Malawi govt given ultimatum to employ 51 recently graduated doctors

The Medical Doctors Union of Malawi (MDUM) and the Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) have given government a 14-day ultimatum to employ 51 recently graduated medical doctors or face industrial action by all medical doctors in the country.

Kumpalume: Challenge to employ the doctors

Kumpalume: Challenge to employ the doctors

This follows government’s failure to recruit recently graduated doctors within its health delivery system.

This, according to them, displays  lack of seriousness by government in redressing an ailing health system that is already on the “life support”.

MDUM and SMD said in a joint statement that Malawi has specialist vacancy rate of 83% and the recently graduated medical doctors, “whom government is ignoring”, could have added to the number of those medical doctors to undergo specialist training in various fields.

“This is retrogressive in a country that is still struggling to meet the minimum acceptable numbers of medical doctors to safely serve the populace.

“We have continuously been told that the leading factors in human resource shortages in health are inadequate outputs from health training institutions amongst others including emigration, resignations and deaths. Now that there are visibly significant improvements in the outputs from the College of Medicine, it is inexcusable for government to fail to absorb them,” reads part of the statement.

In a 2010 World Health Organization (WHO), Malawi had only 257 doctors serving a population of over 15 million.

There are currently 459 general medical practitioners registered with the Medical Council of Malawi.

“Despite the increasing number, the doctor-to-patient ratio remains alarmingly high. Malawi deserve better.

“Malawi remains one of a WHO priority country perpetually failing to meet the target of 23 doctors/10,000 population necessary to deliver essential health services.

“It is not surprising that we are a diseased country, still confronted with high mortality and morbidity rates in various disease categories. Government does not have the luxury to ignore 51 recently graduated doctors unless it is contented with what other commentators have vehemently asserted: Malawi government has its priorities upside down,” reads the statement.

Malawi has only two doctors and 37 nurses and midwives for every 100,000 people, according to the statement made available to Nyasa Times.

“Therefore, we are strongly urging government through its Department of Human Resource Management and Development to absorb the newly graduated medical doctors into our ailing health system immediately, whilst fulfilling its own commitment to train medical doctors.

“Failure to do so within 14 days will warrant an industrial action by all medical doctors in the country,” emphasized the statement.

There was no immediate comment from the government, especially the ministry of health. Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume is reportedly outside the country.

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115 thoughts on “Malawi govt given ultimatum to employ 51 recently graduated doctors”

  1. Brighton says:

    The Government needs to employ these doctors because there is a big shortage of doctors in this country.In case these doctors find job else where,then who will fill this gap in Government hospitals.If at all we need to improve our health system(Government hospital),employing these doctors is a step towards it

  2. Dausi says:

    What most doctors from University, College of Medicine know best ndikufinya zithupsya ndi ka degree kawoko. They are indeed specialists and doctors of finyiyotomy.(kudziwa kufinya ndi kuphulitsa zithupsya). Doctors degree in finyiyotomy. Komanso kupha bingu, dr death. Kutukwananao mu parliament kuti agalu inuu. Zoona.amalawi musamawamvere anthu ozungulira mitu wa

  3. Williamson K. Banda says:

    Todays doctors are far worse than old clinical officers. CoM is now for mass production of doctors. They are like people trained at a community day secondary school. Musatitopese ma fake doctors tikumasulani. How can you produce a good doctor in a poorly resourced university and hospitals? They are jusr doctors by name only

  4. concernedDr says:

    At the end of the day it’s the poor Malawian who suffers not the doctor

  5. concernedDr says:

    I knew DMK was a clinical officer CO you attacked doctors calling us names mpaka kutukwana pompa saying you are the ones who work who know friend you say interns learn from ma CO I beg to differ,yes kuli ma good CO in the hospital that I can’t deny but majority are incapable of properly treating should calm down and try to work with doctors maybe learn something this bitterness is the reason you miss ma diagnosis and put your patients life at the way college of medicine is now offering bachelor’s degrees to COs please go and upgrade and stop being bitter it will help no seems people don’t know what they are talking about here,who eats at restaurants and gets pickedup right now getting a house is a luxury you sound very silly saying that very childish friend internship is to gain experience so one can get licensed you cant practice without osati anyone would want this low paying job.I urge you to Google how much doctors including interns medical doctors get in other African countries get then you’ll see these luxuries you speak of are mere you understand what it takes to attain the skills to be called a medical doctors,these skills are worth way more than what the government offers people stay for the love of the country.dont show your ignorance here do your research first.and to say New graduates know nothing is a lie,we start clinical work in 3rd year after studying basic medical sciences.the human body is ccomplex you think you can treat it efficiently after studying for only 3 years. a person said how can you treat something you don’ know by throwing antibiotics at it? I cry for you my fellow Malawians for you seem not to know better.don’t complain when your rrelative needs spinal surgery or has a brain tumour but therez no doctor in sight cause you have said you don’t need them.I urge you all to do your research and not say things outta ignorance

  6. DmK says:

    This is not an issue of who does what better. Clinicians And Doctors are all important.
    The fact is that this greedy government of ours has failed us and their systems including the health system are poor. Our country is brock kaya ndi chifukwa cha umbamva? Whatever the fact is tilibe ndalama as of now and boma likukanika kulipila ma nurse and doctors amaliza kumenewa. I’m sure ma clinicians who are about to finish their studies will also face the same problem soon.
    Komano a Malawi maka medical professionals tinazolowela zopusa. Munaona kuti intern akupatsidwa salary /allowances, nyumba yaulele, kumakatengedwa daily pa galimoto ena mpaka kumadya ku ma restaurants for a period of over a year zogulilidwa? Ndalama zake Ziti? As a country tilibe ndalama ndife amphawi zimenezo sitingajwanitse. As an intern all you need is exposure to practice what you learned in school then uone zochita. Osati kumakhalaso ngati Bwana. Ma company mu ma intern ena samalipilidwa ndi komwe ndiye coz you went to med school mutivute? Mxiiii kuli ma ziphunzitsi ndi anthu ena ofunikila uku chimalizileni school or ntchito sanaioneko. Amane asakufuna akatsegule chake chipatala

  7. DmK says:

    Aaa aaaaa now this is bull shit. I understand the importance of intern Doctors or just doctors in general but to come here and insult Clinical officers izo ndiye zamkutu.
    Osamanamiza anthu kuti Clinical Officers see patients with Flue and Uncomplicated malaria. We work as hard. Clinicians do alot of work in our hospitals. Ti ma intern tanu mukunenato amatiphuzitsa ntchito ndani akayamba kumene? Siamangobwera ataloweza za mma books and fail to deliver on the ground. Tikakamba za ku District even the so called District medical officers ntchitoso samatha.It has always been the clinical officers helping patients. We do everything . Degree and Diploma ndi ma pepala chabe.Nkhani is what one is capable of doing. Theory si practical mwamva. How many of GP can say you are better than COs when it comes to practicals? Mudatitopetse apa just settle your issues with Government and let us be. Mxiiiiiiiii

  8. concernedDr says:

    Yho where is all this hate coming from? The funny thing is doctors are doing this for the sake ma patient but after reading this most don’t feel like fighting don’t understand the role of intern medical doctors do you,yes when you come to the hospital with a flu or uncomplicated malaria you see a CO but when your child is severely dehydrated or you’ve been involved in an accident and are in need of emergency surgery it’s these same doctors that see’re telling me you’d prefer to see a CO or MA ok.thing is alota people here lack the mental capacity to comprehend how the help system intern does sometimes 3 29 hour calls a week no sleep trying to help your wife,your daughter.these comments are really disappointing cause it seems people don’t appreciate.sikuti ma doctors are crying for government jobs who would want to be over worked and underpaid.most of these new doctors are already making plans leave the country but then who will see your wife when she needs a c section at must understand what we do is pretty much charity work for the love of the country.and you COz here talking trash ndichani kodi.I wont talk much cause you know the truth and if this is really how you think I feel sorry for you cause you’re just as good as someone with no education what so really don’t understand the need for medical doctors and specialists,really? Seeing 100 patients and missing the diagnosis is good as not seeing them.ndipo please readup on when to use antibiotics and which cover what bugs mumawononga mankhwala just prescribing anything.Malawians don’t be so ignorant please.and someone commented saying doctors refuse to go ku district well would you for a low pay and poor working conditions when you know you can get so much more elsewhere.don’t blame the doctor blame your government who make it Impossible to stay being patriotic has its limits we too have families to take Care of.I hope government does nothing so you can see exactly what doctors.I rest

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Disappointed with your argument here, “ConcernedDr”. Not cohesive, nor cogent. And this is from the creme de la creme?
      There is no argument as to whether the new graduates should have access to internships, so that they can complete their formal education, so that they can eventually license. And help patients. But the crux of the matter is it is unreasonable to expect the government to EMPLOY the graduates at the end. Please, get this through your skull. We are trying to get rid of the mentality of the government as the EMPLOYER in this country. Physicians have one of the best opportunities to
      -get a business loan and open up a practice;
      -and even create employment for a handful of people;
      -make a good living, and better their own families;
      -and really be independent from being told what to do by “bosses”.
      Perhaps a course or two on entrepreneurship, or simply how to start a business, may be helpful. And do not look down on those courses, thinking they are not as rigorous as anatomy courses.

  9. Nurse at KCN says:

    I have seen that those who are writing trash here are frustrated medical doctors. So my free advice tasiyani zimenezo. Mupite kumudzi muzikalima minda kumeneko. Ntchito sikulembedwa ndi boma kokha ayi. Ili yonse ya manja ndi ntchito kupatula kuba. Tiyagwira mbava tiyikong’onkhontha ndithu

    1. shyguy says:

      Government nowadays isnt living to its promises all they know is lying and enriching its senior officer leaving a common villager dying with poverty muzatifuna 2019

  10. Mphwiyo says:

    I think Kamuzu anakulakwirani anthu nonse amuchipatala. Mumaona ngati ndinu anthu wofunikira kuposa wina aliyense mudziko lathu la Malawi. Muchedwa nazo zimenezo ndithuu

  11. Ananchidwe inu khaya mumazitcha doctor, or nurse, or co or what what. Ine sinsamala za utsiru zanuzo. Tikhalire kumvera inu mene mwayambira muja. Inu agalu eti? Mukuona ngati ife tizikutamani kuti medical doctor or nurse or co ndi amene amatha ntchito? Zitsiru inu eti. Pitani uko muzikagwira ntchito. Amphawi inu. Ife ma accountant tikudya money inu zitsiru mukulimbana kuti anthu akutamene. Tazikangowonani mitembo uko. Inu agulugufe inu eti

  12. Ndaona ma useless medical doctors ambiri komanso ndaona ma useless nurses ambiri chimodzi modzi ma clinic officers. Amalawi musamanamizidwe ndi ma title, chifukwa si title imene imagwira ntchito. The work is on the ground. Kuli ma nurse technicians, ma co amene amadziwa ntchito bwino bwino chimodzi modzi ma dokotala enanso. Tsono musatipusitse ife wawa anthu akumudzi. Mukachita matama kwambiri inu ma mortality officers (madokotala) tikuwululani apa. Kumangodyera title basi.

  13. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    It’s interesting and sometimes confusing to read the comments here. But it sounds more of arguments at Student level of thinking like during a chancellor trophy gathering where students make noise as to which college carries more weight. That’s typical of student mindset and ought to be left within the boundaries of colleges once one graduates. After all is said the truth is; the world is so complex and it’s not necessarily about which school or professional identify one holds. It’s about the tangible contribution one makes to humanity. In the developed world you never see people craving for recognition of their academic accolades. But what they do attests to the intellectual supremacy. Going back to the bone of contention, I don’t think the union has any legal framework to stage an industrial action in this regard. However, it’s just unfortunate that we have a government which seems to have its priorities upside down.

  14. DMK says:

    Wow koma anthu mumayakhula

  15. lazaro says:

    Medicine needs intelligent people,there is a reason why entry requirements for medical schools is restricted for only the bright,go anywhere in the world,college of medicine is producing high quality Doctors in this African continent,some clinical officers are threatened by this because they know the positions they have been illegally occupying will soon ho to the rightful owners,if a clinical officer goes,say to an international meeting by the WHO for Doctors,in neyork,under what banner would that clinical officer attend such a meeting? Would some international deligates take such a representative seriously? Clinical officers can’t even afford to speak correct English,which type of medicine do clinical officers know? Musatikwiyitse tikuulurani anthu will know what you really are,takusungilani ulemu nthawi yaitali,clinical officers don’t know medicine,they do surgeries after too much exposure,but they are like technicians,they can’t even tell the names of the parts of the body they are cutting,the situation is worse in internal medicine and paediatrics,these people dont even know tje drugs they dish to people,the side effects,drug interactions,how to treat the drugs side effects,contraindication,a clinical offucer knows nothing apart fron simple malaria,people if you think i am lying,ask one clinical officer at random when you go to a hospital how the drugs they will give you work to cure your disease,i swear they will just shout at you,because they have no idea how these drugs work,thwy just saw the fuidelines that medicak doctors produce,memorise,and lay people think medical doctors are just the same as clinical officers,wake up malawi,i had no business with them,but they are provoking us,

    1. Referee says:

      kkkk koma yeaaa. Nanunso ma co zikafika pamenepa muwulure ndithu kufowoka kwa anthu amenewa. Ine monga referee ndikuthandizani kuchitira umboni kuti tione wamkulu ndani. Madokotala versus co and nurses. Ati awine ndi ndani? Kodi kulibe mbuli za madokotala nafenso timve zinsisi zawo. Koma phana phanani mahure amuzipatala inu

  16. Che Yokoniya says:

    Vuto la anthu opelewela nzeru ndi choncho, ngati muli ndi ma frustrations kapena animosity towards ma doctors pitani mukanyele. Munayamba mwaona job description yanu ndi ya ma Drs kuti nzofanana? Stupidity. Ma meeting amene ma dokotala amapita timadziwa kuti mumalakalaka kuti muzipita inuyo but you know you can’t because Boma linamuuza kuti azipita iyeyo monga ngati bwana so that when it comes to implementation of whatever has been agreed he’s gonna do a good job not you popcorn heads. Ntchito kumangochiza ma symptoms basi, nde kumazitenga madolo, rubbish. Get a life akuluakulu let doctors do their thing and never encroach into our business.

    1. Opanda mnzeru amene mutu mwake mwazaza mamina ndi dokotala amene walemba izi apa yi. Ntchito yakukanikani apa ma dokotala achimalawi mukangoyamba using’anga basi. Get a life of sleeping on call you dunder heads and brutes

  17. Kamuzu Banda says:

    Kodi inu ziwanthu za chipatala mumalowera ntchitoyi kufuna kutchuka, ndalama kapena kufuna kuthandiza anthu. Nanu madokotala zikuoneka kuti mukuwusakatu ulemu. Lorani ntchito za manja anu zikuchitireni umboni. Osamangolongolora apa. Just seeking fame imene anthu odwalafe sitimayiona. Title muli nayo koma zintchito zanu zikukana chifukwa cha ulesi ndi kukonda ndalama

  18. Patrick Namathanga says:

    mene ine ndimaonera. Malawian medical doctors are just one of those white elephants. amangowononga ndalama zathu. chilipo chasintha chiyambire madokotala kuphunzitsidwa mmalawi. kuzipatala komwe tinkadalira kale ndikumene imfa ndi.mimwano zamera mano. Madokotala achi.malawi simukutithandiza.muno. Bola azungu.nsotu

  19. Thomas Namangale says:

    These doctors are book wiser practically zero lol. Zidakhwa zotha ntchito

  20. mtondo says:

    Akuluakulu… Choyamba u should knw that Dokotala ndi Munthu wanzeru koopsa!!! A doctor is a doctor….far much better than clinical officer and medical assistant…n Malawi needs more doctors than the clinical officers n medical assistants…n abolish these courses…there r few clinical officers who r really good..n they r usually found in central hospitals after spending much of their time with doctors…the only reason these courses r available is because Malawi is poor…Malawi has trained so many doctors but does not afford to keep them around with a deserved salary….kumanyoza dokotala ndikusazindikira….ndipo muzakazindikira…muzakadwala inuyo muzazindikira kufunika dokotala….being a clinician is not about prescribing….u have to understand the science behind…doctors do this in 6yrs….osati 2-3 yrs nde kumadelera dokotala….it needs smart pple to deal with human life….please sit down….interns do more work…if u don’t know…everytime u come to central hospital u get admitted by an intern…u get reviewed on regular basis by an intern….these guys need to b employed….gvt needs to reconsider that…its for the betterment of a Malawian….the government needs to prioritize health care….if some of these newly qualified doctors choose to go do internship outside the country…the gvt will even make losses…its like it jst spent millions on training doctors for other countries.
    .u will appreciate this when u get sick one day…makolo anu akamati alibe Ndalama doesn’t they literally don’t have….there’s misuse of resources in the gvt….im so appalled….concerned citizen ozisata

  21. Teacher says:

    Inu nde ofunika kwambiri? Aphunzitsi ena anapanga graduate over 2 years ago akudikirabe nde inu kutani? Understand government has no money. Mudzalola kulandira mchenga mmalo mwa salary?

  22. Clifford Ganiza says:

    Kuno Ku Malawi ntchito za umoyo sizikuyenda bwino chifukwa chakusadziwa ntchito kwa madokotala athu. Amene nthawi zambiri amangokhalira ma meetings ndi kumatenga ma allowances. Lero mumva anapita Ku Blantyre. Mawa apita Ku Zomba linalo apita Ku Lilobgwe. Kodi ntchito mumagwira liti? Mukati muone ma peshenti zolemba zanu zosagwira mtima. Opareshoni simukukwanisanso. Apongozi anga anatisiya chifukwa dokotala wina wake wotchedwa specialist sankadziwa kuchiza matenda awo. Tsopano lero ndi ma clinicians amene akutithandiza. Mosawakhumudwitse ma clinicians ndi miyoyo yanu yokonda ndalamayo. Ngati mwatopa muchoke mwamva. Dzikotu limayenda Ili musabweretu inu. Koma kungoyamba 1991 Mabvuto okha okha

  23. Captain Mediocrity says:

    Malawi at 51, cry thy beloved country. This is an unfortunate and complicated situation indeed. However I’m wondering why people are making rash comments about doctors when they haven’t the faintest idea about the need for trained professionals in the health sector, and the doctors are a necessity, not a luxury. I’m also failing to understand how someone can even say a C.O knows more than a doctor. smh. Thats like saying “wa science wa ku secondary amadziwa zambili kusiyana ndi wa degree ya bachelor of science”. are you kidding me!!!!!??

  24. Kavuluvulu says:

    Sono a Kumpalume awo mwawatengaso kuti ?

  25. Thomas Msukwa says:

    Madokotala wopanda mnzeru awa malo moti awone kuti mtundu wa a Malawi dont appreciate nsete zawozo lero akutukwana azimnzawo. Mukungoononga chuma chaboma pamene phindu lanu Ife sitili maliona ayi. Ngati musakufuna ndiluphunzira kwanuko osangopakira akatundu mwapanirawo ndikumapita komwe kuli makobiri ambiri bwanji? Ayi dokotala wa nsete. Mumadana ndi ma clinicians chifukwa ndi mashasha amene Ali mnzati wa ntchito ya chipatala Ku Malawi. Mwayesa kuwanyoza koma mwawalephera afisi inu. Ana ambalame inu. Tamangozikandani basi. Mununkha khwema Chaka chake ndi chino

  26. kaiko says:

    Lay men in medicine will never tell the difference between a medical Doctor and a clinical officer,but the difference is just too big,and Malawian socity is pathetically ignorant,they can’t even tell whether something is real or not ,hahaha,am let down,doctors spend six-13 yrs studying science of both living and non living things,management and many more,clinical officers after being left out to UNIMA, opt for a 3yr diploma to study the human body? and all of a sudden you say they are better than doctors? this is a very big insult to the medical world,go anywhere,medicine is studied for not less than 4-5 years,never,clinical officers,stop that bitterness,upgrade yourselves and ho back to school and learn medicine,it seems you are in denial,qfor those with personal issues with doctors,find a good way to sort it out,don’t take advantage of this normal topic.

    1. Paul says:

      Ukuti chani kodi iwe. Madokotala lero adzola phulusa chifukwa tonse zitivuta kkkk. Kuphunzira zaka zonse lero mukupemphanso ntchito. Nkhani sikuphunzira koma ndalama. Moti ndi ndalama pafika zinthupa madokotala nditha kuwalemba awiti.Money talks osati ma degree. Sukulu ndi wanu ndalama ndiwathu

  27. wisdom kumwenda says:

    Priorities really upside down. Just take a jolly walk one day,come to Bwaila hospital and see how long it takes for your patients to be seen, later told to buy the essential drugs yet the government can take a myriad of sympathisers on a shopping spree to the states,using chartered planes on tax payers account. And of banqueting halls for mapwevupwevu, really!

  28. Ability says:

    Look for jobs in the private sector. There are thousands of graduates in different fields who have been trained by the same govt.
    Most of them are struggling out here.
    Nde ma dokotala ake ati oti mutikwane nawo?

  29. Esmos Ganga says:

    Did I miss something here ?

  30. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I am not in medical fields but I agree with Usiwa-Usiwa: Our young so called ‘Doctors’ are ‘Lap top’ doctors. Kunyada without effectiveness. I would rather be assisted by an experienced medical assistant than a ‘tukumu-tukumu’ useless doctors. Just chewing government resources, like SOME big hearted nurses.

    By the way, passing in class, MCE or even a degree does not mean, delivering in a hospital. Grades in the head, performance on patients – ZERO.

  31. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    If you cannot employ them, give them resources to start their own clinics/hospitals. You do not spend huge sums of money training them and you cannot benefit the nation from them. The issue is even worse with teachers, trained at Domasi, UNIMA and LUANAR.

    Malawians, do not forget this uncaring attitude in 2019. While I support the government of the day, I will not support favouring politicians and high ranking civil servants getting fat allowances when some other Malawians are made to suffer.

  32. Native says:


  33. Good Citizen says:

    @Mkaika Mwando…. Mwapanga comment kapena mwalemba article yanu? you could have summaried your nonsese in less than 100 words.

  34. Ma dokota akumalawi musiye zibwana mwamva. Muyambe kumagwira ntchito. Ngakhale munganene chili chonse, ife anthu akumudzi timadziwa kuti simumagwira ntchito anta. Musaone ngati mtundu wa a Malawi ungakusekelereni ayi. Inu ndi ka dontho chabe mu zipatalamu. Anthu amene amagwira ntchito samadandaula koma amakumana ndimabvuto ambiri. Inu ndinu yani inu? Kodi mumayesa kuti akati chipatala ndiye kuti amanena dokotala. Timamva zambiri zomwe zimachitika. Kumangoyiwalira ma sizasi mimba mwa ma patient basi. Anthu ena amene amagwira ntchito muzipatalamu samakhalatu mphuno mwanumo mwamva. Musamaone ngati inu ndiye wofunikira kwambiri

  35. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkk they don’t work ku mudzi .alibe ntchito and more over they are from Kamuzu Academy,St Andrews angotha ma resources a tax payers ngati ali madolo let them go out ,ife anthu tilinawo ma clinicians and nurses ,amenewo koma mowa and ma workshop ,useless bunch of humans to hero ,

  36. MindReader says:

    All the retarded clinical officers and fellow haters of medical doctors who think because you work in the same ward, do a c/section quicker than am a junior MD then you’re better off you’re dreaming. How many complications do your surgeries or procedures have. All these years, malawi medicine has been running under majority of poorly qualified CO’S and MAs what has changed? The maternal mortality has been high. Today malawi is only country in the region with no proper specialised clinics or centres because this mentality that you can do away without doctors. Go outside and get exposed see the real medicine in practice, not the bush malawi medicine.

    Aren’t you surprised we still have not cancer Centre. Pple are dying today with cancer not because advance disease progression only but due to pain, days and nights of sleepless with severe unbearable pain. While the government is at easy, not wanting to support interns or even the specialising MDs who are reported stuck in RSA. This is a mediocre country with mediocre president. There’s no hope for malawi with this way of doing things. Something has to change.

  37. Wakumapiri says:

    “They are not drs” “these stupid drs” wina nde went all the way to write down benefits like housing , transport, upkeep allowance? ….etc
    I must say y’all r just a bunch of sad sodomised idiots who have nothing better to do. Wina nde aziti I respect specialists. .u stupid idiot. Do u know the hierarchy of responsibility at hospital? ? Do u know who sees the patients first? ? Ambuyako ndi amai ako akadwala amawaona ndani akabwerw ku Queens or KCH?? Kupusa eti. If u don’t know anything y not shut your mouth. N then there’s a bunch of u bitter COs mukulemba apa. Look we know you are bitter . Bt drs are way smarter than u. Inu kwanu koloweza zinthu nkumaba zinthu kumatsegula tima clinic tosadziwika bwino. Otherwise ur thinking capacities are pathetic. Given leadership u will mess up. If u think u r that good please stop talking nonsense apply to COM n get a double degree. Anzanu anapanga zimene mumawadziwa ambirimbiri koma inu nsanje. Dont hate on people who actually stand up for their rights. Ma specialists anuwo anakhala po intern. So don’t say shit like intern samadziwa kanthu koz ey do bulk of the work load n clearly u don’t know anything about that. Kwanu kulowa ku chipatala nkumalalata u uncivilised idiots. Ma CO mukulemba apa simunakhalepo ma intern??? Ine sinnaonepo ntundu wokanika ngati umenewu. Look around africa how many countries still train u lot…?? Y is that?? Osadabwa kuti malawi is one of the few countries keeping u kuti nanu muthandizike just koz ati nanu munapita ku xool koma bwerani mugwile ntchito kwanu ku thawankumapanga zinthu madulira. Osabwera apa kumafuna kuoneka anzeru pamene mmutu mwadzadza madzi. U people are nt even professionals. Daily tshirt ndi jeans mumakhala mukupita ku mpira kapena?? Osapusa ap ngati mukufuna yanu strike pangani.

  38. Nurse Wangwiro says:

    I think most of the trash here is written by clinical officers. Those who failed to get good grades and studied paramedicine to learn how to treat everyone with fever with LA or antibiotics. Incapable of making critical decisions taking into account complex processes that occur when one is sick. They know soon their places will be health centers doing I and Ds, draining abcesses etc so they fight doctors instead of improving their grades so they become doctors. I was an enrolled nurse and hated RN nurses. But then I decide to upgrade my MSCE and to to KCN. A lower cadre health worker can never be compared with a senior cadre health worker in Malawi or else where. This a fact, clinical officers should deal with that.

    1. Nanga iwe ukamayankhula chonchi sumafuna kuti madokotala azikunyenga. Walemba tu m’madzi sakufunsira banja wamva. Uzagonedwa momvetsa kuwawa wamva, Nurse wangwiro.

  39. ma dokota zinazi mumachita kuziyamba nokha. mumadziwa kuti ngati dziko lisakutukuka ndi chifukwa cha anthu ngati inu amene munamwa ink koma mumangokhalira kuyenda yenda osamagwira ntchito. Ngati pali anthu akuba chuma cha boma ndi madokotala. Kumangosayinirana ma allowances pamene chonsecho ntchito simugwira. Chitani strike yanuyo timene ma patient akakuonani muzipatalamu azikumenyani basi. Tiona kuti zikutherani bwanji

  40. The guarantor says:

    The health system in clinical services is not dependent on medical doctors in the eyes of a lay person. If u move out all the medical doctors in the system no change will be noted, asiyeni apange strike tione ngati zithu
    zisithe mu chipatala. Ngati Ali ndi mzeru zambiri apange pa private clinic. Ku ngotha ndalama za boma basi. These clinical officers are not just organized they are the back bone of clinical services in Malawi. If i where one of them i could have proved it clinically,these guys are the back bone of health system.One day you may be surprised to see clinical officers striking and the health system will collapse. I think Malawians can do without medical doctors. Since i was born i have never been treated by one. we will wait for 14 days and see.

  41. HUWA says:

    Zanu izo mukukutika kwabasi ankharupa inu. Dokotala ndiye kuti chani?

  42. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Medical council eliminate the need for internship and allow the doctors to work anywhere. Inu munachindidwa ndimadikotala ndikukypangani dump osakukwatirani stop talking shit about doctors mwamva ma nurse ndi ma clinical officer?

  43. Prison Warden says:

    Ti ma dokotala ta masiku ano chili chonse amangothamangira HIV test. Hehehede! Doctor I have a headache- HIV test. Doctor I have a rash- HIV test. Balimbanani ndi APM wanuyo. Mesa munamuvotera nokha.

  44. Prison Warden says:

    Mukuzinamiza guys. Mmalo moti ndalama zimenezo akadyere ndi Ben Phiri pa New York inu mwati kamwa pululu tidye nao ife ma doctor. Mukhalira yomweyo. Mesa munkatumbwa mutamuvotera APM inu? Nyadirani agalu.

  45. Attention Seeker says:

    So teachers nurses and finally doctors or whatever you may want to call them cannot be employed by this government and nobody seems to bother? Take it or leave it this is a big minus on the part of the APM administration and an embarrassment too. Malawians should not be surprised with this development . From the campaign time the country was told that the DPP will not create jobs. Their solution to the growing youth unemployment is the community college concept. But with the way the economy is performing I doubt whether this will bring the desired results either. So it is up to the youth to judge for themselves and make an appropriate decision at the next polls

  46. mkaika mwando says:

    having seen both sides of the argument, let us look at the fine details why the genuine Ngwazi wanted Malawi to have its own medical school
    1. Many medical students sent abroad were not returning upon completion of their studies despite govt spending and investing more on the trainings.
    2. That the local medical school should train more doctors to ease the problems in Malawi.
    Yes.The private sector can employ them but the ones who will suffer are the majority malawians as we can agree here that where a doctor works at queens or kcn and treats patients freely, they become very expensive once you meet them at Mwayiwathu or Adventist hospital.
    These doctors are trained for malawians who are less previledged and not you and me who are able to comment here and have the luxury of chosing or having a family doctor.I think we can go on castigating them but I think the 51 doctors though not good as many of you intelligent people are alluding to are saying but can go a long way to alleviate the doctor shortage.I note many who are commenting on this page are either party zealots or have never gone to queens or kcn to see the situation.I think the reasoning behind the ultimatum is not financial but there is acute problems in the central hospitals as doctors are currently under pressure to cope with the level of work.Let us soberly look into these issues.
    I am surprised with the govt that recently it was all praises for the Indian doctors as they gave a free service to the country.I understand because when they get sick, they do not go to local hospitals but UK,RSA or India.The response of the so called health spokesperson is very naive and unbelievable.It is because he stays in air conditioned offices at capital hill.
    My take is that these doctors unlike other professions have to be taken on board by the government not private sector so that the population of malawi not the rich should benefit.I rest my case.

  47. amalawi ndi mbuli says:

    Some people hate medical doctors because of jelous,these guys outsmarted you from primary to secondary school,clinical officers,we know you want to use internet to fight the medical doctors,but you know deep down your hearts these people are smart,in Malawi smart people are hated,the only way you clinical officers can fight doctors is when you go back to school,re-write MSCE,pass with flying colors like most doctors did,and do medicine,don’t waste time spewing hate against doctors on internet,and to some if you who hate on doctors because they outsmarted you in class either in secondary or college get a life and accept that there shall always be some people who will be smarter than you,stop bitching.

  48. amalawi ndi mbuli says:

    Now I have proved that medical doctors are really intelligent than most Malawian cadres,the arguments most people are giving against the doctors move here are laughable,do you all know what will happen to the workload of these overworked doctors if these new interns are not taken into the system? and stop comparing clinical officers with doctors,doctors are learned people,roughly one medical doctor’s impact in society is equivalent to about 10 PhD holders in other fields,go peruse through the syllabus that medical doctors go through,if you are honest people you will come back and edit this trash you are spewing here.

    1. Iya zopanda ntchito zimenezo, apa ndiye munya basi nguluwe inu. Ngati zili choncho nanga madokotala ena ndichifukwa chani amakapanga ma PhD. Mumasowa chani ? Dziko silikukupangani appreciate ndipo likukukanani apa. Mulikakamira chani ndi nzeru zanu zo. Mupite kwa Mmuli akakulembeni ntchito basi muzikamuseta ndikumakaphulisa zithupsya zake basi. Tazingoyikani mapipe kumatako a wanthu amene asakunyera basi mutawapaka sopho basi.

  49. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    Thees are not DRs as u hv put it. Ask anybody who works with these pple, a clinical officer can give a better decision than those stupid so called doctors take it or leave it. Am here working @ the hospital but whenever any member of my family is sick i don’t go 4 thes stupid doctors bcoz they make alot brunders than clinical officers do. Ur looking them from a far & i know them better than u .Koma akamva ma workshop ndi ma meetings ndiye patsongolo. Pliz comment something that u know

    1. Mwayankhula mawu abwana. Anthu musamangofera label. Akupha anthu ndi madokota ake omwewa basi. Zitselekwete za anthu. Malawi can run the health services without these so called docotors. Boma limawachitira zambiri koma samayamika anta. To hell with your so called docotor certificate

  50. Mlauzi says:

    That there is a shortage od doctors of in the country cannot be debated. Again that there is a general shortage of qualified teachers in public schools is beyond argument.

    We cannot talk of meaningful development in the country if delivery of health and education services remains poor. The long and short of it is that government – whether in the poorest or richest of nations – is responsible for provision of such social services in the interest of its citizenry. That`s why we hear of Obamacare in the US. The private sector will surely compliment the efforts, but with a goal of maximizing their own profit and not in the interest of the citizenry. Government should not shirk from its responsibilities. We pay hefty and multiple taxes. Ntchito ya misonkho yathuyo ndi imeneyo. Muja munkatinyengelera kuti tikusankeni maudindo osiyana siyana, ntchitoyo ndi imeneyi. Alembeni ntchito aphunzitsi, madotolo ndi ma graduate enawo. Mu civil service and even in the private sector muli anthu ambiri osagela (oti sanayende m`ma corridor/ sanapite ku church). Enanso ndi mabwana. Sweep out all these tired old timers and recruit these brilliant youngsters. It is good for the future of the country.

    Government may also want to revisit its policy on retirement age. If people can retire at 50, so long as they walk out with a firm hand shake, a good package which will see them leading comfortable lives after retirement, it will create room for an energetic and youthful workforce. Let us (old folks) avoid selfishness. Tiyeni tiwapatse mpata mafanawa. Osakhwimila ntchito iyayi

    1. Prison Warden says:

      Retirement at 51? Siuli serious iwe. Ndekuti we will end up with a huge load of people who are receiving pay for no work.

  51. Prof Dr Ngwazi kenneth Mugabe says:

    All of ur comments are correct.But i as a real professor and Doctor i say and you have to quote”Okufa lero sazafa mawa” there is no practical evidence that your brother who died was because of shortage of doctors.Mwaiwala kale kuti we have lost many figures e.g May their souls rest in ertenal peace Prof Phiri,victor Mbewe,Aleke Banda and others.was is it because there was shortage of doctors i give this for debate:

  52. ZAMADUNGA PAUL says:






  53. Phela Endaba says:

    I am not saying Medical Doctors are useless. They are useful. However, to stage a strike or to ignite one just because a prospective employer is not employing you does sound strange. If an employer employed you and in the course of your employment he fails to fulfill some or all conditions of the employment then a strike or protest would get its basis. By the way one has to seek employment opportunities from any organization including self ventures. These medical doctors can even become employers if they venture into self business. Otherwise I see a problem in the way we get trained in this country.

  54. Tsepo says:

    When I suggested this sometime ago a lot of people in the university thought I was crazy, we are increasing the number of doctors in training but are we sure the MOH will be able to employ then? This is the beginning my doctors in training, by the year 2017, your internship will be part of your student time, no pay there, trust me! The second thing is, you guys who are in training if you have rich parents, start writing plab, USMLE examination etc, so that by the time you graduate you will be able to practice abroad, the USA. This government does not need you and in the states you will have a better future for you and your family. This situation about doctors being unemployed is a wake up call, look you work in a filthy environment, full of poor people, people who don’t matter to politicians, working in such an environment were health care is FREE you will be taken advantage of! Wake up, your skills a valuable but not in this country. It will never respect you, this country NEEDS a cheap cadre, people it can exploit like clinical officer, medical assistants etc…

  55. peter says:

    It is just unfortunate that medical practitioners have to go on strike because of this issue. If most Malawians were knowledgeable, the masses were supposed to be the ones to demonstrate against government’s failure to provide them with basic life needs.

  56. Agnes says:

    i find it hard to believe the number of 257 doctors in Malawi. If Zomba Central Hospital has 3 doctors, Zomba is one of the 4 central hospitals in Malawi. Do you mean clinical officers?

    1. Matlakatlaka says:

      Whatever? Doctor or C.O who cares? Ine ndikuti azikaseta nkhalamba uko. Musiye kunyada ma dokotala apa Malawi. Simungayimise imfa mwamva. Anakulakwirani Kamuzu. Mumaona ngati kukhala dokotala ndiye kuti mwalowa kale mu paradaizo. Za ziii basi

  57. Concerned health provider says:

    Commentator 35 does not understand the health training system in Malawi. I regularly work with medical officers classed as general practitioners trained in Malawi, and they are bright, energetic, compassionate and capable. Please don’t despise them because they have not yet had a chance to have specialist training. Malawi depends on them as well as the numerous other cadres of health providers.

  58. Chifundo Gwadira says:

    Madokotala kkkk anya lero ana amenewa. Matama thoo. Chofunika ndi ndalama basi osati pepala loti ndiwe dokotala. Lero patapezeka mbuli yoti ili ndi ndalama ikhoza kukulembani ntchito ndikuyambitsa chipatala ndithu, iwe ndikumanena YES BOSS. Mphamvu yagona muthumba osati mu title yoti doctor. Ndinali ku CoM za ziii, mukuliranso. Apa muzingodikira mpaka 2019, mukukutika kwambiri simunati mafana. Akakhala ma dokotala akazi matama onse aja atha, munyengedwa ndi anthu amene ali ndi makobiri basi. kkkk mwagwa nayo mafana, u dokotala ulibe ntchito koma makobiri

  59. Jimbo says:

    Just recently APM announced that Malawi would be AIDS free in a few years. How is this to be achieved when there are so few doctors in the country? We also hear that leprosy has re-emerged. Hospitals are struggling to find the drugs and medicines required to treat their patients. Only two doctors and 37 nurses per 100,000 people. Looks like Malawi is going backwards in its healthcare. As usual the government has no comment on the issue. Pathetic!

  60. Doug Lungu says:

    Apa pali bvuto? Ana awa mukuti 51 doctors, siwoyenera dziko kuwadandaula kwambiri. Choyambilira anawa akufuna boma liwalembe ntchito ngati ma interns. Tsopano intern kunena zoona ndi munthu amene amalembedwa ntchito kuti akaphunzitsidwe ntchito atapata ka degree kake. Ndikufuna kugwirizana ndi wena zoti ana awa, palibe chimene akudziwa panopo koma internship ikawasula kuti akhale ma dokotala. Tsopano anawa anazolowera zoipa. Pamene akuphunzira ntchito, boma limawapasa malipiro (salary) ngati P8 komanso nyumba nthawi zina madzi samalipira. Kuonjezera apo, galimoto imawatenga kunyumba tsiku liri lonse. Mbuyomu nyumba amapezamo chili chonse. Komanso salary ikachedwa boma limawapasa kena kake. Economically speaking, this is bad. Tikuyenera tione bwino bwino pamenepa kuti tizichita bwanji? Chifukwa kuli anthu ambiri amene ali deserving mu dziko lathu la Malawi. Ma Engineers, ma Vet doctors ndi ma graduate ambiri amene amakhalanso pa sukulu zaka 5. Awa amene akuzitchula kuti UNION wa, zikuoneka ngati kuti sakuganiza mokwanira ndithu. Chitani strike ndipo muona kuti mulibe merit ina ili yonse ayi. Mukhale pansi muganize. Bwanji mukupanga zozikonda anthu inu. Ma nurse kodi si anthu, nanga ma clinical officers. Nanga zokhoma zimene amakumana nazo zija atati akufuna nawo kupanga strike, zitha bwanji? Posachedwapa ma specialist doctors kapena ma Head of Departments, boma la waganizira at the expense of other deserving people, ndiye inunso mutilowe mnthumba. Ganizani mofatsa

  61. chalaza says:

    zanu izo ife ma patient tinasiya kudalila inu timangopanga goggle our signs and syptoms and check for possible diseases and there medicene then make a decision which medicine to buy maphuzilo anu oloweza. Anthu amene amatha ntchito zipatala ndi ma massanger a ma doctor they have practical observation and experience while inu muchedwa ma book.

  62. Bandawe says:

    We can’t employ Doctors and Nurses but we are going to open more and more community colleges……………somebody is crazy and I’m glad it’s not me

  63. Dr. Ben Phiri (Cyprus International) says:

    Zitsiru. U dokotala unatha mchere. Ntchito simudziwa koma matama basi. Tachokani apa musamatinyanse ife. Amagwira ntchito ndi anthu ena, inu matama basi. If you down tools today, C.Os and other cadres can effectively do the job. Health system has always been run without doctors and is still. Anthu ngati amakhala ndi moyo chifukwa cha dokotala ngati? Mxi

  64. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    People can comment whatever they want here. The fact is that Malawi need more qualified doctors to work in public hospitals. It is easy to comment bad about them but you will realize their great need when you are admitted. Many cases are failing to get treated because we don’t have many specialized doctors since the current capacity is already overburden to go out for further studies. The government need to set its priorities right in spending of public resources. Let us not just defend wrong things done by government because you support the leadership. We need to be sober enough on what we air out to the rest……

  65. mwachibanda says:

    Can someone please tell me why we call a general practitioner a doctor? Are these GPs qualified enough to be called medical doctors? I have respect for specialists(gynacologists, urologits, obstetrician, peadritician etc ) and i feel they are the ones that deserve to be titled as such. In terms of skills and work ethics GP who are being called “doctors” are a mediocre when compared to a a Malamulo or Malawi College of Health Sciences trained health work. They are good and do their job with affection. These GPs think that they are bigger than their shoes( apologies to the few GPs that humble themselves and choose to learn from clinicians and help patients) but in general these guys are useless

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      This is gibberish from someone with limited knowledge of medicine. The body is one big system made up of subsystems. You cannot isolate one area and expect to function as a normal being. You have the nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, skeletal system, respiratory system just to mention a few. In order to treat an anomaly in one system you need to know the impact this will have on the other. You are not a complete doctor if you lack knowledge in other areas. Specializing enables one to be an expert in the area of specialization. You are a doctor first before you become a gynecologist, pediatrician etc much the same way you are lawyer first before you become a solicitor, barrister. You don’t spend all those years at medical school for nothing. The idea is that once you graduate you should be able to treat any ailment and refer those outside your realm to relevant experts.

      1. Mudziwe inu amene mumazitcha nokha ma dokotala, kuti dziko silikukupangani appreciate ayi, ngakhale muchite manyado kuti mumakhala kusukulu nthawi yayitali. Ngati zakuwawani pitani ku Englande muzikaseta nkhalamba kumeneko. Ati Charlie Hebdo, zansete basi. Ma dokotala amenewa atuwa mpaka 2016 woooo. Mungoyamba using’anga basi, ananchidwe. Kuteroko mukamaphunzira mumayang’anira misonkho yathu. Mwanya mwamva, muzingokanda maphwala basi. Amnzanu pano akugwira ntchito zophunzitsa chifukwa ntchito boma silikuwapasa. Ngati munalowera ntchito yi kuthandiza bwanji, osangopita kumakangogwira opanda malipiro muzipatala mu. Muchite strike imene mukunenayo tione ngati ingakhale ndi impact. Za nsete basi, ndikumanena kuti am a doctor, so whaaat? To hell with that fake title

  66. Mlakho says:

    Mumanyada ati ife ndi ophunzira akuchitani bwino.Mukafune kwina ntchito Its not a must kukulembani ntchito after all simumafuna kugwira ku mudzi. We are better off with clinicians. Mwagwa nayo! kayambeni kulemba makalata ofunsira ntchito lero and simuthanso kulemba application letter.

  67. Bolaine says:

    Why not allow the new doctors on loan to neighbouring counties like south africa if we can not use them, in that way they will not feel vidicted for spending six years in school

  68. chikutumbwe says:

    A LETTER TO MDUM Secretariat.

    Why showing your ignorance here? If there are fools in Malawi then you must be hybrid fools.You can not strike for somebody who is not on the payroll. Those doctors are unemployed and they will remain as such t until they find a prospective employer. Not your shallow minded advances.If the government will put them on their payroll, fine.

    By the way do the students sign anywhere as a contractual agreement on this case? Are the regulations for working doctors allow them to do that? In short are you backed up by any law or constitution or conditions of services? My dear if life would have been so simple as you consider it, then life would not have been tough to live in Malawi. Even in developed countries, such communications are strange.

    The LONG ARM OF LAW is waiting for you. Dare it. Finally GO THROUGH YOUR CONDITIONS OF SERVICE PLUS LABOUR LAWS then do whatever you find as guidance to you OPINIONS for STRIKE.

  69. mMalawi says:

    Mwati Malawi doesnt need doctors? Mwati Clinical officers know better? Nkoma aMalawi muzingofa ngati mphevu chonchi. Writing here and trying to sound like clever individulas when you know nothing. 90% of heaches and fever are all classified as malungo by these same retarded clinical officers you are applauding. Diseases go undiagnosed due to lack of knowlegde…. nanga how else will a clinical officer diagnose if he/she has never heard of it? Umbuli aMalawi, nkufa komwe. Umbuli umbuli umbuli!

  70. cnkhuto says:

    Let me talk to the so called medical doctors. Who told you that you will be employed by Govt after your studies? Who made the choice for you to study medicine and in the end force an employment. Who told you it is only Govt who can give you employment? If you haven’t been paid for the month of September go ahead and strike. Ifeyo sitikutekeseka. Those who are going to strike will definitely loose their jobs and the vacancies shall be filled by the to be recruited ones. No time to dialogue with you or what so ever. Your problem is your background, where you are coming from. Wait patiently and keenly fir rhw poteintial employers to decide on the course of you future if you can’t make it yourselves. Stupid.

    1. Fingo says:

      Think before you comment. College of Medicine is a Government institution; it was set up to produce doctors for the public health system to improve public health delivery. If Government did not want these doctors, then it would not have invested in this medical school. Your allegiance to these thieves masquerading as national leaders should not cloud your judgement: The poor masses of this country NEED these doctors, even if the DPP elite may not think it needs them.

      I for one applaud the 2 unions for the stance they have taken. The DPP government always has to be pressurized into doing the right thing. By cutting on executive waste the Government can easily find the funds to pay these 51 new interns.

      I wish to urge other bodies to join the 2 unions in putting pressure on this free spending DPP government to employ these doctors. It is important to realize that this country belongs to all of us, not just APM and his cronies. There should be sustained pressure in this regard…

  71. chidumayo says:

    Do not train if you are not able to recruit/employ

  72. chidumayo says:

    Do not train if you are not able to recruit

  73. KAMTEDZA says:

    George Phiri (comment number 21) your comment is unfair to Malawians who need these doctors. You have no idea how many people die because of lack of expert clinical services. For your information, most of these young doctors do not earn that much when they begin working for the government despite the big workload they are given. For most of them their salary is around MK100,000 – 150,000 per month and for argument’s sake if you multiply MK100,000 by 51 doctors you find that all the government needs per month to keep these in employment is about MK5,100,000 which translates into MK61,200,000 per year. GEORGE PHIRI MY BROTHER, ARE YOU SURE THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAWI CANNOT AFFORD THIS? I have not put such overheads as Housing and allowances because the government is failing to provide houses for doctors who have been in the job for 3 years. Even if I was to factor in these other overheads it would not exceed MK100,000,000 per year. How many MK100,000,000 kwachas does the government give away (CARELESSLY) through needless government rallies, workshops and conferences and needless cheer teams as authorities travel within and without the country. You need to be fair Geo. I believe our country has money quite alright but it is just that the authorities focus on the wrong priorities. Health service has always been a priority in Malawi from Kamuzu to Bakili to Bingu to Joyce and it must be high priority too to Peter. From this angle I support the call for attention by the doctors. MAY GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND MAY GOD GUIDE OUR PRESIDENT TO SET PRIORITIES AND DIFFERENTIATE GOOD ADVICE FROM BAD ADVICE.

  74. chipapwiche says:

    Malawians lets tackle this issue with sober minds, am not a doctor but I know how important issues of health are. Much that other profession are important but others are more important. Amene anadwalapo or lost a relative beacause a doctor was not readily available to rescue the life would agree with me. Can you compare an agriculture graduate with a doctor? How many proffessors are there in agriculture and what impact do they have. How many Phds do we have in education and look at their impact. Nde zinazi tiyeni tiziona moyo ndiofunika. Even in countrie where theres war, schools get closed but hospitals work. Now some of you say apite ku private hospitals kodi munthu wakumudzi akawapeza ku private ko? you are saying so beacause you have money that’s why now you are comfortable saying so. the moment you can access this website means you can aswell access a private clinic but think of the poor of the poorest who need free medication, Tiziopa mulungu.

  75. Malawian says:

    Ma dokotala opusa padziko lapansi ndiye aku Malawi. Kadziko kakang’ono ngati kano and ma dokotala ochepa ngati inu koma ma Association a ma dokotala atatu if not more for what? SMD (society for medical doctors), MAM (medical association of malawi) pano mwayamba kachipani kena mukuti ka MDUM (medical doctors union of malawi). Cholinga? Cant u see here that it’s ur heads that are upside down? Empty heads of Malawian doctors.

  76. Liness Moorr says:

    awa amazitenga ngat ndan kodi? up to the point of forcing the government to employ them and giving ultimatum? sikut amathandizanso tchito amagwira ndi ma clinician mzipatalamu iwowo tchito mkuona kut ORT abapo zingat basi, why not join the private sector or kumapita kunja

  77. myao says:

    Paja za quota system izi, zayamba kuyabwa anuwache.

  78. Sipokosi says:

    Masiku ano ndi survival of the fittest. Inu madokotala mukapanga strike mukuwona ngati alipo amene zimukhudze kupatula abale a womwalirawo? Do not expect that some authorities will be shaken. No! Those who die will be buried and nobody cares. After all, there are witch doctors who can provide healing medicine as well. If the western drugs and medical practice seen too demanding in terms of money, go herbal and go to the prophets who are all over in town. I understand they also heal. Mwauponda!

  79. George phiri says:

    Chabwino government will employ you but expect no salary! How about that? I dont like the DPP lef government koma be serious guys mpakana kupanga force employer?????

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      So that my tax is wasted on some chief and suspected murderers who have no business whatsoever to do at UNGA New York. You must be joking. These doctors if employed by private hospitals, say Mwaiwathu, do you know how much you will be paying for their services? Should you then complain of brain drain should they secure employment outside Malawi?

      1. Demsan Katyola says:

        Alekeni azipita inu amenewa. Bvuto lathu monga dziko ndikunyengererana. Dokotala ndi munthu ngati wina aliyense. Anthu akupeza ma degree kunja kuno ndikumabvutika. Awanso akuti chani awa. Palibe zonyengererana wapeza ntchito wapeza. Tiyeni uko ndi udokotala wanuwo. Musatibowore mimba ife. Tili ndi mabvuto ambiri woti tiziganiza. Kuteroko mumayang’ana mnsonkho wanga kuti mudzidya, apatu mwawubvutikira lol. Doctor or no doctor, health system singagwe ayi.

  80. Phinifolo says:

    Madokotala enawo angochulukitsa kudzikonda, ndiye munya lero wokulembani ndani? Wofuna kulembedwa ntchito m,boma ndinu nokha basi? Ayi ndi tonsefe. Mudziwe kuti enanunso ndinu ma dandruff. After all you do not even directly help patients. You get good training, only to end up becoming a District Health Officer; yet you do not have masters degree in management. Besides that, popita ku College of Medicine, munagwirizan kuti muka malidza ku collegeko ndiye kuti nonse mwalembedwa ntchito? Was it agreed in a contract? Foolish fools. Komanso izi ndi zimene munkafyna amene munkavotera pita Mutharika. Ndinakuuzani ine. Lero mukulira chani. Bolanso mayi uja amati Joyce Banda.

  81. Phodogoma says:

    Government elsewhere does not train its citizens in order to employ them all. This is a miscalculated idea. We have LUANAR students, Poly students, MZUNI students, CHANCO and Kamuzu College of Nursing students. All of them can not be employed by government alone. Its impossible. If you are perusing what goes around globally interms of Malawi economy, you would not have come with that stupid argument. IMF and World Bank have advised Malawi to offload its spent existing part of civil services like those who are about to retire. Even those nurses were withdrawn from civil service after being advised by the IMF. Then who are you to fight for employment?Where in the world do people get employment just after industrial action? Are you only citizens who want to be paid from account number 1? What about those people in the village? What about those school leavers? I have never heard that line of thinking on this earth planet. Head of MDUM and SDM must be crazy and mad. Akapuchi ngati inu mungati? So its true that our doctors do not learn any type of administration in the college?. Let alone employment management? You are very stupid. Please peruse all the documentaries and check if that type of strike has ever occurred on this earth planet.If you find one please paste it here for me. Its not Malawi Government that has its priorities upside down but the people of Malawi have their thinking and priorities upside down. A good example is the members of MDUM who think that strike can bring first job to ‘unemployed’. Malawians are laughing bunch of neurones. Whats this?

  82. Wiz says:

    Forcing Government to employ smbdy is utter ubsurd and nonsence.U dont expect the Government to employ everyone that graduates including Doctors.Tell ur graduates to trap other opportunities out there.Government can and will only employ them once the resources are there.Otherwise Government is not obliged to employ smebody.

  83. Peter27 says:

    So the gvt prefers hiring doctors from China and paying them millions than just imploying its own staff? I dont understand such thinking!!!

  84. apm says:

    This is utter useless threat. Which doctors are these, specialists or those who havent even done internship? Dont take malawians for fools. These guys do not work. Once employed, they all fight for the dho’s office. Noone touches patients. They dont even have management skills. If we have problems today in our health system its because of these guys. They are only after making easy money, KUBA ORT. I challenge tthese guys to use wits if they have at all, since their college is about memorising anatomy n physiology, practical wise they are retarded. Iff it were clinical officers, i wwould have agreed because the guys know their job. Dont go to xool inorder to be employed by government. U can go selfemployment. We need an overhaul of the unima carriculum. They are producing crap that cant do anything on their own without government. THINK BIG

  85. Sheikh Phiri says:

    Govt has demonstrated that it has unlimited cash. It took 120 people to New York. It also hired a jet. The UN trip cost more than K650 million. So yes govt should employ all graduate doctors. Not only that. All graduates from all colleges in Malawi. Musova

  86. Kondwani says:

    You mean if these 51 doctors would go into private practice they will not be serving the Malawi population? Does one serve fellow Malawians only when employed by government & not in private sector? What of other African countries that have several medical colleges 7 produce more that 51 doctors/year are they all employed by their government? Mind you over 150 clinical officers also graduate yearly & they do the same & better job than these general doctors. I would only agree if it’s specialist doctors crying.

  87. drakes says:

    The question is do we have vacancies? I if yes then the Doctors must be employed. Let’s move away from free medical treatments let’s introduce a fee at least. Our Medical bill is partly shared by People from Mocambique and this is another issue that Parliament must look into. Doctors must be employed and Govt must introduce paying clinics in Blantyre QECH, Lilongwe KCH and Mzuzu hospital. Any foreigners like Mocambique citizens must pay for everything if they get into our hospitals.

  88. Poor Malawi says:

    Let the 51 MD graduands team up in groups of 5 or more and establish their own private clinics or hospitals. As patients, we will be patronising them. Chonde osathawira kunja, abale anufe timwalira chifukwa boma lilibenso ndalama zogulira mankhwala mu zipatala za boma. May our stealing banks come out and help these young and brilliant MD with loans to start their own clinics. Pliz, may the government also grant these groups of MDs with licences to establish and run private clinics or health centres.

    Lets be creative and innovative fellow malawians! Nurses, MD, teachers, pharmacists, Business, Agriculturists, strive to find a niche market opportunity within my poor motherland and start your own business entity. Lets stop relying on government and on our own as individuals. Collaborative innovations can pays more and can brings wonders to the economy of our country. I rest my case!

  89. JB says:

    Levelheaded you are just as stupid abd foolish as this gov led by idiots. The gov can afford to not employ teachers but doctors there are 200 plus doctors against a population of 15 million you have to be very thick in the head to compare the need for doctors considering this nos. Matama thooo uchitsiru daily for all pipo to see

  90. lover of malawi says:

    What about the other equally important professions

  91. levelheaded says:

    How can you give an employer ultimatum to employ you. There are a lot of students graduating on different programmes throughout the country. Are you telling me they should all force the government to employ them. What is driving this country to this extent.

  92. Alekhalibdul says:

    Atum mwaaamva anzanuwo inu busy kumangodyera aphunzitsi ndalama basi…mukulephera kumenyera aphunzitsi amene akulephera ku,embedwa tchito

  93. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    The level of health care and delivery in this country is indeed pathetic. No other way to describe it. But the government should NOT be expected to employ all the graduates, as the doctors’ union seem to imply.
    However, if this is a cris de couer for internships, then the appeal is well placed. After that, the government should have no obligation to provide employment. There is lots of room for private practice out there. Lots of it.

  94. Mungete says:

    Do no threaten govt to employ everyone who graduates. Last time nurses said the same. New teachers also want govt to employ them. This must stop forthwith. Govt cannot afford to increase its wage bill especially now that even donors hv advised govt to off load. I suggest colleges must include a subject on eterprenureship – even for doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. Malawi is for all of us. U must sweat to earn a living the way most of us do. Instead of threatening govt to employ all of u, ur union must help u find capital to establish private clinics. Even u policemen/women. U must get training at PTS (after paying fees), and then released to the job market. U can then apply for a job at G4S, Chillon, Securicor, govt, etc. Automatic absorption of graduates by govt must stop. Govt must not treat other professions as sacred cows. This is simply my raw opinion. Go ye into the world and work

    1. martinkaos3 says:

      try to consider all the pendings!

  95. i miss kamuzu says:

    for somebody to have their priorities upside down would mean an attempt to prioritise something/anything is being made.

  96. sayamika says:

    am in total agreement with the Medical Doctors Union of Malawi in pushing the gvt to employ those important people. the shortage of doctors in our various health facilities in something one can not even bother to ask. unnecessary deaths that could be prevented by having the people with the know how, are uncountable. do sth Dr Kumpalume. however, I want to warn the MDUM that killing Malawians by imposing unnecessary actions with the intent to force the government to employ those doctors is very unjust and unbecoming conduct. if your concern is to serve the populace, then don’t kill any. but if your purpose is to pocket something into your wallet, am sure a day after those 14days a hundred plus Malawians will die on your shoulder.

  97. nobel says:

    I agree with the assertion that Malawi’s priorities are upside down. Failing to employ 51 doctors to serve 16 million Malawians and can afford to take 121 delegates to UNGA for 14 days? Kkkkk! Others might argue that the UNGA issue is short term as compared to employing the 51 doctors. But the issue is about priorities; allocating more funding to state house to build banqueting halls is a clear demonstration of shortsightedness for a country that is failing to employ doctors who will serve the populace who in return contribute economically through agriculture

  98. reasonable man says:

    14 days ultimatum or action now, what do u think fellow malawians?

  99. Sports Fan says:

    Things Fall Apart written by Peter Mutharika

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