Malawi Judiciary staff rejects 22% pay rise

Support staff who recently went on strike over poor salary increment have rejected 22% salary increment offer from government.

Courts were  paralysed with judiciary staff  on strike

Courts were paralysed with judiciary staff on strike

This comes as the judiciary went back to work to give dialogue a chance and let justice delivery get back to normal after a prolonged strike.

The strike paralyzed operations of the courts in the country as government remained reluctant to yield to workers demand due to salary harmonisation drive.

Judiciary Spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said in an interview that talks are on-going and that government offered workers 22% which has been rejected.

Mvula said workers feel that the 22% offer from government is too little as per their expectations.

“For one to be satisfied it has to be a reasonable percentage which can take you through thick and thin in the current economic situation.

“That is why we say we are not satisfied with 22% government offer”, said Mvula.

He described the 22% offer as being on the lower side compared to what workers are asking between 60% and 70% as an increment.

He however said government officials said with the prevailing economic hardships government cannot afford the demanded percentage.

“We told government point blank that we expect a reasonable offer at least 50% or 40% it would be much better” said Mvula.

He added that government’s offer is not tallying with the current economic hardships and that workers are not ready to accept it.

“So we said let us give government ample time to look at the offer critically with a sober mind as well so that when we will be having another meeting government should be ready to resolve it amicably”, he added.

In his speech at Sanjika palace during the swearing in ceremony of Supreme Court of appeal justice Anthony Kamanga, President Peter Mutharika said his government is willing to amicably resolve the judiciary salary increment issue.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi Judiciary staff rejects 22% pay rise”

  1. the northern speech says:

    Athandizeni anther

  2. Vitumbiko Nyirenda says:

    Imweso namwe a Mvula how can you entertain support staff like that. What qualifications do these people have that they can give the whole nation pressure. I tell you Mr. Mvula, one day a president will come who will not tolerate such nonsense. What kind of work do these people do to deserve such increments. Are you not aware that if there is backlog at work place Judiciary is number one. If yes, why can’t you talk something on that before you ask those hefty rises. Demand high salaries yes, but we also want a very big improvement in your work. Otherwise just resign and let those who want to work get the job.

  3. Mandevu Waluza says:

    Wolandira MWK35,000.00 waonjezeredwa ndi MWK 7,700.00. Ndiye kuti chaka chonsechi azilandira MWK42700.00 minus msonkho. Nyumba ya rent MWK 25,000.00, Bus fare for 1 month kupita ndi Kubwerera ku nyumba MWK12,000.00, Water Bills MWK 10,000.00 Electricity bills MWK 12,000.00, Bag la chimanga MWK 5000.00, Ndiwo MWK 30,000.00 PA MWEZI. Zonse potha pa mwezi MWK 94,000.00. Apa nde kuti palibe breakfast.

    Inu amene mukuti ngati sakufuna asiye mukulakhula za nzeru kapena ndinu mphemvu eti??

  4. Hebrews says:

    Just let those who are not satisfied with the increment go! Support staff abvuta ngati iye ndi judge kapena Magistrate? There are a lot of qualified people who can work even better. Just RESIGN!

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    APM reform the judiciary staff ,please.


  7. WINB says:

    bola inu mukukamba za 22% koma anzanu aCHAM mpaka lero kuli zii….not even old Leave grants….akakwiya mumva, dikiran.
    dats wen u will know kut zinthu SZKUYENDAAAA

  8. pasimaro says:

    Iwe Hoity nthawi ya Bakili 7% was alot of Money. Go back to school fokofu.

  9. Charter says:

    May the people of Malawi fire all of them . the judiciary, MPs, and ministers. All of them are greedy!

  10. Hoitty says:

    Govt should not bow down to these untralistic demands. 22% take it or leave it. Ndipo Bakili Muluzi amakweza ndi 7% ali pheee.

  11. Gwede says:

    zoona boma lisamale.

  12. Previladges comes with responsibity,make aconnection and figure it out, no two ways about it!

  13. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    The complication comes after parliamentarians and cabinet raised their own salaries by a hefty percentage. Judiciary staff naturally feel short-changed to be given a pittance. Notwithstanding the high cost of living, salary raise is a ubiquitous demand by all.

  14. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    22%? This is too much. In this economic environment, 2% should be adequate. Where is the government going to get the 22%? Are these employees out of their minds? Pay levels should have little to do with inflation, and everything to do with the government’s ability to pay. Bwana APM and Chilima: be careful how you spend our money. Pretty soon you may end up with empty coffers. The outcome not really being different from emptying the coffers through theft, like JB did.
    You’ve gotta be tougher to these people. You give them the raise, and their productivity will even go down. Watch out. Only to see them again pulling the same stunt next year!

    1. Alufeyo says:

      Actually it is 22% above what civil servants got.

  15. Zozoro says:

    Where will the money come kodi?

    1. Cos says:

      nanga malipiro amene amadzikwezera iwo achokera kuti? timavutika ndi misonkho ndife nafe atikwezerenso.

      1. Jang`ala says:

        @Cos misonkho iweyo umalipila zingati? Kuti uzidandaula choncho? Ngati umanyansidwa nazo kulipila msonkho basi siya kulipila. To the court stuff plz who don’t want 22% increament leave. And find abetter paid job somewhere we r now tired of hearin about u guyz. Shut-up.

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