mpatsa.enawa they are not tycoons.they are always aligning themselves to ruling dpp colleagues learn to work and make money on your own.i know some real business tycoons in Malawi and they are young and very quiet.Blantyre has some and so too Lilongwe,Balaka.these men and women don’t make noise and are not connected to ruling paries b ut are multi millionaires in hundreds of millions. don’t call yourselves tycoons.u don’t know.can u teach people how to make money??I doubt,u just want to rip them off their hard earned kwacha this January.if this is for the good of mother Malawi,do it for free.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Most businesses in Malawi are inherited & the source of funds becomes more suspicious to the public bcz of how they quickly grow their businesses,for example Tax business(minbus).Hence they cant teach those they say young ppl their ways bcz its like a secret to them.

  4. Angoni says:

    Some of the speakers on the poster have failed in their business operations…talk of Noel Lipipa; bank yamulanda the building opposite college of medicine pano ali pa rented premises; how does he teach on success?… Kachaje ndiye tikudziwa kale kuti amangopanga google pa internet amd post zima tips zoti even him cant practice…..bola A Mpatsa and Mpinganjira

  5. phalombeboys says:

    In Malawi to be a business tycoon you need support the ruling party in order to get dubious contracts, its not that many of these so called business tycoon apply any business knowledge to their businesses. Its all political connections. We have examples like Muli Brothers when Bingu suddenly died their businesses were in shambles. Look at them today their businesses have started to flourish again just because DDP is back in government. Achilewe junior asadzipope what will they tell us. Iwowo ndi alhomwe ndiye zinthu zikuyenekera kuyenda afune or asafune.

  6. Matthews Mpofu says:

    Inspiring initiative to support and encourage upcoming entrepreneurs in our business communities. It is my expectation and desire that the summit will share experiences, expertise and aspirations based on what is ‘ Malawi indeginous business. Growth’. My little experience has shown that people who are called tycoon discuss their business networks in their world, hence, failing to understand the local business Malawi is going through! Malawi has great business potential especially in valuing our available local resources and what is lacking ‘ creativity ‘ among the youth who are so absorbed into copy and paste. Be assured our nation is a blessed country!!!!

  7. Btycoon says:

    The only negative thing about the business tycoons is that money derails them and they enjoy immoral behaviours. Sexual sin on the top list. I hope these business tycoons enjoy their money with their spouses.

  8. Moses says:

    That’s powerful Mike, go ahead don’t get upset by anything. That’s what great people can do for their country.


    1. success guru says:

      How do you know. Mukufuna azichita kulengeza like a pharisee


  11. M'doko says:

    Which skills ar u talking what fruits are malawi going to get , will they be biter or sawa. Or u want to fetch money for mmm u white cola men. Where ar technicians

  12. fathi slshehaab says:

    mike chilewe zats a gud idea..hope you can cover all sectirs of the economy..most imporrantly Agribus Tourism&travel banking education . i have delibarately left out miberaks &oil gas it appeaes the world willbe brike in tenyrs time and would not afford to buy tgese.. ayi sitiziyenda pa kambaza or cycking no..but different type of energy source… by the way dont forget fishing etc…

  13. phunda says:

    That’s a very welcome move, however the problem in Malawi that is impacting business growth is the behaviour of our commercial banks. First they are averse towards the local business people and secondly their the conditions and interests are quite prohibitive. MRA is another factor. The tax regime needs overhauling to encourage local businesses. Credit indescipline of course which is a factor of tough and prohibitive conditions and unreasoble interests rates needs redress. Government policies are also a major stumbling block in many respect. Our most business policies favour the already rich and foreigners. Eg, rentals for busnes premises are designed to push locals out of busnesses. Lilongwe is the worst in this respect. And insecurity is also a demotivating factor for local businesses to thrive and many more. Therefore the summit must look at all these issues..

  14. ujeni says:

    Some of these people it is through inheritance, not on their own. Infact it is through corruption by linning with the ruling party in order to get favours and kockback through under the table shaddy blood money deals.

  15. Parallel Market says:


  16. fkr says:

    Sounds like a money making racket to swindle what little these people have. If they where really serious they would do it for free.

  17. aphiri says:

    Is chilewe junior a business tycoon? Who is a tycoon.

  18. golingo says:

    The stupid thing about malawian business tycoons is that all of u you end up queing at capital hill looking for contracts!!!

  19. jacoc chitseko says:

    thus nice let such a desire be extended to more young peaple in good faith. we are requesting you to hide nothing about the business skills

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