Malawi govt MPs celebrate K500mil cut on education budget

Legislators sitting on government side on Tuesday afternoon broke into jubilation after beating the opposition on a vote to decrease a budgetary allocation to the struggling education ministry.

Hand-clappers: Ministers in parliament giving President Mutharika some cheers

Hand-clappers: Ministers having some cheers after winning vote to cut education budget

Ministre of Finance Goodall Gondwe had proposed to cut the budget by K500 million from K113.8 billion to K113.7 billion.

Gondwe said the ministry does not need this money allocated from now up to June 2017.

He said this is why the government decided to reallocate the money to other ministries and government departments.

Gondwe said this in parliament where legislators are vetting mid-year national budget which has seen a surprise cut from K930 billion to K906 billion.

However, opposition MPs questioned the rationale of cutting the education ministry vote when public education system is fast collapsing.

They said public schools critically need teaching and learning materials and teachers there it a joke that the government proposed such a cut.

However, Education minister Emmanuel Fabiano assured the House all will be well after the reduction to the vote but the opposition legislators stood their ground until First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje put a vote on whether the Education budget should be reduced or not to which the government won.

The win surprised the government which has few MPs than the opposition force of Malawi Congress Party and People’s Party.

The government legislators celebrated just a day after two budgets for State Residences and Office of President were deferred as opposition MPs rejected their increase.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi govt MPs celebrate K500mil cut on education budget”

  1. Concerned citizen says:

    Our leaders are out of touch. This is dangerous.

  2. Myao says:



  3. Kelvin says:

    Its true. Ku education nde kwachuluka cash gate. Ndalama zomwe zimaperekedwa ndi zambiri koma mukaone komwe zimathera. Umphawi mma school ukupitabe patsogolo. Ana akulipira akuti development fund. Mwana kuti amuphunzitse bwino akuti azipanga part time. Koma kaoneni kwa a Dem wa accounts akugula galimoto zodula, kumanga nyumba za pamwamba mphunzitsi akukanika chonsecho iyeyo grade yake ndi yayingono (m) kuposa mphunzitsi aliyense. Azichepetsedi chifukwa ndalamazo zimangothera mmatumba a anthu a ku office.

  4. munya says:

    Hon Patricia Kaliati was a teacher herself. why can’t she school her friends that education allocation does not necessarily need a cut, but an increase. its really an insult to Malawians especially us our sons and daughters are doing school in Community Day Secondary Schools in villages. shame being a Malawian

  5. djd says:

    Oh dear – everyone knows education is the route out of poverty – it’s not rocket science

  6. Nyalapa says:

    I wish the government side should go out to see for themself what is actually happening on the ground. If they aré real malawians the would have to celebrate the cut. Shame on the for the celebration.

  7. Hey! says:

    The celebration was for defeating the vocal opposition and not otherwise. Inu simukuona pamenepa?

  8. Vyantonda says:

    sad but this old man from mzimba haaaaa!watondeka resign man

  9. legendary daddy says:


  10. s.b.n says:

    ana awo amaphunzira kunja ,ndalivomereza bible langa,adzakhala odzikonda.

  11. Charombanthu says:

    Sometimes I am ashamed to be Malawian. What is there to celebrate about here? Education standards are at the lowest since we attained independence. Blind loyalty is what we call this nonsense…

  12. mphatso wakuda says:

    that’s very bad for us akanganya inu on the so called the government side

  13. Ngalamayi says:

    The ministry doesn’t need this money? Have they visited rural primary schools and seen classes in excess of 100 pupils? Have they seen all the qualified teachers sitting at home because the ministry can’t afford to employ them? Have they noted the decline in the quality of CDSS education through lack of resources? What a bunch of ostriches, hiding their heads from the facts that all Malawians are only too aware of, as their children’s education suffers.

  14. Vin Mongu says:

    i have never seen foolishness of the highest order like this. so what is there to celebrate? on the other hand, decades of hegemony is paying off. we have ministry of education underspending and failing to show results PSs dont get fired. this is a result and it is clear for all to see. so Chilima where are you with reforms here? eish! so where do we go if our rating is already JUNK status!!!!

  15. cbk says:

    Education standard is already poor and educated savages are clapping hands on this,shame on you!!!!

  16. Nasato wa aDimingu says:

    Izi ndiye mbuli zenizeni. Anyone in their senses would not celebrate an education allocation cut. It clearly shows how daft the people in Government are, educated mbulis who do not see the importance of education. To them it is about scoring a higher vote count than anything else. Fabiano, having cried loudly when he was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi because of low funding has become apolitical and stopped to think squarely. He should wake up from his political slumber and make positive arguments for the good cause of education. It is funny that those in Government have turned themselves into hand-clappers for anything, even when Muthalika coughs or sneezes they clap hands and ululate like nobody’s business, hahahahahahahaha. My country men, show some maturity.

  17. ngongoliwa says:

    mr fabiano,sir! do you know that anon cost center receives k100 000 per month to run all school affairs?and you expect frequent continuous assessment? Frequent lab experiments? Do you make surveys of the cost of lab kits and chemicals,tonner ,reams, chalk ?where are books for new sylabus? What about desks ?stupid govt mps under astupid old finance minister and astupid min of education.keep on decampaigning your old proffessor

  18. john phiri says:

    kodi kaliati akuona ngat ali ku ukwati? helemeti wavalayo

  19. Mchengasuyandama says:

    this is sign that the government doesn’t care about quality education but quality mismanagement of resources. shame !

  20. Boma says:

    This is politics, school them please. Can someone who is normal celebrate this? Don’t they how critical is education to the development of our country? Shame to these so called MPs @ the govt side.

  21. Mwanangwa says:

    This is nonsense of highest order

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