Malawi opposition leader tells President Mutharika to resign     

Leader of the opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has told President Peter Mutharika to resign.

Chakwera addressing a rally at Bembeke where he told people that Mutharika must go

Chakwera addressing a rally at Bembeke where he told people that Mutharika must go

Chakwera said this on Sunday during a campaign trail in Bembeke ward in Dedza during campaign for by-elections.

“President Mutharika has completely failed Malawians. He is failing to fix the economy, the cost of life extremely high, electricity and water problems seem not to end, he must go, he has failed Malawi,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera is also leader of opposition and the major political rival of President Mutharika.

There was no immediate response from the government as Information minister was reportedly in South Africa.

However, Malawi is facing a myriad of problems with the IMF warning the economy risks collapsing completely because of the government failure to fiscal displine, over expenditure and bloated civil and public service.

Chakwera said Malawians will continue to suffer as long as Mutharika is President because he is clueless and has no solutions to local problems.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi opposition leader tells President Mutharika to resign     ”

  1. I had never read anything positive by Winston Msowoya, Human, Imraan Sadick and other disgruntled poor minded fellows about Chakwera. Some people hate the truth but that truth will never cease to be the truth. In other countries, Mutharika would have resigned but in Malawi because we have lots of blind party followers, they back up everything. Mmene chuma chadziko chikuyenderamu, others with subjective brains talk like they are living in abssy where the devil is naturing them. The truth is whether Chakwera said it on what grounds, Mutharika and DPP have completely failed and they have to go. Kaya ndi akumudzi kwanu kaya munadya nawo za cashgate just know your days are numbered. DPP is a walking devil and those don’t like this, unreversible judgement is following you, just get prepared. Cowards never succed and the devil never won any battle with Jesus Christ. Mwatibera kwambiri, mwapha innocents, mwatinzunza kokwana. Suyu mukutinzunziranso mtsogoleli wathu ndi mabodza kufuna kusangalatsa the few. NGAKHALE MUCHIKHALILE BWANJI CHILUNGAMO CHIDZAWONEKA. LEARN FROM THE DEATH OF YOUR SELF EXALTED MOSE WALERO, CHITSULO CHANJANJE, MPULUMUTSI. CHILUNGAMO SICHIMAOLA MUDZAYANKHA NDITHU NGAKHALE MUTAKHALIRA KUMBUYO DPP NDIKUCHITA THUKUTA LA MAGAZI. GOD SIMLOMWE, BINGU, PETER, CHAKWERA, JOYCE OR WINSTON MSOWOYA. HE IS UNIVERSAL

  2. Central says:

    Bwana Chakwera, sincerely, I for one strongly feels that while whatever you are saying is true, kindly, it is not enough from you as a leader of government in waiting!! Dr Chakwera, why not organize a series of press conferences on the issues affecting Malawians to give a feel to the populace as regards the consequences of what DPP government is doing plus your suggested solutions, and solutions that MCP believes could use to solve the ills.

    Kodi mukamangolankhula ku misonkhano ya campaign, mukutanthauza kuti pakanakhala popanda campaign mukanakhalabe cheteeeeeeeeee?? Kapena mukudikira parliament time….?? Awanso nawo awa?

    Seriously, the approach you are using is too mild and is not instilling confidence (that you can handle the ills). Kuonanso your shadow Ministers (such as shadow Ministers responsible for Energy, Water, Agriculture, Health, Education etc) nawonso ndiye tsoka lenileni, ali pheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    I mean, why not come out and pin this docile government by taking advantages of their prevailing weaknesses that have been exposed from different sectors? Ndithudi mukanakhala kuti there is noise and noise from various shadow Ministers responsible for the affected sectors plus continuous noise from Chakwera, DPP would have started doing something for Malawian, or else nawo a Malawi mukanaona akulankhula zambiri zoonetsa kuti akukukondani than before and wants you in government now than later!!

    Kindly you’ve proved you are hopeless, sorry to say this…..!! I for one had been waiting, and have waited for long, koma ndaona kuti, and believe you don’t have good strategists!!

  3. Mabvuto says:

    Tsopano wa Youth akufuna chani ku mbuyo kwa Chakwera. Aaaa basi chipanichi sichinasinthe mawanga

  4. Mabvuto says:

    Kodi akulu ali ku mbuyowo ndi a Youth, komadi chipanichi sichinasinthe mawanga, ndithudi chizatipha ichi. Ma card akubweranso apa.

  5. winston msowoya says:

    Chakwera must think back when Banda was running a heineous empire for 32 years and he said nothing as a religious leader.I think it is a misguided and lack of political foresightedness to tell Muthalika to step down.Having said that,Iam neither an admirer nor supporter of the misguided and opportunistic Chakwera and Mathanyula it is the fact that Chakwera himself too,is less qualified to lead a spoiled and mismanaged economy of our country.He is seeking power to enrich himself and his surrogates,he is not by far,the Desmond Tutu of Malawi.However,I join millions of people through out the world in praying for this great freedom fighter and son of God to recover and heal from his painful maladies.i mean Desmond Tutu.

  6. Muchiwere mu Nyolonyo says:

    Iwe Lazalo…the lack of water in Lilongwe is because of our fellow o’chipeta o’gule wamkulu zedi omagwetsa mirengu namagulitsa nhuni m’makala. Kodi dhala sumuzindikira?

  7. wakwiya says:

    That Malawians knew but went ahead with letting him take over the nation despite JB begging them to recount the votes. The man said he carry on in his brothers foot steps. What steps did. APM and Bingu left after his death? Are Malawians people with intelligence or not? The family Muntharika has brought shame to people of Malawi. The two brothers and their tribe gurus are opportunities without mercy and feelings. U see azungu did not give DDP/APM aid. Why? Azungu akuti muzionele. It’s takes many years for a normal person to be rich. It took less than 8 years for Bingu to be one of riches man in Africa. From mini bus owner to billionaire. Wa

  8. Wandale Thupuwela says:

    Chakwera you should be the last person to call Muthalika to resign . You are not an alternative , you have failed to handle issues in your own party. You have no solution apart from telling the nation about cashgate .You worse than Muthalika aeven Joyce Banda on cashgate .Rev Chakwera you love money too much . You have sold MCP to Jpyce Banda, Sadik Mia we have evidence . Since Chatinkha Chidzanja mentioned it we investigated and we have concluded that you have been receiving money from Joyce Banda and Mia .

  9. Gogodasi says:

    This man of God is not a politician nor strategic in his thinking. Why waste time to ask Mutharika to resign for lack of power and water supply in the country when you have done that many times before and nothing has happened. I am always disappointed with our opposition and am convinced that there will be no easy replacement of DPP whatever the case Why not seize the opportunity of the current situation where it is clear that the President is not fit to rule the country and promise us what you as leader of the opposition will do when Parliament meets next month. Fight to get him declared incapacitated – that the way to go. So when Mutharika resigns per your wishful thinking, will the opposition take over power or DPP will continue to rule? What if Chilima fails to fix those problems, will you ask him to resign again – that will be madness. You need to be very strategic, mwazilowazi ndi ndale si ubusa yayi.

  10. Chambe says:

    Just find something strategic to say as this call for APM to resign will not work. We all know that he can’t resign and you also can’t unseat him until 2019. And you; why don’t you resign for failing to run your party? Look at how you have fooled yourself by firing and suspending your subordinates that were duly elected in a convention and now reinstated by law.
    I thought you are educated to have known better but you are another dunderhead; not an option for APM.

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