Malawi govt should publish ‘Cashgate’ names in public interest

The Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) director has joined the Auditor General in refuting allegations that seven ministers are among those named in the K239 billion looting of government coffers. On the advice of the Attorney General, the Auditor General has been coy to release the names involved in cash gate.

Let the ministers implicated be investigated

Let the ministers implicated be investigated

Both the Auditor General and ACB director have insisted that the report does not include the names of ministers.  However, the outspoken MP for Rumphi East and Peoples’ Party third-vice president Kamlepo Kalua still insists that the report, which parliament has also in possession, has names of seven ministers. The issue has now degenerated into a circus with accusations and counter-accusations.

The issue of release of names mentioned in the report has gained public interest among Malawians. They want to know who the individuals and organisation are. The continued concealing of the names is not only undermining the credibility of the ACB and the DPP government, but also undermines the democratic principles of accountability and transparency.

Why is the ACB and government shielding the companies and individuals involved? This is a public interest issue because public funds are /were involved. The public is entitled to know. Defamation should not be used as an excuse to hide their names because the report does not suggest that they are guilty. But the mere fact that they are in the report their names should be mentioned. It is up to the court to vindicate them.

When Joyce Banda commissioned an audit into cash gate people’s names were mentioned. Those who had no case to answer were exonerated. Others were arrested, charged, prosecuted and subsequently jailed.

By hiding their names, the message government and the ACB is sending is that the people involved are “big” and government does not want to embarrassment them. This is also selective justice whereby those in power and their cohorts are untouchable.  Why should rich people, politicians and their cohorts get away with corruption?

Malawians want justice to be done. They are tired of corruption among government officials, political leaders and their cronies who are getting away with it with impunity. They should not be taken forgotten granted that the political support will always will be there.

Corruption and poor leadership are some of the cardinal reasons UDF lost political support. For example, UDF won 85 seats in 1994 general elections. But that support miserably plummeted when corruption and bad governance started eating the political fabric.

It will be extremely difficult for President Mutharika and his DPP to convince Malawians in the 2019 elections that they need another five year mandate unless they demonstrate evidence to clamp down on corruption in government and private sector, improve the lives of the citizens and good governance.

It is inconceivable that looting of government resources continues with impunity. The names of the ‘errant’ individuals and companies should be published in the public interest.

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The Patriot

Do these DPP guys really believe that the seven cabinet ministers will be hidden forever? This issue will not die until we know who these hyenas are!
Actually just by seeing the way the govt is reacting…..any articulate Malawians can tell….we are about to catch very big fish with the Cashgate net!!!! Its just a matter of time.


Ok, if you don’t want to give us names, what are you doing about it?

It is now about two months since the report came out but nothing has been done. Not even dummy arrest or interrogations.


Gentlemen i have an idea. lets all strike for Peters resignation. The strike will be in form of permanent absondment from work. everybody who works,,lets stay home. in two days time there will be state of emergency forcing resignation of this idiot. We are tired.


To run a country is very cheap have a political Will period. There is only one leader in Malawi who is ready to conquer and face this giant Scratching off corruption, we call him anti-corruption campaigner no other than Dr Lazrous(Lazaro wathu) Chakwera woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Wamva iwe Santana ndi Tman. It will be difficult for the thieves to ask for another five year terms if Mathanyula does not arrest the seven rotten minister and also if he does not prosecute these rotten minister means that there someone “big” in this cash gate. Koma kumenekooooooo!


Apart from the seven ministers in the report being shielded by the ACB ndi mtumbuka waku Usisya uja and mchewa waku Audit office, we need promises the DPP made in their manifesto audited as to the extent to which they have been delivered them. Asamangopitiliza kumatinamiza.Tayenera maso.NYAPHAPHI TILI NAYEYU NDIYE KAYATU! MBUZI YA MANO PALILIME


Mungatani ndi a Lomwe inu. The only judge is God and He is to fight for Malawi as He did that that time with KaNgwazi ka choko kaja.

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