Malawi govt defends Bingu wa Mutharika’s K61bn wealth

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has defended the  K61 billion wealth said to have been accumulated by former president Bingu wa Mutharika, saying he had the capacity to accumulate such wealth and that there is no evidence the money was stolen.

Kaliati: No corruption for Bingu

Kaliati: No corruption for Bingu

Minister of Information, Patricia Kaliati, who is also government spokesperson defended late Mutharika in an interview after the issue of how the former president accumulated such wealth was raised during deliberations in the National Assembly, where member of parliament Harry Mkandawire  said the money was an indication of corruption at high level.

Kaliati said late Mutharika worked for the UN, the World Bank, had farms and he was also a writer who kept on publishing books to make money..

She said as someone who retired in the UN at the grade of D1, it would not be surprising that he also had bank accounts with substantial amounts internationally.

“It is high time people start making allegations and provide evidence,” she said.

“They are talking about bank accounts, where are the bank documents legally produced by the so called banks? They are talking about houses and other infrastructures, where are the title deeds of these things? There are no real documents here.”

Kaliati subsequently described the allegations as a pathetic political move.

“We know it is being perpetuated by some disgruntled individuals who want to come into the limelight. Some of them at one point had wanted to join the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but failed because we only accommodate people with dignity here.

“These are disgruntled, disappointed individuals, failures and thieves,” she said.

Kaliati insisted that government was aware that exposing late Mutharika’s wealth was just a ploy by the opposition to damage the DPP administration but she said the government was not disturbed with such moves.

She said Mutharika never stole money from government coffers, saying no court of law prosecuted him on the matter.

Kaliati said to the contrary, former president Joyce Banda had stolen huge sums of money through cashgate saying this is why she is a criminal refugee in South Africa.

According to documents relied by Mkandawire,  the MP is claiming that Mutharika’s monetary wealth and real estate amounts to over  K61 billion which was being held as hard cash in various bank accounts.

Mkandawire claims late Mutharika’s accumulation of such wealth explains why the country found itself in economic problems.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu dismissed the accusations that late Mutharika accumulated his wealth from shady deals, saying the MP is making claims “simply out of speculation.”

“As a matter of fact there is no investigation and there is no prosecution. Nobody was prosecuted even the former president was not prosecuted for us to determine that he has taken any money,” said Tembenu.

Reports say late Mutharika’s sources of wealth, among others, Mota-Engil made the cheque deposits into the late president’s personal bank account number 0140001886701 at Capital City Branch of Standard Bank.

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Munyepe Mwanapwa
Akuluakulu opposition musayese kuti DPP is full of dunderheads like you. You will struggle till your last drop of blood to unseat DPP. DPP is gaining ground day by day, courtesy to MCP’s loud mouthing. DPP has engaged a dangerous gear prematurely because of the provocation by MCP and PP. Now the campaign has started but the opposition can hardly cope with this and it will be very hard for it to stand the heat. You will see after the sitting of parliament, the opposition will be relagated to its cocoon, hiding, as if voters do bite. If they happen… Read more »

Bingu retired with very little money, in fact he was driving a mini bus to make some money to survive. All the wealth accumulated was through corruption. So this zombie looking Kaliati don’t be stupid. Obviously you are the most stupid minister Malawi has ever have. Your statements lack fact, and exemplifies how dufft you are. Investigate Bingu. Don’t leave this issue, pursue to its finality.

Winston Msowoya
Racist Mac Tumbuka Face,you are not racist,but rather a die-hard tribalistic preposterous,What has Tumbuka to do with the issue of theft of public funds by the Head of State?The issue here is MK61billion which has gone missing and the people of Malawi want to know where the public funds had gone? The fact of the matter is that it is foolhardy to believe that such gargantuan amount of finances could vanish just like that while tax-payers themselves face economic convulsion.Mac Tumbuka Face,the Tumbukas might have once dated your wife hence,such unbelievable detestation or you might not have excelled in academic… Read more »
The Patriot
Wakuba akakhala wakwathu, tilibe pulobulemu! Anthu akanena kuti munthuyi anali mbamva, ena akuti vuto ndi amene wakuwa kuti “wakuba!” osati wakubayo….. Mr Tembenu, now you can see what happens to a professional who has been “appointed” to a position! All the professionalism is lost! Nobody has said Bingu stole but the honourable MP says the late Presidents wealth was suspect…..all that is needed to be done is an independent investigation to establish whether the late Prof stole or not. As for Akweni…no need to waste time with you! Koma mwina tinene mu Chichewa. Malemu Bingu mu 2004 ananene kuti ali… Read more »
Optic Computer

Bingu declared K100 mln after working for the UN, World Bank, COMESA, RBM and some minister. What we want Kaliati to explain is how he got the K61,000 mln when he died? We are interested with what he declared in 2004 when he assumed the presidents position and 2012 when he died.


Tsoka kwaovotera munthu chifukwa mwayandikana naye! Apa siawa akutilidzira limodzi ine ndi inu!? Chiwavotereni, anayamba akuponyerani shuga or mchere? Pano mukugonera makaka …..phindu lake lilikuti? Amalawi -amalawi amalawi kumvetsa chisoni!


Mulungu amakana kuchitira umboni wonama. Mutinamiza ife tokha; nanga Mulungu will you still lie to Him?

Mama Kaliati Hippo feed me
Mama Kaliati Hippo feed me

Kaliati is a proper Joke!! All makeup and no substance, she is too stupid to be a spokesperson for a lone hippo forget the govt.
How much wealth did Bingu have and can you prove it was obtained legally? Everyone knows you and your party are the biggest THIEVES!! Wokuba iwe!!



The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..O . . . and I quote . . . “To the contrary, former president Joyce Banda had stolen huge sums of money through cashgate. This is why she is a criminal refugee in South Africa.” – Kaliati (12th Paragraph) . . . Why has it taken you more than 2 years to admit that Joyce Banda stole our money? . . . and why, having realised this; you are doing nothing to have her here for justice? . . . is there any other explanation apart from the fact that thieves do not police or prosecute fellow thieves? .… Read more »

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