Malawi police chief rules out arson in ballot papers fire

Inspector General of Police Lexon Kachama has ruled out arson in the fire that gutted Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse in 2014.

Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama (centre) says cops will crackdown on criminal gangs

Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama : No arson

Ballot papers and other crucial voting materials used in the May 2014 general election were burnt to ashes in a suspicious fire amid a court battle over parliamentary results in a constituency in Lilongwe between the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Kachama said a preliminary report after police investigations indicate the fire was accidental.

He said this on New Year Day at police headquarters in Lilongwe on the sidelines of a party organised for senior police officers.

“I don’t think the main report will change, the fire was accidental,” said Kachama.

However, Kachama’s comment is likely to spark a huge debate on the independence of the police in investigations involving allegations of a ruling party and the report is likely to be condemned by the opposition and the civil society movements.

Some people tipped the police that they saw a National Intelligence Bureau vehicle at the area just hours before the fire and they even gave details of the vehicle including registration number.

Officials from the Malawi Electoral commission say they can only comment after the report is out.

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42 thoughts on “Malawi police chief rules out arson in ballot papers fire”

  1. Edoms says:

    Tired of fake reports you did the same with PAC on federalism debate shame to APM and DPP.

  2. mbani says:

    watch out these are indicators of 2019 mess. MCP put an eye on this wake up

  3. well am not surprised with he is saying it was not arson,cos he does not know what arson is! and his nib director was breathing behing his neck when he spoke.accidents fire by who Bwana

  4. Mathanyula says:

    Of course you have to protect your job, what else can you say

  5. Bob says:

    Awanso ndi achitsiru. Why make such a statement amid investigations

  6. Moya says:

    Nonsense these are the people we need to eliminate in our country.they are Major contributors to us being the poorest nation. I have news for you kachama, you deserve to be locked up in jail and keys thrown into Atlantic ocean, That way malawi will b one step closer to being a better country

  7. zimkambani says:

    I think as Police Service renaun professional. You want support from the public and we give you some information. You turn around and craft reports which fit the Government of the day. We loose confidence in the whole Police Service delivery system. Remain professional and subjective

  8. Khwethemu says:

    Useless Inspector General

  9. Victor Jumbo says:

    Is the police chief trying to save his job instead of serving the nation. This is the problem when you have crooked minded politicians who always wants to get away with evil doings by using such Police Chiefs to spin the truth and replace it with junk cookies. That’s can’t be right and needs to stop right now. This can only be achieved if only our citizen number 1 , the president of Malawi Peter Arthur Mthalika is corruption free or clean in order to root out this nasty disease from all government and public sectors of this corruption thing. We need strong leaders that will set up the bar and lead by example otherwise we could be fighting a losing battle. But do I think someone like APM would clean up the mess, no. He is spending senseless on things that do not matter to all such as paying k150 millions on luxurious things such as motor home car while his majority poor people are suffering of hunger and dying in hospitals due to lack of medication and proper hospital equipment. Shame on you APM.
    Victor Jumbo

  10. Beast Msonda says:

    If you have material evidence and you are not satisfied with this professional report done by professionals then go to court and sue against whosoever you think is a culprit. You have that freedom rather than insinuating things that are not true. Who doesn’t know the voting pattern in Malawi?

    You are busy sleeping and snoring while the DPP is penetrating in other regions and closing every gap in the southern region. And you say you will win 2019 elections. Hehehehe! Forget it! LL rural, Dedza and Mchinji were strictly for MCP. But now you have allowed DPP to penetrate in these no go zones. There are some few good politicians I know in MCP who can revive this party better than this political amateur called Dr. Chakwera.

  11. Dusty says:

    Another garbage IG in the police service giving out a report which has no single truth.Tinayera mmaso tsopano.

  12. torgo nodo says:

    so what did the other guy mean when he said mps doesn’t have the forensics equipment to solve such cases? just use the same forensics team that has solved firegate to also solve njaunjugate, chasowagate, gasagate, half trilliongate, albinogate, jetgate, market firesgate, expired margarinegate….

  13. levelheaded says:

    All the parties were represented there. The people that were guarding the ware house from the day the court ruled a recount were from all the parties,so what are they saying on this? What did they see on that day? As somebody levelheaded, I don’t and shall never dwell on assumptions.

  14. ngongoliwa says:

    Kachama will cease tobe IG by April today tb joshua prophecy, malawians don worry.

  15. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Maxon Mbendera and then Lexon Kachama …..all first names ending in xon. Can those specialised in name etymology tell us what names ending in XON means. I beginning yo think XON means “CROOK”

  16. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Kachama learn to hold on to your patience. Ndi dziko ili

  17. Patriot says:

    Munaotcha inu nomwe, kufuna kupisisa ndani?

  18. mtumbuka1 says:

    Either the inspector general is stupid since birth or he is not a professional. In a lay man’s point of view, the whole inspector general can lie through his teeth on a sensitive issue like this one. He is a total sell out. By the way, was the so called party for the generals not organised by the thieving dpp thugs themselves? You have the answer! Next thing to hear from you will be that the late lssa njauju’s car was also burnt by accident.

  19. komkobb says:

    Alandira za mmanja a Kachamam

  20. Jerome says:

    Those results are obvious when the devil is in control. order a re-run to expose the devil who imposes himself on us to lead us through devilish means.

  21. Green Grass says:

    Ithink the Police are a pathetic institution and think that all of us are idiots like they are. If the fire was accidental the report would have been released a long time ago. Now look here you Police officers your stupid actions on Gays has costed government a lot in terms of confidence by the donors and don’t think that they will take this cabbage lightly as well. Well continue to help the government on a path of self destruction. Next we shall hear that Njaunju committed suicide.

  22. Sapitwa says:

    This is just confirming that in the absence of Forensic Equipment, all complicated cases like these will be closed. You can say what ever you can say against the Police; argue about the NIB vehicle being seen on the scene before the fire gutted bla bla bla. It will not yield anything as Police have no capacity; period!
    Njaunju’s case is about to be closed just like that of Matafale, Chasowa,Chanthunya etc. We are not advanced.

  23. Funzo says:

    It has been admitted that the police lack the forensic capability to investigate crimes. Fire investigation is highly specialised so I doubt that this was carried out thoroughly even if the statement is honest.

  24. Tengupenya says:

    criminals cover their tracks by making things appear normal to divert attention. professional investigators know this. otherwise no need for forensic scrutiny. few examples: road accidents have been used to murder or maim to incapacity; hard tackles or late challenges in football games have been used to incapacitate opponents.

  25. La 40 Lakwana says:

    The same night Dausi went to pick a welder at Msanyama Holdings who is running a welding workshop at Mtchesi to go and weld all the doors leading to the entrances to the warehouse. It is your time to cheat but one time the truth will come out. Dausi offered the guy who did the welding a big sum lamp of money and the job was done the same night. Msanyama guy is MCP and he thinks MCP knows nothing.

    Our police is a yes Bwana to the ruling governments.

  26. this government was stolen from people’s choice now what people did not choose democratically will always haunt the people, when the devil comes to stay in your life it turns everything upside down. if a President is a crook then everybody else working with him will be a crook.

    1. Mathanyula says:

      Don’t worry Malawians April will be here before you know it. We will be freed from this bondage. Listen to TB Joshua prophesy. Tabvutika mokwana

  27. Victor Jumbo says:

    I believe the police and the army should work above politics and follow the code of conduct of their respective jobs and discipline. They should serve the interests of Malawians and be political affiliated. Stand up for what they believe in rather than taking obscene orders from crooked minded politicians who are hell bent on serving poorly government of the day and their interests of the few people. That can’t be right to the right minded people. This chief of police should tell all the Malawians how accidental the fire started, and by who. What was the smoking policy put in place before and at the time of fire in these very important places that needs to be guarded at all the times. Who started the fire and what were the intelligence men and car seen there doing shortly be the fire started. Why has it taken so long to investigate. Justice delayed is justice denied they say. Is this what has happened now? We need more answers and a very good explanation from your fablicated story if you are going to convince us all. Waiting to hear more from you.
    Victor Jumbo

  28. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Joke of the year 2016. I am sure there will be more rubbish but not as stinky. Come on, stinky! Sometimes it is better to admit that we lack capacity to investigate instead of spinning for civilian masters.

  29. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Leckson Kachama is a very stupid IG. I am not convinced and you are not a fire expert.
    A polisi zitsiru inu, politicians are fooling you.

  30. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    We need independence of the police now! No wonder they are failing to go deeper into the issue of Njauju who was more likely killed by the blue colored party. We cannot trust Kachamas statement because it is the same Malawian deformed Police that told a blue lie that Chasowa had committed suicide and left a suicide note. Shut up Kachama Regional Governor of the DPP in the Police.

  31. citizen says:

    useless think we are stupidike yourself?

  32. Changaputwa says:

    mmonsemujaaaaaa… Ukukabwela Lero poyela anthu titazisiya mkukamba komwe. Mutumo koma zuyenda ???? Komaso iwe kukhala munthu ogwira ntchito m’boma, ungabvomele ngankhale zili zoona ????? Can u pls shutout ur mouth.

  33. chemwali kulibe says:

    Mr Kachama with due respect I think you are not fit to be IG.How can you say that when every malawian knows that it was the group of Dausi who engineered all this arson.There is no power to the building and how can the fire start on its own Mr Kachama.Ndinu opemphera osamanama chonchi.People working around the building actually saw with their naked eyes coming to the place with 2 policemen and others in a car to survey the building before It was up in flames.God will punish all those who took part in this.Repent before its too late.

  34. mbuyuni says:

    I have never seen a better report by the police, all their reports are good. The fact that the report has taken time brings a benefit of doubt on its credibility. Thanks for the expected results, some of these accidents are elective, just like the Mwanza 4 during Kamuzu, Matafale during Muluzi, chasowa during Bingu and now ballot papers in the early part of Profs leadership and more to come by 2019.

  35. Mike Misokwe says:

    Malawi aaaaaaaaaa?

  36. proudmalawian says:

    a kachama kutalikako ine ndimaganiza kuti muli ndi nzeru koma ataaa!!!!!!!!

  37. APM says:

    may the good Lord God forgive Mr Lexon Kachama for deceiving the innocent malawians.

  38. MHELIWA says:


    CHANI ???


  39. Temaco says:

    Za chamba.Accidental,incidental or deliberately,ma bokosi anapsya basi.

  40. Angel of Doom says:

    “Some people tipped the police that they saw a national intelligence bureau vehicle at the area Hours before the fire…………… Did they put a timed device? or did they lie there for hours waiting for the people to go?

    Are these not the same people who saw their pastor turn into a snake? Are these not the same people that believed that Mugabe would die at 1 minute pat midnight on the 31st of December?

    Give us a break!! No one cares anymore, we have bigger problems now, that will not be solved by knowing who set the fire and why?

    If it is accidental the question you should be asking is how did it start so as to prevent future fires elsewhere.

  41. becks says:


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