Malawi fuel prices down again by 10%

Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) has  reduced local pump price of fuel by an average of 10.2 percent.

Cheer for motorists as fuel prices reduced

Cheer for motorists as fuel prices reduced

Fuel price reduced

Fuel price reduced

Acting Mera chief executive officer Elias Hausi said the reduction, the second within a month – is  effective Thursday February 5, 2015.

A statement released by Mera said the reduction of fuel prices follows a fall in global oil prices and the appreciation of the kwacha against major foreign currencies.

“This follows an assessment on the impact of the movement in the international oil prices, exchange rate of the Kwacha to the US Dollar and other macroeconomic fundamentals.”

Petrol has been reduced to MK696.30 per litre from MK760.40 representing an 8.43% reduction.

The price of diesel has been reduced by 10.2% from MK785.40 to a new price of MK705.50 while paraffin, mostly used by the rural and semi-rural inhabitants, has dropped from K678.80  to K609.30 per litre.

Ntional Oil Company of Malawi (Nocma) chief executive officer Robert Mdeza predicted last Decemebr that local fuel prices were expected to go down early this year, arguing that Malawi lags behind by one month to respond to global price movements.

It is expected that the cost of living will decrease as motorists will be enjoying the extra cash as they’re charged less at the pumps.

And so consumer spending will go up. If people are feeling better off, they will spend more. Retailers can hope to feel the benefit as consumers shift their money from fuel costs to spending sprees.

It is expected that the cost of living will decrease as motorists will be enjoying the extra cash as they’re charged less at the pumps.

And so consumer spending will go up. If people are feeling better off, they will spend more. Retailers can hope to feel the benefit as consumers shift their money from fuel costs to spending sprees.

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92 thoughts on “Malawi fuel prices down again by 10%”

  1. Abdul Aziza says:

    amalawi bvuto ndi school chabwino timachitenga ngati choipa

  2. sadrido says:

    This is NOT new it started with Mrs. J. Banda. What people could love to see is that officers are paid in time and NOT flat out on opening of roads that were built by Mrs. J. Banda where within the process a lot of resources are being misused. Remember the roads I am talking about are the ones his bother failed to build because there was NO fuel in the entire country. We can be proud if Peter can reduce the Passport payments to at least to K20000.00. The increase in passport fees means denying people from leaving this country for a far much better life abroad. We are poor BUT him is increasing the fee. Promote those officers who have served in the civil service for more than 20 years. If you see you can think then tell the Nation that you can NO longer run this beautiful country otherwise the wind will push down you as it has been done with Mugabe.

  3. Sibonda says:

    Its much cheaper in neibouring Zambia going @ about Mk450/l

  4. kadwala says:


  5. maurrice says:

    Only for motorists,but your papa and mama will be suffering, i think reducing tax we pay could have been good for everyone,next time reduce the tax 0.1% as VAT will do good

  6. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Black markets sould also do the same.

  7. machete says:

    Boma ilo

  8. Jonjo says:

    ACB can you please investigate MOAM. Since its inception the organization has been run by iron fist of Chisesele and Kamange. Does it mean MOAM does not have other members apart from these greedy members? MOAM members please wake up, these guys are reaping you by using those stewards at bus depots while the mini bus depots are in poor state. NO LIFE POSTS PLEASE GIVE OTHERS A CHANCE TO RUN THE AFFAIRS OF MOAM? I rest my case.

  9. chefourpence says:

    mahule atsitse mitengo please.

  10. gudgado says:

    we expect a decrease in commodity price. but some unscrupulous big headed traders wanna stick to old prices……..pity

  11. Minibuses should be forced to reduce prices!

  12. okwera says:

    has it got any meaning to us? are we going to enjoy the effects? are the commodities going to go down? is this going to bring practical releaf to our daily burden?

  13. Mphwache says:

    The MERA guys dont know their math, that’s why we always end up with wrong prices. The price decrease is 8.4% on petrol and not 10.2%.

  14. Uncle Thom says:

    Bola pamenepa, kamtima katsikako pang’ono nthawi zonse tizingomva zokwera mitengo abale.

  15. eyetu says:

    ku Zambia atsitsa mitengo ya ufa chimanga ndi zina zotero kamba kakusika kwa mafuta…nde ife kuno mpaka tipange ma demo kuti zinthu zisike

  16. Gunda Phiri Katsekaminga says:

    Apatu sizoti tiyambe kumanamizana kuti ndife tatsitsa mtengo wa mafuta. This is due to fall of crude fuel at international level.

  17. Not sure if its government effort

  18. g. kwanje says:


  19. g. kwanje says:

    komabe zilibwino. inu mukudziwa mitengo ya kunjayo, munali kuti nthawi yonseyi otsawaudza anthu ,, chamba basi..

  20. EDSON JOWELO says:


  21. Koma Kumeneko says:

    still the price is the highest in the world. SOUTH AFRICA ITS 9RANDS X 40 = K360.

    1. MJ boy says:

      South Africa is not a land locked country like Malawi so you cant compare

  22. chilombo says:

    Ine ndikudikila ndinve John Kapitio apanga chani. Kodi amenyela ufulu wa anthu ogulafe kuti zinthu zitsike ntengo kapena akhala busy kunena kuti boma lichitepo kanthu kuti mafuta apitilire kutsika?

  23. kodi a malawi mmatha kuwerenga kapena kumvera ma international news nkhani ya mafuta ikukhuzana bwanji nda azi tsogoleri anu kapena zipani zanu,koma awa ndimatenda ndithu taomberani mmanja kwambiri achina cadet.

  24. Alpha Songazaudzu says:

    Good news koma muwauzenso amabusiwa kuti atsitsenso mitengo yawo.

  25. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thank you for reducing the prices.

    I know you people in the government, you will say price is going down because of your efforts.

    Please, please tell the truth. Suppliers over produced these products so there is too much fuel on the market. This has has happened world wide.

    Its only demand and supply which resulted in reduced prices. Therefore, you’re forced to reduced your prices as well not by your efforts.

    Thanks that you have done accordingly.

  26. Palibe za appreciation of kwacha mafuta asika mmsika yonse pa dziko la dansi msanamize anthu ndi za appreciation of kwacha fotseki

  27. Mabungwe says:

    Dear Mr Kapito

    It is clear that you are only interested in fighting governments, hiding behind consumer rights. When MERA was not reducing pump prices, you went on in a Bafoon manner and made noise all over. By the way what people don’t know is that you are a member of a MERA Board Committee. Now because Private Sector has to respond with price reductions (opposite of what they do when fuel goes up, you are quiet, Mr self named BAFOON. What also people don’t know is that you have sued Blantyre Waterboard when you are yourself Chairman of inefficient Southern Region Waterboard. Pali Nzeru Pamenepa?

  28. Azakhali says:

    jb chaninso apa zaumbuli basi!

  29. Musa says:

    zikadakhala bwino katundu m’mashop akadatsikaso

  30. prophet tb joshua anena kale, mayiko adzakhala ndi mafuta ochuluka, ndipo ogula nzake adzasowa.

  31. Paul Mpemera says:

    This is not only good news but a welcome develpment considering that Malawians are going through tough time following cashgate, goat gate, jetgate, cowgate, housegate etc scandles. Lets support this government that is trying to put the house in order.

  32. Chintengo Amfumu says:

    nice abit

  33. nuji says:

    Thanks very much komano we are pleading with government to make sure that transport and other commodities should also lower the prices. Chomwe chimawawa ndi choti samatsitsa kalikonse koma akangokweza basi akukwezanso nde sizili inline with what we are experiencing. Chonde a boma thandizani ana anu komanso a mini bus association aganizepo chifukwa watsika kawirino.

    Bravo APM and Saulos!!!!!! wosayamika ayanike ufa pa zingwe za escom.

  34. Dapalapa says:

    This has nothing to do with APM(our president) or kwacha appreciating. He did not play any role in reducing feul prices at global markets. Let APM take this as an opportunity to stabalise our economy.

  35. he we go again says:

    I don’t see anything to smile here because I have nothing to do with fuel, had it been that its groceries that has I would have clapped hands for the government. Nevertheless it is not the government effort to make prices go down but its globe, don’t politicize things here

  36. Jacob chitseko says:

    let groly and honour be to God our father for trickoling down little knowledge and wisdom to the current leadership.

  37. Wawa Nyoni says:

    Thumbs up to JB for introducing automatic pricing of fuel. She was criticised by the very same people who are implementing the policy. Malawi is really part of the globalised economic system now osati za Moya zija.

  38. Jacob chitseko says:

    let groly and houner be to God our father for trickoling down little knowledge and wisdom to the current leadership.

  39. kanundu says:

    Kodi a Kapito ndi anzao ali kuti? Bwanji osayamba kudzudzula a ma transport kuti atsitse ma busfair. Koma kukanakhala kuti zimenezo asakutsitsa ndi boma bwenzi pano enanu mutayamba kunena zaudyo. Tiyeni tiyamikirane a Malawi

  40. Mhango says:

    DPP woyeee. Zoterezi sitinazione.

  41. Patriot says:

    Anabweretsa system imeneyi nfi mtsogoleri yekhayo wa maso mphenya Dr. Joyce Banda.
    Congratulations Masteni, Diphwiphwi ilibe nanu mawu. Paja mu nthawi yawo musanabwere mafuta kunalibe.
    Odi uko.

  42. Patriot says:

    Still on the higher side.
    Kwina kuki konse pa dziko lapansi mafuta anatsika mtengo.
    Pa Malawi anakayenera kutsitsa mpaka K350 per litre of petrol.
    At K690 akutiberabe achina diphwiphwi wa.

  43. Kapito where are you know? fuel have gone down but maluwa soap still up,talk a talk now.

  44. Kapita where are you know? fuel have gone down but maluwa soap still up,talk a talk now.

  45. zingati zanu says:

    the problem with Malawians is we like suffering in silence. we cant make the market conform with the trend. when kwacha falls or gain, there is an effect and thats what markets are all about. but you check around we are a sad lot busy patronizing the high cost of living. let bread sink lower, fuel is doing that. Let soap, sugar, salt, maize and all the basics behave for once. Zanu ndi zingatino?

  46. sabiti says:

    Lets wait and see who is going to benefit most out of this is it we country men or the already fat cats

  47. johni says:

    Coxley cannot dictate minibus fares, his hands are tied. He has not been doing it even when prices were going up. So do not lie here. Let the market dictate the prices of goods and services. However, MERA should ensure that filling stations effect these prices. I bought petrol this morning at the Puma fuel station near Limbe Filling Station but it was at the old price, K10000 gave me 13 litres plus. Obviously, they were not using the new prices. This was around 8.30am.

  48. Kickflyer says:

    Mr. Kamange, dont be an idiot by hiding your face at this time. Show yourself and talk to minibus owners.

  49. Zamkutu mwatibelabela pano muoneke ngati mukuchita bwino.

  50. Alf the jumz says:

    We nid k500 per litre

  51. ODL says:

    Indeed these fuel prices have reduced for two consecutive times within the month !!!
    Minibus Owners Assocition of Malawi (MOAM) would you please immediately respond to this by reducing the bus fare prices as you always hurriedly do when the fuel prices go up so that poor Malawians can enjoy a little bit of take home to buy ‘bhonya’ .
    Possibly the reduction on the fares should be 20 % because there have been two 10% reductions………

  52. Alungwana says:

    Reduce further to k496.22 to match the globe market. Why continue stealing from us?

  53. Kanyimbi says:

    This is good news.

  54. Jonjo says:

    No credit to government. Fuel prices have gone down on the world market. In fact the recommended price should be K400.00 per litre.

  55. zangazokha says:

    Bravo APM! Kip it up!

  56. Nzika says:

    We have never seen the minbus fares being reduced whenever the fuel price has gone down. But kuthamangira kukweza when the price has gone up. Reduce the fares plz! Osamangodziwa kunyamula 44yi.

  57. kamwendo says:

    muuzeni mtambo apange ma demostrations kuti ma minbus atsitse mtengo if he z realy human rights activist

  58. ANALYST says:

    This is the bad thing with Automatic Fuel Pricing (AFP) – it benefits mostly the rich and the middle-income earners (those who drive). These people atleast see a change in that their disposable income improves (they spend less on fuel); while the poor do not benefit because public transport fares are never reduced! Such a system as AFP can not work in a free economy like Malawi where there is a very passive consumer audience, where its only John Kapito speaking for consumer rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Ndatopa says:

    A ma minibus mukutionjeza kwabasi mitengo ya fuel kutsika inu mukangoona kuli mvula basi charging customers exorbitantly, kaye kwathu ku Machinjiri ati chifukwa tikumazungulira ku Maone ndiye mpaka K350 route imodzi nanga ukalumikiza ma minibus awiri ndi ya highway kupita ku ntchito ndiye sorry transport over K1,000 tsiku limodzi, ma conductor iyayi yesetsani chilungamo chioneke osatengera weather mmene ilili ayi tikondane wina ndi nzake, amati ukakhala pa msana pa njobvu usamati kunjaku kulibe mame. muzaziona

  60. Uchindami says:

    Mafuta akatsika mtengo ogulitsa zinthu zosiyanasiyana amachita matatalazi kuti nawonso atsittse mitengo yawo! Ndiye kutsika kwa mafutaku sikukupereka chiyembekezo kwenikweni chifukwa ogulitsa adazolowera kukweza mitengo kokhakokha!

  61. Hebrews says:

    Can the products/services and bus fares be reduced please? We have seen reduction in fuel prices for two consecutive times! Where is Coxyilly Kamange? When fuel is up he is on front page to do with bus fares!

  62. Precious miziyawo says:

    Great news

  63. wait and see says:

    This is worldwide reduction kwacha is depreciating was checking at my favourite forex site yestaday seems things are not stable. there is nothing to point making this kwacha to gain otherwise once the borrowed monies are over we gona go back to these gone days

    1. mmihavani says:

      Inu a wait and see khalani choncho inu anthu otupikana ndi nkwiyo osayamika ankhwizi muzafa imfa yowawa. Continue living in denial.

  64. Patriot says:

    Eni ma minibus TSITSANI mitengo yanu.

  65. Simeon Nyapala says:

    Kodi sizikadatheka kuti boma likweze kapena lisasitse mtengo ndalama ndi kumagwiritsa ntchito kapena kumaba ife ndikutifotokozera mwa economy? Amalawi tiphunzire kuyamika pamene zinthu zikuchita bwino. Otherwise ena a ife tangokhala ndi mtima wosafuna kuyamika basi.

  66. Amidu says:

    No politics should be attached here…. This is good news…..

  67. Wanex banda says:

    Chatoloma-Kasungu should be K500

  68. Don’t lie to people!!!!!!!!! This reduction is due to further reduction of global oil prices as of early this month. Why are you trying to score points when its non of your doing?

    1. mmihavani says:

      Continue living in denial my friend. As for us we are progressing. Lick your wounds.

  69. Kwima says:

    Kuno tikugula R10 nde a mbingo anuwo akulowa pati mitengo pazikolonse yabwelela mmene inalili mu 20011 wach out

  70. Ezekiel says:

    Don’t be happy with this it’s only those who use these so called fuels are happy go and by guds at the markets see how much you get again check bus fares still no change even your minister not even talk about it. Pipo are still suffering.

  71. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Malawi has the highest fuel prices in the world!

    1. Farai says:

      Ndie umafuna afa nane ndi kuti? Economy yathu ndi yofanana?ubulutu bwanji

  72. chemembe says:

    Kogulako ndi kumene atsitsa mtengo osati DPP AYI..Osanamiza anthu.Its the system introduced by Amayi government at work here

    1. zangazokha says:

      Chemembe iwe Zangooneka kuti ulibe nzeru ,kodi bwanji zinthu zikakwela mumalimbana ndi Boma kuti lakweza zinthu apa fuel wasika ukuti si DPP yomwe yasisa, mukhalila zomwezo zomanyoza anzanuwo zikuwayendela , anthu osayamika inu.

  73. dumerang says:

    actually fuel is supposed to be selling at k490.00

  74. langston chikafa says:

    APM said our economy will stablise after six months in power. Congrats our president you have made it. We see how Kwacha is gaining value foreign currencies. keep it up!

    1. ujeni says:

      Inu a Chikafa umbuli, global price of oil has fallen not that DPP has done some wonders. Koma umbuli wachuluka pa Malawi amangwetu.

  75. No better news than this!!! bravo MERA. Hope the private manufacturing sector will increase their capacities and improve the economy where necessary!!!!

  76. Mtsogoleri says:

    Thats good news, We would like to see bus fares going down too!

  77. langston chikafa says:

    APM said our economy will stablise after six months in power. Congrats our president you have livedby your promise.

    1. Dowa Boy says:

      It’s not APM living by his promise but fuel prices world over are nose diving. In other countries fuel prices have gone even lower than here.

      1. machete says:

        Achitsilu inu

  78. prinquo says:

    boma ilo

    1. ujeni says:

      kikikiki, even in Zambia they have reduced, so too in Tanzania and Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc, all because of DPP in Malawi who own oil fields. Ubulutu ma nyasa zedi shaa!

    2. koma says:

      Mbuzi. Fuel anatsika practically every country coz kogulako miitengo inatsika.fuel markets not good osati za bwampini yapa.try to read international news more.

  79. Mtupatupa says:

    Tsitsanibe zigwirizane ndi mitengo yogulira pa world market

  80. malawian says:

    za kwachazo dzaboza kungoti mafuta akunka nitsika mtengo padziko lonse.
    ndipo maiko ena atsitsa kwambili kuposa malawi

  81. Piche Yakiti says:

    This is sweet news. Its my prayer that by June we should be buying a litre @ MK500

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