Malawi govt rebuffs Councillors demand for 150% honorarium hike

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Tarciscious Gowelo, has trashed councillors demands in for  a 150 percent hike in their honorarium in order to be getting a minimum of K200 000 per month from the current K80 000.

Gowelo: There is now way we could give motor vehicle loans

Gowelo: There is now way we could give motor vehicle loans

Meeting the councillors’ demands would increase the councillors’ allocation in terms of honorarium from K36.9 million to K92.4 million per month.

Mzuzu City mayor William Mkandawire, who is also Malawi Local Government Association (Malga) second vice-president, said councillors want an increase in the honorarium as “the cost of living has risen. Prices for different commodities are increasing.”

The councillors have also been demanding motor vehicle loans.

But speaking to reporters on Monday, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development said government cannot manage to disburse motor vehicle loans.

He also dismissed the increase of honorarium, saying government does not have the capacity to accommodate any honorarium increment because the 2014/15 National Budget does not have a provision for increased councillors’ honorarium.

Gowelo said the ministry will follow on what is contained in the councillor’s conditions of service.

On the reviewing of Local Government act as suggested by stakeholders, Gowelo said the ministry’s door is open for any suggestions.

Some of the demands are that they want to be administering the Constituency Development Fund a proposal which has also been trashed by the ministry, saying that MPs are a mandated to do the job under their assistance.

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53 thoughts on “Malawi govt rebuffs Councillors demand for 150% honorarium hike”

  1. peter says:

    Ndi Makhansala omwe akufuna ndalama? Kodi ukhansala ndimayesa ndi vuluntery work. Ndicthitoimeneyo yofunira ndalama zambirimbiri? Ukkhansala ndi ntchito yachifundo , ndiponso K80,000.00 honororia yachuluka kwambiri. Ndiyechifukwa chake Malemu Bingu amakana zopusazo.2019 kusazakhale makhansala bola ma MP omwewa basi chifukwa amalowa ku parliament

  2. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Ife timayenda bwanji pansi kulephera ndi kugula ndi njinga yomwe? Ngati amalowera u councilor ndi cholinga chofuna kulemera atule pansi undindo azipanga business ndiye alemera. Sizotidyera masuku pamutu.

  3. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Can you believe that up to now teachers are not paid their October salaries? How do they expect them to survive? Ndiye ena oduka mitu akufuna 150% and motor vehicle loans? What for? No wonder these people scramble for these positions to get rich at the poor man’s expense? What have these councilors done to deserve this? Ndalamazo ngati zilipo mupatse aphunzitsi omwe akugwira ntchito yotamandika ngakhale sayamikidwa but know that for anyone to hold any office, s/he has to thank a teacher. Ntchito yopanda qualification imeneyo yomwe akufunira ndalama zonsezo? Tulani pansi u councillor’wo ena apitirize.

  4. ZOVUZEDI says:

    I don’t understand y a JCE/MSCE holder should get more than double the salary of a proffessional certifiicate holder.This is demotivating.There is no logic.

  5. MMALAWI says:

    ma counselor musatibowe mwamva ,ma professionals a m’boma muwaposa k80 thousand skul mulibe mutibowe mbuzi inu

  6. Jelbin mk says:

    It is not appropriate for councillors to demand such an increase in perks or honorarium as you choose to call it of which I disagree calling it because a councillor is not a volunteer as many think and believe a councillor is a public official who serves as an MP does. A volunteer is not chosen on through a ballot box or paper,who ever is chosen through a ballot box such as a president,an MP or councillor can or should not be deemed as a volunteer because these people do invest in campaigning for their offices they put in alot of money into the process of becoming one of the above mentioned. A chief and his juniors are the ones to get honorarium because they don’t invest any cent in order to become a chief intact they don’t deserve as much as government is offering them but because government uses them for political mileage, just imagine for a councillor to contest for the post has to pay K250 000 fees minus campaign money so it is awkward to expect them to be inly honoured for something they invest in and more over mps do less job than councillor & they are justified enough to ask for administering the constituecy fund because mps do nothing with it . And for those who say councillors are on trial or on rehearsal so that we can see how effective their role is are kindergartens because we had councillors before in this country,remember from year 2000 to 2005 we had these councillors an they played a very good role in decentralization process only to be halted by Bingu and his DPP who are allergic to decentralization which has been confirmed by peter’s denial to federalism which devolves presidential powers and makes decentralization meaningful.

  7. jemah says:

    eeeeeh mwayambakale nthawi yomweyi?

  8. Caroline Chatimba says:

    When you have people who take up positions just for the money and have no concept of the economic status of their country this is what happens. Please remind these people it’s an honorarium and not a salary. Let the look up the word and get understanding. How do you ask for an increase on any job when you have just been hired???? Sick!!!!

  9. MANDEVU says:

    I am very suprised as to why all councillors are not paying income tax to the Govt in the holy name of volunteers and that they receive honoralium.

    Does a volunteer get a fixed monthly whooping payment of MK80,000 from Govt coffers? While people at ILLOVO and other companies of similar nature get wages every fortnight and yet they honour their income tax demands by the Govt.

    Is Hon Goodall Gondwe serious enough on this arrangement?

    But why Govt has introduced corporate taxes of K1,700 (K700 to Maneb + K1000 for photos) on Primary School Candidates who will sit for 2015 PSLCE exams and yet the learners come from very poverty stricken families?

    Based on the current tax threshold mechanism councillors would be paying a monthly income tax of about K17,000 each.

    Out of 468 councillors, Govt can pocket a staggering K7.9million every month enough to procure medicine for atleast 10 health centres or so in Malawi.

    It is high time the Govt realised its costly blunder worth ammendment.

    How special are JCE holder councillors not to pay taxes while you are charging heftly on passports, licences etc?

    Act now!
    The earlier the better!

  10. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaa! says:

    Now, doubters of late Ngwazi Bingu, doubt him no more. The man had foresight; and he stalled on district councillorships only after sound advice from economists and planners. Then came JB; that clueless accidental president. She set in motion revival of these positions. I don’t know who she was appeasing. But some suspect her lack of knowledge on these type of issues, and the fact that she never understood any concrete advice; and she might as well have just flipped a coin!
    I hope APM and the new DPP government will just extinguish these positions, so that they are non-existent after their current tenure. Enough with this charade, already. As some have already asked: making more money than a university graduate? Amene anamwa inki? Aasa!

  11. harrinya says:

    mpakana 200grand amonth….!makape ama JC…i think we nid qualificationz for somebody to stand as acouncillor…mpakana motor vehicle loan…!who are u,ntchito mkumwa zibuku ma tarven,we only knw BT mayor ndiwagere enanu mulibe ndi JC yomwe agalu awanthu..why did u stand?

  12. Fathi Alshab says:

    kodi consfituency fumd singsngswidwe propirtionsllt kutu jansaka azigwilitsski nthiti xuna.
    apm redyce mps ti 100 and yse counsellirs in developmemt ussues msfumu achoke asingiliza manda ndikupeleka malo akgslapi ndi minda basi.surely 100 mps can do ze job of passi ng laws given level of eduvation.. a std8 achokd or jc ayi…

  13. Bongololo says:

    Councillors and MPs ought to be working hard on finding ways to stop the increasing cost of “commodities” than just complaining or perpetually asking for more pay. And if they don’t like the pay they’re getting, then how about leaving those jobs for those that are prepared to serve the people regardless of remuneration. They are not special! So they need to face the same fate of their inaction with the rest of us. Enough of this nonsense!

  14. Foster Muyila says:

    Nthawiyakapeni Sanatilonjeze Zmenezo.

  15. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Iwe kagwere uko ndi ka pslce kaya ka jce kakoko. Who are you that you should claim much as such. Expect demos govt accodates this mumbojumbo. Iwenso william mkandawire wawonetsa umbuli wako wonse. Shit….

  16. Odala Ochibwe says:

    Ndiye Kuti Ndalama Zaku Malawi Ndi Za Andale Okhaokha Eti?Enawa Amangolowera Dyera Koma Akhala Ogwira Ntchito M’boma Alire Kaye Kapena Akwere Pachulu Ndiye Kukweza Komanso Percentage Yake Yosakwana Ndi 50 Percent Mwina Tonse Tiyambe Ndale Kuti Ndalama Izikwera Mosavuta.

  17. Sinthani says:

    Councilors have a point which the government need to listen! However, it is a lesson for government too to ensure that there is sizable numbers of both MPs and councilors to cut on costs. On Constituency or Ward Development Fund, this is the councilors’ key role to manage development initiatives at the local level. MPs need to be stripped off this responsibility which, ironically, was taken off from councilors as an instrument for political mileage. The MPs should focus on their job on enacting laws, strategic policy direction and approving national budget.

  18. mwika says:

    Decentralization, i suggest they should be getting their salaries from their councils. In the spirit of decentralisation they should make sure they raise as much funds as possible for development,and if satisfied with investments, why not also share the spoils. Koma don’t give headache to Goodall, he has more serious problems to attend to.
    Oodi uko!!!

    1. Patriot says:

      Oh now in this case you are talking of Decentralization (in other words Federal system of gouvernment). I thought some of you are saying Malawi is not ready for Federalism in other words Malawi is not ready for decentralisation.
      I for one support the councillors.
      Ndalama agawana ma MP zingongole phwi wina mpaka wagula magalimoto akhani nkhani amvekere Winiko 1, Winiko 2, Winiko 3, Winiko 4, Winiko 5 etc.
      Chifukwa ndi Councillor ndiye akhomeleledwe?

  19. stanley k magomero says:

    To hell with their nosense demand-govt has alot of issues to deal with not pay hike for ward councillors. let them all resign and have their salaries added to teachers. otherwise its meaningless.

  20. Kwangwagwa says:

    Bullshit! Foolish fools. Councilor! I can not believe that they are asking for pay rise. If I were in power, I would have reduced their current amounts to MWK40,000. Councilor demanding a vehicle? No!

  21. Cashgate1 says:

    Hahaha! Councilors councilors councilors. How many times have I called u? We only know BT mayor and his deputy to be working, enanu takuziwani why munalowa ukhansala. Clean LL depot, mzuzu depot and markets, then we can discuss your perks. By the way perks will be based on performance. Kuzolowela kusolola eti?

  22. Eish says:

    In fact it is wrong for all councils to be paying uniform allowances. Rather each Council should be paying according to how much revenue it collects otherwise this bunch of Primary school leavers will just be sitting phwii knowing that whatever the case they shall earn their allowance

  23. Chengolopiyo says:

    Ndakwiya nanu kwambiri agalu. Mungamafune kumalandira ndalama zoposa munthu wa degree??? Mimba zanu muuzane

  24. chiwangulinda says:

    There is no indication of anything being done on the ground not even meetings with constituents on projects. Raise no justified maybe reduction in salary would make sense. Results first iyaaa!!

  25. dopababi shopa says:

    Before May 2014 everyone new conditions of service of a councilor. Now after 8months in the voluntary work they’ve started making unnecessary demands. Plz Just quit and look for fatty job. You were miserable pple. K80,000 is just too much. There’re had working leaders in ADC, VDC but receive nothing. Plz never ever bow down to demands. We had no such noise in the past 9yrs.

  26. Khansala Wamkulu says:

    Awa nde abwampini enieni, mukudelera K80,000? Mavuto atichulukira amalawife ndeinunso musatibowe, just quit. Next time no more local elections.

  27. Charger says:

    Awa nde abwampini enieni, mukudelera K80,000? Mavuto atichulukira amalawife ndeinunso musatibowe, just quit. Next time no more local elections.

  28. NKHOMA says:

    Late Bingu anakuuzani kuti agalu amenewa adzabweretsa chisokonezo koma a Malawi kusamva, lero ndi izitu.

    Zoona mbuli zachabechabe zikaderere MK80,000 pamene ma professional workers with 20years experience akulephera kulandira K70,000.

    Anzawo amalandira K2000 komanso amayenda pansi koma iwo nkumaderera mpepemu chamba eti?
    Akufunika njinga yakapalasa ya kinga amenewa apo ayi achite rizaini.
    Akulephera kudziwa tanthauzo la CDF akuganiza ndi WDF.
    Shame on dem.
    2019 no more councillors boma lakonza kale ndipo asasinthe maganizo.

  29. Mbuli inu mwafulumira,palibe icho mwachitapo.ntchito zanu sizikuoneka.but remember that readership is not position but action.mwafulumira.put pple at ur heart first.

  30. Sosolani Chingolopiyo says:

    A Councilor is a drain to national resources, look at their budget, this money would have gone to some productive priority areas

  31. Rev Golong'ondo says:

    Komanso K80000 imene amalandirayo inachuluka kwambiri. Anthu amene wa ndi ofunika azilandira 8 pin basis, no more. Ndiuvolontiyatu uwu.

  32. Jimmy says:

    Aaaa.a Mukuti palibe loan yoti makhansala muwapatse yoti agulire magalimoto for fast & efficient delivery of services to poor Malawians,koma inu dairy kusintha galimoto zoona zimenez?Vuto ndilokuti munthu ukakhala pabwino umaiwara anthu alikumbuyo koma mawa zinthu dzikutembenukirani mudzafuna anthu omwewo.Dzimandimvetsa chisoni makhansala kuyenda panjinga everyday koma ndamene amagwira ntchito mumdzi,Ma MP anuwo ntchito kugona mmahotel basi ena ndamene akuyaka ndimotowo.Palibe khansala amayenda panjika in other countries,kodi umphawiwu ndifetokha mMalawi muno??/

  33. Charo Bombastic says:

    I can sympathetic with MP’s not these Mbuzi. Yesterday you wanted our vote today you want to steal from us. I thought you said youwant to save people so why demand more cash? We have lived without expensive Counsillors tikhozanso kukhala opanda so dont try to bullshit us…. Which Government will listen to your nonsense kungofuna kuba basi not service to people

  34. kwangu says:


  35. Kakha Erutu says:

    Anduna nanunso mukuchulusa ulemu chochi bwanji?. Mukanangowauza akanganya amenewa tchu tchu tchu kuti pempho lao ndi la usilu. Sopano chidabwisa ndi choti: anthu oganiza mopepela chonchi angathandize chitukuko cha kumadela? Ndiponso chipanga inu sichiziwika chikuvoteleni. Tinangotaya nthawi yathu kukuvotelani pa 20 May paja. Fotseki!!!!!

  36. bypartisan says:

    Councillors getting K80000 per month while government Board Chair/men/women get K20000 per month, what nonsense is this? Why don’t u use perks from Press Trust, TNM or National Bank where government is the main share holder? And why r there life Board memberships at these Institutions?

  37. dadaboma says:

    Councillors should thank JB for making them exist. Unfortunately for them, the ruling party is now DPP, the party that has all along rejected the importance and existence of councilors. This DPP govt will not listen to you councilors because they did not want you to exist in the first place. The more you demand from this DPP-led govt the more you’re putting yourselves at risk in terms of your job. But there is no way you can work as volunteers when you’re the real implementors of decentralization policy and when MPs are getting lots of perks and loans. JB had good intentions for having you people around. But the devil has convoluted your chances for successful political career. APM will kill you – he will think of abolishing your jobs on account of his govt having no money to sustain you. This DPP and APM are an evil lot that will not help Malawi at all.

  38. Sisten Gende says:

    This is why Bingu did not want to hear anything to do with these fools. This is a bunch of uneducated idiots causing havoc in our councils. This country moved smoothly without them for a very good 9 years. To hell with councilors. Betteer working with MPs and chiefs

  39. PEFECO says:

    Stupid people with stupid minds,teachers are suffering yet they play a very big role in developing the country and as of now most them are stil looking for their last month salary, is living standard cost increase only for them?

  40. yuona says:

    Kodi ma volunteer amenewa bwanji akufuna kuvutitsa? Dzikotu silingaime kaamba koti makhansala anyanyala ntchito zao! Onjezerani malipiro anthu ogwira ntchito zenizeni.

  41. nyaphaphi says:

    This is why Bingu nsankafuna ma councillor by the way MALAWIANS do you realise that we have over 7 pple looking after as in every constituency..1. DC, 2. MP, 3.PARAMOUNT CHIEF, 4.T/A, 5. SENIOR CHIEF 6. VILLAGE HEAD MAN, 7. COUNCILLOR 8. AREA CHAIRMAN 9. THE ELDERS 10. YOUR FOLKS , 11. YOUR OLDER SIBLINGS…do we really need coucillors lets abolish this otherwise it will bring confusion…you see BIngu is vindicated

  42. Hamu says:

    Mbuzi za anthu zimenezi! 80000.00 amayiona anthu amenewa? Unkhasala ndi udindo uzipeleka osati ufuna kulandila zambiri. 80000.00 imeneyi bwanji ipite kwa aphunzisi omwe akuvukita ndi choko mmakalasiwa. Muuzane nonse zopusa ife ayi insa chamba eti, kodi mutengera ku mtoso ngati maliro a galu amalawipe chani? cost of living mwaiziwa lero chifuka mwayamba kutapa? mwaiwala chomwe tinakusankhilani mwayamba kusuta sopano. BOMA amene avuteyo smoke them out. insaaaaaaaaaa

  43. Nyapapi says:

    Useless idiots!

  44. Lino says:

    Zauchitsiru. Inu mwapitirira kale ma Civil Servants ambiri omwe amagwira ntchito more than you. Your proposal is baseless. Katundu wakwera kwa inu nokha osati ma Civil Servants. You are volunteers. Stupid

  45. chigwankumbira says:

    Serious civic education is needed for these high esteemed fellows, how can they even imagine such an increasem am yet to see see why it was an issue to waste our taxes on this group of people

  46. Penani Unenesko says:

    The demands are just too much.Stop nosense just work.Mumaona ngati mwalowa ntchito

  47. GONANI says:

    Councilors must really be careful with their demands. They shouldn’t forget that being a councilor is not a career, but people’s servant. However it seems like they want to turn their positions into cash cow. If that is the case then they should quit and look for jobs by which they can demand salary hikes. Being a councilor is a humble calling to serve your people or nation without expecting too much reward for it- and that’s it.

  48. Pacharo says:

    Kungomva eti?

  49. Time says:

    Is the cost of living up for the politicians only? what about poor malawians in the village who are failing to get 200 for maize mill?

  50. bypartisan says:

    Well spoken Volunteer, let those who r not satisfied with the K80000 honorarium resign!

  51. Joisi pa side meeting says:

    Mbuzi izi zedi. We have not yet seen their performance and they are already demanding higher perks. I would say they are still under probation. Why should they say the cost of living has gone up as if they were employed? Ndiye chifukwa chake Bingu samafuna anthu opusa awa. Akayambe aphunzira kaye ngati Chalamanda ndiye akhoza kumayankhulako zanzeru.

  52. Volunteer says:

    Malawians do not understand that councilorship is a voluntary position reserved for special people with a hert to serve others.

    I suggest that councilors who do not wish to contnue with this voluntary work be allowed to relinguish the voluntary duty. There are hundreds of thousands of Malawians who should come foward to fill in the volunteer positions without voting.

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