Malawi is secular State not Christian nation: Activists say homophobia unacceptable

Malawi is a secular state  and not a Christian nation and as such it does not criminalize anything on the basis that it is a sin, activist have said in the light of the denouncement by some religious leaders are now denouncing a government moratorium on anti-homosexual laws pending a decision on whether to repeal the legislation.

Trapence: Malawi is a secular state

Trapence: Malawi is a secular state

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu announced that a review of all colonial-area sodomy laws will be launched in consultation with the people of Malawi.

But already some faith leaders are not happy with the decision and have asked the government not to relent to pressure from Western donors by allowing same-sex relationships.

“It is disgusting that a nation can succumb to dictates of the donors and, in the process, lose our identity, our spiritual track and our tradition,” said Reverend Maurice Munthali, spokesman for the Presbyterian Church in Livingstonia.

And Young Pastors Coalition of Malawi (YPCM) wants government to re-arrest Cuthbert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gomani who are suspected to be homosexuals and were recently freed.

The pastors’ grouping said homosexuals’ rights should not be given room in Malawi and its national director Patrick Banda said the religious leaders will take unspecified action if charges for two men of having sex “against the order of nature” are not restored.

A born-again Christian and politician Ken Msonda also called for gays to be killed.

But Centre for Development of People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence has condemned calls for jungle justice against gays, saying Malawi is a secular State where religious beliefs and culture should not be used as basis for oppressing others.

He said rights of homosexuals have to be respected and that Christianity should not be misused as an excuse for homophobia

Malawian human rights activist Billy Mayaya said government is on the “right track” to suspend anti-homosexuality law but said the public needs to be sensitised “to understand the secular nature of our country.”

Mayaya said: “Many people here thought Malawi is a Christian country which is not true, we are a secular state.”

Billy Banda, director of Malawi Watch, a local good governance group, accused the government of making a rushed decision, explaining that it would have been more appropriate, to push for an emergency session of parliament to decide the anti-homosexuality law once and for all.

“It is unfair and very unfair,” he said. “When we are talking about human rights, we are not talking about [a] minority. There are majority rights as well. So what we are asking now is government must rescind that moratorium. It is un-cultural.”

But government fears the  activist are misinterpreting secular status of Malawi and seeks to redefine it to advance an anti-religious agenda.

Christians also claim their rights to freedom of religious conscience have been steadily subordinated to the rights – especially of homosexual people – to equality.

Rights are a matter of balance – the exercise of one person’s rights can undermine those of another.

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115 thoughts on “Malawi is secular State not Christian nation: Activists say homophobia unacceptable”



  2. Kunta says:

    Then we need a referendum to decide whether to make Malawi a christian state or not.

  3. Joseph Moyo says:

    It is true that Malawi is secular state if it were not it could not b rated as one of the most corrupted nations in the world.If we go by the bible God’s people are known the way they act or behave.Do Malawians behave like God’s people?
    Akaz Mumavala ma trouser muliphee mumavala zazifupi muli duuu u secular upose pamenepa?INU mukuziti ma pastor nu tchimo liti lomwe asogoleli a mipingo amaopa pot kuli church gate nso?Ine ndzakumvesesan ngat inuyo Mukhale ngat Lot nthawi ya sodom ndi Gomora.Iwo sadali muzomwe adali ena koma kunoko aa ndakaika

  4. La 40 Lakwana says:

    Zambia is the only Christion state in Africa

  5. Nathan says:

    Is it a right to have mathayula? Ngati muvomereze mathanyula, basi kuba, rape ndi zina zotele muvomerezenso! Abale, mathanyula ndi chikhalidwe choipa cha azungu, osamangotengela zilizonse za azungu. Kodi makolo anu akanakhala a mathanyula, mukanakhalako inu? Mathanyula retards the growth of population, therefore it is the number one enemy of our country. SAY NO TO MATHANYULA!

  6. kenkkk says:

    Imran sadick, what a joker you are. Day light lies,Muslims are just a tiny drop in Malawi, my friend. I don’t know who gave such statistics or you just cooked them yourself. Having said that those figures are very good for cheating arabs in the middle east to send you more money for Islamic expansion in Malawi while at the same time cashgating it. We christians see all that.

  7. witness phiri says:

    Oh Oh, zoophsya zedi, Ndinkaona ngati anthu onse ophunzira ndi anzeru!
    But some have just shown that ndi mabulutu ophunzira hahahahahahaha!!!!!
    Funso labwino zedi, Kodi mbuya trapenzi, if your Father was gay, munakabadwa?
    If the answer is yes, then continue fighting for gay rights, but if it’s no, DZISIYENI musadzikokenso nkhani zopanda pake zo gay zo.
    Shameeeeeee on you!!!!!!!

  8. kanyumba says:

    I don’t want to hire about this! Mathanyula nonse ndi zitsilu mmitu [email protected] agogo anu akadapanga zimenezo inu mukanabadwa.

  9. Wachimalawi says:

    We don’t want mathanyula here in Malawi, go to Western countries if you wish. Every body can claim minority right even the thieves wants their right, so why not support them since they are also a minority. Go to hell with your stupid rights. If your dad was a gay unakabadwa? Don’t be selfish, with or without christianity Malawian can not allow that. Shame on you useless people in the world. You deserve to be stoned to death.

  10. Khalakpo says:

    Iwe osakwatira mwamuna mzako bwanji

  11. mbuli67 says:

    Trapence kunyansa dzina,nkhope, ndimaganizo omwe!you have a chicken brain that cannot think but easily used by pple. Oh I’m glad Iam not related to you for I would end up beating you anytime you come near me. Eishh this stupid story needs not someone to be amuselem or a Christian to know that this is evil

  12. 20 says:

    Secular and not circular. Kuthawira pawindotu uku!

  13. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Son of the devil to hell with your minority human rights…… mob justice will take its coarse after the police has failed to defend the constitution believe me none of them will survive the sword….. case closed.

  14. Malawi 4 Malawians says:

    Malawi is not a secular state yes, I agree, but the secular state does not condone same sex marriages and that too must be accepted. If democracy is about majority rule, then if majority says no to same sex marriages, then no fool should talk of gay rights. No hiding behind minority rights for gay rights! Respect our laws please.

  15. mphuzitsi says:

    Three pence or tiki? Is that the price we to pay so that our dignity is thrown to the dogs. This man must be getting more than that from the donors to advance this cause.

  16. Chidempete says:

    Hahahaaa, pple mumandidabwitsa kwambili, u look 2b much concerned abt these gay issues bt as a very big sin, bt wy not also b conserned abt hw many pple r contaminated with sin????, gay issue z just one of the sin amongest all these other worldly sins….wy not also b concerned abt our women found in night clabs or bars?, wy not b concerned abt our dea brothers always drunk?, what abt our fellow humans always bribing, cheating, cursing, fighting, lying, conducting bad bussineses etc.?, if realy we r doing Gods work in rejecting homosexuals, then lets also b concerned in other sins as well, coz God doesnt toralate any kind of sin

  17. mpkm says:

    We can have circular laws, but we are a religious pipo. I wonder wht these stupid organisations think of Malawians as pipo & not as a bunch of laws? Trapence dont force Malawians accept this evil, jst because u think our constitution has no bibilical verses? We hv our values to protect. Not even pigs o dogs fuk thru shit hole. Obviously Malawianss a far btr than dogs & pigs.. Malawians cant behave less than pigs and dogs. We cant accept this as a right in our laws, No.

  18. Zanga Phee! says:

    Gift watch yourself if you don’t have security you are in danger donor money will give you problems and the rest of your family.This is a game now so here we go.See my name.

  19. wive says:

    Trapence to hell, are you a gay? Utha ngati makatani!

  20. UNECA says:

    Kuchuluka kwa achrist m’dziko muno phindu ndi chiyani kumachita kuti chi christ sichipembedzo chamulungu, yesu sadali m’christ thus why azibusa akungosanduka njoka.

  21. Sauzana says:

    Look at this idiot, the face is like Chimpanzee, first you have to divorce your wife and kill your children because you do not need them at all.then get married to your fellow man. Now I understand the reason you have night meetings with these so called Ambassadors every month, including the opposition leaders. This other so called Ambassador has got three children why can’t he marry his fellow man if he knows that he has the right to do that?

  22. Mkalakale says:

    Malawi can be a secular state, but people of Malawi are religious, moral, natural and cultural. When CEDEP says Malawi is a secular state, for me it sounds like CEDEP is advancing secular propaganda for their own secular benefits. It looks like for CEDEP “secular is above religion” “secular is above Morals” “secular is above nature” and “secular is above culture”

    When Malawi is said to be secular, I understand it to mean that Malawi as a nation is not run based on any particular religious belief. However, this does not mean that religious, moral, natural and cultural values become obsolete.

    Chickens are secular but they DONT do it
    Goat are secular but they DONT do it
    Dogs are secular but thy DONT do it

    WHY – Nature rules so DONT tarnish our kosher Malawi for your penchant for cheap money

  23. 2016 welcome says:

    This Mayaya thing is a prodigal son. His father Mr GF Mayaya was well mannered person. He was my class teacher in standard 5 at Kapiri FP School in Mchinji in 1988. Before any formal lesson he used to open it with something civic so that we grow up into responsible citizens.

  24. DOBO says:

    Let us be honest as a nation. Malawi is lawlessness nation. How can a minister suspend a law simply to protect the few.Malawi has become moral bankruptncy.To say Malawi is not a christian nation is lame excuse.

  25. Good Citizen says:

    Mr T you are a fool,

    More than 70% of Malawian are Christians.., What do you mean when you say Malawi is a circular state?

    I think it is true that Wisdom is important that knowledge..

  26. Victor K. Shango says:

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    Speaking like a true Africanist I say homosexual or same sex would be allowed in Malawi. Those kinds of principles or values of democracy are a disgrace to Africanism. Thanks to your government is to lenient in address this issue. This , in fact, is not an issue of discussion. Kill everyone who believe in that immoral act. We are a noble nation let us keep it that way.

    Victor K Shango
    the C-in-C of the AWFM
    in South Africa

  27. 2016 welcome says:

    By the way, @54 Imraan Sadik, Are you okay upstairs or your religion blindfolds you? I see your Madrassah statistics tells you that Christians constitute 40%, Muslims 45% and atheists 15% of Malawi population hence Malawi is an Islamic state? Wishful thinking! I don’t need to go into pure statistics lest I completely puzzle you. Simple logic, let me just take a fraction of Christians in Malawi, Catholics; who are in majority between catholics and all Muslims(sunni and quadria) combined? You know the correct answer. What if we add CCAP, Seventh day, Assemblies of God, Zambezi Evangelical church and other pentecostal churches? Your perception is like arguing that there are more Christians in Saud Arabia than Muslims. Kulakalaka. Olo tingoti kudzikwata mchala.

  28. 2016 welcome says:

    When was it declared a secular state?

  29. Masiku Otsiliza says:

    Trapence I curse you & declare death on you!

  30. omase says:

    Mr Trapence and Billy Mayaya, you must consult appropriate authorities before you say anything in the media about our nation. what’s the basis of your claims, that Malawi is secular state? statistic estimates of 2008, indicate that the population of Malawi by religion 82.6% Christianity, followed by Muslims forming 13%, others, 1…%. only 2% don’t worship. Stop misleading people, you are such high profiles and are expected to teach and tell the right thing to the people.

  31. Christian information bureau of malawi says:

    dzko lino anabwera si zitsilu zogonana amuna kapena akazi okha -okha ai. ndipo boma loyamba laazungu linaitanidwa ndi amission achristu asiramu atavuta ndi ukapolo ndipo anali amalonda ndi alimi ataona chitetezo cawo sichinali bwino anaitana KAR kuchokera ku briteni ndipo army yoyamba inayambira ku kalonga yakuno kunyasalande kenako anaitana governa kuzapanga boma azungu onsewa anali achristu a UMCA CCAP NKHOMA LIVINGSTONIA NDI BLANTYRE .ZIM,PIM
    sizitsilu zomwe zilunena poyerazi mukuti azibusa asataniki kumaikira kumbuyo ufiti boma ndi la chikhrisitu tinali chitaganya zambia,zimbabwe onsewa,ndimaiko aazungu a mission ngati mwadya,ndalama za mathanyula ndithu ana anu inu ndiotemberedwa
    or anthu atha osakuphani koma mulungu athana nanu.
    nyimbo yafuko lathu ndipephero anapeka ndi,christu omwe anayimba naye ndi achwankhunda seninare achrisitu chenjezo langa ndilokuti yense amene aiikepo maganizo oipa pakutha pa zaka 7 ndithu akakhala ndimoyo mulungu kulibe kumwamba iye ndi woweluza olungama namga chimwa?

  32. Kenkkk says:

    Yes secular state but predominantly Christian. Therefore rights of the majority also need to be heard.

    The question all of us should be asking especially Christians including homosexual Christians is ” is God, the Lord Jesus Christ approving what I am doing?” That applies also to all sins.

  33. adam matchombe says:

    that is crazy.the must leave malawi and go where ever allowed to do their mase

  34. The small voice says:

    Lets call for a referendum.Ngati Malawi asankhe uchimo basi musadzadabwe chifukwa chimene umphawi sudzatha.

  35. Exiled Soul's says:

    Funny that all the ones advocating for same sex marriage have women in their houses whom they refer to as their wives kkkk,cry my beloved country

  36. Nanga ntani says:

    Amayaya anthutu awachinda akazanu aja, akangomva kuti mwasiya kuwachinda, ukupanga chibwanatu pa media

  37. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    My fellow Malawians will never cease to amaze me. It’s funny how they find no problem with freedom of worship where even satanists are free to worship but have a major problem with a lesser evil of homosexuality.

    It is easy to conclude that a terrible assumption was made when freedom of worship was introduced namely that only God was going to be worshiped not knowing that other gods were to be worshipped also.

    It is funny that Malawians have no problem satanists killing people and yet have problems with gays whose acts do not bring death.

    It is funny how Malawians have no problems with adulterers and yet consider homosexuality sinful.

    I think Malawians have been cornered for accepting everything from outsiders without thorough thought on repercussions.

    We accepted democracy where freedoms and rights form an intergral part of the system.

    Now for lack of sound reasoning, we are about to resort to jungle law where laid down instruments of law and procedures are about to be disregarded.

    Let’s accept Malawi is a secular nation and that anything goes including satanism. If we are not comfortable let’s agree to change the status quo and align our nation to the dictates of Christianity in the same way Islamic states do where sharia law shapes their society.

  38. Mind u idiots we christians we are majority always majority wins in democracy

  39. mercy Nyirongo says:

    I want to see the executive and Parliament makes a discison as Malawians are speaking .my little understanding of human rights it says let the majority and they should protect the interest of
    minority not the minority leading the majority its dangerous ….Mr Trapence is always against the referendum coz he knows that majority are against it.. What Gift and Mtambo do is to understand tthe human rights framework in its design not part of it..I hope both parties are learning to under stand human rights framework

  40. kamowa John says:

    You Billy Mayaya, Billy Banda and Gift Trepence plse marry each other the enjoy the sex. You fools intoxicated with donor funds plse don’nt and don’nt make us fools as wel. If animals are able to pair male and female what more human beings. Take God Will Punish U Heavely.

  41. ANTI-GAY says:

    If the constitution says no there is no freedom for such. Gays don’t have rights and freedom in Malawi because the constitution says no. Secondly its wrong for Peter to suspend the law, he might be the first citizen of the land BUT not the only citizen. It was a mistake to vote him in power for sure. 2019 send him back to america adzikapanga mathanyula akewo. We want sanity in the country and not mathanyula anuwo.

  42. Namutezwa says:

    A very stupid man indeed. Umadzitenga ngati ndani? Malawi ndi dziko la tate wako kapena la mako? You cant dictate to us to accept you idiots. You will also need to accept murderers and dont tell me homosexuality does not harm anyone. What about the children you are teaching. Mungopatsa innocent kids hiv. Since when was Malawi a secular country,. Try it and see the homophobia which u will all be exposed to osapita ku America konko mudzikakwatana kuthakoko bwa? Try to come out n see how you we will enjoy homophobia. I cant wait for the time Malawians shall start showing anger against you. Dogs r even better than you. Atleast a dog follows a female dog.

  43. Malume says:

    why do human beings have sex? if they want same sex marriage or anything related to that, why are they not starting them selves, divorce their wives and marry fellow men to see if they can. each body part has its own function and that’s why men and women have some body parts to be used properly, eyes are for sight are not for speaking the same with our private parts, have their specific function which we all know. on secular or religious Malawi nation what do they mean to say secular Malawi nation is? no one is secular in Malawi even George Thindwa he is religious but he is ignorant of that. let Gift Trapence and Billy Banda marry each other and see if they will enjoy sex in their marriage

  44. Mlomwe says:

    It doesn’t matter whether Malawi is a secular nation or a Christian nation but the bottom line is NO TO SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS

  45. Kodi a Trapence Ku MRA ntchito yabwino ija munasiilanji……tauzani ziko liziwe

  46. Clive kasalu says:

    When you say our culture, and spiritual belief what do you mean? Is this religion that we believe is it ours? Is it not the same donors who brought it here?. You religious guys are being stupid and idiots. Do you know what you are talking about or u just want to make noise?. Let the gays and lesbian’s do what ever they want, as far as they don’t kill people and fuck without a concert then we can criminalize it.

  47. bk phiri says:

    Not here, ingopezani green card mukakhale komweko komwe zithuzi considered normal and rightnesses!

  48. John says:

    Crap,we gonna kill them all.get your heads straight.

  49. Ujeni Phiri says:

    National Anthem is part of the constitution of Malawi and it says”MULUNGU DALITSANI MALAWI”. Vision 2020 starts by saying “MALAWI A GOD FEARING NATION ….”

  50. Pimpozi says:

    It is the church which championed the democracy and civil liberties with which Trapence is already intoxicated. The same church must therefore be allowed to guide on what to do and what not to do in the democracy. The embracing of human rights should not translate into self submission into neocolonialism and white rule in any way. Some western ideologies such as gayism must be rejected and resisted in strongest terms. Gift Trapence you must repent! You have cashed in on leading weak minds into sin rather for too long.

  51. MCHEMO says:


  52. Kumamvetsa says:

    Criminals are a minority. Should they also start claiming their rights, Mr.Trapence,Sir?

  53. bk phiri says:

    If these gays were fathered by gay parents they may have a point but as far as am concerned stupidity has no rights. If you think Malawi is not a christian country then what you should know is that at least it is a Godly country and not a demonic country therefore demonic influences have no place here.

  54. Tonny says:

    What the activist are misunderstanding is the difference between a Christian nation and a God fearing nation. Malawi is NOT a Christian nation, because we have Muslims, atheists and all. BUT it is definitely a God Fearing Nation. Please don’t confuse the two just to advance your goals.

  55. Malipeya says:


  56. 2016 welcome says:

    It’s easy to declare that Malawi is a Christian state since that’s the majority. And it’s a fact. Other countries where some religion is majority they don’t think twice to declare. Gambia in west Africa is the latest example.

  57. Nyamakumutu says:

    We shall see when time for vote comes. We shall encourage our members to only vote for those who will upholds to our values. Nde tidzawone wina kumakayika Maliro a anthu awa akukana chinchristuwa

  58. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Judging by the comments made on this subject of gay rights, there is clearly some implied and actual persecution for anyone claiming to be gay in Malawi. Looks a direct clash with cultural and religious rights and sensitivities.

    I would think it is time to apply for asylum in a country of your choice if you feel threatened. It is a human right to claim asylum, of course.

  59. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Difficult to see how gay rights fit into the African culture without other rights under the same charter being violated/subordinated as a result for many more people (e.g. cultural and religious rights).

    I suspect that any MP that votes for legalisation of gay activities in Malawi would be saying goodbye to their seat (and generous salary). That is why not many politicians are stating clearly what they think!

  60. How can Malawi be a Christian nation?
    Malawi supposed to be Islamic state because the percentage of Muslims is about 45%
    Christians 40%
    Atheists that including Gays and Lesbians 15%
    Its really an insult to say Malawi is a Christian country
    Malawi is Islamic state period!

  61. George phiri says:

    Gays stink like toilet

  62. As Trapence mwaiwala kuti munachoka ntchito Ku MRA chifukwa chiyani……

  63. MS says:

    Koma wina adzafa imfa yowawa

  64. Omase says:

    You guys are misguided. The fact that malawi is declared a christian state does mean that its a secular state. Dont mislead people.

  65. Cashgate1 says:

    Much as I agree that Malawi has so much traits of secular state, I still have a question to Mayaya and one called Trapence. If you father and mother decided to be a homo, would you have be around and making this noise? The issue here is not about hating those people that practice it, because they are in God’s image. But the “act” they do is a deviant from nature. What has happened in being a brothers keeper, or is it everyone for him/herself and you’ll figure it out yourself? We care for these brothers and sisters and we need to speak out against a practice that is “strange” amidst our culture. Especially when others are cashing on it and promote it just because they have funding on it. A Trapence, ma allowance zomwezi?

  66. kwirikwiri says:

    Tungwa wachabechabe. Gays go fuck him!

  67. Parallel Market says:

    Don’t waste your time Trapence defending the indefensible. Fear God. You were created by GOD who detests sin of homosexuality. GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever. What GOD called sin in Noah’s days remains sin today and forever. Repent Trapence now before full wrath of GOD descends on you.

  68. H Kamdidi says:

    It is not only Christians who are against homosexual, it is the whole religious community. Malawi is a God fearing Nation as such ungodly acts will not be acceptable.

  69. opportunist says:

    U have completely sold your soul to the devil . The root cause of all this is money.

  70. Gods girl says:

    If malawi z a secular nation nde why do we sing national anthem.iwe ndi chitsilu ulibe mfundo

  71. gule says:

    Ameneyutu akudya zambiri zama donors. Nayeso understand ndi gay

  72. Kumamvetsa says:

    A Trapence,kagoneni ndi chemwali anu tikuoneleni ngati sakumangani. That’s also a minority right,isn’t it?
    Don’t suppress others by imposing ideas whose consequences will lead into more filthy things such as kugonana ndi ziweto kapena ndi mwana wako/ amai ako in the name of orientation.

    Mr.Trapence et al, an intelligent person should be able to also see the future and consequences of any action you take today.

  73. chilungamo says:

    By constitution, Malawi was always a Christian nation. But the constitution was change, to modernise it, ao they claimed. So here comes modernity. However, international human rightsiinstruments alao recognise cultural rifhts of a people.

  74. musisipala says:

    Mr Trepence or three pence should not preach international laws on gays when our constitution does not allow it. Dont bring foreign laws to confuse us. we know you are doing it for the rust for money. If you are in Rome do what they do.

  75. amfumu says:

    You fake christians,adventists do not approve of pork,so it should be a a crime to eat it in Malawi,Catholics do not approve of polygamy,make it a crime too.Let those gays do what they do as long as they do not trouble you who think you are perfect.No religion should dictate on how that country should be run.You are courting disaster

  76. REX MSISKA says:

    It is sad to note that human race has degraded so much from the day Adam and Eve sinned and even after God came and lived among it in His son Jesus Christ. Human race has hated itself so much that it does not know the difference between man and woman. They have hated their creator with such a passion that they don’t care that they go to hell, for surely this is what is going to happen, to go to hell.

    Malawi, stand out please and truly be a Christian Nation which seeks God’s will. You find His will in the Bible. Just remind yourself of your National Anthem. We cannot afford to run our countries as if they were formed by our filthy hands. Worse we cannot afford to live our lives as if they belong to us. We have His breath of life in us. We are created in His likeness, but we have rebelled against God, our creator just as satan did. His decision to create us in His likeness, in His image has not changed.

    Remember malawians, in as much as He is a kind God, He is Righteous and Holy God. He is also a cruel God.

    Woe to you leaders for misleading His children with your evil laws.

  77. I G says:

    Iwe ndi galu weniweni opanda mchila masatana aku USA ndi UK akukunamidzani kaya mukupangira kusowa ntchito munya agalu inu dziko lake ndie sila Malawi

  78. chikhadzula says:

    Tachionenu chinkulu chamathanyula pa Malawi.. U mean trapence u werd birn drom mathanyula Family.. Fotseeeeeecj . Mbuzi ya munthu trapence n ur Family
    . We ll kill the gayz 1 by 1. Let them come out. Mutimva muona.we cnt tolarate that.

  79. To God be the glory says:

    Trapence, money should not take you away from God.

  80. CITIZEN says:


  81. fucktrapencewife says:

    Can someone give me directions to this idiot’s house?

  82. Iphani Bonya says:

    Tiyeni tonse tikazike mbolo zathu pathako pa Bwampini

  83. kimwanza says:

    Paja iwe Gift mutu wako sugwira

  84. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    Lol, let that who has never sinned start casting a stone onto the adulterer. Who said these words and in what context? Leave them grow together until harvest time. I am mesmerized at my colleague – Christians who do not want to behave like Christians. What is so special with this sin, if it is a sin anyway? We have had so many who have committed sins and we dine with them in our homes, offices and all over. Why can we not pray for these people so that God heals them? I agree Malawi is a secular state governed by the Constitution and in that small book there is no reference to any holy book or verse. Further, Christianity is built on one pillar and that’s LOVE, if u check with the conduct of Malawians, rarely would you see any trace of love in them. So why are we up against our colleagues who same sex is good for them? Lets love them, pray with them but choose NOT to be like them, simple.

  85. Happening Boy says:

    Rights of this kind won’t take us anywhere. I know the govt would want to eat gay money because even the leadership is associated with gayism, its a big problem. If you ask a personal opinion fro akweni, she will tell you, this is rubbish. Our land is spoiled by matchona.Let us safeguard our cultural beliefs not selling our norms and tradition because of poverty which is also meant for a few. I urge the churches to speak out with one voice and confront the government because this is devilish. Those people advocating for this kind of behavior are doing so to safeguard their bread and butter, there is no truth in this. To those who practice this, please ask yourself why you exist, you are ridiculing your parents, how can you. Shame.

  86. zikomo says:

    Malawi is a democratic state. In Democracy the majority rules. 90% of Malawians are Christians. This translates Malawi a Christian Nation whether you like it or not.

    In addition, Bingu already declared Malawi a Christian Nation. So far none of the presidents after him has declared it otherwise.

    Get this into your brains.

  87. Chifunilo says:

    Islamic States are the best I suppose. any of these bad behaviour is greatly punished

  88. mapapaya says:

    kodi talapensiyu anakwatira kapena wakwatiwa ndi mwamuna mnzake?

  89. kangandiwamba says:

    We are looking after you don’t worry.outright death is behind you Trapence and please repent before it,take that seriously!!!!!!

  90. Joseph Samson says:

    Malawians have just errorneously borrowed that word,”secular state” but in real sence our state had been a God fearing dated back when our fathers worship through there ancestors.
    This therefore has given us a definite acceptable behaviours as our culture. Dont be fooled with human rights, do you mean you respect conducts of every capita? What if one tells you i was born athief, will you accommodate him/her?. Where is democracy then? In demo… The majority rules, xo what are you trying to convey?. Use adage before consumed by wrath of worth.

  91. yakumbuyo says:

    the gays and lesbians ALIBE PROBLEM ndiye iwe vuto lanu ndi chani?Koma kugona ndi akazi awenewake? is better .Kuchinda akazi pa anus palibe vuto poti ndi kazi? Mumakhalako zomwe zimachitika mumanyumba awanthu inu? Malawians let us not take ourselves as if we do not know.There is alot of things happening .Things change as time goes, even in western countries, 100 years ago these things were not there.In africa, 200 years ago christianity was not there.So what is new.

  92. The Analyst says:

    It is true that officially Malawi is neither a Christian nor Islamic nor whatever religious groupings’ state. However, the people called Malawians are religious. It is on this basis that the gay-lesbian non-issue should be looked askance at, from.

    If we begin to make religious errors by fighting the gay battle on the basis that Malawi is a Christian State, for example (because the Christians are a majority), we will only invite anger from other religious groupings; and ultimately lose focus of the gay-lesbian battle at hand. And this is what this idiotic idiot and devilish devil called Trapence wants.

    This baffoon called Trapence, has deliberately employed that divide and rule strategy just to incite other religious groupings to respond, not to the gay-lesbian battle; but to the claim that Malawi is a Christian State; thus disincentivise other religious leaders or groupings in the fight against this evil called gayism.

    Let us all unite and find strength in our religious differences and pluralism; and stop making inane claims that Malawi is this religion or that religion’s state. Otherwise, we will start a useless battle of religious dominance hence lose focus of the issue at hand.

  93. chawezi says:

    If we can combine christian and muslims in malawi we are many than the other groups and always majolty rules

  94. zimkambani says:

    If not Christian the Malawi is a Religious nation with a very distinctive culture which should not be diluted or corrupted. Why do you want to dominate? Listen there is God and His values must be respected

  95. Chief Cadet says:

    TRUE Malawi is governed by Umunthu so we should not just accept gays to please the mad few palibe dziko limangolora zoyipa even in communist countries zonyasa amakana.Nkhani ya ma gay yokhayi mmmmm zilembani koma my only free advice kabwezeni ndalama mukudyazo sidzatheka kuno

  96. wangalusa says:

    God the Father said on Luke 9: 35 ”This is my beloved son, listen to Him. On Matttew 13: 30 Jesus said, ”Let the wheat and the weeds grow together, they will be separated at the time of harvest. If we know who Jesus Christ is, who are we to take away His word. We can talk about it as any other issue. But to call for their death. Some religious leaders act strangely. You wonder, do they know the scriptures as written in the Bible? Once again I qoute ”Let the wheat and the weeds both grow together until harvest……” thus says the Lord. Eventually, they will be separated.

  97. karoda says:

    Yes Malawi is not a Christian country and won’t be

  98. Kadziotche says:

    Homosexuality is un-natural.It is also un-cultural in Malawi.
    In this country gays are safer using Christianity influenced English Laws called Laws of Malawi.

    Trapence’s Secular Malawi uses christian laws which we copied and pasted from the British.Hence the moratorium.

    If we can agree as Malawians to go cultural-back to our roots-before the whiteman came we will be secular indeed. In that cultural setting there was no homosexuality.We were heavily homophobic.We killed or banished gays and those who slept with animals (beastiality).

    So Trapence what do you want? If I were you I would tell my gay friends (whose minority rights I get paid for fighting, but I AINT gay myself!) that DO IT secretly,If you get caught the wrath of the nation will roll on you.Period.

  99. Guantanamo says:

    Christians, Muslims and other sane Malawians r against gaysm not that it is a sin but because it is against the order of nature. Other sins that r in this category r: sleeping with one’s sister/brother, child, father/mother. It is called incest in criminology. Sleeping with animal such as dogs, goats, cows. Such acts r not simply sins but contravenes the order of nature. Some people r oriented towards sleeping with animals or sleeping with their blood line. All these cannot hide under the banner of minority rights. This is in discipline, ubve, taboo, kulaula mudzi, abomination, nyansi. U can’t grant permission to a few crazy people to start practicing nyansi in the open. If anyone is oriented towards this behavior shud continue doing the way u were doing before- in closed door, without us seeing or knowing

  100. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Malawi is not a christian country for there are pagans, muslims, hindus, abrahams, etc in this country so our laws should reflect that. If our stand on abortion and gays are premissed on Catholic doctrines wont the other religious bodies demand some laws to be changed to suit their doctrines? The Jehova Witness will say no to general elections, CCAP will say no to beer manufacturing, Muslims will say no more to pig & dog farming , 7th Day will say no workng on saturdays..etc. Let’s not cheat ourselves that we are the only God fearing country in the world for every country is God fearing even the so called “Great Satan” America. In fact we may be the most sinful country on earth thats why every blessing is not coming our way and we are the poorest country on earth.

  101. Goddiea says:

    Mr. Wat do you want to see to prove that this is a christian state? Ask the gorver nment! They will tel you this is a christian state! Where were you with your gayism wen the catholic bishops were fighting one party rule! Fool!!!!

  102. NYONYO says:

    Udzafa imfa yowawa

  103. Bi wa Callista says:

    Most people in Malawi are really illiterate and very traditional. Malawi is a secular country and a signatory to the Universal Human Rights that accords the protection of human rights for each and every citizen regardless of their racial, political or sexual orientation among others- the government of Malawi ratified these.

    People should understand that gayism or lesbianism is a condition that can occur to any body at a given time due to hormonal change, social etc… It is not a culture and 97 % of gays world wide are in this condition not by choice but they have disorders that made them to be in such a situation. Know that even you Msonda, Lucius and the catholic bishops you can have a hormonal imbalance that can make you not like women and you can go for other men – This is true, gayism ndi matenda in most of the cases and should we kill such people no- We need prayers to these people not condemnation. Do you know the story of Pharisees and Sadducees- Please create awareness for people to understand that kuti anthu ambiri amene amapanga mathanyula samafuna!

    Also, know that there is no donor in this world that can want to make men marry men or women marry women but there will be donors that will make you respect the rights of people regardless of their sexual orientation. This nonsense of saying gayism is promoted by donors is wrong- go to prisons (you will find people in temporary gayism state or even in same- sex boarding schools- is that the work of donors?)

    Msonda- God knew that if people like you are in power this government could have been homophobic and that’s why God did not want shallow brains like yours to be in power again. Kudos Trapence and Mayaya- Ntchito mulinayo yambiri given the irrational thinking of most people like Msonda, Lucious Banda and other so-called religious leaders.

  104. ADyumali says:

    amandinyasa kwambili mkulu uyu.

  105. Bonyongo says:

    Those caught Sodomasing should be brought to book.why releasing them from police custody before legal proceedings,are we encouraging public sexual practice.We should not fuel up sinful activities

  106. bishop maseko says:

    ndiwe opusa kwambiri,wakhala ukuvomekeza nthawi yosei kut malawi is a God fearing country so legalisng homosexuallity is that wat u call God fearing? ‘Silly man’ udabadwira banja la magay kapena lesibians iweyo? Amalawi tinene kuti pamenepa ndife odzilamulira?

  107. Omase says:

    Hey Mr, stop misleading people, who and when was malawi declared a secular state?

  108. peter chimangeni says:

    Mr. Trapence and his colleagues receive money from the west to decriminalise homosexuality particularly in Malawi and why? If Malawi becomes pro-LGBT, it will become a haven for Homosexual Sex offenders and sex tourists who will flock to Malawi to take advantage of poor children, sodomise them and eventually indoctrinate them in the practice of homosexuality. In so doing, the West thinks they can control Malawi’s growing population by turning a majority of men and women into homosexuals.

  109. Torney Montana says:

    Ken Msonda, the Born again, says “gays should be killed” thus by stoning I guess. hahahaha! what time of born again are u?
    I don’t support This filthy & nasty gay thing but still, killing gays is not a good idea or suggestion. let alone the fact that its coming from munthu nkulukulu like Msonda.

  110. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Gift Trapence my pig is looking for a husband, please marry her.

  111. Chikwerete says:

    Mr. Trapence it is because of Malawi being a Christian nation that you are still left alive despite your shit talk otherwise if you want us to put Christianity aside, we will kill you outright. The same Christian mindedness that we watch Mathanyula ruin this country and patiently wait that maybe one day, his imbecile state of mind will heal. But Trapence or wateva u call urself, don’t take this Christianity for granted!!! When Christians are provoked, the worst happens. Malawi will become too hot for your buttocks. Gays and lesbians will be eliminated the hard way likewise Peter Mathanyula so please just don’t taste our patience, bastards!!!

  112. Ku Bwengu Nkotalika says:

    Stupid man. Shame to those who gave birth to such a demon you.

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