Malawi launches Public Finance Management Reform Programme

Malawi Government Friday officially launched the Public Finance Management Reform Programme (PFM) as part of continued efforts to curb mismanagement of public funds.

Mutharika speaking at Kamuzu Palace

Mutharika speaking at Kamuzu Palace

Chief Secretary Mkondiwa counsulting VP Chiima and Finance Minister Gondwe

Chief Secretary Mkondiwa counsulting VP Chiima and Finance Minister Gondwe

Present at the launch were senior government officials including Cabinet Ministers, Principal Secretaries

Present at the launch were senior government officials including Cabinet Ministers, Principal Secretaries

Addressing senior government officials during the PFM launch which took place at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, President Prof. Peter Mutharika said; “As Malawians, we should be embarrassed to honour through court proceedings what some people did during the Cashgate scandal.”

He said there has been a continued culture of non-compliance to laws and regulations that provide a framework within which public finances should be managed, a situation to which PFM would be a perfect remedy.

Mutharika  also explained that Malawi still has an excellent framework of financial laws, rules and regulations that follow well established international standards of public finance management which, if observed and complied with, financial fraud would be rare and public resources would be protected.

“Regrettably, these laws, rules and regulations have been ignored progressively with impunity by politicians and the public servants, particularly those who are entrusted with managing resources,” said Mutharika adding; “And the result has been a persistent erosion of funds and a lack of control of expenditures.”

The President further explained that PFM would also sort out the evident lack of political will and leadership which has undermined the public finance management framework of rules and regulations including laxity in enforcing procurement procedures.

The Head of State also disclosed that the Central Internal Auditing service was being reformed and revitalized as a compliance tool of government.

Said the first citizen; “We will introduce qualified internal auditors from the private firms in 10 large ministries to train official internal auditors and establish proper internal auditing practice.”

Speaking earlier before the President, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Goodal Gondwe indicated that PFM was a stride towards overcoming the challenging task of stabilizing the country’s economy which had been paralysed by the infamous Cashgate.

Present at the launch were senior government officials including Cabinet Ministers, Principal Secretaries and Chief Secretary to Government, George Mkondiwa.

Giving a vote of thanks, Mkondiwa hailed PFM as a home grown solution to the financial challenges that have for long retarded the country’s development.–Mana

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23 thoughts on “Malawi launches Public Finance Management Reform Programme”

  1. Zexa By Nontexezi says:

    Chiye Nang’omba, do you have evidence that Bingu stole K90 billion kwacha. Umenewo ndiye usiruwo!

  2. Future leader says:

    Beatifying bookshelves with skeletons

  3. Frodo says:

    the usual jibber-jabber. all this country needs is a reform of morals and ethics around money. everywhere everyone is discussing about how they will line their pockets by swindling some poor organisation and most of all the easy public coffers.

  4. Joyce Bandawe says:

    Listen who is talking! Crown thief himself!

  5. you too says:

    As usual Government never learns any lessons from the past. A couple of years ago Chief Accountants who were to be paid salaries higher than the PS were posted to the so called big Ministries with a view to improve the accounting system. What this decision ignored was the fact that this well paid Chief Accountant will have to be supported by poorly paid and unmotivated accounts clerks. The end result was that the whole thing did not achieve its intended purpose. Here we are again talking about bringing in “expatriates” from the private sector who shall obviously earn higher salaries but working with a pool of poorly paid internal audit staff. Only time will tell whether this time around things will work out as planned.

  6. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    Always empty tin make noise.mkulu wako uja anaba 90 Billion nanga iwe uba zingati? Cardiac arrest go to state house again

  7. When authors of cashgate pose as angels,they talk alot.Remember 92bn,vote gate.May you have repented now.

  8. Indegenous says:

    Comment what a visionary leader ! Malawi surely will develop .bravo APM

  9. Chimani. Game says:

    Shame must start with you,u big head idiot,the big kahuna,duplicate.

  10. Dambuzo mwasanya says:

    A corrupt leader lecturing about corruption.He has just forgotten the colossal figure he inflated recently about his wealth claiming kuti ali ndi handwriting yootoka.Mukunaniza ndani kodi?

  11. onjoya says:

    BRAVO PETER & DPP Guys u make me crazy. enawa ndi a mcp a msanje chabe palibe chomwe anganene.

  12. bratusha says:

    Yes! We are in political pluralism but all those who support Peter do it on three reasons; they are foolish idiots, tribalistic or beneficiaries of public coffer plunder. This President never convinces me. He is no different from Joyce Banda.

  13. Dimba says:

    This government should be last to talk about. Corruption. They are the architect.

  14. Masoambeta says:

    Make jobs available as you promised. Make a feasible pension system that is practical and not colonial.
    Create labour laws to protect ma tenanti and those people on petty jobs. Stop stealing from the public purse. You fools.

  15. Mswachi says:

    Another WHITE Elephant? These instruments need to be implemented and properly enforced: waiting to see!

  16. bratusha says:

    When I look at the beautiful pictureof men and women smartly dressed, one thing comes to mind; a crop of dull people who fail to end electricity blackouts, erratic water supply, poor roads, fifthy cities but yet they enjoy full benefits of their positions. A case of productivity vs entitlements

  17. malawi aserminar country,it will be policies and launches of which some will die anatural death.During JB time,govt launched the ERP (economic recovery plann),today it is public finance management reforms. good if malawi goverment was an artist may be amusician then was to be the best composing and singing musician.Malawi goverment is good at composing policies and giving them agood tune.At one time we shall be the words number one with highest unimplemented policies.may be at acertain time we shall be the worlds fastest policy formulating country.The problem is that we are money hungry not development hungry.These policies are always made after donors have abarndoned us and what our politicians believe as away of convincing the donors is to come up with coloured paper prints that may make the white man smile and get carried.The problem is not with the policies,it is why we need such policies. Malawi’s develoment doesnt necesarily need well documented and punctuated policies and well stocked.we need policies that are workable,though they may be writen by non-educated but if they are well implemented they may be worth twice than awell punctuated,phrased and edited document whose main aim is to convince the helping world and dump it when the aim is acomplished.

  18. English Guru says:

    pliz mbc put subtitles on the speech so we understand what this guy is talking about. the nervousness, the mispronouciation of words, the disconnect with the audience, eish! are you really sure this guy was a lecturer, teaching the azungu? i know teachers, they look at the students they are teaching coz if they dont and there’s no connection, then noone will learn. here’s a guy who presents speeches as if they are presentations for first year students, those first nerve-racking ones where you just cant wait to finish so you can sit down…and he is the president for crying out loud…

  19. john says:

    Reforms can only work if these old PSs are retired as mostly they stick to the old habits.Funding ikabwera imathera allowances at least the first five days amangopereka without working for them

  20. Mphongo Zidana says:

    As usual more to talk and talk and no action. We are ask here to observe if this one translates into action.

  21. Chancy says:

    Kodi za zogula manyumba a housing zija ndizoona?

  22. All those involved in this plunder should be shot at a public function. That is the only way to treat such stupidity. We cannot afford this abuse.

  23. ujeni says:

    Too many launches, ma phwando, just a waste of money. Talk talk with nothing to show of in 50 years

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