Malawi govt decision to relocate Dzaleka refugee to Karonga angers residents

Malawi government through the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia has officially announced that it will soon move all refugees from Dzaleka refugees camp in Dowa to the Northern Region district of Karonga but residents of the northern region border district are asking government to immediately reverse its decision.

Simsokwe: Do not relocate refugees rto Karonga

Simsokwe: Do not relocate refugees rto Karonga

The announcement comes barerly after over eight months since government made a decision to relocate the refugees to Chitipa district but the move was blocked by residents of Chitipa citing security threat as one of the reasons.

The Karonga Youths for Justice and Development Executive Director Steven Simsokwe and chairperson for the business operators Wavisanga Silungwe said they will protests against the relocation.

 They argue that allowing the reallocation of the camp will comprise security in the district.

 “Blocking the project will teach government to start respecting us especially by consulting all parties before coming up with such decision,”said Simsokwe.

 “This is a second time for government in connive with our traditional leaders to make a decision without consultation as it did with naming Karonga-Chitipa road ‘Bingu highway’ but we shall not be defeated this time,” warned Simsokwe.

On his part Silungwe said as business operators their worry is on the safety of their goods and lives because most of these refugees are thugs.

 Simsokwe further argued why the camp is not built to the countries bordered with the conflicts zone such as Kenya than crossing six borders only to seek refuge in Malawi.

But Chiumia, who confirmed government has finally secured a place at Katili in Karonga, said they will use about K100 million allocated in the 2016-2017 national budget to upgrade Katili road which is about 15 kilometers away from the M1 road.

Speaking after visiting Katili recently, the Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister assured residents of Karonga of maximum security.

She also revealed that the government will plant a police unit in the area as one way of ensuring  safety among the surrounding community.

Apart from upgrading the Katili road, government also intends to improve water infrastructures.

Dzaleka refugees currently registers a total of over 28, 000 refugees and all of them will be moved to Karonga once the construction is over.

The $25 million dollar plus project will be carried out with funding from the United Nations Humanitarian aid.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi govt decision to relocate Dzaleka refugee to Karonga angers residents”

  1. be humane says:

    Most of these refugees come through mozambique, then why put them in karonga instead of MWanza closer to the border they come from. Those who come through Tanzania are mostly intercepted by boarder police

  2. Fisi Dausi says:

    There is plenty land at NDATA why not relocate it to Thyolo?

    Zabwino zonse mumafuna zizipita ku NDATA, zonyansa ku north. Sitilola, dothi ku dothi!

  3. Zoonadi Zenizeni says:

    Kwa amene amadziwa ku Katili…it is unfortunate kuti govt ikufuna ichite zoterozo. Yes it is a hard to reach area but has a lot of untapped natural resources besides its proximity to Nyika National Park. If this happens tiyembekezere kuwonongeka kwa chilengedwe kupitirira apo kulanda malo abwino a anthu a ku Katili. Izi zisachitike.

  4. Mwenelupemphe says:

    out of 17million people in malawi 7million are foreighners, send them back home.

    1. be humane says:

      A mwenelupembe record limenelinso munalitenga kuti?

  5. be humane says:

    Govt, how much can K100 million take to repatriate how many refugees? Its all wrong as well to have a refugee camp inside the country and closer to the capital. Repatriation and intergration should be solutions. Its painful to a Malawian who has been suffering all along for poor road, water, health, electricity and other basic services and only come to respond when trying to relocate refugees. This is an insult to Malawians. Its not about the north abale anga atumbuka take out your hard won tribal remarks and lets look at the issues objectively. The question is not them being thieves becuase they have not been a threat to Dowa residents as assumed but its not wise for government to seem to care for refugees at the expense of its citizens. We never know we might be refugees one day in another country and we will need same services koma cant UNHCR help in repatriation if it has money?

  6. who we be says:

    What I know about this issue was that the temporary transit shelter at Karonga old town should relocate but not the whole Dzaleka camp relocating to Karonga. For Dzaleka camp the workers are not happy with Dzaleka moving elsewhere because they say ndi mgodi wawo uwu. Komaso kodi bomali tulo. why not repatriate these asylum seekers? Amachita kunyadatu anthu amaenewa. Amatha kugula galimoto kukasiya kwawo ku DRC etc. search me.

  7. Khuduza Kaluselela says:

    What kind of government is this that we have in Malawi? Malawi doesn’t need to relocate these people but to repatriate them to the countries of their origin. Is it a crime that Malawians chose to be peaceful even in the face of reasons to go to war with itself. In these other countries quota system or favoritism by government on tribal basis is enough reasons to go to war. We have instead chosen peace in the midst of these adversities. So why should we allow these war mongers into territory. WE SAY NO TO KATILI RELOCATION.

  8. mwanangwa says:

    Let the north not be a dumping ground of the ‘unwanted’ Why provide water and a road to refugees when the indigenous’ cry for development falls on deaf ears – and so a Burundi is a recognisable person to Malawi government than a Ngonde?

  9. Afana Zedi says:

    The most ridiculous thing is that Government is promising a road, police station and water infrastructure just because of refugees! So refugees are more important than citizens!? Please tell UNHCR to repatriate these refugees forthwith! Ntcheu and other districts are suffering heavy deforestation and overpopulation because of Mozambican refugees. Now we have an influx of Burundi and Somalis…our country is too overcrowded and too poor to take in more refugees. Let this problem be resolved by African Union, not a small country like Malawi. Let

  10. jika man says:

    Its time they go home. For long shall we keep them, for ever?

  11. Bristone Mabichi says:

    As much as I feel sorry with refugees but I think it is time for Malawi to repatriate all refugees to their homelands or the UNHCR should find permanent homes for these people in Europe as is the case with all African refugees. Malawi is using the refugees as a Government-money -making machinery. Not Katili find another place somewhere in Mulanje or Thyolo. People of Mwangolera, Ngosi, Lwasho, Vokolani, Katili and all surrounding areas led by Honourable Mwenifumbo and Simsokwe say: NO! Quarter system is already enough, we like that way.

  12. Nsipe-Bawi says:

    Govt must not relocate refugees to KA. This is like moving the same security problem from DA to KA. Do not cheat KA by promising maximum security or good road or community services. Give these things to DA where refugees currently are. Govt has always wanted to kill people of KA and the north by different means e.g. denying developments to northerners, imposing the infamous & illegal quota system, etc,and now they want to use criminal refugees to distabilise KA. Refugees have their own home countries – take them there using the money you want to use to build roads and other developments in KA. You mean tione miseu yabwino,zipatala, masukulu, etc ku Katilichifukwa cha ma refugees???? You mean without refugees we have no govt to take care of KA??? This is the more reason the north should be annexed to TZ for security and development.

  13. E.F.F says:

    Chokaniso inu Silungwe ndi mzako Sinsokwe!!!
    Kodi inu ndinu ndani kumeneko?
    Munava kuti zoti anthuwa ndi mbava?
    Kodi anthu aku Dowa ndiye sapamaopa kubeledwa?
    Musatinyase apa!!!
    Chifukwa chayani muli ndi zimphavu zoipa ngati zimenezo?
    Dont you know kuti Karonga ali ku Malawi?
    Chilichonse mutsutse basi?
    Inuso Nyasatimes anthu awa atikola kwambiri, tizingova zaiwo okha basi?
    Muwapange check Tiwonge ndi Elijah kuti akugwira bwanji ntchito yawo osamangoti tizingova za anthu amenewa iyaaaa!!!!
    Mwandikwiyisa kobasi.

    1. Pitala says:

      E F F Ndiwe chitsiru wamva ku Karonga ndikwanu osakawapasa malo ku thyolo or mulanje bwanji ngati malawi ndi wa nonse kuthyolo kulibe malo oti akawapase athu akukaronga akuti kulibe malo ku dowa komwe athuwa akhala zaka zambiri bwanji sanawaikire security , chipatala ndi miseu yomwe galu wanu pitala ndi chiumia akunena osewo pamozi ndiwe ndinu agalu apitiseni ku mulanje stupid. don’t talk nonsense ngati mulibe zolemba osamangowerenga ndikungokhala bwanji muzazipenta blue thupi lose ngati chidole pamapeto ndikulandira K 200.00 ndi chani pa moyo wako shame on you ulibe zichita eti pita kakolope chimbuzi changa ndizakupase 2,000.00 go to hell

      1. chifundo says:

        Its so disappointing how some people comment about refugees in media. Before you post a hate comment just remember that refugees are people like you. They had homes, land, families, jobs and all great things. Some had great jobs and well educated. Its, not their choice to be refugees. I don’t wish anyone to be a refugee but think about the reasons why they are refugees. Just because they are refugees does not mean that they are criminals and bad people. refugees dont need maximum security but love acceptance and intagration. Other countries like Zambia , Mozambique , Kenya, Namibia, Botswana to mention a few have refugees. Even western countries like Canada, USA , Australia and other accept refugees even though they are black and non-white. We African need to learn to love and provide shelter to those ineed . I take to say this but remember that Even though some posted hateful comments, Just remember that Malawi is one of the poor countries that benefit from Aid from nongovernmental organization to help schools and hospitals where people of goodwill and loving hearts take their time to raise those funds, despite boundaries implemented during colonization in Africa, Just remember that we are all one and that anyone can become a refugees

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