Malawi govt suspends Aids Commission boss

National Aids Commission (NAC) executive director Thomas Bisika has been sent on forced leave by Malawi government effective Monday, October 6 2014, Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa confirmed.

According to published report, Bisika has been sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations, which government is yet to make public.

NAC boss Thomas Bisika: Suspended

NAC boss Thomas Bisika: Suspended

The decision was recommnended by NAC executive board, which met on Tuesdayin Lilongwe.

“We received communication from the NAC board that Bisika should be on a month-long leave. The reasons they gave are that he is being investigated on some issues in relation to his line of work and we thought it wise to suspend him until the investigations are over,” said Mkondiwa as quoted by The Nation on October 8.

According to the daily newspaper, Miriam Mangochi, a former NAC employee currently at Ministry of Health, is tipped to replace Bisika in an interim capacity until his fate is decided

Former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika appointed Bisika as executive director in September 2010

Before joining NAC, Bisika worked as health system adviser to the World Health Organisation (WHO) based in Abuja, Nigeria.  He also worked as programme specialist for the United Nations Population Fund.

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49 thoughts on “Malawi govt suspends Aids Commission boss”

  1. BOBY B says:


  2. mkanda says:

    Looks like there two schools of thought in all this Bisika fiasco. If indeed he did some things clandestinely and is found guilty, regardless, of whether he left a job elsewhere, Bisika will have to face the consequence. But if its a way if creating a post of some Malopa, then we are in for trouble.

  3. George Lihoma. says:

    Amai ine mwana wakwathu ku filii mailosi ku Namilongo.

  4. malawimoto says:

    Just to put things in perspective, the basic salary of a Chief Executive at NAC is over K4m per month excluding othe perks such has medical, housing, fuel, children education etc, now calculate how much he will be paid on his remaining 3years contract! I know those who want Bisika out don’t care bcoz the money will not come from their pockets! Ladies and gentlemen do we have to lose over K300,000,000 just to have Bright Malopa take over as Chief Executive at NAC?

  5. Gift Mpeni says:

    Guys, The positive comments about Thomas are coming too late. The damage has already been done. Have you ever seen a suspended CEO being reinstated in Malawi? Thomas wapita basi. He must forget about NAC and think about another institution. Rivers don’t flow up stream, ngakhale kukhwimako, he is not coming back. Mwagundika’tu painting a rosy picture about Bisika, kkkkk

    1. eye eye says:

      Damage control is part of life…..kkkkkkkk

  6. Tambalale says:

    Open Letter to His Excellency Prof Arthur Peter Muntharika:

    Dear Your Excellency

    I hope this letter will get you in good health as our leader which I will always personally anticipate to be that way.I decided to write you this letter your excellency much with regard to the suspension of The Executive Director of National AIDS Commission Dr Thomas Bisika by the NAC Board which we understand has been under pressure from OPC which we also understand OPC has been under pressure from your office mainly from your Advisor Mr Bright Malopa. Just to bring history that NAC is as it is today because of Dr Bisika.He has brought vast experience and expertise to this organization the time it was almost sinking. NAC is an organization that needs leadership and guidance from people like Dr Bisika who has vast experience in donor funded projects mainly in the health related field. Dr Thomas Bisika has undertaken so many consultancies just too numerous to mention as far as HIV/AIDS is concerned and is a respected architect in health systems at WHO,UNFP,African Union and The University of Pretoria in South Africa.Dr Bisika held very senior positions as Health Systems Advisor at The World Health Organisation based in Nigeria,HIV/AIDS Programme Specialist at UNFPA in South Africa,Chief of Health Division at The African Union based in Ethiopia and was also Professor of Health Systems at University of Pretoria.The emphasis on all this is that Your Excellency, it will be a shame upon us to lose this great son of Malawi just because some disgruntled people are creating lies trying to pull him down.Malawi has the donor confidence in HIV/AIDS Systems Management just because of this man. We need Dr Thomas Bisika back at NAC.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Gilbert Tambalale
    Concerned HIV/AIDS Activist

  7. Mwikho says:

    NAC is an organization that follows the principles of humanity and the only person who has run NAC following this path is non other than Dr Thomas Bisika. Our understanding with regard to this matter is that there are a few NAC former employees whose contracts expired and were not renewed and just because of this they decided to spread lies to the press and also to the DPP through Bright Malopa so that Dr Bisika should get fired.Bisika is clean and he is a professional who believes in transparency and openeness and by trying to remove Dr Bisika from NAC,Malawi Govt is shooting itself in the leg.There will be lots of legal toss and turns and in the end Dr Bisika will be highly compensated with tax payers money.Bright Malopa is the architect of all this mess and one advice to Prof APM get rid of Bright Malopa asanakuwonongeleni mbiri and please bwana reinstate Dr Thomas Bisika for the betterment of NAC.The woman you have put to work at NAC on acting capacity of Executive Director Marriam Mangochi also has her own issues with NAC.

    1. Na Wonder says:

      If your intention is to implicate innocent souls by writing their name on your positing, you shall be punished by the Most Hight God. Never do such evil thing again because you never know, you may put innocent people in problems and curse will be upon you always.

  8. Nzerube says:

    Its a pity that the DPP Govt under the leadership of APM could sink so low and allow the suspension of this great man Dr Thomas Bisika. This man had a great job at the United Nations and EU and he sacrificed those high positions in order to serve Malawians and today just because of mabodza from former NAC employees Paul Lupiya,Francis Thawani,Owen Banda including the coward Bright Malopa mpaka Dr Bisika achosedwe ntchito? It will be a grave mistake is OPC writes that letter to Dr Bisika because Malawi Govt will lose millions and millions of money as compensation to this great man. I urge APM to critically look at this issue with a sober mind.Uhuru Kenyatta would not have done this.

  9. Karen says:

    Dr. Thomas Bisika is the best Malawian we have dealt with here at the Centers for Disease Control. Losing him as our best contact in Malawi in the fight against AIDS is regrettable and may affect our future programs with Malawi. We hope he will be reinstated as soon as possible.

  10. Ronaldinho says:

    Bisika is simply the best NAC boss we could have at this time. He is young, intelligent and very hard working. He has attracted aid from Global fund, World Bank, ADB and bilateral agreemets with governments in order to get aid for Malawi in the fight against AIDS. Then what happens? The Malopas of this world want hm to be pulled down. What a shame for Malawi.

  11. jomo says:

    In the last days people will not love one another, will refuse to forgive, will gossip, and will not control themselves……all this is happening coz Bisika loves the Hiv status pple but the greedy mangochi n malopa wants to politicise this …….if Malopa failed to run Mbc during Bingu tenure so he thinks can manage to run NAC? Donors wants Bisika back otherwise the hv threaten to hold aid bwana president make sure you make sure to avoid listening to this ur so called malopa he will blind ful……Mangochi …..bring Bisika back to NAC atipatse ma ARV kuno……..anzanu tibvutika……otherwise restructure the who org. Bring sanity……..

  12. Hehede says:

    Koma anthu mwatha mantha eti. You mean you can send Bisika on suspension. Let us see what will happen but I know this will be another long legal battle. Let us wait for the details for now

  13. Kanthiti says:

    I feel sorry for BISIKA. He had a great job at African Union but he abandoned it in order to please Malawians. I don’t think he came to NAC for money. I doubt. We told you that Malawians will give you another PhD (meaning”pull him down”. I hear even kuti his wife is still in Ethiopia.

  14. Tengere says:

    I am sure President Mutharika will not accept the removal of Bisika. I know that they are very close. Prof Mutharika will not remove an academic like BISIKA. After all BISIKA is Rev Billy Gama’s best friend and they are often seen together. This whole thing is a waste of time.

  15. Chikalobwe says:

    All the allegations levelled against Dr Thomas Bisika are all lies by disgruntked people who are just trying to destroy the inage of this great man.Mind you donors are watching and someone somewhere some day will be responsible.We all know its the work of Bright Malopa telling lies to APM to get Dr Bisika fired.One word to Bright Malopa….you are a coward and yiu will never be like Dr Bisika.

  16. Chekama says:

    NAC is the way how it is now because of Dr Thonas Bisika.This is a well educated and respected man in Malawi even abroad because of his massive clean CV and hus global fight on HIV/AIDS.This whole issue was started by the also suspended NAC Public Relations Officer Francis Thawani who wrote a dossier of lies about NAC and leaked it to the DPP machinery to get Dr Bisika fired.Just a reminder to all Malawians that Dr Bisika worked with Bingu then Joyce Banda and oartly with APM and all these leaders kbows the calibre of oerson Dr Bisika is.Please reinstate back Dr Bisika fir the bebefits of us the infected people.

  17. WEZI says:


  18. Themba says:

    I have followed developments at NAC. In 2010 Global Fund refused to give Malawi Us$560 million, this year 2014 Global Fund has given Malawi US$600million. I am sure this is because Dr Bisika has done a great job. If you look closely in the picture, you will see Mkondiwa, Chief Secretary, behind Bisika. Does this surprise you?

  19. taulo says:

    Dpp Governmnt is ready to work with Bisika well educated Man so humble and good strategist in health related field……….

  20. Harmito Namala says:

    These suspension make sure should not affect CBO funds from NAC.

  21. Tupo says:

    NAC has improved under Bisika. People living with HIV at least are now respected. Kale timanyozedwa ife kwambiri

  22. Mapiyamulupali says:

    Mapiya ku Sanjikako, make sure these people don’t do all this in your name. Take full charge, Such suspension requires proper scrutiny before the poor Malawians can pay in compensations.

  23. Zelbray says:

    The truth of the matter is that this is a plot by Bright Malopa who is campaigning to have himself installed as NAC CEO. But President Mutharika is aware that Malopa does not have qualifications so now Malopa is satisfied to have Bisika removed and have his own (Malopa’s) friends to replace Bisika,

  24. Zeze says:

    To say the truth, Dr Bisika is a very good man work wise. The only problem with NAC is that for anything bad that happens in that organization there are “sacrificial lambs” that get slaughtered. This was the same when Dr. Bizwick “Chipwisi” Mwale was there. This culture has been institutionalized and innocent people get injured on the way. As for cash gate at NAC, it started way back. See audit report for Local Assemblies (2004-06). Out of MK66Million given to Local Assemblies that time MK13 was misappropriated (20%0. The same happened to Umbrella Organizations who misappropriated large sums of monies not to mention Govt Ministries implementing HIV and AIDS programs. So that is not new. But Dr. Mwale went away with all that!

    Dr Bisika is relatively new to get to the bottom of a rotten system that is deep rooted and institutionalized within NAC and its grant beneficiaries. Unless he was misled by some rotten people, this should be the work of some bad people “inside collaborating with outsiders”. Imeneyo ndiye NAC!

  25. Kalipati says:

    A well deserved break for him. Akamalize thesis ya PHd akulemba ija entitled Zomba: My Zeal My Passion My Life

  26. Bob Phiri says:

    The investigations should also try to find out why, without prompting, the NAC boss gave a vehicle to DHRMD PS who already has several official vehicles at his disposal. It is rumoured that the vehicle was meant to bribe the PS to endorse renewal of his contract.

  27. Davie Mpate says:

    I would like to comment that apart from the late Fr. Kunkeyani we have a number of priests who are doing the same thing. For instance, there is Fr. Phiri who is based in Chiringa (Phalombe) he has three three children (all boys) with a woman (accountant for Mulanje Mission Hospital) Yamikani Ngozo.
    The first born is in form one at Mulunguzi Sec School. I can give a number of one member of staff from the hospital so that you can try and investigate the story and the number is 0888 379 033. Ask him to give you the number of the accountant just pretend as if you want to find out about the services.

  28. Vyachalo says:

    Ndiye mumanga onse a mabungwe a HIV/AIDs. Zinaliko ku mupoto ku chipatala muboma la MZIMBA koma kumene zenathela zikuziweka.Anthu alemelerapo pa khani ya AIDs

  29. chatonda says:

    If there is need for Bisika to be investigated, why creating all sorts of stories because investigations are meant to prove someone wrong or not. If Bisika is clean, he will come back but also learn from his previous mistakes. Please stop ta;king of nepotism on any thing. The more we talk about it, the more it exists. Focus on the issue and not the person i.e let us be keen to find out what Bisika is alleged to have done and then establish the truth. Remember that NAC operates on government funding and hence to need for government to check who does what and how. No politics on everything and anything that government is doing.

  30. He who laughs last, laughs the best. Thomas wachepanazo. You were fighting wrong people. Akukhazika pansi. where are your bouncers kkkk

  31. Enock siwale says:

    Even Donors didn’t like the guy. They told him to sell the expensive VX he bought, and ever since he has been using a pick up. At one point i thought he was employed by NAC as a driver because of the pick up he has been driving around. This should be a life lesson, wherever you go learn to co-exist with old staff you found in the organisation other than bringing your own people. sungalimbe pamalo in that way.

  32. George Tembo says:

    Thomas Bisika is the worst CEO NAC has ever had. within 3 years he has recruited his relatives and friends more than what Biziwick Mwale did in 9 years. He paid a supplier K87 million for MEC leaflets during the election period yet no single leaflet was delivered to NAC. Go check with the registry if anyone received the leaflets, they just shared the money. He forcefully seconded both Director of Finand and Director of Programmes to government for him to remain with hand clappers like Linje Manyozo for them to defraud the Commission. He created so many enemies within NAC by having factions, hence couldn’t survive. He forgot that he is also an employee. There aother people who can work well as advisors or technical experts but don’t have the leadership and management skills to head an organisation, Bisika is in that category. 90% of staff at NAC are happy with his departure. Go try your nepotism somewhere in a family company not a public institution like NAC. All accounts assistants are his inlaws and nephews for them to hide his stealing.

    1. eye eye says:

      So these could be some of the issues/allegations/rumours to be investigates if true!

      Since its an investigation, lets wait and see the outcome of the investigations..nothing sinister here I guess…

  33. Jokeje says:

    I even wonder why CEOs like Rodric Chattaika of Airports Developments Limited are still there after several reports of looting and plunder of funds as well as abuse of public office are still in office and that his contracts expired long time ago. month to month for what do you want tell us kuti wanzeru ndi chattaika basi to run he airpot body? please he also must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! akondiwa tithandizeni ku airport.

  34. Nyapapi says:

    Ice a DPP tawina zisankho 100%! Muli ndi mawu atumbuka inu. Tawinanso mpaka ku Secession country! Chakwera ukumva bwanji mthupimo?

  35. Nadeel says:

    NAC is corrupt to the bone! Chimango Jere and company are the king pins of massive corruption at the institution! Every contract has a cut for these me. Its real.

    Bisika’s suspension is product of a battle of who eats what! The ED is corrupt and never shares with his subordinates, it buffles the the Chimangos and others. Chimango, Linje Manyozo and others also have their share of shady deals and fear the ED should not know and get covered. In return only the fittest has to survive.

    People, check closely the grants, the tenders and all sorts of procurement! A lot of deliberate loopholes to cover selfish agenda of unfair competition! This whole team need restructuring. NAC has its own world of cashgate.

  36. The Voice of the People says:

    Bisika gave Peoples Party K100 million for an HIV and Aids programme at Joyce Banda Foundation. That is a fact. He then suspended a driver after bribing an ACB officer who reported him to the ACB on corruption. Further Bisika, warned several offcicers mentioned in an email to Daily Times on his alleged corruption. His corruption extended to the Times Managing Editor who pulled out the story and ate K1 million. He is too corrupt, let him go, nothing political, or about Malopa or about Mkondiwa. The Bisika guy has looted NAC and bootlicked to core and messed up funding. Let him go soon

  37. cathy duwa says:

    Ambuye atithandize

  38. AGNESS says:

    Koma ndiye ambiriwa a pite ndithu. Edith Mkawa PS wa Nutrition, HIV and AIDS chomwe mukumusungira ife sitikuchiona. A mayi amenewa akutipha ife anthu a kachilombo. Ufa wathu onse anatengera ku nyumba kwawo ife tikuvutika. Kodi ufa umenewu akukapasa ndani? Kodi iwowa simayesa ndi a PP ndipo anali wa mkulu wa Orange achievers ndiye lero ufa wathu akufuna azikapereka ku PP komweko. Chonde ngati a Pulezidenti mu mamva kulira kwa ana anu ife tichosereni amayi amenewa. Ntchito imene saziwa koma kumangofuna ku chosesa anzawo. Chonde bwana tichoseleni Edith Mkawa ameneyu tatopa ndi kutitengera phala lathu ife. Pitani ku nyumba kwawo mukalipeza phala limeneli. Nawonso a fufuzeni bwana. Nthawi zonse ife amatibwenza kuti phala kulibe chonsecho lili ku nyumba kwa woko. Mayiwa ndi osathandiza chifukwa phala akumapitisa ku PP.

    1. Oh says:

      phala lavuta apatu

  39. malawimoto says:

    Bwana Salimu(Comment no 1) who is Monica? Does she have powers to instruct NAC Board to suspend the CEO? Is it true that if one wants to be a NAC board member s/he must be HIV positive? Do not blame Mkondiwa, he is just following instructions! The reason why the CEO is being booted out is bcoz he bankrolled PP in the just ended Presidential, Parliamentary and Counselors Elections!

    1. eye eye says:

      There was also an article in Malawi Voice, but was soon removed that listed all the things this guy and crew ‘allegedly’ did…the article was removed didnt stay long on line it had a list of issues including grants to the PPer of course…..The truth of the allegations is a different altogether..I ‘suspect’ its these issues that were raised in that article being investigated

  40. eye eye says:

    Is it about the NAC millions to one Foundation? We are just eyeing chatsitsa dzaye…there is thereis…..

  41. rational says:

    Where is the nepotism here. Is it not the same DPP government that appointed him? Is it not the same media that complained bitterly about Bisika not long time ago?

  42. Nyamakumutu says:

    I am very sad to learn this. The man was very understanding in the issues of work. He is a hard working man. Politics at work but for sure he did not support JB as you suggests. He was only doing his job in working with the government of the day.

  43. Ngoni Ruler says:

    Bravo board if he has done smthing wrong nids 2 be investigated,pipo of those high callibre asamapalamule dala,i knw 4 sure cashgate ndiye yatenga malo.

  44. salimu says:

    The truth is that Monica instructed the Board to send Bisika on leave that’s why Bisika does not have a letter to that effect. Bisika’s fate was sealed in New York by Mrs Edith Mkawa, Malopa and Mkondiwa himself. While Bisika might not be clean the manner of his suspension smacks of nepotism because the three instigators are related through marriage. Bisika is a bit naive as he involves himself in politics. Of late he gave DPP a minibus to assist in by elections. A warning to all civil servants is that George Mkondiwa does not defend anybody so please tread carefully. Secondly do not get involved in partisan politics.

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