Malawi govt delays China-funded Bingu stadium handover         

Government has conceded it has delayed the handover of the state of the art multibillion kwacha Bingu Stadium in the capital, Lilongwe.

Bingu stadium In Lilongwe

Bingu stadium In Lilongwe

Minister of Sports and Culture Grace Chiumia said the Chinese wrote the government on November 28, 2015.

“They wrote us two days before the official completion date of 30 November, they are indeed on time but there are several things we have to do as government before we take over,” she said.

She said the government has to identify government buildings experts who should certify that the stadium and the buildings are ready for use.

Chiumia also said the government has not yet employed staff who will be looking after the stadium. “The inspection of the building might not take time, it might take one or two days but we are yet to complete the recruitment of staff for the stadium,” said Chiumia.

Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said the stadium would not only change the face of the city but also put Malawi on the map in as far as international games are concerned.

The stadium which can house more than 40,000 people is almost completed and it is expected to be handed over to Malawi government later in the month.

“This is a world-class facility and we are very proud of it,” said Kasaila.

The state-of-the-art stadium is constructed by a chinese contractor to the tune of 70 million U.S. dollars, a concessional loan to be paid back by Malawi government in 20 years.

Among other facilities are the 56 lounges where families and sponsor groups will have the luxury of watching live events in private.

It also has a press gallery, a gym and Olympic standard synthetic running track around the pitch, and the playing field is covered with special drought-resistant grass imported from South Africa.

Malawi government  named the stadium Bingu National Stadium in honour of Malawi’s former president Bingu Mutharika who initiated the project with the Chinese government.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi govt delays China-funded Bingu stadium handover         ”

  1. Munthuwamba says:

    I can’t get it. We knew all along that the stadium would be completed on 30 November. Mind you these are not like Malawian contractors who will keep shifting dates. Our friends know the value of keeping deadlines. Here we are now saying that we have not yet recruited staff for the stadium. I hope we do not expect China to do that for us as well.

  2. Doug says:

    sewage system is a MUST for the stadium…. its not about workers>>>stadium silero yamangidwa> u wud have employed workers a month ago>>> even around the stadium fence, bwenzi patalambulidwa bwinobwino and kapinga kudzalidwa bwinobwino… zikuoneka bwino pano. Zaulere zinationonga a Malawi>>>.even drainage system ya nseu wa stadium from Life Changers bwezi utakonzedwa kutengera kuti it will be bizy soon koma eeee tizapanga zikadzatifika mmutu kkkkk Am a proud citizen though

  3. Bodza la mkunkhuziniza says:

    Ngati mukutsutsa pitani ku MPICO akakuuzani tsatanetsatane wa nkhaniyi. Mayor ndi CEO wa Lilongwe akudziwapo kanthu.

  4. Bodza la mkunkhuziniza says:

    Zoona zake ndiizi. Boma lilibe ndalama loti libwezere MPICO yomwe inamanga seweline yochokera ku Gateway Shopping Mall. Stadium sangaitsakule wopanda sewegi system. Chomwecho pano angoti kakasi.

  5. K LO says:

    Malawians leaders will never learn

  6. Dwambazi says:

    Grace Chiumia, this demonstrates incompetence on your part. The stadium was not built over night and you don’t have staff to run ths thing? What the heck? Are you waiting for money from the Chinese to hire people?

  7. I dont know whats come over malawian.nthawi zonse timangokhalila kunganiza zoononga zinthu zathu,mmalo moganiza zopitisa pasogolo

  8. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    It nearly got constructed in Thyolo!

  9. Mbuli says:

    We are so short sighted, what a shame!

  10. Walter says:

    Can we commercialise the stadium by selling the naming rights to a sponsor instead of naming it as Bingu Stadium.

  11. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Its called LNS Lilongwe nation Stadium not dzina la galu pamenepo we dont need killers names there plz. Who iz bingu to the nation,if you can bring back chasowa,jauju,innocent pipo during 20july masaccre agalu inu.

  12. Myao says:


  13. kambwali says:

    hand it over to private sect

  14. The real Ujeni says:

    In Zambia they have a similar stadium built by the Chinese. The Zambians were organised, very ready for it some years before it was completed, today they are masters of their asset not Malawians, ndwii until last minute.

  15. Boxer says:

    Same of people the dnt know how to appreciate this is incredible blessing here in malawi.ok government please look after this stadium.

  16. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Paja mtundu wanga kusasowa ponamizira. Ena amanga chinthuchi bwinobwino koma ena kulandira kokha mpakana zokamba mbwee! Koma ya!ya!ya!

  17. Football FAN says:

    Mukutichedwetsa bwanji. Akabakonsotu.

  18. XXXXXXXXXXXX says:

    In short, the Minister is telling us that they are not prepared to take care of the infrastructure just as some of us feared. Swallow your pride and let the private sector handle this for you otherwise a few years down the line, this stadium will be in a dilapidated state.

  19. Biziwek Pakhala Nginere says:

    So you want to start recruitment for staff to manage the stadium now????????? Kodi Amalawife kulozedwa kapena chani? Akhakhakha/Avwivwivwi Asakhwi achabechabe.

    1. Mbuli says:

      Another white elephant!

  20. Austin says:

    We are blessed as Malawians

  21. kayuni kachoko says:

    Zobwelela mmbuyo zejizeni. You mean you didn’t know that the stadium needed certifying and staff. Kugona!

  22. iyawm says:

    gentlemen, did you notice that there is no car park at that stadium? and people have started cultivating their maize fields right around the fence of that stadium, what a shame..

    1. wassup says:

      Talk of ancillary infrastructure, even the sewage system is not there. They want to connect into the sewer from Mpico mall, but they have been told they cannot connect because it is a private sewer line. So the whole stadium will have to construct a septic tank and drain into Lingadzi river.(an environmental catastrophe!)

  23. Mtondoli Jionazi says:

    Seems like a nice structure – and something worth pointing out.

    But why do we have a tendency of naming things after rulers? Why not find a neutral name like Lilongwe Stadium or something? At the end of the day someone will come in power and decide to change the name to their name or something else.

    It does cost money in the end to rename things: stationery, signage etc.

  24. Angoni says:

    As much as we appreciate the completion of the state-of-art stadium in Lilongwe, the government should look into the road networks from the stadium. Imagine the traffic jam being experienced right now, how much more will it be when there is a big function and a big footbal match. The current status is horrible

  25. i miss kamuzu and john tembo says:

    i sometimes feel commenting on the obvious is a waste of valuable time but i am left with no choice.

    if it were up to me, i would have recruited and trained all staff 1 year ago (accounting, engineering, security, groundskeeping, catering, sanitation) familiarised them with all aspects of the structure (preventive and breakdown maintenance, traffic management) and practiced emergency scenarios (fire, crowd violence)

    i would have then sent them on a study tour to zambia or zimbabwe where the exact same stadiums were built to observe their operations. they would have arrived back home last week and we would have been in the stadium this saturday.

    but alas, since it’s not up to me, i can only look. unless serious staff recruitment and training is done here, stadium imeneyi iyoyoka ngati kamuzu stadium because in nyasaland, nobody ever knows what to do.

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