Malawi Muslims to reduce divorce rate with Qur’an

The Muslim community in Malawi has intensified efforts to use teachings from the Holy Quran in order to safeguard the sanctity of marriage and reduce soaring rates of divorce.

Sheikh Muhammad Uthuman, a marriage Counsellor at the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) told that Islam considered marriage as the bedrock of faith.

“And in one of his hadiths, the Prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him) exalts marriage as one of the dictates for a believing Muslim,” Sheikh Uthuman told the publication.

He said the high divorce rate among married couples in the southern African country was disturbing and that Muslim community valued the sanctity of marriage basing on the teachings of the Holy Quran.

“It is on this premise that we intensify our teachings for a stable family. And these findings will reinvigorate us to intensify our efforts towards cementing marriages,” he said.

The process has proved very effective in promoting reconciliation and tolerance in families.

There have been recent media reports that the country was registering one of the highest divorce rates in Africa.

Gender-based violence has been singled out as one of the challenges fuelling divorce rates in the southern African nation.–APA

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That’s good

alick fwaya nkhatabay boy

Anthu opanda andewu asilamu


I have learnt that more boys are born than girls. If this istrue, what makes ladies out number men in later life? Probably social life which men enjoy leads to many men dying in due course. Can we tackle the problems that bring about men dying many than women to achieve a balance btwn the two categories. If the number of women could be equal to men, would polygamy be necessary? I don’t think so unless one chooses not marry thereby creating unequal balance.

I have read what the highly respected Sh. Uthman presented on his mission to curb down divorce rate in the country through the use of Quanic teachings. I must admit that for a moment I felt very good about it because for some time a topic has been introduced on the public domain addressing social issues opposed to politics which occupy most of the space. Indeed the issue is worthy exploring before it can destroy our nation. I have also read all comments that have been posted so far and I’m supprised and disappointed at the same time to learn… Read more »
jamil khan

martha fuck u okk dont tok shit about our prophet muhammed sallalahu alayhi wasallam peace be upon him jst stay quiet otherwise u will be in problem he is the greatest creation of mankind no one like him


Congratulations ! You Guys, you even know to write English like this nowadays;all long we used to know you the best people in sawing maching not in education. Our country is developing now.


Slam asilamu ones Malawi


Asilamu kuzumza akazi. Mumawasiya inu wa Joni koma zaka zambirimbiri osabwera kudzaona ana ndi mkazi. Ife kuno ku Mangochi ndiye timangowachinda nayo basi mkumawathandiza.


Muhammad never respected marriage. He allowed his men to rape married womem who were captured during wars. He slept with a number of such women himself. He even had numerous sex slaves despite the fact that he had eleven (11) wives


while reducing soaring rates of marriages thru the Quaran, is it true that it is the Quran that encourages the killing of innocent people? the alshabab, alkaida, isis, jihadists and many more Islamic organisations read the Quran and get inspired to kill as many people as possible inorder to entre into heaven.

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