Malawi Housing Corp boss in school fees scam

Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) Chief Executive Officer Wezi Mkandawire is embroiled in school fees scam where she has been claiming tuition allowance from the Corporation on behalf of a dependent child who is not qualified under her conditions of service.

MHC boss Wezi Mkandawire: School fees scam

MHC boss Wezi Mkandawire: School fees scam

Nyasa Times can reveal that for the past three years, Mkandawire has been asking MHC to pay school fees for her dependent, Catherine Munthali at Young Ambassadors Private School in Blantyre at K50,000 per term and her biological son Watipa Mkandawire at Phoenix International Primary school at K855,500 per term.

Investigations by Nyasa Times have revealed that it is only Watipa Mkandawire who is qualified to have his school fees paid for by the Corporation and not Catherine, according to Mkandawire’s conditions of service.

According to the conditions of service, MHC is supposed to pay school fees to a designated school for Mkandawire’s ‘bonafied’ children under the age of 21. Bonafied in this case will mean either biological or ‘legally adopted’ children.

Nyasa Times investigations show that when Mkandawire was being employed at MHC, she stated that she has two biological children, daughter Chifundo born on 21 February 1991 and son Watipa born on 16 December 2004. She listed Catherine Munthali born on 16 June 2001 as her dependent.

According to the conditions of service, Catherine does not qualify to have her fees be paid by MHC unless she was ‘legally adopted’.

It was learnt that Mkandawire has not ‘legally adopted’ Catherine to be her ‘bonafied’ daughter.

According to a memorandum from Mkandawire to MHC Director of Administration and Corporate Services dated August 11, 2014, file ref. AP/5766, Mkandawire is asking for school fees for both Watipa and Catherine.

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54 thoughts on “Malawi Housing Corp boss in school fees scam”

  1. pyola says:

    Aaaah musiyeni munthu aku gwila ntchito ya chauta. Keep it up mama. Palibepo nkhani spa

  2. Ichocho says:

    Not News worthy.musiyeni aphunzitse mwana

  3. kkkkkk mwati chani?

  4. Zinja says:

    Thumbs up for the CEO she is doing a commendable job by including a dependant on her list of beneficiaries bravo Madam!!!!!!!! you can even add some two dependants on your list mukukonza tsogolo lamwana….. palibe nkhani apa ife tiuzeni za ma billion anabedwa aja kuti zigamulo zikuchedwa bwanji osati izi.inunso olemba tamaonani zolemba nthuni!!! keep it up madam.

  5. Wanza says:

    mmm abale musamuononge dzina munthu. you should be encouraging others to do what she is doing
    please ma negative vibes amenewa akuoneka ngati pali nsanjetu apa mxmxxxxxx

  6. Mfana says:

    Its not such a big deal. If the child was hers she would still be entitled to the same fees anyway! This is not the same as being paid for services you did not deliver i.e cash gating!

    Somebody just trying to discredit their boss, for one reason or another ….Us taxpayers want the big fish not her !!!!

  7. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Mmmm!! inu nditsogolo lamwana ka!. ndimaona ngati amapitila ku saloon. 50,000!!?.

  8. Mmalawi says:

    Dependent child is allowed, not only biological children. So there is no issue here.

  9. Sapitwa says:

    If this story is really true, then there is lack of Governance. It’s unethical to authorize payment where it is not supposed to occur.
    I never thought we could have people who have commented for seeing nothing wrong in this story ; really? Two wrongs can not justify for right as others are citing the same happening at the Embassies. What ever, this is absolutely abuse of office and Disciplinary process should follow its course; it could be the tip of the iceberg for some big malpractices happening.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    There is no issue here.

    The child qualifies as a dependant. The CEO is very considerate, imagine, only MK50,000 per term. I would go further to say why the disparity between the biological child and the other?

    Why has this come up as a new worthy item? Shame on the editor.

  11. Big papa says:

    mwasowa zolemba? what interested in this newz?

  12. mwana mulopwana says:

    Please a berg #Nigerian accent# leave this woman alone, she has to be commended for taking care of a relative and give her better education, what is 50pin , that is a drop in the water, we need real issues to be tabled here ,

    For sure someone from MHC is the one who blotted the issue out of proportion to the point that Nyasatimes had to write but I also need to ask Nyasatimes that they need to employ editors who should edit all the news otherwise this news is worth to b e thrown in the dustbin

  13. Michael says:

    and Nyasatimes u dont know Phoenix School fees eti? we pay 1,000,000 kwacha every term not MK855,000. check with the school.

  14. MOYA says:

    we have burning issues to talk about, moti muzinena zama billion of kwachas apa, what is a K50 000?

    wolemba nkhani iyi ulibe nzeru

  15. Mhinya says:

    If Ted Nandolo is on suspension for simply authorizing salary increase what about getting illegal entitlements. Tiyenazoni mabwana. !!!! You will end up firing all the bosses . There must be someone who is eying the post

  16. Tadala... says:

    So What….!!!
    if you dont have anything to write go and Sleep. We have burning issues which needs to be addressed by the Government not this 5 grand issue

  17. Chokazinga says:


  18. hahhaha says:

    ine ndimaona ngati mundiuza kuti akugona ndi tiana, anthu akuba ma billion school fees ndi chiyani . mwanayo ndi malawi mdiye kuti akuphunzitsa mtundu wa amalawi. akayamba kupelekela muzatiuze osati zopand nchelezi

  19. Neutral man says:

    Nkhani yosathandiza Mmalawi imeneyi.Malawians are concerned with cashgate cases that have sunk Malawi.

  20. Alufeyo says:

    Tumbuka chewa yao or lomwe is immaterial. While Mrs Mkandawire is indeed a good person and boss on this one she goofed. The amount of money is not important but failure to abide by regulations. MHC board just surchage her and warn her. Those in HR and Audit must also alert the CEO to such minor infractions because they have the potential to harm Madam Mkandawires good reputation. Otherwise ladies and gentlemen lets be civilised and stop this tribalism nonsense.

  21. kachimera says:

    Pitani mma embasy mukaone anthu zomwe akupanga zosadziwika and yet government ikulipila ma thousands USD’s for housing, school fees etc. Mxi nde mukadandaule 50 pin.

  22. Wistombi says:

    ACB Ntchito Imeneyi

  23. Chikopa says:

    Wait wait, wait! Do not blame the CEO. Did Internal Audit raise any objection? Did the Board approve the scheme? She is a guardian of the little Munthali. She has not committed a serious crime. Look, she is not receiving double salary or claiming unwarranted allowances. Please giver her a break. She has urgent matters to attend to – back off you stupid lazy bones wishing her downfall.

  24. Wistombi says:

    Typical MbwenuMbwenu

    Govt Thamangitseni Munthuyu!

  25. Tman says:

    Koma abale dzikoli ena akunjoya choncho? Malawi sure is not poor. I suggest it’s a question of how to diffuse worthy from a point of higher concentration to a point of lower concentration.

  26. Nangono says:

    Oh dear lord. This is what has become our news. is it because Nyasa times are you so well paid up with the right people that grease your pen that you would rather go for low hanging fruit?A woman who is doing well at her job, who has saved a sinking ship, a woman who not so long ago according to your article was fired?

    You really have no integrity than to drag children’s names into this. The two kids in question did not need to have their names put in the news papers for your amusement.
    I suggest you learn a thing from your counter parts around the world and protect the children from this unnecessary article.

    On that note can we address why you are not looking into real journalistic issues like where all the money in aid is going for all the big government projects that never happen.Or the one with a particular lady at MHC whose husband has stolen millions and yet no article…and can we address why you feel the need to distort the issues at hand as you said she did after all claim the child and thus the board and all others in charge of MHC purse strings had ample time to refute and correct the issue thus there must be the allowance for Mrs Mkandawire to pay for this childs’ school fees. why is it you feel the need to bring this issue up after she has been at MHC and affected change.
    Maybe we should ask the source why they feel this is news worthy the woman works hard and as a CEO is entitled to her worth for all those who are hung up on the amount for her sons school fees. This amount is direct (if i am correct ) quotation from the let sleeping dogs lie where they may with this issue.

    Has Nyasa times looked at the terms of her contract? are there limitations to the school a child can go?Nyasa times needs to establish facts before publishing any stories.From my knowledge The director of finance Violet Sande is one woman who is busy selling false stories to Nyasa times and other news papers and i believe that this story is one of those. she is a woman who cant perform and as a department and a corporation we don’t want her.

    Nyasa tell you lady friend to LEAVE OUR CEO ALONE.

    Its unfortunate that Mrs Mkandawire has shielded her from the unions to be sent on her way. But don’t worry Madame the days are fast approaching.

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Nangono appears to be Wezi Mkandawire’s writing herself or a very close relation and sympathiser. There is a big story and I applaud Nysatimes for this. The problem in Malawi is that you want the figures involved to be in “millions” or “billions” then you say : ahaah, that is corruption.

      In investigative journalism, you look at multiple issues and one the issues at stake here is “accountability and transparency.” In this case, the MHC boss has crossed the line of economic governance even if we are talking of MK50,000. She has no integrity at all because the person whom taxpapers are paying for is not within her conditions of service, pronto. In the more advanced democracies, we have read of some politicians or executives being taken to task and even resigning over such issues. most recent example is the resignation of the SAfrica’s rail operator who had lied about his qualifications. A minister in Germany resigned two years on a similar scandal. It’s not about wheher is K50,000 or K5 million but “what is at stake”. Tell me what is corruption if this is not.

      Nysatimes, big up!

  27. ChizaLi says:

    Nyasatimes, we need real stories. There is no story here. What a waste of time!!!
    And are you not reporting on real cashgaters.

  28. kanyimbi says:

    Chigololo ndi chigololo basi kaya kondomu kapena popanda kondomu, kaya uyamba kupemphera usanachite ndi chigololo basi. Mayi uyu abweze ndalama zomwe wakhala akubazi. K50,000 x 3 x 4 = K 600,000.00 is this little money?

  29. wamwaka says:

    Yea mwezi uno I have paid extra 44 % on rent. Ko ndalama zathu zimapita kwameneko eti and yet the house is in a dilapidated state. Ziseko zochita kunyamulira kuti utseke.

  30. mwanamlomwe says:

    Now its time for Tumbuklas to dance their usual Vimbuza Dance.Recently Richard Msowoya killed a biker, that is criminal case waiting for him.What about Geobra Kamanga another Mtumbuka from carlsberg in K5.2 billion scandle. we will hunt you until you are fully exposed. All the CEOs for most companies in Malawi are these Tumbukas. But they cry too much that they are not benefiting from the national cake. Imagine K855,000 for only one child. This means her salary is in millions. Shame to all selfish Tumbukas. You are enjoying most of mapwevupwevu in Malawi.Stop your nonsenses. Stop it.

  31. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    To some people this big news because she is Mkandawire, not Mbewe or Kalonga

  32. Let Us Pray says:

    School fees? No issue here. Nyasatimes, please find something better to write about. This one no. Zinazi nkudabwa nazo.

  33. phwado says:

    Wakukanani chibwenzi eti?Walakwanso munthu kulera mwana WA wina?Iweyo wolembawe ukudya wekha ndalama abale ako akuvutika.Palibe nkhani apa.Bring real issues here.

  34. Joseph says:

    Wait…. Mk855 500 per term? That is a million kwachas. Wow !And yet someone cant find money to buy soap somewhere?
    Malawi wanga ameneyo.

  35. kambwali says:

    Mwasowa nkhani eti . Ndalamazo akudya kapena akulipilila mwana xul…mwamukhumbatu mzimayiyu ndipo akulipilani zambiri

  36. sunderstar says:

    These are simply administrative errors on interpretation of condition of service and if there was a mistake made she can be made to refund what ever was paid to her. The figure doesnt warrant the ACB to take up the case it will be expensive. Leave my aunt alone you jelousy people, there are many misinterpretations of benefits in statutiry corporations and if we will be on each others necks on petty issues then we will end up arresting and perscuting almost all directors in statutory corporations and we will leave the country bleeding

  37. Jelbin mk says:

    Whether you are my fellow Tumbuka or not I don’t care all I care is accountability and transparency. If someone claims something that is legally not his or her in terms of benefits especially from government businesses it is a very big issue to be delt with with immediate effect. Some are even belittling K50 000 per term, is that really nothing talking about? If all CEOs and other top government officials can do the same how much will be left for a poor Malawian who can not afford two meals a day? Stealing is stealing we can and should not justify it in any way.

  38. Big Boy says:

    The truth shall always prevail

  39. Wakyala says:

    There is a deliberate war against Northerners. Tjhis Mkandawire, Wanangwa Mbeleka, Geobra Kamanga. Why are you not writing about the so many corrupt day light robbers of Mulakho origin. the Masangwis, the Mullis, the Ngongoliwas. This is the reason Northerners want federalism or indeed a braekaway republic. What wrong did they do to these other tribes. Its as if they at one time waged a geneocide on the other tribes

  40. Mwana Mai says:

    Let ACB flex it’s muscle. Do you need any evidence in this case? From the look of things all the spade work has been done by the reporter, all you need to do is ask this reporter to furnish you more where/how he got the information laid bare herein. The is corruption in all its entirety and this woman should be punished.

  41. Truth Recognizes Truth says:

    True, no issue here. Isn’t this a case of witch hunting? I think sometimes Malawians are preoccupied with trivia. The MHC board should handle this issue easily.

  42. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Very sad. This is very bad. She has to set a good example. Remember Bingu wa Mutharika who used to be doing that. It was a very big scam. ACB do something otherwise nanenso ndithandiza kuononga nawo dzikoli.

  43. sikusinja says:

    Koma seriously you call this a scam. K50,000 a term? She gets more than that for phone units a month and you want to think she can want to be stealing K150,000 a year from MHC. Pezani nkhani please.

  44. The real ujeni says:

    They are all Malawians why segregate so much. After all she should be praised for doing such a think to someone not her child. Tizikondana a Malawi

  45. chipwete chalunda says:

    Mwaona mtumbuka kuba this thief and have her answer criminal charges.

  46. Kwangwagwa says:

    Palibe nkhanin apa. Wose ndi ana ake, komanso ndi a Malawi basi. Walyapowe.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Not news worth indeed. Tiuzeni za 92/577 billion. Zili pati?

  47. akukonde akukonde nkhoma says:

    Result of pure envy. what is the meaning of dependent?? it may not have one meaning as being advocated in this story. so it is open for debate.

  48. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Im also under a similar contract as mrs mkandawire signed with my company and the company and children means biological and dependant childten and fees is payable to three cjildren below the age of 18 and sre in primary or secondary schools and not tertiary schools so there is nothing really wrong here you can cross chech with HR expetts at the dept of statutory corporations (Dumasani or Mkhokwe) palibe mulandu apa mai mkandawire l will assist you yo hire a good lswyer from Uk if thid mattrr is pushed you are innocent

  49. Eye Witness says:

    Biological or not…stop this nosense….this money in a year can renovate many houses that are in shambles….how many at MHC tap school fees for their children? If its a policy let it abolished period…they should use th their mouth watering Salaries.

  50. In the know says:

    So MHC can afford to pay that much to Phoenix school but fail to construct new houses or let alone maintain the existing ones?

  51. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Palube nkhani apa it depends on the MHC definition of the child in most of the conditions of service children include biological children and adopted children if mrs mkandawire declared her depebdant child as her child within the conditions of service tgen she is not wrong. Further under a stabdard contract from the department of statutory corporations she is entitled for fees for three chilren (biological or dependant cildren) so there is nothing wrong asiyeni mai wabwino uyu

  52. makito says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Did the Director of Admin advise her accordingly?

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