Malawi govt not backing boycott of South Africa products: Kapito insists on ‘Black Friday’

The Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director John Kapito has called for shoppers to don black clothing this Friday and boycott South African goods and services in protest against deadly afrophobic attacks in the rainbow nation.

Malawi activists protests against Xenophobia

Malawi activists protests against Xenophobia

But Malawi’s government said it doesn’t support a call for a boycott of South African products.

Kapito said Thursday that his body and other concerned activists have set 24 April as a day when Malawians will show their concern to xenophobia attacks in South Africa.

“We are urging all citizens to boycott all South African owned outlets such as Game Stores, Shoprite, Spur, Steers and PEP Stores, among others, on this day,” the CAMA official said.

Adding the boycotts would be held in all three regions of South, Central and north of the country where all people would put on Black clothes to express their concern.

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa said that the government of Malawi “will support the process of dialog which President Peter Mutharika has initiated” but not boycott.

At least seven people have been killed in South Africa in the past two weeks, thousands have been displaced and the army has been deployed to end attacks on immigrants.

Malawian demonstrators on April 21 handed a petition to South African High Commissioner Cassandra Mbuyane-Mokone demanding that the xenophobic attacks be ended within 48 hours to avoid a boycott of South African businesses.

Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda has been instructed to travel to South Africa to meet his counterpart for talks, said Nankhumwa.

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39 thoughts on “Malawi govt not backing boycott of South Africa products: Kapito insists on ‘Black Friday’”

  1. R says:

    I think other surrounding African country’s should show their support. If I am correct this has been going on for a while. I have a friend that lives in SA that told me they are attacking Malawians, zimbaweans, zambians all immigrants. This boycott needs to spread. That country treats its fellow Africans like crap. Let them be by themselves like they want to be. This movement needs spread #boycott south Africa.

  2. Obster says:

    I here to view the real cause and we have to solve this problem with the love of humanity, all government sphere in the world must see what is the problem, if they don’t see, they must sit down with me, I will help them, think of the types of education, hiring of jobs and many more which would be totally addressed to the societies, and use a valid solutions.

  3. Shonayi says:

    Bravo APM!You are handling the isue as a responsible father.Keep on.You are civilived.Those who have attended management cources can agree with me that we are seing it in practice.See how he is using his personell(delegating).How he is dealing with external afairs IMF.Lake Malawi issue ,Nsanje port etc.Obwebweta amangowakhululukila angamutayitse nthawi si saize yakeWe have a rollmodel.Ngakhale olemba lemba zikuwavuta kupeza zomupaka.GOD BLESS MALAWI

  4. vincent chigalu says:

    Ngati mukupanga zionesero kumalawiko simukulakwisa ayi coz kuno mtundu wanu ife taphedwa imfa yovuta ngati nkhuku

  5. Chambang'ondo says:

    A lot of you who are commenting don’t think wide. This bwana Kapito has already made a name. How about u? The best and affordable auto spares are from RSA. Mukafa Pa nseu are u going to blame China? Let’s think and work hard so that we can change our personal life. Proverbs 13:22. We complain much because we expect to be employed while indians, Coloreds and some rich people are not complaining. Your pathetic.

    1. gibbo says:

      Mukufuna muwauze chiyani cha nzeru a Malawi? Chifukwa after kuususako siunalankhulepo nzeru zaku.

  6. Tsotso says:

    Those who are against the boycott must have not watched any clip on how our relatives have suffered down there. Iwe amene ukuti uli pa nseu opita ku Game, pita tipezana konko

  7. malawi says:

    I dont really understand whats going on in this country…At times i see malawi on the middle of the road going where.

    Leadership is not touching the hearts of the people. people lost trust in it
    Anthu akukonda ndalama kwambiri not having the hearts of poor in theirs.
    Un planned protest for sake of making names.
    People living alife of fear( not secured) security is very POOR.

    People are looking at what is happening in other peoples country and have a carbon paste in this country. These people they want to make names, this is not reality

  8. Maamwene ovaha says:

    I think most people who are dressing down Kapito underestimate the power of positive activism. Soon or later they will recognise that the CAMA boss had a point. Kodi kusala kudya ndikupemphera mwakathithi si mbali imodzi yochita protest against the devil and saying that enough is enough? There is always room for non-violent protest. Even some churches are Protestants because they protested against the Catholic church for distorting God’s Word.

  9. makito says:

    But people, what did you expect the government to say? Do you think Zuma or Malema care about Xenophobia or Afrophobia if you like? No, they care about the impact on their investments and political life, hence the statements. Malawi Government is no different.

  10. Aaron mwansambo says:

    Zankutu ine lero ndiye ndiledzera bwanji osati zibwana

  11. mercy says:

    malawi failed state,,y r u so stupid to let down ur pple die like maggots in the hand of these uneducated state? muaone ngati ku iran sitingapiete kukaphunzira kugwira mfuti ndikuzapha ma south africans onse..adakakhala malemu bingu izi sadakaselera ayi..koma iweyo poti unazolowera…… ndipotu ma shops from south africa siokhawo ayi ndiposo ogwira ntchito ma shops a anthu amenewa akunzuzika ndi khanza ,akusowa kokadandaula

  12. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Malawians the xenophobia attacks should teach a permanent lesson and that is we have to make our country habitable. We need to create wealth and employment. We have suffocated our economy through corruption, fraud and nepotism. We need to promote the middle class which has the potential to create businesses and therefore create jobs.

  13. danivelo banda says:

    Its not the quality products from south Africa but its a matter of principle.Mahatma Ghandhi used to don sack cloth during the 1947 uprising of India.That doesn’t mean he couldn’t afford to buy decent clothes,but it was the anger towards the oppression of Indian people from colonialist British.You can also show anger by not buying them.We are poor but they also need us.

  14. Boyd Kilembey says:

    This government is crazy. The minister in his press release says they received some inquiries from some investors thats why they issued the press release. We are told these investors were asking the government which side they were. Really? Which investor can make such stupid inquiries from a governemnt worth its salt? Can the minister tell us the investors who made such stupid inquiries? Did they just talk or the investors wrote the government to make the inquiry. I never thought this government would be so stupid…Now lying to its own citizens is becoming the mode of operation. Malawi is a failed state no wonder you have a president who is soundly sleeping in a poshy overseas hotel while some of the citizens are sleeping in open spaces at Kamuzu stadium. Shame..

  15. malawi says:

    Nde mukufuna amalawi angosekelela chifukwa cha ma products amene akubweletsa kuno,thats being programmed sizikutanthauza kuti ma shop’wa sazatsegulaso but when they lose millions they make a day,they will realise they need us too.mind you their goverment is behind all this

  16. my right to speak! says:

    A Malawi ndinu anthu a mantha. Just because SA products have got a great influence on your daily life doesnt make them shit on you. You need to stand up and get counted. Be assertive.

  17. Tulo says:

    People should understand Kapito. His actions will bring change in South Africa. Please support the boycott. South Africa is already feeling it. That is how you go. You do not need all these South Africn companies in Malawi. It is just that we have poor leadership

  18. Bomanile says:

    Malawi’s economy is indeed very much dependent on trade with South Africa and boycotting products from that country is impractical. And let’s suppose South Africa decided to retaliate. We have the adage Nkhonya yobwezera imawawa. To me the protest and petition are enough. And on a related development, I feel those accusing Government of hiring South African buses (including IBAM) are being unfair to goverment. The goverment did not have time on its side. The price difference (K8.1million per bus against K3.3m per bus) is just too high. It was obviously much easier for govt to mobilise resources at K3.3m/bus than at the other price. And the goverment was under pressure to begin the repatriation soonest and govt may have reasoned that negotiating on the price could have taken longer while our people were anxious to leave the rainbow nation soonest. We maybe aware that some Malawians have started a hunger strike to force govt to repatriate them sooner. This shows the pressure govt has been going through that therefore the Malawian bus operators should have offered a reasonable price in the first place. If they had offered 4m/bus, that would have been close. How much negotiating time would it have taken to negotiate from K8.1m/bus to K4m/bus or lower (while there was pressure to start the repatriation as soon as possible) ?

  19. ujeni says:

    Iwe kokotowa,
    All the companies you have mentioned can easily be replaced. Do you think China or Brazil can fail to fill that void. China and Brazil just dont want to come in and compete because we are a small market. Immediately South African companies go, others will come and fill the gap.

  20. nyakwawa nganga says:

    Az atruu malawian l support kapito what is RSA kuli maiko kunja kuno even in Amerika they can’t do that tinazolowera kudya thodi Ife

  21. Charombanthu says:

    Some of these companies are wholly owned by Malawians despite having SA franchises and they employ Malawians 100%. Ndiye zitha bwanji? Are you also telling these employees not to go to work? Muwadyetsa inuyo mumakwanumo?? Komanso amati do not not to engage in an argument with a fool because people might not notice the difference in the end. South Africans have shown the world that they are fools, idiots, animals, etc and if you do and act like them, what is the difference between you and them? I do not buy Kapito’s suggestion.

  22. Zandekha says:

    Totally Nosense!

  23. Nkhedu says:

    Ndinyamuke wa ku game

  24. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Slavery is one thousand times worse than poverty.

  25. pyuta says:

    those of you who are against boycotting south african products are idiots, infact you are mothers of idiots, the issue here is that, we boycott south african products for some days, we damage their already strugling economy to some extent. the south african government will come under pressure from their business community and they will act by decisively stoping this barbaric action by their idiotic citizens.

  26. Akatswiri says:

    I do agree that some of us has already bought items from the shops you are mentioning,sheet musatipusise.

  27. bbxbx says:

    boycott! Malawians how do you expect to be taken seriously if you cant show any reaction to our people being treated likle swine? Boycott they goods, perhaps after then they would understand the magnitude of such afro-phobia. We cant survive without South African goods ? nonsense which Goods exactly. I went to SANA I saw some Malaysianfood products… Cant these be the alternative and honestly in our region there are alternatives from other industrialised countries like Kenya, Tanzania etc.Malawians, this would be time to boost our market by buying Malawian goods. We shouldnt rely much on these South African goods more especially when they dont respect us in their country. We should take deterrent action now because lords knows what they might do to Malawians in that country in the near future. It could happen to anyone or anyones relative.

  28. spanyola says:

    Whats wrong with you Kapito?

  29. opportunist says:

    Am behind u Kapito only that i will continue boycotting from buying Shoprite until i die .

  30. honourable says:

    The truth is we can’t survive without south African products. Zili tho mma fridge mwanu mutipusisepo apa? Ma company akuno siatha kupanga zinthu zakuno

  31. jankurani says:

    Kapito wanyeredwa Kapito wanyeredwa

  32. ujeni says:

    Nandos, Standard bank etc are not south african companies. Akutuma a boma kapena

  33. clement nasoro says:

    @azekiwe < it luks lyk u've a prblm with John Kapito as a man who can stand en say this is wrong. Look @ the intentions of the protest first b4 u open ut stinking mouth Idiot. Dont make urself a doom or a stupid fool. Idiot

  34. Kokotowa says:

    Stupid Malawians, if the South African shops closed mukhala ndani mbuzi inu? Imagine if PEP, Chibuku breweries, Steers, Game, Shoprite, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Packaging industries, Multichoice, Galittos, Intercape, were to close permanently what will be the consequences? Thousands of Malawians will lose decent jobs for nothing.

    Kapito sangakulembeni ntchito komanso pano tikukamba pano mnyumba mwake wsdzadzitsa ndi katundu yemwe wagulilatu dzulo.


  35. ME says:

    you can add to the list…..

    1. Mad Professor says:

      African Parks Majete Game Reserve on the list. Plus almost all the commodities in Sarna, Chipiku superettes and even Metro are South African. eg OMO, Sunlight washing powder, Kelloggs cornflakes, Heinz tomato Ketchup. How about Toyota Malawi? They are Japanese but assembled in South Africa for the SADC region. Fools. You are just looking at Shoprite and Game, Very myopic.

    2. Wailing Soul says:

      Bulls Ye. You have hit it. These CAMA guys kupupuluma without looking t the whole chain of how Malawi dpends on South Africa because we are not yet industrialised. How about NAMPAK and Chibuku, they are South African too. Dunderheads. We need to ask ourselves, why do we go to look for jobs in SA? Whose problem is it?

  36. ezekiwe utwag says:

    useless Kapito! You cant tell me what to do! I’ve rights whare to buy my needs and wants! Useless Kapito it the same Malawians chased foregners in districts to do businesses in cities why? Useless Kapito just keep on quiet & chew the scone on your probosis! If any shop get vandalized on 24/4 bear the concequences. Let us dialogue as per Govt idea. Nanu a DPP kutenga Useless Kapito board chair! a kuononga mbiri ya boma ndi tose a Malawi.

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