Malawi fury over Tanzania new map ‘propaganda’ claiming portion of Lake Malawi: Magufuli and Mutharika faceoff

Malawi government has informed all controlling officers to be on alert following a “propaganda” by the government of Tanzania to promote a new map showing that the east African country owns part of the Lake Malawi.

Mkondiwa: Tanzania treating Malawi n a way “that creates discomfort and distancing

Mkondiwa: Tanzania treating Malawi in a way that creates discomfort and distancing

Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa has advised the officials to disregard the “half truth”s by Tanzania by rejecting use of any document bearing such misinformation.

The newly published map, which shows the boundaries of the country’s newly created regions, has reignited the ongoing dispute over the boundaries on Lake Malawi, which is potentially rich in oil and gas.

Malawi has since claimed that its boundaries with Tanzania have never changed and are as designated by colonialists the Anglo-Heligoland Treaty.

Government has also insisted that it has never accepted claims that Tanzania owns part of the lake.

“Malawi will never, and has never, at any time, acquiesced to Tanzania’s unwarranted and unjustified territorial claims,” Mkondiwa said.

Mkondiwa added:“Malawi government would like to call upon all officials in government ministries,  departments, and agencies to be alert on this matter and to continue rejecting and refusing to use all such maps appearing in any form or media including calendars, diaries, official documentation or other documents for any purpose or business.”

Tanzania claimed it released the maps because new regions and districts had been created and it was therefore necessary to show the boundaries.

Malawi disputes Tanzania’s claim to half the lake – Africa’s third biggest.

It has accused Tanzania of raising tension by allegedly intimidating Malawian fishermen on the lake.

Malawi awarded oil exploration licences to foreign companies to search for oil in the lake, which Tanzania calls Lake Nyasa.

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Here we go again, Tanzania is becoming like cancer on our skin now. Why don’t we deal with them once and for all – ban them from using our lake completely? We need to stop them before they undermine us further.

HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?
HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?

This is war, The problem Tanzania think they can win but they dont know Malawi. They cry until they not think they had started it. They should ask M23 which their soldiers thought it was dangerous. They faced dangerous MDF. There they will learn about Nyasaland.


Tanzania has seen the weaknes of our government and they are now testing it. They are busy trying to weaken the MPC by sponsoring these useless confusionist instead of challenging these bastards. But watch out part of your lake will be grabbed whilst you are busy snoring.


All money for MDF was cash gated, we have no modern equipment for modern wars. Our soldiers are best known for good behavior but that won’t save the nation from aggressive enemies. That’s why mutharika is quiet, the best strategy in the circumstances i guess. We have uranium just at the border with Tanzania but we can’t make weapons that would scare them but instead we are shipping to other countries to scare us with weapons made from our own uranium. Until we start using our brains we remain a doomed country


This is the best outcome for the lake. Tanzania must be commended for that.


During his campaign he said The lake belongs to Malawi. My first day in office as president I will make sure that this issue of lake dispute is sorted and thereafter I will fly to Nsanje to open the port which Joice Banda politically is failing to put effort on and Our University in Thyolo also. Nde lero mukamati eeee nyanja eeee aijambulanso kodi ndekuti nkuluyi sanambe kulamula?

Gondwe Peter

Do I care if TZ takes a portion of Lake Malawi? No! As a country Malawi has failed to utilize this water resource for the benefit of its citizens. We haven’t tapped water for our water boards from the lake. We have also failed to do intensive and mass irrigation using these waters. We have also failed to attract tourism using this beautiful lake. Now we have to claim it back for what? Stupidity


Inu muli busy kudetselera MCP mmalo moayng’ana matters of national interest. Where is our intelligence?!

Parallel Market

My fellow countrymen,
1. Lets allow this issue to be freely discussed in our radio chat shows. Let our lawyers share legal opinion of this issue to the masses.

2. Let Malawi seal its borders with Tanzania until this issue is finally resolved.


KIKIKIKI. If we seal our borders with Tanzania, who will suffer?

The boundaries between African countries are artificial created by the colonialist in 1884 at the Berlin conference. What these boundaries neglected to take into account was the use of shared resources like Lake Malawi today and the Indian Ocean in their quest for demarcation of Africa among themselves. Tanzania has always used Lake Malawi and they will continue to use. But if they want to redraw the borders. Then Tanzania and Malawi must declare that the borders that were drawn by the colonialists between these two countries are no longer valid. Tanzania and Malawi must also declare that the Heligoland… Read more »
kamberembere chaponda
kamberembere chaponda

“… they must not be afraid to use our military to fight and protect the integrity of Malawi as a country…”

As if Malawi has any military. Muli ndi Chaponda anayidyera ndarama zogurira zipolopolo kalekale. Ngati mukufuna kuphetsa anyamata anthu, yeserani kutumiza asilikali ku borderline with Tz.


Mjiba, you do not sit at the table to discuss the sharing of what rightly belongs to you! You say this is my shirt but if you want it you must give me X in exchange! We should have asked for 50 km corridor to the ocean along Tanzania’s southern boarder in exchange for Tanzania getting what they want! You can not be taking of fighting anyone in the state we are!

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