Malawi Police chief promises tough times for criminals

IG after handing over the Vehicles behind him-pic by Manasse Nyirenda

IG after handing over the Vehicles behind him-pic by Manasse Nyirenda

IG Paul Kanyama arriving at the function-pic by Manasse Nyirenda

IG Paul Kanyama arriving at the function-pic by Manasse Nyirenda

Don’t be fooled by his warm smile and sunny, relaxed disposition. New chief of police in Malawi, Inspector General Paul Kanyama, has issued a stern warning to criminals that he is going to be hard as nails when it comes to crackdown on crime.

Kanyama said under his watch criminals will either be arrested and face the full length of the law or keep out.

He asked cops not only to be reacting to crime but that they should be there beforehand to prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

Kanyama was speaking at the official handover ceremony of five vehicles to Lilongwe Police station which will be used to revive the rapid response unit (990) of Lilongwe police and its surrounding zones.

“We need to think and plan beyond the criminal mind so that we can face them head-on and eradicate crime in the country,” said Kanyama.

Police IG  who was accompanied by his Deputies Paul Kachama and Rodney Jose said he is passionate about being tough on criminals and create a very hostile environment for underground gangs.

“Police officers must also be well armed and equipped when responding to criminal activities according to situation assessment because a police officer cannot respond to situation where a criminal has an AK47 with a stick,” he said.

He also urged the officers to serve Malawians with integrity in order to win back the people’s trust in the police service.

“Recently we have had cases of police officers conniving with criminals which are very distressing. How can police officers connive with criminals who are killing fellow officers? The killing of a fellow officer should be a wakeup call to all police officers that it’s high time they dealt with crime severely.

“I would also like to warn officers conniving with criminals that I will treat you as a criminal and you will face the music,” he warned.

On the vehicles bought by government,  Lilongwe police station Officer in-Charge Jimmy Gama  said they would help the rapid response team to respond to distress calls rapidly and effectively.

Kanyama also disclosed that Police will be given  100 more vehicles on top of the 50 the President promised earlier.

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41 thoughts on “Malawi Police chief promises tough times for criminals”

  1. Wa maule says:

    Nkuluyi akungotha mau ndi parliament yomwe sinamuvomeleze…koma bisy kuxiimbira chitoliro chake….mxiiiiieeeeew….! uyu ndiye failure pa ma IG onse akhala ku Police…….wayamba kale kuchosa anthu mu ma branch….sopano akuganixa kuti agwire ma operation ndi ndani munseu H.E akamaduxa?…………….Paja ma jnr amathyoletsa miyendo so take care…….ndangoduxamo ine….

  2. Believer says:

    Easier said than done!! #LetsWaitAndSee

  3. John Telford says:

    good vehicles for doing matola and taking the wife shopping New cars but same crooks inside

  4. Zamadula says:

    How is it possible for Kanyama to start working without Parliamentary confirmation? Are we not going to face another Nangwale scenario? The Executive should respect other arms of Govt.

    And is it wise for Kanyama to be so vocal – despising his predecessor and the People’s Party 2 year tenure of office? Does Kanyama know that others have been IG before him and that others will come after him? Would it cost him to show humility?

    If he really wants to be remembered as a great IG, Kanyama should avoid blowing his own trumpet. He should do his work quietly but diligently – if he is effective the nation will give him the necessary credit. Other IGs before him were not completely useless…

  5. godobaman says:

    kodi mesa okuba ndinu nomwe ndiye muzitani nokha kuti musiye kuba ?

  6. Kadakwiza says:

    Keep it up Mr Police Chief, and make Malawi safe as heaven.

  7. Daniel Phiri says:

    I am smiling in my grave at this good news

  8. ndadabwa says:

    ndinena pano ma spare tyres a magalimoto amenewa agulitsidwa kale mu kawalemu. zopanda phindu kungoononga tax payers money

  9. Wizeman Paul says:


  10. nkhedu says:

    blahblahblah….We need action.Fotsek!

  11. Chule mkulu says:

    It seems promising now ,this is talking now,very good

  12. Aliphee says:

    i think from today nobody will steal or kill anaybody as the IG is saying but if we hear any of these things happenning then better resign we know the IG is excited by the post we are watching

  13. Khalidwe Madeya says:

    Kodi was it 990 or 997? If it is reviving, then it would be good to use the same old 997 – with all those 50 vehicles written 997 on top and on the sides and infront. It is also important to make sure that all phone numbers to this 997 service should not be “Private”, but they should all be registered numbers so that every caller can be traced. This is to avoid bogus callers. Thanks bwana IG.

  14. Mr. Kanyama, the IG, Sir, you are my man. Bravo and keep it up that kind of initiative. In fact am in total support of that approach. god bless you Mkulu. Ukukwana.

  15. DANIEL PHIRI says:


  16. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Bravooo Kanyama no game with sons of old IG Lunguzi, mbala zione mbwadza

  17. Anjiba says:

    A IG get this point the root cause of lack of transportation in Police is not that the government does not provide the police with vihicles but the vihicles the police are provided with are not well serviced. The police use very expensive and vihicles which are meant to last but ther are not properly serviced. Accordingly, they do not last. Please AIG make sure that you employ responsible drivers and you have money for servicing the vhicles otherwise the problem with resurface again within two years. AIG we buy used vihicles from Japan bu they last over ten years because we service them and we are good drivers. Train your driviers to take care of the vihicles and make sure that you have money for services. You will serve government money and deliver as IG if you take this advice seriuosly. We wish you well. This is our POlice and we are ready to assit it in whatever way possible.

  18. Peggy says:

    Send Police officers for defensive driving course. They r worst drivers in the roads of Malawi.

  19. Sammy says:

    IG Criminal #1,u killed Chasowa..I cant trust u @ all.shupit zako.

  20. dzina langa says:

    Magalimoto ndi awo mwalandila koma vuto ndi kusamala. make sure that you take care of the vehicles.

  21. Mada Chale says:

    Ife tikufuna Tikhale Tcheru ibwerenso, sikuoneka ayi

  22. Zolo says:

    Police yaku Malawi kuno amadikila kuti zichitike ndiye azipanga react. Nkayesa a Police amayenela azikhala proactive, preventing crime before it happens. I hope mutithandiza Mr. IG, keep up the good work, mwayamba bwino.

  23. fathi slshehaab says:

    Bwans Ig what about csmeras rtc fir forendic crinr can be proif and evidence thou makanika to interprate cctv pucs….bigup in tevhnoligy.

  24. Mr.Bambo says:

    Same old song,shupiti zanu.


  26. Uchindami says:

    I hope u’ll follow up on
    tough rhetoric with tough action!

  27. Mack Banda says:

    Tiye nazoni. Kill the violent criminals instantly. Shoot to kill. Wipe out all criminals by killing them. Big up Paul Kanyama, mnyamata wa Operations. Iphani mbava zonse zaumbanda.

    1. out says:

      The most dangerous are in prison rt now. Kamuzu amakasankha komweko kupita nawo ku hardcore. Try this. In prison they terrorise ena kumadya misonkho. Flush them out n blot them out forever. Rid Malawi of these people

  28. Monica says:

    I think we need to train special forces mr IG if you need Kuti tithane ndi umbanda, and Use them 24hrs

  29. Munyeriwa says:

    100 vehicles for Police? Sounnd awkward to me, Do they have the capacity to maintain these 100 vehicles even filling their tanks with adquate gas all the time? Mwina 50 muukanapasako a Police ndipo 50 enawo aapite ku Health ngat ma Ambulance! Nyani pa chiongolero

  30. mary says:

    Za ziii. Osangopeleka ma cruiserwo bwa?

  31. its shame to see some officers conniving with criminals!Its shame! But its happening and this is displayed when we see their characters! Come to Zomba Masaula and investigate,bad characters are foolishly displayed here!Anyway….We want to see changes!

  32. Patriot says:

    Yeah and start right there from the police service as the worse hardcore criminals are amongst you.

  33. Namanyepwa says:

    Osamangolankhura bwana, we need action,action and action. Soon after being appointed Kanyama talked tough he even warned thugs that the honeymoon is over but what followed next? A spate of deadly armed robberies!

  34. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Some comments make me laugh indd. I have known this man for nearly a decade including the time he was a cholaman for IG Chikapa. All the dirt Chikapa dd, Kanyama was doing it for him. Whatever happens in this country on criminaliity, reforms shud start in and at the Police itself. All big theft have bn instigated by the Police.

  35. Man Ifeyo says:

    Start the sweeping exercise in your police department including your children who collaborate with civilian criminals.others hide in ruling party colours especially these so called vendors.

  36. hoitty says:

    I have observed that police have new guns now matabwa aja achepa. They are more alert osati zija amachita poyamba kumangocheza

  37. Salvador says:

    I expected to hear something about the police vehicle that Malunga used to ferry weed..and you Mr. about establishing a thorough/strong code of ethics/standards that the policemen should follow…code to be shared in papers so that people know what to expect and how to report bad need to bring radical changes not the nonsense you are talking about

  38. Obedient Citizen says:

    We want all criminals to be on hangman noose or die a slow death by clubbing or crushing tthem like beetles.Mumumva Kanyama kuwawa pa Malawi.The honeymoon for thieving is over now.Bingus shoot to kill is back.

  39. nyoni says:

    Kanyama is the right man for the job!! kill all criminals!! this is Mutharika’s best appointment!!
    maximum respect Kanyama- maximum respect!!!

  40. ujeni says:

    Attack and attack the criminals, most of them hide in ruling party colours so be smart and be one step ahead.

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