Malawi govt speaks on Lutepo: Blames JB on glorifying ‘nonsense’

Malawi government on Monday issued a media statement hitting back at former ruling Peoples Party (PP) and its leadership for alleging that President Peter Mutharika induced cashgate main suspect, Oswald Lutepo to implicate former president Joyce Banda in the scandal but later withdrew the statement without giving reasons and resubmitted it.

Nankhumwa:  Issued statement and later withdrew it without giving reasons

Nankhumwa: Issued statement and later withdrew it without giving reasons

Lutepo in a Zodiak radio exclusive interview admitted wrong doing in the looting of public funds at the Capital Hill in Lilongwe last year but revealed he was only “a conduit” in the whole cashgate scandal.

The former PP executive member said Banda , while in power,  was the mastermind of the pilferage of public resources, christened as cashgate through which about K20 billion was stolen.

But PP and Banda have separately dismissed the allegations, claiming Lutepo has been induced by government to implicate the former Head of State whose name is not listed in the recently released Baker Tilly audit report on the scandal.

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa issued a statement Monday which said government argued that the best PP and leadership could do is to remain silent rather than glorifying Lutepo’s claims.

“Everything being equal, the best response to such claims would have been silence because that is what nonsense in the civilized world deserves,” said Nankhumwa in  statement which the Ministry of Information later said has been withdrawn later to be sent again. No reasons for the earlier withdraw were given.

In that statement, Nankhumwa said that government  was forced to respond to PP’s “unjustified and serious allegations since silence does not always work Malawi, as it is mostly misconstrued as consent of the allegations.”

It said Mutharika has never accepted, cannot accept, and won’t accept to be seduced by any amount or kind of
provocation to enter the sphere of petty politics, the kind that has characterized the conduct of some politicians and political parties in the country for years.

“The State President is acutely aware of the unrelenting machinations by some desperate politicians and/or political parties to pursue the limits of hatred and ill-will against him, even if it means inventing and manufacturing diatribe and lies as long as they satisfy their desire to see him portrayed in the bad light,” added Nankhumwa.

He added: “It is not true that the State President, by himself or by his agent, influenced directly or indirectly any pronouncement that Mr. Lutepo has made, is making and will be making, if at all, because there is no need, existent or imaginary, for doing so.”

The government spokesperson argues that Lutepo is a bonafide citizen of Malawi therefore qualifies to enjoy all rights provided naturally by birth and guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic.

“If the allegations by the PP are a suggestion that under their administration a Head of State would interfere with people’s views, let them be told without any equivocation that the current Head o State is different – he does not interfere with people’s process of thought.

Nankhumwa further argues that Lutepo is an adult and of sound mind, and government has no reason to doubt as he was once trusted by PP with a senior responsibility of their party as Director of Resource Mobilisation.

” Further, the PP have confirmed on several occasions receipt of resources, including donation of vehicles, from Mr. Lutepo. They could not have received these donations without question if they found him wanting in terms of believability as they want to portray him now.

“They (PP) could not have given such an enormous task to someone with incoherent character. Unless we are shown evidence to suggest otherwise, we take the view that Mr. Lutepo knows what he is doing and is fully responsible for his actions and utterances.”

Nankhumwa maintained that Lutepo has never been an associate of  President Mutharika or a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), adding there has never been any contact between him and any member of the DPP machinery for any business, including the suggested machination to hatch up anything to implicate anybody in anything.

The statement had asked  PP to provide solid details about such alleged scheming, instead of just making conjecture for the love of it.

“Mr. Lutepo was arrested under the former administration for reasons which, we were all made to believe, met the threshold for taking that decision. President Mutharika was not involved in making it. His understanding is that Mr. Lutepo is answering accusations in a court of law and this process must not be interfered with by what is
unreasonable and unwarranted, including attempts by anybody to use these matters for political point-scoring or political scores evening up.

“The President believes that the country’s criminal justice system has proven on occasions that defy count that it can be trusted to handle matters objectively. The system should therefore be left alone to do its work without any interference,” the government statement read.

Nankhumwa then said it is not for President Mutharika to sponsor a scheme to implicate Banda if she was involved in Cashgate,, saying the enduring glow of truth will always expose her at the time of its own choosing.

“Likewise, if she is innocent, the clemencies of innocence will vindicate her regardless of how long it takes. Despite that the State President is aware that the PP is so seized with desperation to hurt him, he has no intention of squaring up with them, and still urges the former President to accept the olive branch that was offered to her, so that together in harmony and unity we can attend to the effort of developing our country and making Malawi a better place.

“The President does not wish to think that politics of slander will help to move this country beyond the curve of the many challenges it is facing. Let’s all endeavour to be sensible and use our creative propensities for productive, not destructive, uses.”

Banda, who became southern Africa’s first female head of state in 2012, described Lutepo’s allegations are “false, malicious, defamatory “and a calculated attempt by some desperate quarters to implicate her in the ‘cashgate’ scandal.

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61 thoughts on “Malawi govt speaks on Lutepo: Blames JB on glorifying ‘nonsense’”

  1. Chimera george says:

    God knwz all THIS just wait…………………its ur turn soon?? I hv for given Mr lutepo

  2. Blanca says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to

  3. Benja says:

    a Nankhumwa ndinu opepere sizinaoneke. Imeneyo mwati mfindo? Listen to what the Director of Public Prosecutions has said. Mbuzi ya minister

  4. Taweni says:

    That is freedom of speech. It is laughable that a govt in power can be parading members of the general public when the issue is in court. And the members being paraded are making conclusions and judgements like it was under MCP one party rule. That was kangaroo court style that jailed Muwalo. By the way what credentials do those two banda brothers have apart from being newly appointed Board members. And the circus stopped abruptly; why?

    Remember the situation in court is completely different from the corridors of MBC or hotel. There is cross examination to go through.

    The parading of Zodiak’s interview was uncalled for and would not have taken place without the blessings of the government. Therefore JB was right to make accusations.

    On these matters my take is that those with dirty hands have no moral ground to rush to latest cashgate while the k93billion equivalent to 1billion dollars based on exchange rate at the time remains unresolved. Fortunately Donors know malawian mentality and they are not making more mistakes.


  5. Greencardless Malawian says:

    A nankhumwa musatitopetse, tamangofufumani m’bomamo ndi ndalama za magazizo musatitopetse ndi mabodza anuwo. Lanu lachifote likuyandikila, la kahuna linadutsatu paja

  6. phanke says:

    Ndipo bwanji JB trusted Lutepo mpakana kumpatsa udindo mpaka ndalama kumabera limodzi nkumuuuza kuti agule magalimoto 22 as a gift to the party ngati amadziwa kuti Lutepo ndi wotengeka ndi zili zonse? He is an adult with sound mind so dont blame him now, anene zoona basi. Zikuwawa chifukwa zili kwa inu>?

  7. Jabulosi says:


  8. JAYJAY says:

    onse nga kuba.a jb ndi apitala.Lutepo anayamba kuba nthawi ya Bingu ndi Pitala akudziwana kale ndi pitala amenewo.ana nkhumwa simungadziwe koma nanu mukayamba kuba mudziwa kuti anthu onsewa ndi amodzi.ndimadabwa amalawi mmene timavotera or tidziwe kuti iv
    chi nchitsiru bola ali wa mtundu wathu timuvoy

  9. Omex70 says:

    Nnkhumwa, who are you cheating here? It is only someone who is pretending to be mayopic who can believe what you are babbling in your so called statement. We know that government is behind Lutepo. We are not children that we don’t understand Malawian politics. To prove that Government is behind Lutepo’s utterance, MBC TV immediately featured stupid opportunists in the names of Mofatt Banda, Billy Banda with unrepentantand Phillip Biziness to make their judgements on the matter. When other people like the Kasambaras, Lutepos were arrested these opportunists did not make any commment.

  10. Nankungwi says:

    This is how we Malawians waste time and resources. L:ook Money was stolen, finde the thieves, try them, get the property back and put it back into the government and move the country forward. Instaed we are spending a lot of energy discussing one little step in huge process!

    People are in dire strsits because of this foolish selfishness, arrest and try and retrieve! Cant stand the Malawian meanly, you enjoy using bad language, how can an ex Presdient astill be fighting with a servcieng prsident put your hetred aside and let the man run the country you had your chance and you blew it!

  11. Apakeni matope koma ngati ndi iwo then chinsisnsi chidzaululika. Ndale zopakana matope tatopa nazo Mr APM

  12. Donatella Banda says:

    Malawi has got alot problems than hearing these issues of these thieves like the Lutepos,mphwiyos,senzani and others.We had had enough of these issues of JB and Pitala about the cashgate thing.Cars were being donated like underwears from suspicious resources and these thieves were praised mountains by this failed woman.Can the whole of president say that Fuel was an achievement during her tenure?We are fed up with these squabbles.They r taking Malawi nowhere.Malawi is in massive problems at the moment.Billions of stolen taxpayers money should be returned to malawians to make the economy start ticking again.We are fed up of hearing the same issues now and again.

  13. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Lutepo, Kasambala, Mphwiyo, Peter, are Thugs

  14. chatonda says:

    Why cant government keep quiet and let the police and the courts handle the issue separately? The police should arrest the suspects and the courts should try them and prove them innocent or otherwise. That is the rule of justice in a democracy.

  15. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    I am utterly amazed that Mr. Nankhumwa’s response is childish. After Lutepo’s allegations of accusation JB/PP were to remain quiet. Does Mr. Nankhumwa really understand the serious nature of the Cashgate and what a big disaster this case is for our country? Anyone dragged into this mess has to voice their part for not to do so is accepting responsibility and participation in this heinous crime. I am yet waiting to hear DPP’s response about the alleged 92 billion embezzlement!

  16. Munyasiwa says:

    One thing JB did was to ask Donors to help her investigate & fight cashgate on the word go. Now what is happening? It was audit quere. And German come forward with 9 billion kuliziii. Busy with Lutepo thing. Wake up!! we want all those who chewed our money to be jailed. Continue where JB stopped not this nosense. We want CASHGATE REPORT PART II- nothing else.

  17. ujeni says:

    This government is all over the place, who is the leader by the way?

  18. nenazako says:

    Why not just keep quiet. If Lutepo was not in contact with DPP then how did he got huge orders in government – by the way, didn’t I read somewhere that MRA wants him on tax issues dating back some years before 2012?

  19. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Mumuuze nankhumwayo kuti iyeyo ndi president wakeyo ndamen ali desperate and practice petty politics

  20. mdzukuru says:

    Pls govern this country forward than wasting time in such kind of issues, we have eyes and ears – this is not tripartite elections any more whereby some people are trying to divert peoples attention, we have real issues which need to be tackled head on by the current government.

  21. This govt is bunch of bastards. Clueless like a duck head that is kissing thighs,for a,pussy.. Fuckin,hell

  22. Patriot says:

    Nthawi zonse chitsiru chimayankha.
    Koma lero alipo wamuuza kuti ndi chitsiru.
    Thus the Withdraw kikikiki

  23. Mnngulu says:

    Government do not even waste time defending yourself. You were not there when Lutepo promised to spill the beans before he surrendered to police. They (JB and her thugs) were there when they gave Lutepo VIP treatment while being suspecte but made sure Lutepo was silenced from spilling the beans. Just roll out the tapes from Zodiak, MBC, Joy Radios etc. Asalile waba yenkha!

  24. Simeon Nyapala says:

    Don’t overrule everything that Lutepo is saying. He might have been or he might not have been forced to say this. Let us wait and see what will be his next step after what he calls spilling the beans. I believe it will unfold. I would advise the investigators to continue with their work regardless of Lutepo’s allegations which may be found important in future. Just in case let me remind you what Chinoko said sometimes in 2013. It seems the message is just the same. Investigators do your work very well you might find the truth in these lies. Zikomo.

  25. Ba Chatola says:

    Who is dumbest between those answering nonsense allegation and those counter answering the nonsense. Its not a mistake to make a mistake but to repeat it as DPP has done.

    Again withdrawing it also shows cowardice.

  26. getrude says:

    there is about 50 more years ahead ,just remember that fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Psychiatrist says:

    Mr Lutepo must be having panicking attacks while thinking about cashgate issues. He will be saying this or that thinking that he is seeking favours somewhere

  28. Alfred says:


  29. Dausi says:

    unkhutukumve umenewo anankhumwa, zonse kutengera ndale. uyo lutepo akusinthasintha bwanji statement, ku court akunena zina, ku public accounts committee akulakatulanso zina, ku Anti_c
    orruption Beaural nakonso akukamba zosiyana ndi izi. now, kunja kubwebwetanso zinanso. funso langa nali kodi zoona ndiye nziti? kodi tisatire za kucourt? kapena tilondole zimene ananema ku PAC? kapena za ku ACB ndizomwe ananena mwaukadulo? Tiziti, konseku amangonama zoona ndiizi akunena kunjazi ndiye zenizeni? Inu amene mukutsatira nkhanizi mwaukadaulo mundiyankhe mosazemba chonde.

  30. kd says:

    dpp 92billion and pp 13billion nonse agalu akuba kuya ndalama .za anthu osauka

  31. Dausi says:

    unkhutulumve umenewo anankhumwa, zonse kutengera ndale. uyo lutepo akusinthasintha bwanji statement, ku court akunena zina, ku public accounts committee akulakatulanso zina, ku Anti_c
    orruption Beaural nakonso akukamba zosiyana ndi izi. now, kunja kubwebwetanso zinanso. funso langa nali kodi zoona ndiye nziti? kodi tisatire za kucourt? kapena tilondole zimene ananema lu PAC? kapena za ku ACB ndizomwe ananena mwaukadulo? Tiziti, konseku amangonama zoona ndiizi akunena kunjazi ndiye zenizeni? Inu amene mukutsatira nkhanizi mwaukadaulo mundiyankhe mosazemba chonde.

  32. upile kulekangana says:

    Zayambika? We are waiting DPP ziyalutseni nokha

  33. Vyapasi says:

    I beg to disagree with Nakhumwa. If you think the best JB and PP would have done was to remain silent then why are you responding to their counter accusations? Why cant you remain silent yourself?
    Lutepo mentioned JB and the President in his stupid utterances and thievery. No sane person would remain silent. Actually government and the courts SHOULD have asked Zodiak Radio not to air such an interview. It is unheard of,never in any civilized world never ever. For Zodiak Radio whatever action you took to interview Lutepo was very UNETHICAL both in its timing and scope. When did Zodiak Radio become a court to interview a suspected criminal?

  34. MESHO says:

    Lutepo started his antics when Bingu was in power. Can the minister refute this? That is why DDP and Lutepo are using one Mzwanya on TVM to prime the public for the secret plan to drop all charges against Lutepo. Apawo ndi kachere.

  35. Angozo says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nankhumwa, this shows maturity of new administration. I hope PP if they ears they have heard and they will stop pushing matters to innocent people.

  36. Kalanga says:

    I feel politicians wl ruin our country. Otherwise we are failing to fix problems rocking our country and yet politicing z @ the helm.

  37. Bwitoto says:

    Boma la zitsiru limapanga zinthu chonchi.

  38. Chipande chiziwa poomola Lutepo wazijata weka

  39. CHIYAMBA says:


  40. Nde lutepo amangidwa ndikubweza ndalama zathu liti? siwavomereza kuti ndi mmodzi wa mbava za cashgate…. Nanunso a PP timpasenitu umboni okwanira kuti lutepoyi akumukocha.

  41. Cyprian Ekwensi says:

    Umbuli kapena chiyani? Kodi amalemba press release ndani? Tsopano timvere ziti? Koma ndiye kudzilumatu.

  42. Che Spindulo says:

    Nankhumwa had to withdraw that statement , and here is why:
    The DPP Government was hoping that Lutepo’s latest “revelations” were going to shock the whole country and deflect people’s attention from the myriad of problems presently afflicting Malawi, and also turn the country against JB . Whether that has happened is for anyone to answer .
    But in the midst of that comes Nankhumwa with his Statement in which he, without realising it, throws cold water on Lutepo’s “damaging” revelations about JB . How does Nankhumwa do this? He calls Lutepo’s rantings on Zodiak Radio “nonsense” . Nankhumwa’s objective must have been to hit at JB . Unfortunately for him, he ended up doing more damage than good . Someone somewhere must be very angry with Nankhumwa .

  43. zowona says:

    nankhumwa how do u reason u tell jb to do what u dont do. she should respond with silence to lutepo but u respond to her with noise.

  44. R.I.P the answering statement koma when will wrangles b2in the ruling and former adms come 2 an end? rest in pc the malawi politics

  45. Sawi says:

    Why withdraw it,uve more skeletons to worry about than pp,when malawi was in dire straits ndata was built and pse where did the money come,namingomba tea estate and lutepo,search me

  46. Mr Nankhumwa you take malawian as fools who does not reason. You have just exposed your ignorance you forgot that there guards and workers at the palace mwagwa nayo a galu inu muyaluka

  47. Nkhani says:

    Looting was one of Lutepo’s birth right as the mouth piece of Diesel, petrol, palibe indicated..

  48. Petro John says:

    Stupid government and the DPP regim.

  49. MLOMWE says:

    So, DPP mwayambaso zomwe zija zo madzipenta white pomwe ndinu a biii! the more you want to fight cashgate in the media, the more you loose base & support. what we want z for cost of living to go down.DPP mudzipatse ulemu

  50. Mhesha says:

    Well answered and well written, good work Nankhumwa.

    1. ujeni says:

      Rubbish, who said Peter personally influence Lutepo? We know it is DPP operatives working behind the scene. And then you accuse Joyce Banda that she said Muntharika told Lutepo, where in that statement did it say Mutharika personally is influencing Lutepo? Total rubbish, just sort the economy mess you pack of thieves.

  51. Mafikizolo says:

    Upon “winning” the 2014 elections, DPP assembled a mediocre team of ministers and advisors, and what we are seeing here is one side effect of that . There are only 2 or 3 people in the whole set – up who are qualified to be ministers and, unfortunately, this man Nankhumwa is not one of them . Nankhumwa has no business being in any self-respecting country’s cabinet . But because this Malawi, he is even made to be the “face” of the Government . So, expect many more comedies from this “top” minister .

  52. Antundile says:

    I thought that was a very childish and emotional statement.

    Word of advice to whoever drafts your statements Mr minister, official government communication must always be devoid of emotional outbursts.

    I know your newsreader PS is not aware of this but you could use some chaps there to help you out on technical matters.

  53. Umunthu says:

    I have always questioned the integrity of Nankhumwa from the time he was part of mid night six. Kodi nyumba ya 36 ija mulowamo liti anduna?

  54. Mbanangwa says:

    Withdrawing of coined statements is a bullet in the foot, self -inflicted! Real kicks of a dying horse, DPP.
    First correct the murder of a MDF soldier, it does not stop raining n this government, NAC bogus money! Kkkkk

  55. Zotov says:

    Nyasa muli nkhani.Tatiuzani za Kemenyedwa kwa a DC akumangochi !Zinakhala bwanji kuvulidwa wachikulile ?Bwana nkubwa osapita kuchipatala bwa?

  56. UDF Group of Parties says:

    Cashgate destroyed PP because voters punished the party for the wanton plunder of public coffers. In turn cashgate will destroy DPP because of the excessive reliance on it as the solution for eliminating PP and spinning away DPP woeful incompetence in governing the country.

    My two tambala worth of advice to DPP is this: Cashgate may have been a very useful campaign tool, but it is useless now that the party is 6 months into its term. Let the law take its course without interference. We all want to see PP culprits brought to book (of course DPP culprits too!) but this should be done within the ambit of the law. DPP wanted so much to return to power, even before cashgate was brought to light. Show us what legacy you want to leave for the country.

    Of course I am hoping that there will be less of crazy increases like that of CoF – MWK10,000 from MWK1,500; an increase of 567%! This is pure madness…

  57. Nyapapi says:

    Just shoot this fool!

  58. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    The poor villager is the loser in all this. Tax payers money gone down the drain. We are fed up with talking without action on money meant for the development of the country and not your bellies. Can you minister of misinformation tell something on NAC being the funding agency of Muhlakho and Beautify the Ugly First Lady???

  59. jumujum says:

    cashgate yabvuta ndithu kodi Mr Lutepo anadwalapo misala ndimunthu wamkulu ameneyo akudziwa chimene akulankhula. onsewo ndi mbava ndithu.

  60. Fulu says:

    Phew,! Tatopa sopano! Lutepo this, Dpp That, pp that,,,,, ponsepo anthu akufa ndi njala!
    6/7 months after winning elections, when are you gona move beyond party politics and start rebuilding/ providing for your people? Cant you believe it that you “won” elections and move on to satisfying the electorates needs? And believe me, the needs are plenty, way more than the number of your advisors.

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