Malawi govt must heed ‘warning’ on maize shortage: Queues grow longer in Admarc depots

Malawi government has been urged to heed the warning contained in the report from the Famine Early Warning System Network (Fewsnet)  of the food crisis ravaging the poor southern African nation and “act now”.

Frustration is growing in Malawi over maize shortage: Multitudes of people queuing for maize at Rumphi Admarc deport .-Photo courtesy of Julius Mithi, Facebook

Frustration is growing in Malawi over maize shortage: Multitudes of people queuing for maize at Rumphi Admarc deport .-Photo courtesy of Julius Mithi, Facebook

A  Fewsnet report released on March 4, 2016  says  the maize stocks in the country will only last the nation up to end of March, about one month before the harvest is expected to begin.

The flagship newspaper The Daily Times in an editorial on Tuesday advised government that it should not be in denial and politicise the crisis considering that food is a matter of life or death.

“One of the things in the recent times, that the government has terribly failed to address, is the food situation in the country. Much as we agree that the country continues to face numerous challenges, the majority of the problems haunting us right now stem from the government’s failure to be decisive and provide solutions,” said the paper in its comment.

The daily accused the Peter Mutharika led Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government of failing  to provide leadership in addressing the food situation in Malawi by insisting that all is well “when, in actual fact, it is written all over that we have trouble brewing.”

In the paper, Agriculture Minister, Allan Chiyembekeza,  is quoted insisting that the maize stock was enough to feed hungry Malawians until harvest time.

But the editorial said rather than totally dismissing the warning sent by Fewsnet, government should  be “a little wiser this time by accepting that all is not well.”

It says: “ Proper planning is a must to counter the effects of hunger which they have neglected for a long time.The cost of neglecting the food situation will be immense.”

The paper says in these hunger times,  the government must put politics aside “and for once display to the people who voted for them that there is a solution to our predicament.”

It adds: “We very well know that it is politically correct to insist that the stock will be enough until the next harvest. But deep in their hearts, these government officials know well that the food situation has been mishandled.”

The editorial said the latest warning by Fewsnet  should be “the turning point” for Mutharika government to be “decisive and display a semblance of leadership.”

Meanwhile,  Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have planned endless vigil against President Peter Mutharika from allegedly being insensitive to maize shortage and economic problems

National Right to Good Network chairperson Billy Mayaya said CSOs want to put pressure on government so that it can start responding to issues being raised by Malawians.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi govt must heed ‘warning’ on maize shortage: Queues grow longer in Admarc depots”

  1. Chikutumbwe says:


    this is another form of cashgate!

  2. Kadziotche says:

    I am not amused with this obvious perennial food shortage problem in Malawi.
    As a nation we do not seem that we want to deal with it. FISP fails us every year.Try irrigation,just a political rhetoric! Companies like ILLOVO have land and irrigation capacity to feed the country.They should be given a contract by govt to produce so much maize (of the quantity that we are always importing in deficit of expected harvest).A lot of forex will be saved and food shortages will be reduced if not eliminated.
    Govt (through Admarc) will be the monopoly buyer. NFRA can preserve the maize in their silos for lean periods like these.Tayesaniponi agonthi inu.Mukuyaluka ndi za zii.Kumapemphetsa chakudya nthaka,madzi,contractor wolima alipo. Khasu silingathetse njala ya m’dziko koma mwina yapa khomo.Commercial contract maize farming is the solution.Someone hear me out there, please!!

  3. wachiona ndani says:

    natural disasters are the cause of concern and no one should blame the president and his government its man made decision kuononga nthaka komanso chilengedwe ndiye mwati agwetse mvula kupewa ng’amba ndani cashgate escapee pompo!

  4. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    This maize shortage is becoming a disastor now and its time the minister responsible for relief and disastor takes over control of Admarc. Those who happen to pass by Chinsapo Police Monday and Tues this week would have noticed a huge crowd of people wanting to buy maize. Who is the disastor minister by the way and how much did he score in that Sunday Times cabinet ratings?

  5. Dr says:

    Boma lazitsilu utha kutopa ndikulakhula.

  6. Mccarthy says:

    APM he must fall; otherwise he gonna turn this country like dustbin!!

  7. Max says:

    APM he don’t have a problem!!

  8. Max says:

    I feel very sorry for my country, Next time malawi you need to choose wisely, this APM is destroying the country, because him” he doesn’t have the problem!.

  9. Sautso says:


  10. Chambe says:

    It reminds me of 1981 and 1982 when the situation was exactly the same as it is now. People survived and went through the same situation with UDF government. Nothing new the only thing that is new is how the pressure is being exerted on APM. There was no such a pressure to Muluzi and none to Kamuzu. All in all, Malawians are always aware that these situations have always been a repeat and are yet to recur irrespective of which party will be in power in future .

  11. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Atumbuka onsewo kuima panzere just to buy 10 kgs of maize? Kusowa chochita chani?Atumbukadi si anthu!

  12. Shazzie says:

    It’s really sad that of all the things that Malawi Government is failing to improve on, Food or I should say just the living standards of people are part of it. So does that mean there are no strategies to work with at all, despite of waiting for donors. Does it mean Malawi as a whole doesn’t have any resources to capitalize on. I tend to wonder what the so called ministry of Agriculture or those agricultural bodies do? and am sure there is a body that looks into the country’s economy, why are they put in place? Somehow I question the whole drill of Democracy, maybe it’s not for Malawi, because all I’ve seen is just Malawi going down and down, are we gonna even exist in the next decade also or we can just dissolve ourselves to other countries? The so called Leader have no clue of how to run the country

  13. ligowe says:

    boma la pitala limenero—- munasankha nokha.

  14. Wazawaza says:

    My advice to the gvt is that they should not lose control of the situation life is getting tougher on ground everyday and the rise in living cost are not making things any easier at all people dont have enough money at to spend,I voted for DPP and APM because I liked Bingu Wa Mutharika he stood strong for Malawians and against anything that wasnt good for us.But today it feels as if the gvt is taking money away fom pple through tough austerity measures and its more focused on pleasing foreign institutions not Malawians.umbava ukuchuluka koma a police malo moti athane ndi umbava ambili ali munsewu kuyimitsa magalimoto adziwalanda wathu kochepa komwe apezako movutikilako.The public patiency is wearing thin.

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