Malawi govt says JB benefits claims ‘insincere’

Malawi government has said claims by immediate past former president Joyce Banda that she is failing to return to Malawi citing her compromised personal security and that of her family, lack of a proper house and a 17-month unpaid salary among others as “insincere”.

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda defends her presidential record

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda fears victimisation

According to the former president’s spokesman Andekuche Chanthunya, Banda’s return is also compromised because the Malawi government is abdicating its responsibility in giving her retirement benefits.

The President’s (Salaries and Benefits) Act 1994, Section 4 (1) states that a retired president shall be entitled to such a salary, which shall be tax-free, as parliament may, from time to time, appropriate him or her.

But Minister of Information and Civic Education, Jappie Mhango, said in a media statement released on Wednesday that government has duly provided Banda, Africa’s first female ex-president, the requirements of a retired President as stipulated by the President’s (Salaries and Benefits) Act, 1994.

“Upon retirement, Dr Joyce Banda received a tax free lump sum gratuity amounting to K30 million comprising K12 million and K18 million being gratuity in her capacity as former Vice President and former President, respectively. The payment was made on 29th November, 2014 and collected on 12th January, 2015,” reads a statement by Mhango, who is also government spokesman.

However, the Minister said that Banda has yet to start receiving her monthly pension, saying it is currently being processed by the Director of Pensions at the Accountant General’s Office.

On her retirement home, the statement states that Banda was allocated an official residence in Area 43, Lilongwe, as soon as she left Office.

“The house belongs to Full Gospel Church of God, P.O. Box 3053, Lilongwe 3 and is being managed by Knight Frank. The Ministry of Lands and Urban Development identified, assessed and rented it on 28th May, 2014. After maintenance, the house was given to her in July 2014.”

Government said the former president did not occupy the house “as it was allegedly of poor quality and did not meet the required standards” despite Government paying rentals for a period exceeding one and half years.

“As a result, on 12th May, 2015 the Ministry of Lands and Urban Development received fresh instructions from the Office of the President and Cabinet to terminate the Tenancy Agreement, identify and allocate a new house to the former President. The lease agreement was terminated on 30th August, 2015 and identification exercise of new houses happened in August 2015.”

Government states that is has asked the former President to identify the house and notify the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development to assess and rent.

“The Ministry is still waiting to hear from the former President’s office if a house suiting her taste has been found,” Mhango said in the statement.

The former president’s office also said the government’s reduction of Banda’s security detail in June this year during a total breakdown of security in Malawi, exposed her to harm.

“On November 19, 2010, when she was vice-president, her official vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz saloon, registration number MG 2, was involved in a mysterious road accident at Kanengo in Lilongwe.

“The decision to weaken her security detail this time round and attempts by the DPP administration to victimise her are reminiscent of the 2010 events,” Chanthunya said.

But Information Minister said a former president is entitled one Head Guard (Personal Bodyguard) and 6 Security Guards and that “Government has duly compiled with requirement by providing seven Police Security Officers to the former President”

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Bulldozer in Dar laslam
Bulldozer in Dar laslam

Nchwinchwinchwi be aware that yes people are taking bitter panado because DR Joice Banda( if she is Doctor, I wonder without writing even simple course project) is spead the virus that cause headache into our body. Imagine that woman has already squandered her pension. All what she is mumuring about is monthly pension which require her presence.Even a house was assigned for her and she refused. Whats that?This woman has bathed in mud water deliberately. She will never come to Malawi.


Jst come and claim while here you have shown you dont love your people why kuwathawa? chipani chikutha kuno




Forget about JB. She deserted her country as soon as she lost the election in 2014. Who needs such a person? If she really cared about Malawi, she would have returned many months ago. Surely she had a house of her own in the past. Why not live in that and carry on working to earn a living. She is not old enough to retire.

Joseph Banda
We thank God that Malawi was lead by this woman for a short time. One thing she is forgetting is that when she was kicked out of DPP she remained State Vice President. So she was entitled to Mudi House. Now she was booted out as the State President, she cannot have a government house equivalent of Mudi, Mzuzu Lodge or the Lilongwe state Lodge. Mai mutsatichise manyazi!!!!!!!! Bwelanikoni. Do not put the USA, UK, EU governments into shame as Cash gate was an instruction from them. Come home and clear all this. The PP MPs cannot defend you on… Read more »


nchwinchwinchwi fwe fwe
nchwinchwinchwi fwe fwe

Iwe Jappie if you have nothing to do @ Information, then go back home ukalime as this is farming time. If you will be lucky not to be chased by your own village boys again. Never again bring JB problems here we are tired and cares less whether she comes or not, that’s her headache. Why are you taking panado on her headache? Access to Information Bill; Njauju murder; MK577 billion; Chasowa murder issues are what we care about now!!

Mathanyux Petugetu

Mmmh now we don’t really know what your problem is JB. You are just talking too much which makes us (those who gave u benefit of doubt) believe that you are running away from cashgate related issues. Actions speak louder than words, men!! The evil that men do lives after them.


Why pay retirement benefits to a booted out president? I don’t support dis. Retirement benefits should be given to a president who has served well his/her two terms. Joyce Banda did not retire but rather the people fired her through votes!! Do companies pay retirement benefits to employees who have been dismissed due to poor performance? Malawi is losing money through unnecessary payments!!! House issue and security I have no wahara cz she served as president as well as vice.

Issa Kabudula

I don’t think if what e are hearing from the ex-president offices and officials is true, time will come when she will need msima so badly that she will come back home. Mantha akula, what is she is fear off gives us more questions which need answers. In vernacular Chewa language when a person is having many excuses (kuzimangisa) putting your self in trouble.

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