Malawi Police arrest Wandale for swindling: Accuses Chief Ngolongoliwa

Malawi Police in Lilongwe have arrested the self claimed president of Mulanje and Thyolo for allegedly obtaining money by false pretence.

Wandale: Arrested

Police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the arrest on Friday.

Wandale, who is leader of Peoples Land, is said to have collected money from people in Mulanje and Thyolo on the understanding that he would forcebly get land from tea estates which he would redistribute to the people.

He said the money his organisation has been collecting from people was for membership.

However, the deal went sour when he was arrested, brought before court and given a suspended sentence.

Kadadzera said Wandale would be driven to Blantyre where he is expected to appear in court.

However, it was not immediately known how much he is suspected to have collected.

He accused Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa of mobilising villagers to falsely accuse him with the aim of subjecting him to torture.

“This has been cooked up by Chief Ngolongoliwa to subject me to torture,” said Wandale .

But  Ngolongoliwa denied having a hand in Wandale’s arrest, arguing  it was an open secret that the organisation was collecting money from the villagers and if they realised they were being duped and decided to launch a complaint that was within their rights.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest Wandale for swindling: Accuses Chief Ngolongoliwa”

  1. David says:

    The one who can save sentence is the one who steal chicken, but those who steal billions are still stealing and are free.

  2. Peter wa ku mbayani says:

    Collection of arms without the dc approval is illegal despite one’s politica career. Wandale was wrong in this

  3. Murotho says:

    This is nothing but selective justice. When will Chaponda get arrested? Is it because he is Mutharika’s right hand man & Wandale is a nobody? Koma a police a ku Malawi ndinu omvetsa chisoni ndi manyazi! Mpake training yanu ndi ya 6 months

  4. CHIMVQ says:



  5. Sexwel says:

    Zisieni zilombo ziphane kukhala mphawi pa Nyasaland sizinthu azathu oba ma milion angokwata mahule ali phee

  6. Tamanda Banda says:

    let him go. chaponda Ali kuti? why don’t they arrest chaponda. this country is hell

  7. chipeta says:

    Just leave that man alone, malawi police u r so incompetent,
    Just go and start hunting for the hardcore murderes that are busy severing people’s heads in cold blood.
    Who doesnt know that wandale is mentary bankrupt?

  8. True patriot says:

    Uuuuuh talk of selective justice at its best!

    Someone is suspected of corruption in amounts grossing billions of Kwachas and, as if to lay the evil deed bare, large starches of cash in various currencies are found at his house! That untouchable mortal is driving freely as ‘investigations’, that seem to take forever, are politely carried out!

    I take a calculated guess that Wandale swindled a few thousand Kwachas, considering the kind of people who could believe that he could really reclaim the land from the rich estate owners and give it back to them. The result is a swift arrest and, most likely, this will be accompanied by a similarly swift trial, to be complimented by a disproportionate sentence!

    When I was young and growing up, someone told me that those who were suspected or convicted of stealing ‘big’ money from anywhere were often left scott free so that they could return to the society to make ‘good’ use of their loot. It was however too bad, I was warned, to the petty thieves as they would be banished to Dzaleka Prison for very very long time!

    I didn’t believe this nonsense then but, perhaps, I was stupidly naive!

  9. BlackImage says:

    Koma mmene akuonekera munthu uyu mpakana kumpatsa ndalama? Milomo ili biiii maso ali spyuuuuu ganja basi

  10. wandales brother says:

    Bwaanji zikumveka kununkha bodza .. Musiyeni sandale. This is nos witchhunting. Zalowa ndale.

  11. SATHEKA says:

    Kodi inu a police chomwe mukumudzunzira Vincent Wandale ndi chiyani?
    Ndalama zomwe mukuti analandirazo za agogo anu?
    Pathako panu mwamva!
    Mutsiyeni Wandale!
    Iyenso ndi munthu ali ndi ufulu.
    Koma ngati simumutsiya ife aChewa kuno ku Lilongwe tiwotcha imodzi mwa Police Unit!!

    1. Pida says:

      Nkhani imeneyi wo Chewa sili kuwakhudza mpang’ono pomwe.

  12. gadaffi says:

    dpp trying to silence him bcoz of dat issue we all know that he is freedom fighter

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