Malawi police arrest two for murder in Balaka

Two people are in Police custody at Balaka Police Station  in southern Malawi for allegedly killing a 60-year granny.

The granny was buried secretely after being murdered

The granny was buried secretely after being murdered

The two, Takondwa Kailo aged 23 who is a grandson to the deceased and his friend Everson Lemison 23 were arrested following the death of the deceased Mary Matias.

Police spokesperson Inspector Joseph Sauka says the suspects found the deceased sleeping in her house where they murdered her and stole some cash and a mobile phone handset.

“They later buried the deceased 100 meters away,” he said.

After some days, her relative reported to police about the missing of the deceased.

Police arrested the second suspect Everson Lemison after being found with a phone belonging to the deceased.

“Upon interview, Everson confessed that Takondwa Kailo is the one who murdered the deceased and said he only assisted him carrying the body to where it was buried; a development that led to the arrest of Takondwa Kailo” said Sauka.

The body was exhumed and was later given a decent burial after medical examinations.

Meanwhile, the two are still in Police custody and are expected to appear before court soon to answer murder charges which is contrary to section 209 of the Penal code.

Both suspects Takondwa Kailo and Everson Lemison come from Msami village, Senior Chief Nsamala in the same district of Balaka.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi police arrest two for murder in Balaka”

  1. Ghadhaffi says:

    Opha opanda nzeru inu! Kunatsalanso kupha cfkw cha 4n? Ndmaganiza kt ndpedza article yot mwabanso ma pound koma kuba 4n kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Inu ogwesa ulesi bwanj! Inunso apolisi sitikufuna kuzawaonanso anthu opanda citukukowa akafere komweko,opusa nd omwe anawaptsa kupolisiwo akanakgowakhadzulirana basi,mpaka ku polisi,shame!

  2. Devil at its best work. Shame on the boys

  3. Soldier MP. says:

    Mukanawapha ngati momwe achitila anzathu aku phalombe aja. mpaka kupita nawo ku police why? opha aphedwe basi ndiye zamasiku ano.

  4. McDonald says:

    These are last days

  5. Mangulenje says:

    If human rights have to be observed then the two boys in Balaka wouldn’t gruesomely kill the innocent agogo.
    Death sentence should indeed apply in this case.

  6. charles says:

    eee! some gang has attacked area 44. we don’t know where the cs hs gone. we HV just seen some suspect realised ystdy and today as well. malamulo Ku Malawi anali kale. Maya!!!!!!!!

  7. MCHEMO says:


  8. Alfred banda says:

    These boys are very cruel,they must be hanged until pronounced dead,cause they may kill a lot of people with the kind of manners they have,please hang them up.

  9. crit says:

    Y toking of death penalty? There is no justice in death peanalty.every human being has a right to live.if so those people who will percecuit the mudders are they not killing also? Who will kill them.which one do we respect the human life or law? There is alwayz a chance to change wen ua alive.u cant change when ua dead.picture yourself in the same shoes and talk in the end

  10. pwex says:

    zitsiru za ana

  11. Maky says:

    Amai amachokera ku Balaka. feseti lede

  12. Kumametsa says:

    Such kind of brutal killings are not restricted to Balaka alone. Look at what happened in LL and Phalombe. It’s not Balaka

  13. ben phiri says:

    better Balaka being taken to be tanzanian district

  14. Jaak says:

    I’m Feeling Pitty 4 Balaka district, esp this side of T/A Nsamala. All these evils are taking place this side.

  15. Majid. says:

    Limodzi mwa malamulo khumi Omwe Mulungu anamulalila munthu atangomaliza kumulenga, ndiloti ” USAPHE” enawo mukuwadziwanso.

  16. G. Majid. says:

    Palibe Tchimo pa dziko lino lapansi lomwe loipa kwambili, kuposa kupha munthu or chinyama chili chonse, be it cha kuthengo or cha kumudzi, chili ndi ufulu okhala ndi moyo. Ndiye iwe Balaka, wandikhumudwitsa mapeto. Chilango cha Mulungu chikhale pa iwe.

  17. wicked boys! they must be torched to death, be skinned alive, hanged and be killed with a machine gun and finally throw them to the crocodiles alive

  18. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    The consequences of having no death penalty. People behave so stupidly. Sounds like it’s only Malawi which doesn’t have it. In the US it’s done. I don’t have to mention the Arab world, China, North Korea.

  19. Najere Chitekwe says:

    Balaka! Balaka! Balaka! How many times have i called you? You need deliverance in Jesus’ name.

  20. ayandah says:

    Very painful

  21. redeemed says:

    Balaka district and Kwazulu Natal province are twins. It seems like these the devil built his head quarters in these areas. Hardly a week go by without some gruesome reports.

  22. Angry Birds says:

    People so evil

  23. Very stupid and cruel boys how can u kill ur granny 4 a 4n? what kind 4n will old lady keep other than cheap 4n!! These boys must get killed, chop off their heads so it can be a lesson 4 others! Introduce Sharia Law starts with these boys!

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