Malawi hit by a smooth criminal

It is a documented fact that some of the world’s great men and liberation heroes spent some time in jail at various times during their fight for freedom. I have in mind names of such luminaries like Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Kamuzu Banda, Robert Mugabe and others of their time.apm grafiti

Some, like Mandela, spent a better part of their lives (27 years) incarcerated for fighting for a good cause. These people are obviously heroes who command a lot of respect in their countries, and whose heroics have come to be recognized and celebrated by a majority of their people.

Perhaps this fact might have been the irresistible motivation that has forced our own President Peter Mutharika (of the poorest country in the world) and his DPP cohorts to attempt thrusting upon their president the legacy of a ‘liberation hero who endured a mosquito-infested police cell for a few days and nights to fight for our freedom’.

The President was in town leading a charade of DPP cadets that went about painting police cells and visited prisons, apparently commemorating the second anniversary of his arrest together with the ‘midnight six’ folks. The President spent some time painting graffiti on the walls of his police cell at Lingadzi Police Unit in the Capital City, and delivering a political speech that immediately whirled into thin air.

The day was capped off with a political rally where DPP officials took turns to castigate and demonize the former government for the role they might have played in the arrests and persecution of Mutharika and his DPP fellas. The President distributed a couple of medals to some DPP cadets for their ‘gallant fight for freedom’ and sticking with him throughout his dog moment.

Last year, President Mutharika burst on the political scene preaching a message of reconciliation and hope, and promising to bring a new brand of politics that is more inclusive and less vindictive. But the way the ‘new brand of politics’ is taking the shape of old politics is so unprecedented and pretty scary.

One wonders what President Mutharika was really trying to achieve with this obvious misguided and ill-timed commemoration. In fact, another relevant question is who might have advised our dear President to go ahead and sink so low?

Or, rather, what happened to his army of advisors not to ‘tell their emperor that he does not have clothes and that he is naked’? Does this charade even remotely dovetail with his message of reconciliation?

Someone tell Mutharika that positioning his arrest as a heroic escapade and political persecution is not a smart fishing expedition. Mutharika and his midnight six crew attempted to block a constitutional order by lying to the whole nation that his late brother, (President) Bingu wa Mutharika was still alive and that they were flying him to hospital in South Africa for treatment.

All this time Peter Mutharika knew his own brother was very dead and that they were only flying a cadaver to South Africa for reasons best known to him. Can someone please help in plucking out any heroics worth celebrating? We may debate on whether this was treason or not, but it was a pure matter of wrongdoing and very criminal in nature. To attempt to create a national legacy out of this unfortunate event is pure madness.

Instead of focusing on national issues that would move this country forward, Mutharika and his DPP government are once again dwelling on trivia; this time, dangerous trivia, which may only promote tension and hate politics in this country.

When Chris Hani, a black ANC freedom fighter, was shot and killed in South Africa, Nelson Mandela averted a potentially violent political backlash that would have iced his negotiations with the white apartheid government, and made Syria or Boko Haram look like a prayer breakfast. Mandela emphasized on the heroics of a white woman who witnessed the murder and reported the matter to police, leading to the arrest of the shooter – a white immigrant.

He emphasized to his countrymen that this was not an apartheid-related murder but the work of some lunatic from a foreign country. This was one of the many episodes that the fallen icon proved he was a unifying figure and liberation hero. Yet, he never bragged about it.

Nelson Mandela once said: “Some people are born great, some achieve greatness whilst others have greatness thrust upon them. I think I belong to the latter category.” Such was the humility of the man that, despite all his greatness, he still did not believe he was a hero.

In fact, he thought other liberation heroes such as Steve Biko, Giovanni Mbeki and Oliver Tambo deserved more the tag of hero than he did.

Not that we want our Peter Mutharika to suddenly turn into some Nelson Mandela. That cannot happen anywhere under the sun, but at least he must try to grab some excerpts from Mandela’s giant book of virtues. Unfortunately, our President has always been a victim of bad advice. Remember, he was heard in a leaked recording asking and consuming advice from Charles Mchacha (of all the people)on what to tell journalists on some succession issues. He said a lot of belittling things about his fellow DPP leaders.

Heroism is earned through heroic acts. You don’t buy or manufacture heroism neither is it earned through criminal acts like what Peter Mutharika is currently trying to hoodwink Malawians into believing. Malawians may soon realize that they have been hit by a presidential masquerade, who may aswell just be a smooth criminal.

  •  Hastings Kandoje is a political, social and economic commentator. He writes for Nyasa Times in his personal capacity
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75 thoughts on “Malawi hit by a smooth criminal”

  1. fodya says:

    point of collection not lingazi police unit but lumbadzi police .it doesnt make any sense at all the whole convoy escorting president just to write on the wall? anthu awa asowa zochita ndithu to be realistic these people called midnight six amayenera kuwathira nacho chilango him president muntharika anamusiya nkulu wake atafa nkumapanga ma plan oti akhale succesor wankulu wake yet malamulo adziko lino amanena poyera kuti mtsogoleri akamwalira ali pampando yemwe amayenera kutenga dziko ndi wachiwiri wake

  2. Chicks says:

    I liked reading this, and would like to read it again, its a good call to the so called president. He has a batch of bad advisers around who tell him to be an idiot

  3. Chamz says:

    I think 64 is out of order. May be you haven’t heard or read much about Nelson Mandela. Infact, you are the first person I hear renouncing his heroism. That man was great and the whole world respects him. And for your information, by dining with his enemies, that just added more weight to his heroism as that was one of the tactics he used to end apartheid. You don’t need to be hard at your enemy. Heroes don’t use wars but rather negotiating skills. Even Martin Luther, denounced war against the whites.

  4. Chamz says:

    Thumbs up Mr Kandoje! What an article! Only fools wont get a thing from this.

  5. gule wamkulu says:

    Mukuti chani amalawi kulilalila. APM is a hero. He is our Nelson Mandela who suffered soooo much for the peace , stability and progress we are enjoying. don’t forget my fellow Malawians that he was bitten by mosquitoes !!! Ashhhhh. Abwana anazunzika maningi. Ife Achewa tonse tili nao limodzi coz akutikumbusa Ongwazi. kikikikikikikiki. Zamanyi basi.

  6. akapablo says:

    Alibe mau

  7. Awful President of Malawi (APM) says:

    Mr Peter Mutharikha swallow your pride and just resign instead of putting yourself into continuous shame. You are such a disastrous president

  8. Abiti Sipoko says:

    makomenti a tribalismwa tatopa nawo mwanva.

  9. Man, says:

    If you think u r wise prof, wait and see the wisdom in those you deem so low. this marks the end of the begini of your fall. i hear falling bells ding donging so loud. stop such unhought alcoholic manuevers.

  10. Truth says:

    I ran out of time reading this hip of feaces. if you critize Peter it shows you are a follower not a creator. There are more of you calibre. Mandela was never a hero but a coward who dined with the enemy. if you throw mud at others be sure that your hands will be dirty. How much were you paid for such hip of sewage

  11. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    Stupid Hero for what? What was the constitution saying when the President dies. Plz APM ngati ukufuna kutchuka make it better not this shame plz shame. Hero plz people shld call u, not self claimed in that way

  12. Kupusa basi mbavazo hero hero ndekuti chani?

  13. Chatty Man says:

    APM is going bonkers! Needs to be in the bonkers record.

  14. apundi says says:


  15. Byron says:

    I wonder how this Malawian leader became a lawyer because lawyers apply critical thinking to any action they take.Sad to say this man has a brain of an autistic person,very unfortunate for the country.

    Malawi needs a leader who can champion transformation and unlock the economic potential and not a president who dreams of heroism without substance and who cherishes glorification and a re-writing of history-FORSAKE!


  17. Dr. Godfrey Mvuma says:

    Malawians, you reaping the fruits of your wrong judgement of electing such an individual as a head of state. You still have an option of getting rid of this man by passing “a Vote of no Confidence”. It is happening to Zuma in South Africa.

  18. GUANTANAMO says:

    DPP wants to make APM a hero of some sort. Munthu wa miseche akhala bwanji Hero. Anamunena Chimunthu Banda kuti ndi “mtumbuka” sangalamulire Malawi

  19. zoshola says:

    peter plus hz advisors think so low. nzosadabwitsa or team ikachinya chigoli cha offsite imasokosa kuti chioneke ngati chenicheni . these pipo sakumvetsa kuti akulamula sinanga after rigging. anyani mufa imfa yowawa

  20. Achimidzimidzi says:

    By the fact that these idoits went to court for interpretation means they didn’t want JB. Because JB did not cease to be VP by then. And they had cabinet meeting without approval of VP who was JB.

    Those who think it was just simple issue were either young or insane.
    You don’t take simple issues to course while your own brother is dead .

    Akanadikira kuli maliro a chimwene awo kenaka kupita Ku khothi.

    Ahlomwe mulibe khalidwe ndi nzeru zomwe. Chofunika nchaina pemenepa.

    1. Namarokoro says:

      If Alhomwe onse ndi opanda mkhalidwe nde nzeru just coz the president is Lhomwe then that’s so wrong. Does it follow then that Atumbuka onse ndi akuba just coz Khumbo stole some beds a few years ago??? I am Lhomwe, very educated, married to a beautiful woman from Mzimba. Zotukwanizana ndi za ziiii! We are all Malawians! Achimidzimidzi, shut the fuck up!

  21. Feel good says:

    This man was not arrested for fighting for anyone’s freedom, far from it. The de facto issue here is that he was arrested for trying rape the republican constitution to usurp power at all cost.Neither were the arrests political nor did they have any vendetta in nature. as it remains he still has a case to answer to mother Malawi as regards his ignoble and deplorable acts , in those fateful days of april 2012.Gullible indeed!

  22. KING SOLOmon'S WISDOM says:


  23. cash gate says:

    i think this man wished to be arrested, it could be better if joyce banda arrested him for a year or more. His thinking capacity is too low.

  24. Omex70 says:

    It is only a DPP die-hard who does not see any problem with what the so called Professor of ours stupidly did.

  25. zilimmalunje says:

    Kkkk dirty diana kapena profeasor

  26. amina says:

    I fully agree with you fellow citizen. This is daylight robbery. Why on earth should the HE stoop so low on this issue. Where are the advisors? Shame on you. What have you done.

  27. tsetsefly says:

    I still maintain that APM and the midnight six are treason suspects. They wanted to take over govt unlawfully. One day they will face the long arm of the law. I believe the childish graffiti in a police cell is a demonstration of how clueless APM is and he appears to be surrounded by clueless advisors.

  28. skopion says:

    kodi inu a kandoje nsanje zantunduwanji izi, mumafuna mutakhala inu? nkhani zinazi muzingokamba ndi okaziwanu kunyumba, chinsanje kuyesa kununkha chonchii aaa!

  29. Munthu ndi woipamtima says:

    no problem to sign on the wall

  30. napawekha says:

    u jst waist ur time for nothing when u wnt to play the game with proffesor munthalika

  31. Nachipanti says:

    Well written article… Thumbs up to the author. Anthuwa asamatitengele kotiyesa ngati tilibe maso. Kamuzu was at Gweru prison tied to his cell through out and wina akungoti nfwe nfwe nfwe nfwee kudandaula za udzudzu. Afufuze ngati anthu anthu amavala suit mu cell. Kapena kugona pa matress. Kuononga ndalama za boma basi.

  32. moto mwikho says:

    This subject has been overflogged. Whats boring about Malawi journalism is that it invariably covers only two subjects; Government and the President. Get a life!

  33. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Is Peter Mutharika really a Professor? I have very serious doubts. He does not come across as an educated person, not even at a degree level. Anyway, time will tell.

  34. ujeni says:

    He will never be a freedom fighter hero, we say him reading a newspaper and in a suit at Lumbadzi, freedom fighters spent years in jail not police cell, they never created their own heroism, they public on their own did.

  35. Saopa boys says:

    I thought no1 will detect this point in comemorating his arrest. Zopusa basi. Taona ma hero ife osati afiti.

  36. Jose' says:

    Heheheheh A Hastings Kandoje! Empty head that I never knew you were has now been exposed adventently to the pubblic. You say you do not wish APM to be another Mandela yet the whole of your article is full of comparison between the two. Useless.

    What makes you think your quack quacks are correct when you are just washing your dirty linen in public? Mbuzi of Kandoje. Who told you that painting a prison cell with that ugly graffiti is tantamount to the emperor parading the streets in public? No, connection.

    Nobody thinks painting jail cells and parading around is a great thing for APM to do for Malawi at this point in time. But that does not make the ills of the other regimes fair. We all know that the case was opened but the PP government did not have a crew as to what to do next for close to two years. I would be made to believe that that was a political arrest. If you Kandoje think it wasn’t, then tell me why it was easy to arrest the suckers and fail to even prosecute them. Tell me why Abiti Matapwata has chosen to go at large; isn’t she afraid that her political apprehension on APM has potential to come back after her?

    After all Mr. Kandoje, learn to differentiate between party and government functions. If you do not subscribe to the act of painting prison cells, then choose a party that doesn’t paint prison cells.

    1. johnM says:

      It is you that should learn to separate Government functions from party functions.
      Firstly the commission of inquiry was well constituted and its findings were there for all to see. It was headed by a supreme court judge, it had the country’s only pathologist, and other eminent members of our society. Did you Mr. Jose’, by any chance, read the report by the commission?

      In my opinion, the midnight six had a case to answer. Not only should they have been prosecuted for treason, they should have been prosecuted for perjury as they deliberately gave a properly constituted commission, false statement and the fact that they concealed a death of a citizen which is a crime in our penal code.

      Peter and friends are lucky that they did not get prosecuted because of our inefficient judiciary which takes years to conclude simple cases. In other countries, Peter would rotting in jail.

  37. Bullshit says:

    Spot on

  38. sunderstar says:

    Unfortunately this article is authored by a supporter of PP and a hater of Peter Mutharika. To celebrate an event does not only have special qualifications per se, we have seen in Families people cerebrating birthday’s as only a remembrance of an event, its only in Malawi people question that. These people were indeed arrested on trumped up charges coming out as Midnight six. These people never authorised any resistance or instructed any military establishment to block anything or cause mayhem as the case of FORMER Ivory Coast President GABGO . What people should take into consideration is during the death of Bingu it was DPP that was in Government in they had their Central Executive and Ministers who had to strategise what to do next and you cant take that to be an offence warranting an arrest, and from information gathered their meeting was to brain storm on the Legality of JB to take over as a President since she had left the Party and formed her own Party, the Lgal minds that were there correctly advised the DPP. Unfortunately some Ministers like Mia and Gotani were transmitting information to JB to act fast as the constitution recognised her as a Vice President and used the Army to defend the Constitution which was correct. But to take these people as if they were trying to cause mayhem is completely untrue and there was no such a thing. Peter and Group have their fundamental rights to celebrate an event in their capacity as President of DPP and the Nation and more over I understand they used their own resources. Joyce did celebrate 100 days in office lavishly and spent millions no body complained and now its Peter most of the haters are writing on their facebooks and columns displaying their utter hatred of the Mutharikas. Hatred will take Malawi nowhere and GOD hates it those who advance it are annoying our creator and may end up with a curse.

  39. Teacher says:

    Dzanjalo lalemba lokha khoma

  40. Issa Kabudula says:

    Mr Kandonje – the article is well written but the facts are not straight, if Malawi had a president of timing after Kamuzu Banda, APM is the force of political fanatic to be nurtured. His politics is that is development, he talk less and spend more time in the office or thinking the next episode of developing Malawi.

    The issue of why he went to the prison, I think it was a good idea – he suffered an reasonably on the false charges of treason. It was his brother as a leader of the country and who we thought was either dead or a live, ex-president Mrs Joyce Banda was not a president except in her own party, and for Peter and the so called midnight six to be charged for treason it was unfair and criminal charge vested from the anger and over joy.

    My advice to the anti-APM the more we write bad stories the more Peter is getting known, come 2019 – the man will win again, this time am afraid with the highest votes. DPP members are working underground in reformation and development, news papers and opposition parties are crying and nursing the wounds of defeat – shame.

  41. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Comment: There is no justification to blame advisors. It is Peter Mutharika we should blame for accepting advice. Advisors were merely doing their duty. I agree that it was very bad judgment on the part of Peter Mutharika to celebrate his arrest which was very justified.

  42. Wakwidu says:

    very clear and loud. Only Nankhumwa and Siwandale will not understand the senses in this. So my homeboy Vuwa is a hero too!

  43. Sesenya says:

    peter ndi munthu?ndi galu weni weni amene amagwedezera mchira atapatsidwa nsima ya nyemba

  44. Alungwana says:

    I wonder which freedom were they fighting for and to whom has this freedom been given? So treason can be freedom fighting?

  45. Insight says:

    Malawians have just been hit by a presidential masquerade who as well is one smooth criminal who is adept at bulldosing his way to get what he wants and later convince people that he is a victim of curcumstances. The presidency for a start, he grabed it through hook and crook and made everyone believe he won the election genuinely by castigating and demonising those that questioned his legitimacy. Today, he is trying to make out of himself a hero and a freedom fighter for spending only two days in a prison let alone waste the little resources of the very same pourest nation. Someone who does not get anywhere near the likes of John Chilembwe, Dr Hastings Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda, steve Biko, the very widely respected Nelson Mandela just to mention a few, comes in the open shamelessly to declare that he has become a freedom fighter overnight for being behind bars for 48 hours for a crime he should have been there by now. If this does not qualify the description of a smooth criminal, tell me then, who is a sooth criminal?

  46. Nambuma Girl says:

    Gogo Peter Mutharika at Work. While Aunt Getu busy wearing Octopus Hat.

  47. chaiwone wawo says:

    The president is thinking like a chicken just like Mayaya said. Let us not blame the advisers. He is the president. Did we choose a president who has no independent thinking? Peter does not know what to do with Malawi. he just doesn’t have any direction

  48. Being led by manyi opondedwa

  49. Taweni says:

    I support your write – up. Imagine the blocs were not even cleared by the court.
    And they still think they are innocent.

    What a shame.


  50. Enidziko says:

    Go on Hastings, tell them like it is. This madness is criminal and it must stop forthwith!

  51. daniel phiri wa mutharika says:

    if Malawi had a competent Judicial system, APM and the midnight six would by now be in jail for trying to over through the government. even MBC television has the footage for concrete evidence.

  52. Pimbiton says:

    Pure Childish politics! Cant this poor minded president realise that those who are feasting with him are blindfolding him for their personal gains? When will u wake up from this slumber moya? Know that you are not a hero, not here in malawi.

  53. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ngati amadwala BP akhala mu cell one day ndiye angakhale 27years amenewa?

  54. Nkhombokombo says:

    I have never heard of someone celebrating the arresting of his fellowself to prison, let alone being a President. It is rediculing enough for a seating President to be refered to as “a headless nkhuku”. If these names start coming know there are more serious things going on around. Too many wisemen cannot build a famous country same as too many fools together will bring brain-cracking mess’s.

  55. Nyapapi says:

    Why do you just repeat your stories, zatikwana ife……………….

  56. Munyalika says:

    zavuta pamalawi

  57. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    This article has reminded me a secrete and private conversation the headless chicken had with Kanchacha . Can some one please release that CD , I want to buy it ? Those who have it can reproduce it and they can make a good money by selling it on the open market.
    This headless chicken should should be exposed. He never performed in any Ministery during his brother’s time.
    All Malawians are stupid to have accepted this headless chicken to be the president of our beautiful country.

  58. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Yes he writes in his capacity how can someone confuse lumbadzi and lingadzi he must be poor writer

  59. chakwanuleka says:

    A smooth criminal indeed.

  60. Anjiba says:


  61. mlongoti says:

    peter is headless indeed

  62. Mphepo Zinai says:

    What with fools like Dausi around him.. His preexisting foolishness could only get worse as depicted in the act.

  63. Bwitoto says:

    Comment This is another boom of an article from Kandoje. Keep it up man and school these so called half baked professors who thinks Malawians are fools. Tukukuonanitu.

  64. Yesaya Dziko says:


  65. Tata says:

    Mwalemba tawerenga sitiyankhaaaa

  66. tuvitwana says:

    APM is a PURE criminal

  67. wezzie says:

    Kodi tikamba mpaka lit nkhaniyi??..i thnk okumva adamva..there are so many other issues to discuss..

  68. Suicide Bonza says:

    A pulezidenti athu ndi hero openta makoma a maa cell osati freedom fighter. Nothing he has done to earn him a freedom fighter title. He was il advised on this matter, I demand the head of his advisor on this issue.

  69. chilungamo says:

    its a shame this guy is president,and he is such a troll,dont even try to compare him with mandela,ones behaviour is connected to IQ,you need to be intelligent to do what mandela did,a thing many people with averagse intelligence like mutharika cant do,when you come a cfross a person blowing their own trumpet,just know tjey have a small brain,it will take ages for malawi to have an intelligent president due to the way we vote,tribal voting like we do can rarely give us a good president,so its a positive fedback thing,no one can con vince me mutharika was a presidential material,just like zuma of south africa,they are lucky brcause they belong to the overpopulated tribes and regions,nothing else,the more dumb and uncivilized malawi remains,the more leaders of mutharikas calibre keep on being boted into power,until malawi becomes extinct on the world “functional”existence map,now i think those calling for federalism are right,now i can support them,because i cant see any future in this current bunch of clowns masqerading as leaders,whose IQ collectively can not exceed 2 in total,on a good day that is.

  70. take care malawi says:

    Great Hastings. You deserve to be a hero.!!!!!!

  71. Hehehe I like this article

  72. Nambewe says:

    What apiece! WOW.

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