Malawi First Lady fashion gaffe -observers

Malawi First Lady Gertrude Mutharika was against the talking point on Wednesday for her sense of style.

You killed it hun! President Mutharika with his wife

You killed it hun! President Mutharika with his wife

Here comes the First Lady

Here comes the First Lady

The President’s wife was criticised for dressing like a character in a drama play when she put on her dark blue head gear, with many people commenting on social media that she “failed to kill it” but that she looked awful.

The First Lady dressing was during a commemoration of Democratic Progressive Party’s so called Liberation Celebration on the day on which President Peter Mutharika and other DPP leaders were  arrested for treason by the regime but charged dropped the Mutharika was elected President.

It’s not easy being a woman in the spotlight and the First Lady has many times attracted criticism for the style with last time being on her dark glasses as people said she was not on point.

On Wednesday Madam Mutharika was being slated for wearing the blue head gear which looked awful on her.

Since she became First Lady of Malawi, Gertrude Maseko Mutharika’s fashion choices have been closely scrutinized and debated.

“The First Lady needs a stylist,” a post on Facebook read on Wednesday.

“She just doesn’t act and look likes a first lady,” one commented on Nyasa Times.

Observers say former first lady Callista Mutharika had good senses of fashion and with her gorgeous looking she was befitting for her title.

When he visited Maula Prison in Lilongwe where he donated assorted items, Mutharika said he understood the problems prisoners’ are facing as he has been to a prison before.

“I know what you are going through and it is not easy but I assure you that my government is doing all it can to help ease out some of these problems,” he said.

During the function, President Mutharika, and all the members who were arrested together with him; Goodall Gondwe, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Vuwa Kaunda, Hennry Mussa, Patricia Kaliati and Jean Kalilani received medals of honour.

Ben Phiri, Chimwemwe Chipungu, Rajab Malimba, Noel Masangwi and Leston Mulli also received medals as some of the people who were said to have been arrested. The President also gave out blue medals to dedicated party members.

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115 thoughts on “Malawi First Lady fashion gaffe -observers”

  1. Ufulu Wamayankhulidwe says:

    Nkhani ndiyakuti Bingu was far much better than this block. He had a better choice as this article rightly points out that Ms Callister was a better looking bitch than this Ms Maseko, which transcends to their spouses’ outlook.

  2. Dr chidonono says:

    Easy…… is madala team dressing!

  3. mowa says:

    kkkkkkkk amayi presidents sakuziwa kuvala akukhala ngati ndi house clear

  4. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    The first lady is ok, she just needs a good make up artist and wardrobe advisor.Have ever seen Oprah Winfrey without makeup? You wouldnt believe it is the same person! A word of advice cut down on jewellery please. We know you can now aafford it but one nice and in your case expensive piece willdo.

  5. Dineo says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! muonenso mayi Biya mrs president waku Cameroon!


  7. Jimbo says:

    This woman hasn’t a clue how to dress in public. She is a clown just like her husband. They make a good pair. The whole country is laughing at them leading the poorest country in the world.

  8. benn says:

    Chonde aphuzitseni Mayiwo Kuvala poti Munthuyu anachokera Balaka kufikira ku State House

  9. CHAKUDA says:

    When I saw it I also thought Halloween..

  10. tikhala says:

    Basi zatha. Enanu ndi nsanje. Munthuyu wamva – everybody makes mistakes. Wakupatsani choyankhula kupumulira mabvuto anu eti? Will her blunder help you solve your problems? Azimai a paMalawi timakudziwani. Ma fashion designers angofuna azikamuyandikila Peter mumuchesule mzanu.

    Enough is enough!

  11. tikhala says:

    Basi zatha. Enanu ndi nsanje. Munthuyu wamva – everybody makes mistakes.

  12. Za ziiiiiiiiiiii ife tilibe ndinthaw yoova zosokoseledwa

  13. Tsotso says:

    There is an advert on MBC TV on premature infant deaths featuring first ladies. No wonder ours is not there.

  14. phiriwaphi says:


  15. aurora says:

    it doesnt mata MADAM FIRST LADY,its ur styles dont let NOBODY change the way u are..MADAM getrude…haters will forever be haters..wear wateva you want in fact onjezani anthu amakamwa aziyankhula its part of being a celebrity..i salute…TOK THE TOK PPLE

  16. macd says:

    eeeh i forgot ma sun glass nawonso asiye paja amati zili ndi nkhope zakeu

  17. macd says:

    eeh koma ndiye mwantikita nacho chipewacho….nayenso she shld keep it simple osamaonjeza ayi..

  18. Thitherward Wendo says:

    Take my wife’s advice: if you are an older woman, forget FASHION. Concentrate on finding the STYLE that suits you most.

  19. ri says:

    komabe she covered her body as thoroughly as is acceptable for real women. anavala osati kivula ngati acitira azimai ndi atsikana athuwa, very seductive! mai pitirizani anthuwatu afuna muzionetsa msana ndi ntchafu! ziri bwino

  20. Nora says:

    Sista, izi zii nde mwatiyenjeza. Did you look in the mirror before leaving. Everything just ain’t right embroidery, necklace, koma ayi ku ku loader ma ring, earrings, bangles koma ayi pachepa mmaso eye shadow blue, nail polish blue. Iyayi too much doesn’t mean money. We know you are in money now but zafikapa zanyanya tikuyikani ku rehab for fashion abuse

  21. Chatty Man says:

    Wardrobe malfunction!

  22. Tengupenya says:

    Medals for a political party boardroom questioning of a constitutional provision for transfer of power and earning a scrutiny of that behavior by criminal investigators? The medal should go to the criminal investigations bureau for staying awake to scrutiny of criminal behavior that maybe masked as political antics. Maybe it should go to the hidden hand stalling the transparent court process which should have adjudicated on the matter? In the end it is like a medal of personal victory of avoiding legal process of a national interest of defining the limits of political prudence from criminal behavior against the constitution. As a people we lose the opportunity for our courts to shine a bright light with certainty on the limit of political mechanization bordering on assault of the constitution.

  23. mboba says:

    Nyakula yachigogo akumakusokelani ndani kodi?a telala aku mangerengere kwanu kikikiki
    Nyakula is out of fashion

  24. lucifer says:

    Mai gertu fire your wardrope keeper ndithu ayi ndithu that wasn’t true to let you out in that octopus

  25. lucifer says:

    Ceasefire anthu mwagemulatu

  26. Manyekula says:

    Maineeeeeeee! Ntchito ya LUCY NKONJERA. Fake fashion designer wa std 8

  27. Manyekula says:

    Maineeeeeeee! Ntchito ya LUCY NKONJERA. Fake fashion designer!

  28. lucifer says:

    Octopus hat?were you dramatising
    The hat was bought from balaka kaunjika

  29. Chitima says:

    izi nde ayi ndithu !

  30. Sembe says:

    Louse nkonjera fashion advisor. That’s how Luse dresses!!!!!!

  31. Sembe says:

    Luse nkonjera akuononga Mai wa fuko latu. Chimenecho ndiye chipongwe Luse. That’s how Luse dresses!!!!!!

  32. Toto says:

    Joice is the one who always want to bring misunderstanding between tribes. Any comment mentioning kuti aTumbuka you must know its joyisi banda comment. Mai woyipa.

  33. MATAKO says:

    This one certainly missed its mark. One would think its a haloween costume to scare the crow!! kkkkkk DPP advisors please try to tell this clueless family that some things just don’t look good.

  34. eluby says:

    mwanya, nsanje.con

  35. ujeni says:

    This woman is a true reflection of the backwardness of most Malawi women, Kaliati is another one, rings and more rings around her hands, fingers like a Nyau dancer

  36. gondwe says:

    Mai wa ndi nkhwangwa. Onyasa zedi. bwanji Peter sunakwatire Seodi. Paja akuti Getu yi anapanga mankhwala…kikikikikikiki

  37. Awful President of Malawi (APM) says:

    Do people really expect anything serious from this clown couple?? These are jokers at State House just there to eat and dine. This type if dressing by madame and and the image of mulhopwane president proves beyond measure that these two are high level comedians

  38. Sorrow says:

    I know where bought this garbage from.She bought this at ttttt.

  39. yazula says:

    Aunt Getu nkhani ya fashion mufunse a lady in marriage anu or better still go kwa Anne Muluzi osati zanuzi muzititukwanitsa akazi a ku Malawife.

  40. tikhala says:

    Basi zatha. Ena ndi ma jealous.

    I wish Ethel Mutharika was around. She was the only first lady yemwe samanditopetsa. Simle and behaved with dignity befitting her age.May her soul rest in peace!

  41. Fyuu says:

    The 1st lady, tho she’s for the Nation, she’s is there 4 Peter so if Peter does not complain of her dressing, who r u to? Let her b, don’t make her live ur life style.

  42. Zambulo says:

    A Malawian Lady Gaga. kikkk

  43. nazimbiri says:

    koma azimayi amene muku ma phoda anzanu kapena kuwaveka zovala inu,azimayi oyaluka.nzanu kumaoneka ngati kachidole choncho bwanji.

    Enanu kukupezani pakhomo panu musana phode, eeeeeeeeeee kuopsa ngati chiwanda.

  44. napayekha says:

    jalous a galu inu mukafuna akhala numbuka zanu pa nyelo panu

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      Pa ma comment 72, ndiwedi napayekha wadziwonesa usaveji.

  45. Maunde kodi muli shapu? Mwapsa mtimatu eti? Easy uwu ndiye timati freedom of expression.

  46. Big man says:

    Hahahaha koma a first lady gule wake uti ameneyu chinyawu kkkk if it was my lady i couldnt walk with her in the Street.

  47. N.zinyongo. lilongwe says:

    Zilibwino mai kumene ndiye kuvala kwachikulu

  48. Anna says:

    Mai First Lady, chipweacho ndichokongola ndithu. Kungoti ku maiko a anzathuko, ma sun hat otelo amabvalidwa ku malo osangalisila monga ku nyanja, ku ma picnic ndi makamaka ku mipikisano ya ma hatchi (horse races) kumene abambo ndi amai onse amabvala zosekesa chonchi. Ndiye mai athu, chipewacho muzibvala popumula ku Chikoko Bay, khaya pokacheza kuchitengwa kwa Goliati, khaya pokayenda ku Kuchawe

  49. Gameover says:

    Kungoti muntuyu ndiwonyasa palibe style yomwe ingamukhale makwatila kwatila nawo musiyeni ndizomwe amakonda Peter

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      Amalawi anzanga, chonde, tinalengedwa mu chifanizo cha Mulungu. Inde, chipewacho chinabvalidwa pa malo osayenela. Koma sizikukhuzana ndi mawonekedwe a panja opa thupi la mai. We are beautiful children of God/Allah. Tiyeninso tipewe kuchita compare a First Lady ndi Mai Calista ndi mtsikanayu Mary nyaChibambo Chilima. Kutero ndiku dzala chidani. Mai Getu, God loves you and you are beautiful.

  50. MPISHI says:

    koma a chisale kodi ndinu a aide de camp ADC wa bwana APM ?musiyeni wa uniform yo agwire ntchito. shupit chisale iwe.

  51. Kokotowa says:

    Style ili boo iyi kuposa yodzipachika bulanjete paphewa ija!

  52. MELINDA says:

    chati biiiiiiiiii chaopseza mchewa

  53. GEZZA says:

    A first Lady your are our role model panopa azimayi mmakomomu ayamba kuvuta nawo akufuna chipewa cho! Fire munthu adapanga a prove kuti mvale! You looked eeee……

  54. hahahahah koma zinazi….kumayyang’ana.

  55. maframes says:

    I am not amused with much of reactions because I know that’s what many people like. I mean how do you expect someone to look or dress exactly the way you like yet she is not your wife? Do you think her Husband is stupid to have let her put on the chipewa eee? stop impositioning yourselves in others business.

  56. kate says:

    mukanena kuti Peter bwanji osamudzudzula Mayiyo mavalidwe, ndizovuta chifukwa Peter yo za Azimayi sikweni-kweni koma Amuna anzake ma (Gay).

  57. Abiti Sipoko says:

    hmmm koma ndiye zoona chipewacho iyayi! Pls madam who ever chose it wakunamizani am sure before you became first lady you had your own style of dressing stick to it and just polish it here and there pls!

  58. Alick says:

    First Lady mulibwino ndakunyadilani vuto anawa kusayenda sakuziwa

  59. Khima says:

    Chipewa ngati Lettuce sizoonayi

  60. Rafik says:

    koma u first lady uwu utiwonetsa mbonaona ndithu asaaaaaaaa koma yaaaaaa

  61. katswiri says:

    Nsanje basi azimai…she admires Madonna!

  62. Liqouer says:

    Kkkk ati dressin’ 2 impress? Hahaha

  63. zeze says:

    Tiyeni, tinene zoona, a first lady sakumaoneka bwino khope yawo. It is really frustrating to see this happening when there are all resources at her disposal at State House. Pena kuwoneka ngati kangw’ingw’i zowoona?. So first things first, let her undergo facial surgery so that beauty is amplified in her. Secondly, she needs to pick the right outfits for every occassion. Osavala ngati ma clueless bartenders a ku Nambuma a first lady, mwatani kodi?

  64. kate says:


  65. Njolinjo says:

    A medal for Noel Masangwi? What for? My foot!

  66. viscose Kagwereuko says:

    kuvala kulibe ntchito bola ndalama zikhalemo mnthumba anthu ambiri amavala bwino kufuna kubisa umphawi vuto lanu ndi chani?

  67. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    avala dengu

  68. EYE WITNESSES says:

    The “Chi Joyce” was fancy. Osati zisoti ndi magalasi osawakhala.

  69. Chibanja tv says:

    Wanga Gwede, where is the fuss here? I don’t see any problem with the dressing whether with the hat or else, it marched with the purpose of the function. Stop that envy, tell those stupid idiots who have supported you either in kind or cash to post this story that they won’t benefit anything she is our first lady a wife to APM and nobody else. Inuyo anuwo anathawa m’dziko muno kaya ali kuti tikufuna tiwaone ife a first gentleman anuwo aka Balloteli.

  70. samson says:

    yakula apa ndi nsanje komanso udani.

  71. zanga phee says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiii kumeneko ndiye kubwera, ufulu wa mavalidwe, amenewo ndi Manoma(Nyerere sapota mapeto at its best. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  72. Mwena Malawi Origin says:

    A Cassim Chilumpha, Atupere Muluzi ndi Lucius nanunso kozekani kukapenta ma Cell anu chonde pasazapezeke wina kukuletsani wayamba ndi wachikulire APM. NDILI ndi chikhulupiliro kuti zimenezi zichitika.

  73. Wagwa nayo says:

    Amayenda ngati bakha uja bwanji? tawasiyeni mai wathu wa fukoyu zimene mukunenazi mulibemo nzeru zikungowonetsa umbuli wanu wonse

  74. Chiphwisicha ntchetche says:

    Hahahahahah munthuyu wakula so za fashionzi doesnt ring a bell in her head……komabe she needs to improve.Zima sunglasses paliponse

  75. Wagwa nayo says:

    Amayenda ngati bakha uja bwanji,tawasiyeni mai wathu wa fukoyo zimene mukunenazi mulibemo nzeru zikungowonetsa umbuli wanu wonse

    1. Arsenal says:

      @ wagwa nayo
      Amene ukunenawo kuti amayenda ngati baka is much better than your mother, moti kumene ali mayi ako alive ndi kabudula yamkati chifukwa chobvutilka ndiye please leave her alone

  76. M23 says:

    The problem is not the dressing, but the person herself. She looks like she has just recovered from a serious illness.

  77. aMUMA says:

    Medals for treason charges? yes?

  78. evans kamowa says:

    I wish Peter would keep this thing in his bedroom. If amatiopsya maphamabvu amenewa!!!!!!!. Please tapota nanu!

  79. Nangozo says:

    Getrude please just be yourself. You used to dress very well before you became first lady. You are really ashaming us your friends. Just be smart do not over do things. Do not be like Kaliati, for her type of character it works. But not you a first lady. Do not over do on make up, jewels. Can’t you see Mary Chilima, she is formal and smart. Listen to your advisors please.

    Your current PA cannot help you on dressing because she too does not dress well. Find some smart advisors please.

  80. ineyo says:

    I think the heart has a meaning. I wudnt hestate to wear it if i was in her shoes and especially on this day. The heart is not about fashion but mainly about DPP morale. She cant paint her face, but she can wear such a heart to show her support.

  81. Towera says:

    Azimai malondawa inde ndiamenewo tikuyenera kugulitsa but please sale thi Lady zinthu zoti zizimukhala and not this rabish! Kumuonetsa munthu ngati chnthu chonchi!

  82. Zanga Phee! says:

    Consultation is what matters it means those who are close with her they don’t advise her, I would rather advise her to go to Nigeria and choose other styles if in Malawi all kind of dressing is not fitting her,She is woman number one she has to deserve this.See my name.

  83. evans kamowa says:

    She reaaly looks like a clown and verly pathetic. And she has this smile on her face that she wears always that makes her look like a witch. She is an eyesore. I wish I did not have to see her.. but wow just my tough luck!
    Pano nde tikuti bola Shanil – her goofs were not this embarasing! Olo JB chithumwa chake cha paphuzi sizinafike pomvetsa chisoni chonchi. Is she a mental patient?

  84. namanozela says:

    like a mango tree

  85. Mikhe Mikaele says:

    She looks like the gorgon Medusa from Greek mythology.

  86. Maggie Lucius says:

    Kikikikikik koma ndi bowatu (mushroom) kumutuko lol! Koma we need Fashion Police. Please can our dear Mama find a stylist and gloomer? Poor APM apa ndiye anaotchatu

  87. Nachika says:

    I am really ashamed with this, seriously.

  88. mphwanye says:

    mwatomufuna Getuyo! ife amatotibebela akavala chonchi, ngati tinka kovina tsopa.

  89. Mwama Du says:

    You have waisted my precious on this tiny issue.

  90. Arsenal says:

    Leave the ” last lady” alone

  91. JACOBS says:


    1. angoni says:

      Iyi ndiye nkhani. How do we allow criminalls, suspected or otherwise,to even compete for presidency. Mediocrity.

  92. Piche Yakiti says:

    Simungawone mmene Mary Chilima akuthwanimilamo….abale iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

  93. malabishi says:


  94. Gonapajiya says:

    It depends on who wears it and what wears it and what has been worn. Ask the owner she has the answers

  95. malabishi says:

    ‘ Last picture ‘ akuoneka ngati amapentedwa kumsika wapa ‘ kamba ‘ ku blantyre akudikila kuti akawonele mpila wa manoma ( kaya mumati B-foward wanderers)



  97. sukutumpwelembwe says:

    Madam amenewa olo mutaajudula bwanji sangaoneke bwino chifukwa ndimaonekedwe awo.
    Taonani pamenepa akuoneka ngati ali musewero la ” Tikuferanji “

  98. Nachithidzi says:

    Simaoneka bwino!!! Ngati wazisudzo!!! Hiiii!!! Koma yeraaa!!!!

  99. Nyambitoni says:

    Bwana Chisale (Peter’s bodyguard) akuwoneka kudabwatu kkkkkkk!

  100. Patriot says:

    aaaaaaaa bolanso Callista.
    Gogoyu wandikumbutsa gogo yina yake yaku mangochi pa wedding yake kikikikikikiki
    Inu mumati bwa munthu osesa mu nsewu angadziwe kuvala? kkikikikiki

  101. CB says:

    “dressing carries a message” pliz madam first lady ngati paliena oti achotsedwe ku statehouse ndimunthu amene akumaona zamavalidwe anu,,munthu ukavala asamangokuseka no,no,no.DO something pliz.

  102. Nkhombokombo says:

    Yesetsani kubvala moyenela ngati mai wa dziko. First thing when people look at you, they think, is she beautiful? How has she dressed today? What type of smile is she putting on today? So don’t disappoint!

  103. daniel phiri says:

    Olo mumunene its her personality she does not have fashion sense or stylist atamuuza chochita sangamvere vomerezani basi kuti anazolowera. Kuoneka ngati akupanga zisudzo

  104. mesho says:

    Gertrude dressed very well but she must hire Mrs violet kambuwa nee savAla As dress. Adviser nyakulA zosongola Ayi

  105. ian says:

    Akuoneka bwino and with this sun the hat also fits the season. Kungoti mumadana naye basi, zinazi kumanena those are the styles we are wearing today.

    Nanga cha pa phewa uja bwanji?

  106. zoona says:

    not all things can look good on all people…there is no news here

  107. Mphwache says:

    Musanditukwanitse Onjoya, kodi nanga mkazi nkhope ngati chiwala?

  108. atate says:

    Treason was real. Treason is not only arming but even words amount to treason. On that press conference every Malawian was afraid that these people will cause problems. So that was treason in real and independent term. Lets be realistic

  109. onjoya says:

    Atumbuka mwangosowa nkhani mai anatchena awa.bwanji simumamunena uja amakhala ngati kadzidzi ndi sculf kuli konse? akamaenda amakhala ngati akufuna kugwada kkk wamudziwa eti? ndatchula munthu ine

    1. Maunde says:

      Yes you have mentioned atumbuka. Is the issue about atumbuka or dressing. This shows how empty your brain. If you dont have comment better keep quite people will respect you coz they will not exactly know your being. Do you belong to a tribe, then why not talk of yours. Let me take this opportunity to tell you racists, tribalists to traces your forefathers. Ask your parents to tell you your history where you came from. Idiot

      1. Anna says:

        Actually, this Onjoya person was the very first to comment here. Ndiye akunena mtumbuka uti poti yake comment nde yoyambilila. The person should be ashamed that no one else above has mentioned tribes. Facebooks and even office chats today are about the mushroom hat. Are they all Tumbuka? These are the types who mislead their very leaders they are supposed to dutifully follow.

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