Malawi mark ‘happy coincidence’ of Christmas Eve with the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s birthday

Christmas festive mood in Malawi on Thursday coincided with Ziyarah parade, commemorations and celebrations to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi, on 24 December.

Malawi Muslims celebratibg the birth of Prophet Mohamed in Lilongwe.

Malawi Muslims celebratibg the birth of Prophet Mohamed in Lilongwe.

Mutharika with young muslims who came for the Christmas party at Sanjika Palace hotsed by the First Couple

Mutharika with young muslims who came for the Christmas party at Sanjika Palace hotsed by the First Couple

Christians and Muslims marked peacefully the “happy coincidence” of Christmas Eve with the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Save for Radio Islam and Joy radio, all radio stations and television activated Christmas festive mood by playing carols and other Christmas songs with interviews or plays on the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe is the Son of God.

Muslims recognise Muhammad as a prophet and some Muslim countries, including Somalia have banned commemoration and celebration of Jesus.

In major cities of Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre, there were thousands of people, most of them making last minute shoppings for Christmas, a special period for Christians who believe in life after death either in paradise or hell depending on one’s faith with Jesus Christ.

The Muslims however enjoyed the Ziyarah carnival in Blantyre and Lilongwe, parades that drew close to 60000 Muslims, according to the Muslim leadership in Malawi.

After the parades, the muslims listened to sermons mostly dwelling on the life of Prophet Mohammed, whom muslims regard as the last prophet sent by Allah to redeem people from their sins.

Most imams and sheikhs preached love.

They explained that Muslim celebration of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, Eid Milad ul-Nabi, more commonly known as Mawlid, has this year fallen on December 24.

“We know our Christian brothers and sisters will be celebrating Christmas and we send all good wishes to them for Christmas and the new year,” said Sheikh Adam Amani Kang’ombe.

He called on Muslims to use the opportunity of Prophet Muhammed’s birthday to reflect on his teachings and life of piety, prayer and service to God and humanity.

Shiek Kang’ombe urged adherents of the Islamic faith to rededicate themselves to upholding the injunctions of the Holy Quran in their personal life and in their relationship with others.

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46 thoughts on “Malawi mark ‘happy coincidence’ of Christmas Eve with the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s birthday”

  1. A.F. says:

    Is there any scriptural evidence for EITHER “birthday?!”

  2. Malipeya says:


  3. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    Interesting! especially going through some comments. How I loathe it, if some parts of Malawi had good socioeconomic indicators like that of the UK or USA. There could be deafening hogwash noise of bragging and pomposity like we see here. Anyani kusekana dzikundu! On this very page we had results by PAC on federalism. Some readers trashed the outcome as doctored. Some even demanded the article to have included methodological details such as the sample size, power, standard error etc for them to accept the results. Was it trying to sound statistical? But I hope that was the push of a tribalistic mindset. Certainly this was a poor show of having knowledge without knowing when to apply it. For sure any knowledgeable person with wisdom wouldn’t demand the article on nyasa times to present sample size or powe, type 1 or 2 error etc. Anyway, if so much interested why not request a full study report from PAC? This doesn’t meant I support the PAC report. My point is rather how people tend to have double standards when making judgements. You see here, some folks who probably had reservations with PAC report has received this ADB report wholesale. Come on! Malawi and indeed any part of Malawi has little to cerebrate about. Tiyeni tizingogwira ntchito molimbika mwina zidzatiyendera patsogolo.

  4. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    Waiting to see when Christians will have the same freedom to practice their religion in parts of the world they are in minority. Then I will consider Islam a religion of peace perhaps wanting to join it.

  5. Ally Razack says:

    Proud Muslim living in the USA for the past 16 years. When you an educated person or more knowledgeable with other people’s religion, you mind your on own business. Stop looking like a fool in a public. Go in that corner and ask Allah or God for forgiveness. Now, some Muslims in Malawi do not know what they are doing. Stop this madness! Ziyarah Parade for our Prophet’s birth day. Why? Show me where such parade is written. Stop It! Who is this guy/Sheik Kang’ombe? Come on Nyasa! You should have contacted MAM Chair before writing this …….
    Happy Holidays!

  6. ganganfuno says:

    Yelemiya 52 : 31 simple

  7. David says:

    Anthu opanda mtendele aslamu.birthday ya Muhammad iyidziwa Chaka chino?? all these years analikutiko??.Amangofuna nkangano ndi a christu. Anthu Oipa

  8. Faizal aboo go home idiot malawi is for blacks do u want to bring al qaeda here? We dont want confusion here go home! I hate u motherfucker

  9. Signs Of Times says:

    Please somebody google the history of Ziyara ! I rest my case!

  10. Rift Valley says:

    Just you wait. Next you will hear Mohammed died a day before Good Friday.

  11. Faizal aboo says:

    Read about isa (Jesus) and read about Muhammed – peace be upon them both.
    The celebrations of the birth of prophet Muhammed always is on 12 th rabi Ul awal in the islamic calendar ( the lunar calendar) like the birth of isa (Jesus) is on 25 th of december being roman calendar). This coincidence happens once in 35 years of different calendars that celebrations are in the same week. The islamic calendar is 354/355 days based on lunar sightings which roman calendar is 365/366 based on leap year calculations.
    It is a must that Muslims believe in isa ( Jesus) as a prophet before Muhammed came into the world. If anyone talks rude about any prophet is it blasphemy and he needs to be severely punished.
    Celebrations of Maulud did take place in pretoria, durban, capetown and many states in South Africa. It is a shame that people who comment don’t have facts with them. In fact more that 65 countries in the world have this as a national holiday.
    Finally we congratulate all Muslims worldwide on this years Maulid celebrations – well done.
    Muslims are advised to continue giving in charity to all as well as to read and understand religion of islam properly through correct books.
    As for our Christian friends the message is practice your religion and enjoy your Celbrations and read about isa(Jesus) from the islamic perspective. There is a full chapter on mariam(Mary) and isa (Jesus) in the holy Quraan and you will be surprised how much Islam respects them and the information that is there about the Mariam (Virgin Mary) may peace be upon her .
    Muslims are a nation of peace and anyone who disturbs peace is not muslim.

  12. Junior says:

    Missionaries caused holy crusades killing millions of people. Americas wars in arab countries have killed millions of people. The BIGGEST slave traders were the british and americans with more than 100 million slaves and mass murders. Get ur facts right mgwanta. EDUCATE YOURSELF. dont wait for some media or others to educate you on their biased opinions!

    Islam is a religion of peace. Of it wasnt then 1.5billion muslims would have finished off the rest of the people on the earth!

  13. mgwantha says:

    Christianity is holy and divine gift to mankind,While Islam is earthly. Islam spread through slave trade, trade of human beings not animals while Christianity came through missionaries who never was involved in slave trade business. Muslims don’t feel pity to kill a human being. They even kill people to make them follow them through tellifying them. Talk about Muslim nations at war now it’s a pity Muslim groups killing fellow Muslims no reconciliations. It is the religion full of human blood. The prophet didn’t bring hope to people. Jesus did all things necessary for human care.

  14. ChaweZi Gomes says:

    Zachamba basi, to hell with these religious stupidities both Jesus and Mohammed

  15. Kunta says:


  16. RoyK says:

    the taming of alqueida

  17. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Why only in malawi muslims here in rsa there is no such athing.poor education.

  18. Malawiano says:

    No Jesus No life. He is the way the truth and the life. John 14:6,

    and the word (which was God in the beginning) dwelt amongst us full of grace and truth. John1:14.

    and God exalted the name Jesus that all (nothing or nobody is left out) knee shouuld bow and every (leaving out nobody) tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD.

  19. Wapamtima says:

    muslims are not peaceful people. They were celebrating birth of their prophet in January now on 24 Dec next will be on 25 Dec. their is un peaceful reason behind chenging of the days. Muslims let Christmas be Christmas, Dont doom Christmas with your mission action like your missionaries are doing in Nageria and Syria

  20. Limwado says:

    Ok Noted

  21. Woyera says:

    Mwati ‘coincidenceI’? I thought date ya birthday siimasintha thus 24th is always followed by 25th. Ndiye kuti m’mbuyomu zimakhala bwanji

  22. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Happy Xmas

  23. Mafulufute says:

    Hahaha! Prophet wa mtundu wanji wokhala ndi birthday yosinthasintha?

    No wonder his followers are lunatics!

  24. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    Lero ndiye kunalibe stampede? Paja zimakonda kuwachitikira anzathuwa

  25. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    When ignorance and poverty are put into a petri dish, the product is dreadful. One can easily see that the homo sapiens being paraded here have indeed no any idea whatsoever, what they are jubilating for.

  26. kate says:

    Iwe someone called ma. I don’t appreciate u calling my prophet a womaniser. Ndiye opusa kobasi. You don’t even know what you are talking about. Go find out why he married Aisha and what happened. Don’t be too clever for your own little brain
    Be respectful. Zitsiru ngati inu ndinu am a nene you are the ones that’s mislead people with your unfounded knowledge.

  27. S786 says:

    We will continue doing mawlid every year. Those opposed like salafis. MAM. Sharifs. Only want to impress da kuffar ,do zina and cause racial hatred shud shut the fuck up.

  28. bumbu nchuma says:

    24 December its none of the business of Muslims real Muslims don’t bother themselves to participate on such amwenye culture, its not for Muslims its a culture of amwen zakwao izi,,, bwanji maiko ena sanapange nawo birthday zanuzi…..


  29. Ma says:

    Your friends true moslems in Saudi Arabia banned celebration of prophet mohammed birthday onu nde muli busy zachamba basi.

    Celebrating the birthday of a womaniser who married Aisha a little girl at age 9 shame! Then marry an old woman Khadija…wheee! No wonder mukungophana shia against sunni…wachoona sakyziwika…Anzanu ma shia ali ndi Imam Hussain. ..inu ma Sunni mohammed. confusion. …

  30. Eugene says:

    Shupiti brutes, chamba basi

  31. redeemed says:

    Strange that this commemoration did not take place here in RSA, not even in Muslim dominated town in South of Johannesburg called Lenasia.

  32. Gadabwali says:

    Zabodza basi! Nkale lonse tinayamba tamvapo kuti Muhamadi anabadwa pa 24 December? Zoonera basi, u cant be original. Anyway, I dont blame u, paja most of your events dont have a fixed date.

  33. abu jashabu says:

    May God make us see the can we call ourselves muslims when we don’t know what Islam is.

  34. abu jashabu says:

    May God make us see the light.

  35. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Koyamba kumva kuti Muhommed anabadwa pa 24 Dec,,,

  36. Good to hear ,sad to ponder upon,for Christ healed the sick raised the dead and opened the eyes of the blind.and taught the pure and plain truth that even doctors. Lawyers and scientists of those days even of today cannot oppose and prove their opposition.
    I have only but one question :
    How many dead people did Muhammad raised during his ministry?
    Muhammad is far below a prophet.coz he was a other words a soldier which a killer/ destroyer not a saviour.
    JESUS is still a savior to date .

  37. karoda says:

    Who told you that Prophet Muhammad was sent by Allah to redeem people from their sins? That is nonsense.Islam is different from Christianity when it comes to that belief.

  38. The Analyst says:

    . . . Yesterday the story was about the coincidence of the Muslims’ celebrations and Christmas Eve. Why not just report about how the Muslims celebrated today bwanji? Instead of comparing, contrasting, reminding, appealing, appeasing? You know inciting people’s anger will move this country inches to nowhere!

    . . . Ever wondered why these Muslims observe Ramadhan and celebrate Eid on different dates of the Roman Calendar? This is because they follow their own calendar whose days do not match line and singer, with the Roman Calendar.
    . . . How then does any sane Christian’s mind lose sleep and almost swallow themselves up by failing to see that the staging of these celebrations on the 24th have more to do with the two Calendar days’ incongruence, than the perceived untold lust and appetite for violence?

    Ofcourse “to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason” – Benjamin Franklin

    But let faith not rob us of our ability and right to reason widely. The most brutal wars n bloodshed have been done in the name of religion and this is how it starts. Inciting anger in people!

  39. dzambo says:

    Moslems are good copycats. This practice was initiated as direct mimic of the nativity story and is meant to provide some significant parallels between Jesus and Muhammad. However, no matter the suggested mimicry, the two are not only ontologically different and also salvifically so. Jesus is both God and savior while his Islamic counterpart is a mere founder of a religious movement which makes claims similar to that of Christianity. Please take note of that!

  40. Observer (AKA Prisoner monger) says:

    za ziiiiiiiiii

  41. Wabwino Kamanga says:

    Muslims keep it up and also Christians keep it up as well, we all need to save God not god.cerebration is cerebration that’s all but just we need is peace which God says peace be with you all.

  42. Munyalika says:

    nanga bwanji ku saud arabia kunalibe isis

  43. Wawa Phiri says:

    Kodi birthday yeniyeni ya Prophet Muhamad ndi iti? It appears imasinthasintha and this puzzles us. Chonde tithandizeni timvetse.

  44. Bid’ah at its best

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