Malawi Muslim set to celebrate Prophet Muhammed birthday: Ziyara parade Dec 24

Thousands of Muslims in Malawi will take to the streets on Thursday in what is expected to be a colourful parade in celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, known as Mawlid Nabawi.

Flashback: Muslims conducting Ziyalah Parade i

Flashback: Muslims conducting Ziyalah Parade i

The revelation was made by Sheikh Adam Amani Kang’ombe on Tuesday during a news conference which took place at Madrassa Noor in Limbe.

Sheikh Kang’ombe said the parade which will start at 8:30 am will commence from Kanjedza Mosque through Limbe to Standard Bank where women will proceed to Mpingwe Sports Club, while men will turn to the left all the way to Illovo roundabout before connecting to Mpingwe as well.

“We are expecting to receive more than 50,000 people who will take part during this parade,” said Sheik Kang’ombe.

In his message, Sheikh Kang’ombe appealed to all Muslims in the country to live in harmony and love one another, as they will be celebrating the birth of Muhammad.

Sheikh Kang’ombe asserted that throughout his life, Prophet Muhammad preached love and unity.

“My message to all Malawians is that lets forget the past and start the New Year 2016 with full of love towards one another,” he added.

The Sheikh also emphasized the need for different denominations to stop hatred, conflicts and violence against one another.

He therefore, extended a cordial invitation to Christians to be part of this annual event and also wished them all the best as they will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ the following day on 25th December.

According to Faizal Aboo, the executive director of the Al-Traq Qadeia Sunni Association, Muslims in the country want the government to declare Propeht Muhammad’s birthday a public holiday.

“Malawi, as a democratic country, needs to consider Muslims to celebrate this birthday while at home,” said Aboo

“Those working should be given a full day off for these celebrations,” he added.

Mawlid Nabawi is a national holiday in Muslim countries.

Government figures suggest that Muslims account for 12 percent of Malawi’s 14 million-strong population, while Muslims puts the number at 36 percent.

Islam is the second largest religion in the country after Christianity.

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67 thoughts on “Malawi Muslim set to celebrate Prophet Muhammed birthday: Ziyara parade Dec 24”

  1. Chawaka says:

    It’s too sad to read comments which clearly show they are from Moslems. The article has a lot of message of hope and unity even going to the extent of inviting other religions to join you. But I can’t understand how you claim Islam is a peaceful religion when all the comments are directly attacking Christians. Brethren what really moves in your mind about God? Why talk ill of Jesus Christ and Christians if you really believe in God? How does Jesus and His followers (Christians) come into your so called ziyala? I would not waste time to open the GENUINE HOLY BOOK the BIBLE for you to understand because from your comments I can tell you are spiritually challenged but I can only say if your attitude represents what Islam is, then forget about increasing the number of Moslems from Christians but make sure you produce more of your clans to increase in numbers while we will be converting your folks to Christianity while you are looking because we will never retaliate as Christians to your scathing remarks against us. May our God LORD through Jesus Christ pay a special visitation to your hearts during this powerful and miraculous period of his Coming.

  2. UNECA says:

    Mukati mwapephera ndiye kuti wabwera oyimba mu church ndikumayimba mulungu akalole munthu akugedeza mbina pakati pa azimuna ndikumati mulungu andikhululukire shaaaa mukauwona moto wowooooo paja yesu adakukonzera malo mtenderewo wayesu kapena god umene akaluwetse mahule, zidakwa azimayi ovala zovala zowonetsa maliseche, odya nkhumba, zibudu, makoswe, opephera kamodzi pa week, allah muyeretseke.

  3. UNECA says:

    Anthu opanda ukhondo achrist munthu kupita kuchimbudzi osachapa pamalo pomwe patuluka manyi kukatsuka m’manja akatero kukagwira akuti book loyera ali ndi manyi, nkazi ali kumwezi akukagwira buku loyera ndeye ziti.

  4. UNECA says:

    Akuti yesu ndi mulungu zoseketsa kwabasi kungokhala ngati sadakupatseni nzeru.

  5. UNECA says:

    Achrist ndi anthu opusa mulungu sakumudziwa yesu akuti ndi mulumgu sikupusa kumeneku, mulungu angakhale m’mimba mwankazi miyezi 9 ndi kutuluka ku vargin ya mkazi mulungu wake wuti.

  6. UNECA says:

    The 1 who was in the womb of her monther is not a servea u man god is aservia

  7. UNECA says:

    Point of correction we use islam calandar 2 day is 12 rabil awwal.

  8. Phonyokore says:

    asilamu vuto lanu ndi chani kod? mesa mumati ndinu okonda mtendere nde mukuina ngat izi zibweretsa mtendere pakat pa inu ndi ife? guys mwaganizapo bwanji pamenepa? ine nde mumandisokoneza kale ndi phokoso mumapanga m’mawa uja mawa bola zizakhale za pa nokha!!! jux make ur own calendar plz stop bothering us coz we dont bother u, wen u r celebrating d moon we celebrate wit u, kaya dzuwa we r ther fo u evn during ur fastings we fast wit u koma inu nde ndinu odzikonda! LEAVE US ALONE MUSLIMS! !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Majungu says:

    They are nuisance everywhere,Piglets.

  10. Tutuli says:

    The call for a national holiday for this day is a joke & lacks honesty on the part of MAM. To begin with Mohammed was born in April of 570 or 571AD. The Sunis recognized 12 April while the Shiite the 17th April. Secondly. this particular birthday is celebrated on different dates in different countries. ( have no idea why). If as a nation we have a public holiday those sect are er cling to adopt? In any case celebrating this day on 24th just a day before Christmas sounds unfitting for wont of a better word.

  11. anadimba says:

    mwatasa asilamu eti? Mudzadzitse mmisewu ya mtauni nyengo ya xmas ino chifukwa chani? Anthu alephere kushopa bwino chifukwa cha inu?kodi muhamad wanuyo amabadwa tsiku lilonse? Chaka chatha anabadwa p24 Dec. Kufuna kusokoneza akhristu eti? Chaka chammawa azabadwa pa 25 Dec? Mwayambatu. chipembezo chosokoneza. Cha boko haram,al shabab. Shupit.

  12. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:


  13. Limwado says:

    Kodi eti?? Ma Birthday a Muhammad alipo angati Paja??

  14. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:

    Oh, its good news, i didnt know Muhammad was born on 24th December. If that is the case let Christians and Moslems celebrate together these birthdays if the intention of bringing the date closer to 25 December has no evil intention. Frankly speaking i smell evil intentions behind this change of date.

  15. Munthu wamkulu kwambiri says:

    Oh, its good news, i didnt know Muhammad was born on 24th December. If that is the case let Christians and Moslems celebrate together these birth days

  16. Alungwana says:

    The different is that christians celebrates the saviour while muslims celebrates a prophet

  17. Rift Valley says:

    Next you will hear Muhammed died a day before Good Friday. Some one somewhere said Islam is a backward, inferio religion. I am beginning to agree. Speak up ,please, peace loving Moslems. Christians and Moslems can and should peacefully co-exist. These rich Indians of Malawi origin are just using you poor Malawian Moslems for God-knows whatever reason

  18. Juma Mike says:

    Kusangala kuti munthu amene anabwetsa chipembedzo nchito zake ndi za satana sizisiyana,kupha,kuba ndikuononga?Munthu amene mukuti Muhammad yu ndiye amene anabweretsa udani kuphana kusalorelana munthu amene ali oyipa pa anthu amene anakhala padziko lapasi ndi omwe sanakhalepo,anali ndi akazi eighteen,Zainab analanda,Aisha anali mwana wa zaka Six,Khadija anali nsinkhu wa mayi ake.Nkhondo zomwe zikuchitika pano ku Iraq,Syria,alfganistan,Yemen,Pakistan ndi mayiko ambiri ndi chifukwa cha ameneyu Muhammad ndiye mukamati ena mawa asangalala zakubadwa kwake kumeneko ndiye kupenga,munthu anali wa dziwanda dzofuna mwazi uyu that’s why momwe anthu awa omutsalira achuluka ndi mwazi okhaokha

  19. Merry Christmas!! says:

    What is the actual birthday of prophet Muhammad?

    In 2006 I were studying in India and they celebrated the birthday in February. Is the birthday revolving.

    The birthday is alarmingly getting too close to Christmas ????

  20. ida says:

    Please my moslem brothers tell me one prophecy made by muhammed?

  21. kapuchi neo says:

    All Christian should stop buying Hallali foods and from Asians shops because our money is being abused as we continue buying from them in the end they will promote something evil with that funds.

  22. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Where were they before? These Muslim people are just provocative

  23. Mkandawire says:

    That’s total provocation.Jabbing lions balls
    while the lion is sleeping.Kutokosa mapwala
    Mkango wukugona.

  24. paul says:

    How convenient!

  25. Nabanda says:

    Holiday? What for? I thought we had another holiday for Muhammed in July? Now why havng two holidays a year for the same event? Can a person born two times? And why holiday? When Muslims are cerebrating the holiday for Muhammed, christians go for holiday. But when we are cerebrating the birth of our Jesus Christ you will never see Muslims taking holiday. If you are not sure of what am saying go in Limbe on 25th December you will see shops will be open. Now fo me on 25th December I will be on holiday but tommorrow I will be in my office, because its better ndidane ndi muhhamed than kudana ndi JESUS.

  26. Mzekezeke says:

    may be I am not in the know but This guy was a war lord. He never knew love

  27. Signs Of Times says:

    Know what- if the gaffment can allow gays and lesbians to do it openly and freely, the birthday of Muhammed on the 24th is no big deal! We are finished as a Xtian nation

    Just make sure there wont be any stampeed!

  28. Rift Valley says:

    Provocation/Confrontation at its best. Where were they all these years to tell us now that Mohammed was born on 24 December? This so called peace loving religion never ceases to amaze me and many others. My beloved True Moslems brothers and sisters, are you not sick and tired of conflictcs? Please speak up. We would christians to peacefully co-exist.

  29. Jacob says:

    Amwenye they are just using these illiterate malawi Muslims to test Malawi christians.During Kamuzu kunalibe zimenezi and
    the mob on the picture only two people who can read and write the rest are pig heads.

  30. Redeemed says:

    My plea to my fellow Christians is to go on our knees, pray without ceasing and fast like never before, asking the almighty God in Jesus Christ name our redeemer to intervene. This is a spiritual war and we can’t triumph over it on our own. Muslims have a tendency of destabilising peace and tranquillity where ever they go. Let us not undermine this provocative element that could result in catastrophe like that in Kenya.

  31. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    Inu a unduna wa za mdziko mukuwalekerera amwenye kuti adzilowetsa anzawo mdziko muno mwachisawawa anthu ochoka kumaiko okonda nkhondo monga Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Anthu awa ndi a makani heavy ndipo safuna kugonjerana. Onani lero akuika tsiku ili pafupi ndi Christmas cholinga tikhulanepo.

  32. phazi says:

    Too much ignorance malawi Muslims

  33. 25 Minute DONA says:

    When exactly is the birthday of the prophet? It seems it keeps on changing. Next time it will be on 25th December . Sounds like seeking a quarrel against other religions .

  34. Amini Mussa says:

    Iam a Muslim but frankly speaking this is not an Islamic cerebration, our Quran doesn’t teach anything about cerebrating the birth of Muhammad, even the prophet himself didi not do it during his lifetime, he said remember to keep on praying on ur birthday as Allah has subtracted ur living days, Muslim association of Malawi is the mitherbody for Muslims and doesn’t know anything about the cerebration. I fact this is for Indians not muslims , koma chifukwa choti Ali ndi ndrama they involve poor Muslims with their cultural values like this one.

  35. Munyalika says:

    za manyi basi 14 percent anthu kumanjenjemera the good example are the UDF MPS in the NA

  36. BT says:

    If this isn’t a confrotantion: check the roundabouts in Lilongwe where Christians yearly put some decorations during Christmas. All this space has been decorated long way back by our “peaceful” brothers, the Moslems. Where will the Christians put their yearly decorations? I wonder. Isnt this some kind of “fight”?

  37. BT says:

    Malawi government please check this critically. If it is not cleared right now it will, not today or tomorrow, but some other time spark fire in our country. Such hot debates need to be dealt with by the sober government right away. This unnecessary confrontation must be avoided. I appeal to you reasonable Moslems.

  38. Janta Manta says:

    So far all conments i have read are being made out of ignorance because we all believers pray to one God regardless of our religious affilliations and be informed good people all true Prophets are related

  39. The Most Concerned says:

    Paja Mwezi wanu umakonda kusowa m’mitambo, next year u wil Celebrate the Birth of Christ pa 25th Mwezi wanuwo utanyanyala.

  40. levelheaded says:

    That’s what people in opposition always do. The world over is celebrating the birth of king of kings on 25th December while the ones in opposition have deliberately shifted the birthday for the leader of opposition(Muhammad) to a closer date of 24 to confuse people.

    You can do whatever you want but you will remain in opposition for life. Jesus christ will remain the ruler world over. Your Muhammad will remain in opposition with his bad manifesto of polygamy, terror,magic and ignorance. Jesus Christ on his throne is teaching us to forgive and repent.

  41. Next year it will be on 25th. kkkkkl

  42. Asilanu alayikhumu says:

    Asilamu ndi aboza yesu anabadwa pa24

  43. Alungwana says:

    They think they can disturb christians.

  44. i want a tractor says:

    these guys are something else. they’ve banned christmas celebrations in saudi arabia, brunei, qatar, tajik, turkmen and all the other stans. anybody putting up a xmas tree, wearing a santa hat or singing xmas songs will be arrested. yet here they are blocking traffic and freely doing their hiiiihaaaas without any hassles from us catholics.

  45. General says:

    Don’t bluff ppl here, muslims are more than christians in Malawi. And you also Sh kang’ombe how can u wich the best 4 christmas do you agree that Jesus AS was born on Dec 25? Can you give us a proof?and also in islamic teachings the Massenger himself never ever celebrated his birthday nor his companions,where are you getting all this? bwino nazotu Allah akakukanthani!

  46. Bob says:

    Comment reserved

  47. Zatonse says:

    Nde chisokonezo timanena chija nde ichi, CHIKONDWELERO cha kúbadwa kwa yesü kristu chimäyambä pa 24 Pompo up to 26 zaka zonse, nde kuyambira olo ife tisanabadwe tinazipeza Mboni ndiinu nomwe Nde wina akukubwera from no where ati Birthday yamuHamadi Sintopola umenewu????

  48. kweee says:

    As much as i appreciate, birthday of Muhammad is not 24 Dec. So why setting up such a date?

  49. choncho says:

    as christians, we may not understand the constant change of days. But having lived and worked in Dubai, I learnt that Moslems dont use our calendar. They have their own Lunar calendar. That is why Eid or Ramadan days keep changing. But what I cant understand is that most moslem friends say its not advisable to celebrate the prphets birthday as moslems were not commanded to do so. But that is a subject for another debate

  50. John says:

    Kodi Faizal because you rub shoulders with powers that be you are now thinking like you are the leader of this country?Who are you to start demanding holidays of the 16million population?My suggestion;on that day you leave the country and go to India to have a holiday,.

  51. Jang'ala says:

    WhY celebrating the birth of Muhamad on 24th december? Can’t u set another date and month for tht? May b u r just joking

  52. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Fact: Muslims are minority in Malawi and of course many parts of the world except middle east and North Africa. My question is; where Muslims are majority, Christians have no space to free practice their religion ( In fact some governments have declared to be Islamic and Gambia in west Africa where 95% are Muslims is the latest country to do exactly that) while in sharp contrast Muslim minority groups freely express their beliefs elsewhere in the world in the name of rights freedoms. Can someone sober enough explain why this is the trend? Furthermore, government in Malawi should exercise control especially in the timing of commemoration of these festivities. Traditionally, 25th December and few days around it has been a Christian calendar. I see things taking a collision path if Muslims squeeze their days close to this. This is no simple matter. Authorities better view this with a preventive and not a curative eye.
    That’s my view. I may be wrong.

  53. tony more says:

    Muslims follow the lunar calender. The new month starts after they see the new moon. So every year the dates and months keep changing from our calender by about 10 to 12 days. Next year will be about 10 days earlier. Just coincidance.

  54. you says:

    Ngati pali zitsilu za anthu pa dziko lapansi nda chawa

  55. juli mchape says:

    Ntopola mukuona ndinu ifesitikuuwona

  56. Patriot says:

    Ana a satana awa

  57. redeemed says:

    A hot debate once erupted in our HRA office, as one of my colleagues queried over the fact that, Muslim employees are exclusively granted special leave to celebrate idi, while when Christians celebrate christmas day, even Muslims do get holiday too. Perhaps its a valid point raised by the Islamic community.

  58. phazi says:

    Kodi pachithuzipo ndima Shia kapena Sunni and bwanji samakutumulana ku malawiko momwe zikhalira ku Syria kapena ku Iraq?

  59. Kenkkk says:

    What a choice of a day? Just before Christmas.

  60. Ndagomandidziko says:

    Yes 24th December is too close to Xmas day. What kind of birthday that keeps changing

  61. phazi says:

    I have never seen Christians killing each other the way these rats do.This is the most brutal and premitive religion in the world.

  62. utitiri says:

    I agree 100% with comment number 1 by Max Nsani. This is mtopola at its best and to make Christians miserable all Indian and Muslim businesses will b closed on 24th Dec. This is the best day Christians do their shopping!

  63. muderanji says:

    They have also organised a gathering to take place at LL Community centre hall and in Mangochi on 25 Dec ati to talk about relevance of and supremacy of quaran parallel to the bible. Why mentioning the bible? Please just talk about your quaran. Zimatiwawa ife a kristu.

  64. Bingiza says:

    Mwathamanga kukapachika zimajeneza zanu m’ma round about kutsekereza akhristu. Zongofuna kutosana basi. Nde muziti peace and harmony. Usawi, chichi?

  65. Rodriguas says:

    Prophet? What did he prophesy? Didn’t he just prophelie?
    Holiday? Asah! No ways! If not satisfied just go to a muslim country and have a holiday there then come back. Kujaila, eti? Kuno maholiday anakwana.

  66. Max nsani says:

    Izinso ndiye mtopola…since when has the birth muhammad been celebrated on 24th December? If its an annual event, when else was it held on 24th December? This confrontational attitude is so unnecessary.

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