Malawi man invents Nsima cooker similar to rice cooker

A young man in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, has invented a Nsima cooking machine after three years of experimenting and testing till finally the machine is now complete and cooking Nsima by itself without the aid of a human being from start to finish, after it has cooked, someone needs simply to take out the pot from the machine same as a rice cooker.

Opening the nsima cooker

Opening the nsima cooker

A smile of success, Zack Salawe Mwale with his nsima cooker when it was almost complete

A smile of success, Zack Salawe Mwale with his nsima cooker when it was almost complete

Zack and his brother enjoying nsima cooked by his invention

Zack and his brother enjoying nsima cooked by his invention

Zack Salawe Mwale 26, spent only two years at Poly, the University of Malawi, as an Electrical and Electronics student, but dropped himself out in 2012 because he was not learning anything new that he didn’t already know and thought that he was just wasting his time in class which could be utilized to continue training himself in new adventures with his experiments at more challenging projects in his laboratory than the easy stuff at Poly.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to Lilongwe News Agency (LINA), Zack Salawe Mwale said he planned, on his own, challenging projects one of which was to invent a nsima cooker because there was none in the whole world, and that is how he began experimenting how he could come up with a machine that is able to cook nsima by itself.

Zack’s cooking machine is so advanced that it is not only able to cook nsima by itself within 36 minutes but also can cook through remote control many miles away using a pin set on your mobile phone. What you need to do before leaving home is to fill the cooker water tank and the flour port with water and flour respectively.

“As a person is about to knock off from office, he/she can command the machine to start cooking nsima and in 36 minutes as you reach home nsima will be ready. You simply open the cooker door, remove the pot and share out the nsima,” Zack explains.

He continues: “I wanted to create something I believed there was none in the world but also because nsima is the main food in Malawi and many other African countries, and yet many people find it difficult to prepare.”

Zack said the machine has taken him three years to develop and has consumed a large sum of money because of experimenting and in the process he spent more time and more money on gadgets which could blow up during experimentation.

Zack confesses that, taking all in all, he has spent around MK15 million on the project funded by himself, his mother and Mr Victor Mfaumi, a Malawian living in the United Kingdom.

“All the money I sourced from my piece works as a technician was spent on the project buying components for experimenting such as transistors, transformers, ICs, capacitors and many more. My mother provided me with the lab house where I work, she also contributed money, and Mr Victor Mfaumi from the UK always sent me some of the components of the machine I needed,” he disclosed.

He said the cooker is a modern invention using very minimal power, less than any cooker. He also claims that the three years spent developing it was to make sure that it is efficient, effective and durable.

“The cooker cannot easily breakdown, through several trials and experiments; I have made sure that it is effective, efficient and durable,” he emphasized.

He, however, revealed that there is still room for improvement of certain parts such as the cooker part that stirs the nsima (mthiko). He said he wants to produce a better one at Lilongwe Technical College.

Zack is appealing to the Government of Malawi and the corporate world that he has done his part, making the invention, but now it is the government and the corporate world that must come in to assist him to move a step forward.

He said he needs safeguarding of rights for his invention, he needs partnership with Malawi companies such as Airtel, TNM, Press corporation, to mention just a few, including outside companies that produce certain parts of the cooker, all this need money, logistical arrangements and other requirements which he said he cannot afford alone.

Zack Salawe Mwale said he has had other inventions as well in the past such as the Home Saver he developed when he was about 14 years old before he went to college. The machine was mainly for home safety. It reminded the owner that the windows or doors are not locked when it was night, and could send a message to the house owner if a door or window is being banged in case of house breaking. It had many more functions such as remote door opening and closing.

He said his inventions come from God’s given talent where he plans challenges for himself, gets electrical and electronics gadgets for experimenting on the plan, and after trials it develops into an invention in the end. – LINA

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150 thoughts on “Malawi man invents Nsima cooker similar to rice cooker”

  1. Ngexo says:

    keep it up brother though am confused on the real inventor of the nsima machine

  2. Munthu Wanzeru says:

    You do not source funding for such from government you go out with a prepped pitch to people who have money and establish partnerships.

  3. Munthu Wanzeru says:

    You do not source such funds from government. You go around pitching your product for development.

  4. madam says:

    people like you are very scared. keep it up student. but you made a bad decision of quitting school. it makes u widen your knowledge on the adventures. for u to a transistor was because of school. at the same time, for you to be well recognised, you need school. pliz, earn a degree for more adventures. you are a material for national development.

  5. fufumagic says:

    Uneducated fool…why did you drop out of college…why do you want to re-invent the wheel… this machine was already in use elsewhere…why do you call it an invention.

  6. Wa uzeni osidzo says:

    dats 9c abro….i wil join u 2019.okay

  7. tambwali says:

    malawi industrial research and technology development centre. where are you?? this is your job! do something to assist this young man!! jeeeez!! losers!

  8. tambwali says:

    Dr Gregson Orobosa Oghafua- inventor of Fufumagic. oh oh!! please Google.

  9. mtonga says:

    Google Fufumagic in US and Canada. i rest my case.

  10. Solomonic says:

    Bravo!! But you could have go on with study

  11. sipho says:

    there used to be the Malawi Industrial Research Institute that was supposed to assist with these kind of inventions. where is it now? we definitely need a govt body to assist with costs of patenting- legal fess etc.; market research; feasibility studies to help nurture creativity and innovativeness in Malawi especially among the youth. He needs to patent his invention through the SADC accelerated Third World patenting process to prevent poor countries losing their intellectual property to richer more powerful countries. Then he needs to look for the cheapest materials to make his invention affordable to the vast poor people who will be his market- the rich can always hire a maid for much cheaper. in fact if the product is more expensive to make than hiring a maid than the cost/benefit analysts will sink the feasibility of the invention. the other factor is what is the quality of the nsima- is it the same as that being cooked by your wife or maid?i,e quality control. is it washable to prevent disease causing bacteria? many little issues will be raised and all requiremonies to research these issues before supermarkets/distributors will even consider putting it on the shelves as one of their products, But all in all, congrats young man!! this is what Malawi needs from its youth- this is the kind of creativity in that made the Asian Tigers!! biiiig uuuup young man!!

  12. Tina says:

    Zake Salawe mwale…The Black Steve Jobs.Enough said.

  13. gondwe says:

    Please maNyasa (aMalawi) Zack anakopera FufuMagic nthawi yomwe anali ku Poly. Chifukwa mchaka cha 2011, Fufumagic (microwave yophikiramo nsima inali iri pansika kale)

    Ndipo inu a Nyasanet fufuzani pa internet mawu OTI: FUFUMAGIC muona. ndiponso COMMENTARY PAGE yanuyi ndiyotsalira mbuyo ndithu kukanika pasting (PASTE). what a cheap SOCIAL NET PAGE!

    1. stupid says:

      So what if he copied???at least he has come up with something. what have u got to show to the world?mxiiiiii

    2. concerned says:

      Amalawi kuzolowela kukhomelela!!! He has done it basi!!!!! Dats grt Zack takunyadira

  14. willard Thipa says:

    Keep it up congratulations

  15. nabanda says:

    Nde amalawi amenewo kubela basi that’s not invention bru, Joshua Ngalande is an inventor

    1. losco says:

      Zilipati kodi za a Ngalandewo?

  16. nabanda says:

    Joshua Ngalande ndi deal abwana.

  17. opportunist says:

    Osati enanu Mukamaliza ku Poly mumaziwa inu ndikuthimisa magetsi ku ESCOM basi

  18. Benjamin says:

    Good work but you shouldn’t have dropped from the varsity,you need to have papers in order for you to be taken serious

  19. Kweni PK says:

    Will you marry me?

  20. Mnngulu says:

    Trade and Industry and Malawi bureau of standards help this man patent his product here in Malawi. Support him to manufacture market his patent locally if possible. he will make money and the government will make money on taxes and imports.

    Mr. Mwale do not be fouled by those calling you to go back to college. Jesus did not but He used his intuition to become God, Einstein was weeded and dropped out of college but he is the most celebrated scientist of our time. Most of the investors never went to college. Mr. Mwale you were not weeded and you did go to college and opted out. My advise please concentrate on what you know best and invent more machines. Academics will spoil you. To much theories.

  21. Goba says:

    a similar cooker was invented about 7-8years ago by one Ngalande who was also doing electrical engineering by then only that this Ngalande did not drop out. He finished his degree and did presentations on several forums on his invention

  22. vesco says:

    big big up for yuuuuuuuuu

  23. galanta says:

    regardless of yu being a genius, yu required formal education….and yu weren’t supposed to drop out of the UNIMA,POLY. una foila2 pamenepo…this is Malawi nt America where yu imitate the lives of Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Steven Ford….noooooo go bak to xul.

  24. yap says:

    Make you go do yo thing ma broda kip it op at least we will have the first machine written made in MALAWI….. CHINA watch out……

  25. Abdinasir Ali says:

    That’s a good start keep on and never allow ur talent to die .

  26. Fred says:

    Good job but it is not the 1st nsima cooker. Joshua Ngalande also invented a nsima cooker.

  27. SIBONDA says:

    A Zimbabwean did this years ago on commercial level

  28. Nalo Banda says:

    Nsima is eaten all over SADC countries and beyond, called diffrent names – shima, ugali, sadza, papas etc. Believe me I am a woman, nobody really likes preparing it. This is the most ingenuous invention of the century! Please Malawi wake up for once and support this innovative and market it further. Our leaders, Chilima this is the time to show your private sector lens, support this guy to develop this further and put Malawi on the map. Suppirt him and market this further within the region. I could really kick Malawi and make you wake up. Why do you bask in the status of lowest poorest in the world? Why? What willit take for Malawi to stand out and be among the counted and not the looked down on. Cry my beloved country

  29. the poorest country on earth says:

    15 million? are you serious? anyway, patent it quickly and start mass production. we need quick minds like yours in this shit-hole country.

    i for one have never seen what the poly engineers have done for malawi, civil, elec and mech are all useless graduates. no inventions at all

  30. hohoba says:

    wow congrats bra

  31. naphiri says:

    Koma uzilemba your process of invension because other people will still your knowledge, publish it as theirs. Good job Zack!!!!

  32. ukubingelera says:

    big up mr kiasonic…

    1. steve salika says:


  33. fufumagic says:

    Just buy a fufumagic cooker and see how it cooks nsima… rather than invent the wheel…. one gadget is already there FUFUMAGIC!

  34. wilfred says:


  35. Chembe says:

    Mwalupsya u have to understand the whole paragraph first not a sentence only before u dispise this genius. A lot of your so called intelligent classmates of this lad that went a heard to graduate with honours cant even do half of what this guy is doing. You know what they are doing blaming government for not creating job while this academic failure is blaming government for not making loan accessible to inventors and researchers. Mr inventer you have one more buyer here.

  36. Evidence says:

    Mine is a tracker using GPRS you can hide a chip in your wifes handbag or your husbands wallet and the chip interacts with your phone and will locate him/her using polarised compass

  37. moses sati says:

    Great innovation. Why not raise funds using crowdfunding sites like indiegogo to set up a firm to supply the machine for the SADC region, they also eat nsima in West africa!

    All the best

  38. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    In this globolised world innovative capital is regarded as more important than financial capital and has to be supported at all cost. It is so demotivating to see other past innovations being ignored while they have the potential to serve Malawians economically and socially. What comes to mind is the Galan MW1, the Aids medication. This plus many more have seen no or little Government support and are forgotten or are gathering dust in some Institutions for lack of funds to carry out research on them.

  39. rashid mbewe says:

    well done! government please come in and assist this project titeteze mitengo popewa kuotcha makala

  40. Nkalapwaga says:

    NCST where are u?ntchito kulemba ma proposal.Help the lad and put malawi on the Dunia map.

  41. Joe wa Kalunji says:

    These are the type of inventions government should not even hesitate to embrace and support. At a time when we are all banging our heads regarding finding solutions on how to effectively deal with the denudation of our natural forests, this invention comes in handy. We shall only need to improve on access and availability of electricity – which are a headache to every one currently. Please. Let us publicise this very practical invention that could put Malawi on the map. Well done Zack !!!!!! Continue challenging your brain even more. We must demonstrate to the world that scientific inventions are not a preserve of the western world or orientals only.

  42. azama says:

    Wow this is so interesting….. and you say Malawi is poor no it’s not.

    Will post it on America skills page they should see this.

  43. Wakiki says:

    Congrats my brother. I hope it can also cook Kondowole assh!

  44. Frodo says:

    anamuwida uyu…pa Malawi pano invention is nothing. there is no market for such kind of innovation. stupid economy

  45. liz says:

    Proud of you. Ths z so great! Ndazikonda!

  46. Tim Masamba says:

    This is rubbish who needs a nsima cooker?

  47. joseph k Lungu says:

    So proud of u much do u think the machine wll cost a buyer?

  48. Gilbo says:

    Amfana mumaitha keep it up.

  49. Bonkili says:

    You fool. Who told you that graduate level training is not necessary to boost up your inventions prowess? Graduate level qualifications will help you to further understand the scientific basis of your inventions. Wake up from your education slumber, go back to Poly and thereafter continue with your inventions.

  50. Magolizoo says:

    Ndilibe nawe mawu koma ndingot kip it up,ngakhale ndaziwa kale kut government sichitapo kathu,kma usabwelere m’mbuyo.











  52. paul mwambo says:

    Its a good beginning and I hope if you make some proposals to some organization ,and government machinery, I am sure you will go further and Malawi will benefit from it

  53. Tamanda Namagonya says:

    Bravo. The world really need pple like u. As woman i know how tiring it is to cook nsima manually. So we welcome it on the market.Ready to buy this nsima cooker.

  54. wanted says:

    We need this appliance on the mkt the soonest man

  55. Dziko says:

    There is FUFUMAGIC out there,its a machine,fully automated and electrified that cooks nsima…check online.You are the one who needs to get licences to produce your product coz some people already invented it.

  56. zodabwitsa says:

    If this maybe encouraged, say the government comes in and pump in more money so that many machines like this are produced, surely Malawi will net more money than tobacco brings in. Almost all African countries eat nsima, so appliance can be sold to these countries and imagine the millions Malawi will get. it will also provide employment to the unemployed. Thumbs up lad.

  57. Gilbert says:

    Sound good but we can cook papa or nsima within 10mints so 36 minits its too much and idont think it can work on Ufa woyera

  58. factfinder says:

    Koma anthu anzeru kwambiri kudana ndi sukulu! Many innovative and successful people do not finish school why???

  59. gondwe says:

    Zack! You have done nothing special!!!!!

    You have just copied the microwave. Do you know that you can cook nsima in a microwave within 5 minutes.

    I did that whilst living in the UK in 2003.

    About the K15million you are alleging, please Malawians let us stop inflating figures. This is another home NSIMACOOKERGATE. That money was used for building that house we see mukudyerapo nsimayo. Dont cheat us. K15 million would buy you products.
    Achimwene lekani KUNAMA.

  60. Chenda says:

    This is a very good achievement and we expect another different invention that would require the usage of solar energy.

  61. akukonde akukonde nkhoma says:

    komabe sukulu njofunika mzanga. if you really dropped out of your own volition i pity you. how do you move forward without talking same language with fellow professionals. Consider going back to school. it will make you effective and efficient. look 3years is quite long. with good education you can scale down turn around duration. Big up for your innovative ideas.

  62. mjomba says:

    iwe ndi mfiti basi, koma keep it up. God should continue bless u with other hidden knowledge.

  63. Malawiano says:

    Thats the type of talents Malawians will be proud to have for economic sustainability especially for the youth. Its a shame that Malawi has graduated more than 50,000 from Polytechnic but not even a simple bicycle is made in Malawi. Every Engineering graduate would want to work in the office. The young man need a part at the back and I humbly ask our governwent to help this genius to fulfill his vission and dreams

  64. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Inventors are not supported by Government, but businesses.

    And knowing Malawians this one will refuse partnership from anyone other than government.

    Find a financier.

    In UK they have a den of rich people listening to peoples inventions and financing them, nothing to do with government.

    Why should peoples taxes be used to enrich one man? Did you ask government or anyone apart from Mfaume to finance your experiments, There are bodies that finance that.

    All those asking Government to throw money on this are not realistic.

  65. James Mandolo says:

    Great Innovation. Cooplorate World, Ofunikatu Support Apa

  66. croc says:

    I will definitely buy one

  67. Malindima says:

    But I have seen cookers which are mechanical and operate using a motor with timers switches doing the same as per this invention.

  68. njophi says:

    This is what the country needs….awesome stuff..proud to be a Malawian

  69. T/A says:

    Anthu akufunika ndi ngati Mwale, osati Tembo ndi azanke achina Sembereka.

  70. Delight J says:

    That’s the way to go…overdue engineers’ node and investors’ eye.

  71. Kelvin says:

    Be serious Zack we need people like you in our impoverished country Malawi.Zack has done his part and now its up to our government and none governmental bodies to support him.

  72. Malawian says:

    Congratulations…. This is good for our country. Joshua Ngalande also made a nsima cooker n it was working. The problem was that he didn’t get support from any1 that’s why his product isn’t very much known. He’s now in Australia doing his masters.

    We have this talent in our country but the government just let go like that. There was a young man who made a machine omanga ma braids the government did nothing, the Kasungu guy anapanga magetsi uja the government did nothing, the radio station young man, Joshua Ngalande with his nsima cooker, and now this guy with a very much improved nsima cooker… Please govt this our talent, if supported they may bring the forex and development we need. TREASURE THEM!!!!

  73. Naphi says:

    Koma mwati 15 mita?

  74. Sunganani says:

    Scale up the invention…and scale down the time to much less than 36 minutes. Congrats to the inventor. Malawi seriously needs more innovative people like you.

  75. Am ready to buy this gadget. When it’s on the market and I’ll definitely get it. It’ll make life easier for me here in the UK.
    Polenta Cooker.

  76. Mwalupya says:

    That’s good work, surely he knows why he dropped out of Poly. as much as appreciate his effort, but he should be truthful about how he was withdrawn from Poly. In fact he was eliminated on academic grounds.

  77. ble says:

    Eee mk15 million man,, eee mhu!!

  78. kapena_mwachedwa says:

    There is FufuMagic invented long time ago. Google it, there is video on Kugoooona aMalawi. But job well done.

  79. Achakulungwa says:

    Thumbs up Zach! You really deserve government support. We have so many experts in engineering yet they have invented nothing. You are the Genius of Malawi in the ranks of william Kamkwamba (WindMIll genius), the guy who invented a power station in the north at Kasangadzi river and the other one at Kavuzi. Keep on guys, Keep on. by the way where are the two young boys from Mulanje and Ntchisi who came up with their own FM stations respectively only to bogged down by our retrogressive laws?

  80. ujeni says:

    Dont bring Joshua Ngalande in this story. His machine never saw the daylight.

  81. ANALYST says:

    Can the govt do something for once please to such rare gems of Malawi? Dont you (govt) think this can help in combating deforestation (people will be using the cooker, other than mbaula)! Can Atupele Muluzi (Ministry of Energy); Mwanaveka (Industry & Trade) and the minister of educ do something for once???? Otherwise, I see an American University taking him out (like my homeboy from Kasungu who built a windmill) and will be lost just like that!!!!!

  82. Donyetse says:

    Thank you for this great innovation. These innovators require a functional policy support from the public and private sector. I believe this is the only road to prosperity for Malawi, innovative thinking fully supported by policy. Nsima cooker is essential. Look at our friends in Asia they are now mass producing a rice cooker which they invented longtime ago. Their technology responds to society needs. Ndi makomo ochepa pa Malawi omwe limadutsa tsiku osaitereka nsima be it urban or rural. We can start mass production and even export to our neighbors. Eventually gain a better position in world poverty ranking.

  83. Poor Malawi says:

    Thumb up, bro! You don’t need a PhD to make contributions to your communities. Lets allow our brain to function the way God designed it to be.

    At last, u bachelor/spinister wapwekha pa Malawi!!!!!!!!

    Lets support this guy with all we can. I am willing to buy one as soon as possible.

    We need creative minds to turn Malawi Economy into prosperity!!!!!!!!!!

  84. ngala mountain says:

    This is very interesting not just spending government money out of nothing with the so called government sponsord students without inventing anything or even paying back the loan.ochewa anzeru amenewo osati anthu akuba enawa .Produce more cookers man we unmarried will not starve again with hunger .when will they be on the market ?

  85. Peatry Green Ntodwa says:

    Wow, Malawi, much as is ranked as the world’s poorest, is blessed with geniuses the likes of Zach! We really need to rally behind this son of Malawi and give him unflinching support! Well done Zach and may God guide you into more inventions!

  86. Government must make sure that these young talented generation,is well secured and acquanted with enough materials for further invention.This could be done as what Bingu and Joyce Banda did respectively to Isaac Chilemba for supporting him.APM and his administration must do it as done before for assisting this YOUNG MAN.
    May Allah Bless Him!

  87. kanunkha says:

    Genius!!!, now its time to go and harness the natural inteeligence with the theories that had already been developed at POLY. You will have a wider casting of the net as well as the exposure. As someone has suggeted, the graduation from poly would give you a more deeper understanding on how to write proposals, approach, and make your brands more safeguarded as you would be able to interract at higher levels without other people doing on your behalf. Remember african society is good at reaping where they did not sow!!!, if it were in europe, you were good to go. just pondering!!!!

  88. mwenye ulumba says:

    congratulations man! But i am sure this is not the first time I have heard about a nsima cooker. There is another genius from Poly ( not a drop out) who did a similar work and now doing further studies in Australia. It lacked funding to go full swing. I hope yours will meet mass production. However I would like if you could invent a simple one using charcoal and operated by pedals for common man, not the automated one. I have wanted to talk to the industrial research and technology people to develop the idea. Otherwise your invention will not benefit a lot of people coz it will target those using electricity, very few, and could be more expensive.

  89. Chimwemwe says:

    Congratulations. You may however wish to know that another Malawian, Joshua Ngalande already invented a Nsima Cooker so much as it is no mean achievement, it is not the first in the world. I believe you and Joshua can put your amazing brains together and make some improvements to this machine. For starters, I feel your machine cooking time of 36 minutes should be improved if it has to attract more customers. Also note that the high consumers of Nsima are the people that have no access to electricity in Malawi. If this product is to be taken on board by this massive market, then you may wish to either engage with stakeholders to up the eletrification efforts else, think of how you can utilise solar energy for your machine. Once again congratulations

  90. ndagha says:

    congratulations! companies NGO’S, help this guy to promote him

  91. Genius. He needs all the support.

  92. I think you should team up with Joshua Ngalande,, he also developed his own but lacked funds, you two could share ideas and source funds from Govt, am ready to sponsor 50 grand,, thats what i can afford and am ready to buy it.

  93. Wokongola says:

    This is great, God bless you and keep on going!

  94. Peter Lungu says:

    Wow! This is great. Malawi govt, plse assist in up-scaling the innovation

    1. Bongololo says:

      Why government? Why not investors, if, that is, this thing really is investment worthy and worthy of making sales on the bona fide nsima eating market?

  95. Ada bwana says:

    Kodowole siingatheke umu

  96. Smicks says:

    This is an amazing innovation, I seriously think that this deserves a bigger media coverage to show appreciation and support…. Well done and all the best

    1. Bongololo says:

      Lord knows if this thing really works.

  97. SIBWENI says:


  98. apundi says says:

    tapangani zambiri ife tiguleko tima chita ulesi kuphika nsima keep it up

  99. isaac says:

    what are his contacts?

  100. Kanyimbi says:

    I have no words. This is wonderful work not the ones we were hearing from CHANCO e.g bicycle phone charger, printing of t-shirts which can be compared to the thinking of a standard eight student.

  101. Kokotowa says:

    No machine can cook neonatal better than my grandma does¡ Akamaithyakula imamveka kuti pha! pha! pha! Ndiye amadzaisiya Kaye imamveka kuti swiiiiiiiii! Iwe! Palibenso!

  102. Issa Kabudula says:

    This is some of the developments at its best – the government must protect this intelligence which is scares and important to the people especially in Africa, where nsima is the way to go. Other countries spent billions in nurturing kids to become great thinkers in order to benefit from their intelligence, for Malawi youth do struggle some with very high information but lack funding – this is a shameful stories – for Zack bru congratulations for have added the number of Malawian youths who are particular.

  103. m'Malawi says:

    Although a Nsima cooker was once invented before by a certain Joshua Ngalande while studying at Poly in the early 2000’s, this is still a very great product with notable improvements on that first one (such as remote control features).

  104. SMITH says:

    if this guy spent 15 million kwacha to make one machine, how much more will it cost him for more machines to reach the consumers who feel this is a good idea. the thing is not to ask airtel or tnm to help you,atleast govt should help you go to a country that is high in technology like japan and korea even other labs in china and come up with a way to produce many machines of the same for local sales. otherwise our wait is you have one machine your plans should be on making many of them for sale…believe me china can help you

  105. wobeba wanga says:

    i know this guy. he is so genius. we have ever been together in chinyonga

  106. Mfumu ya Luso says:

    Can I place an order please ? Lol! I am encouraged by this young man’s passion for creativity. This machine can ease problems for most of men and women who don’t know how to prepare nsima using the traditional method of cooking using a stick. By the way, let us not look at government alone to help the young man. Lots of companies in the private sector should help, after all its not for free. What the man needs to do is to patent his product, and he can later sell the patent to a company which can take over the machine and manufacture them in bulk and distribute throughout the country and beyond. That’s how we do business in the modern world.

  107. jadabush says:

    Hands up,this boy rocks just as Bill Gates…he must corruborate with that young man who invented a Radio Station in the southern region.

  108. Joel says:

    Bravo Young Man. You can still do more. Let the poweres that be come to your aid!

  109. Munthuwazeru says:

    Kumalawi kuliso anthu azeru ngati inu eeti? Praise God.

  110. Shimwitwa says:

    We have got talent in Malawi.

  111. Young Dailes says:

    Ayi ada awa ndi dolo ine ndaimasa makutu bola BOMA laziwa kupha ndi kupondereza lisa pangepo zakezake. Enaso angambe kutchukirapo ngati apanga ndiwo kuyamba kulemera mwini nkumasowa ndi soap otsambira

  112. Angella says:

    this is brilliant…keep it up

  113. Sacks Chilli says:

    Congratulations young man! Surely there must be some organization in Malawi that can guide and assist this young man all the way to the point where the product meets all the international certification requirements (ISO, CE etc) to make it easier for export (Tanzanians and Kenyans eat ugali, Zambians eat nchima, Zimbabweans eat sadza, South Africans eat stiff pap – so plenty of export markets),the product is patented, a purpose-built factory is erected. Our African leaders all call for the African countries to be “net exporters” and not “net importers”.

  114. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is incredible,yes! yes, this is what we have been waiting for Nsima is being used probably the whole southern part of Africa including Kenya they call it Ugali same like yao Language meaning there should be closer look on this development,that Machine even in South Africa they don’t have so surely government what are you waiting for? Especially Atupere Muluzi this is the guy to do partnership with.The problem we overlook our boys,remember Isaac Chilemba it was same story then he relocate himself to South Africa So utilize this guy now,no more cutting down of trees for charcoal.But hey i don’t want issues of jealous monopoly on this context (NO)it is time for Malawi this is single, promoters don’t take chance alright?see my name.

  115. Ananthewa says:

    koma ikumakhala yothyakuka bwino bwino? chifukwa enafe nsima ya mabulu sitidya. Plz aboma ma 6 inches’wo ayi, mapazi otupa ndi cashgate musamuponde nawo mnyamatayi

  116. Ntchona says:

    Well youngman, register your product as a patent beforehand someone steals your idea. Secondly dont stop learning the world is so dynamic. What is relevant today may not be tomorrow. Congrats

  117. Bambo says:

    zimenezi ndiye mzeru not just kumangokhala mmawindo a bus kumatukwana anthu osalakwa muli mbuli zotheratu. Congrates bro

  118. Me says:

    I wish you patent it quickly so that you protect your intellectual rights; congrats

  119. Lexa K says:

    Congrats home boy. I encourage you to go on with this significant adventure. may God bless you as you broaden your horizons. ukazayamba kugulitsa, I will be one of your first customers.

  120. tuvi says:

    Let everyone support this brilliant young man, Government, individuls as well as corporate world.

  121. Lexa K says:

    I encourage this young man to go on with this remarkable adventure. God bless you as you enlarge your horizons! ukazayamba kugulitsa I will be one of your first customers.

  122. namatetule says:

    Government,hands off!!!!!Cash gate and all.Mumubela mwana.Greeedy sons of bitches in the government must not touch this project.Period.What Mr Mwale needs are private investors to assist in mass production(so the product becomes cheaper),logistics(distributions etc.)so the product is readily available.A bit of marketing,so customers are made aware of its benefits.But by God,this proves that our universities are utterly nonsense.This brilliant young man had the sense of quitting Poly and decided to follow his interests.Congratulations and lets encourage the young entrepreneurs to move Malawi forward.

  123. Tengupenya says:

    patent before hawks pull it over

  124. Hoitty says:

    Izi ndiye zofunika. Osati kumaliza ku poly nkumadikila kukathimitsa machine ku Rab processors

  125. JOEL says:

    well done brother man..keep it up

  126. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Paja a MACRA amadana ndi anthu oterewa, remember the radio station in PE/MJ? Anyway, thank God it’s a different inversion away from telecommunication. But wait a minute, I hear of remote control and a pin, sinkhani ya MACRA imeneyi?If Malawi is to develop, these are the people. Congrants young man. By the way, yafika pa msika? It can help anthu osakwatirafe a lot?

  127. Mwana wa Dorothy says:

    Zoona wachita mbali yako.colleges lets coach our students to be able to think out of the box like this youngman.

  128. gwafa says:

    Zili bwino koma osanyoza poly idzafunikabe pa innovation imeneyi!

  129. zandile says:

    Govt shed support this guy.

  130. mzimwale says:

    at least something goos from Malawi.
    with Nsima cooker, bachelor zokwatira palibe.

  131. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Let me burst your bubble young man, one Joshua Ngalande (a Malawian as well) already invented a nsima cooker several years ago…. but still, congratulations!

  132. Knysna says:

    Excellent young man,he needs our support if govt or pvt sector doesnt come in,he must open a bank acc well wishers should deposit whatever they can we are 15million pple in malawi we can assit this genius of ours,we need his contact details.

  133. Knysna says:

    Excellent young man,he needs our support if govt or pvt sector does come in,he must open a bank acc well wishers should deposit whatever they can we are 15million pple in malawi we can assit this genius of ours,we need his contact details.

  134. Charter says:

    Amwene nde muyambepo project ya chophikira kondowole! Kondowole involves all four limbs to cook. We need a gadget for that! Congratulations.

  135. Denga says:

    zabwino well done

  136. William says:

    What is the estimated cost of one machine? U R a genious brother.

  137. Inkosi says:

    Lets support this man, zikuoneka kuti ali ndi nzeru. Tiokondane a Malawi. Keep it up young man.

  138. william says:

    Wow gd news keep it up papa

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