Malawi Police nab Rasta man over hemp:  Bid to legalise weed

Malawi Police in Nkhotakota have arrested a 26-year-old Rasta man for illegally being found in possession of 31 kilograms of Cannabis Sativa locally knowns as ‘chamba’  at Kaombe police checkpoint in the district.

Rastafarian man smoking cannabis

Rastafarian man smoking cannabis

Cannabis is regarded as a “sacred commodity” by Rastas and they have been campaigning to have laws allow them to use and sell cannabis as part of their religious beliefs and culture.

Dung their routine search on the night of February 4, 2015, police found Pitilizani Lapukeni with the ‘luggage’ aboard a National Bus Company bus registration BQ 4132 going to Blantyre from Mzuzu.

“Soon after the bus arrived at Kaombe Police roadblock, all passengers disembarked for police search. In the process, they discovered five baskets put together and concealed in black plastic paper which contained the illicit drug,” said Nkhotakota Police spokesperson Williams Kaponda.

The weed is widely grown in Nkhotakota.

He added: “A few minutes later the man came to a police officer conducting the search and offered him K4 000 to let him pass with the dangerous drugs. This prompted the officers manning the roadblock to identify the owner of the baskets and was immediately arrested.”

The suspect has been charged with an offence of being found in possession of Cannabis Sativa without license contrary to section 4 (a) of Dangerous Drug Regulation and 19 (1) of the Dangerous Drug Act.

Lapukeni hails from Mbaluku village, Senior Chief Malengachanzi in the district and is expected to appear before Nkhotakota Magistrate Court soon.

Following such growing cases which have become rampant in the district, police have appealed to the general public to come forward with information that will lead to curbing the malpractice.

Police, further remind the general public that rewards are still being made to patriotic Malawians who come forward with information which lead to the arrest of the drug traffickers.

But the Rasta continue to argue that the constitution allows everyone’s entitlement to freedom of  religion, including Rastafarian which allows use of Chamba regarded as a “sacred commodity” and “sacrament incense” with authority for its use derived from the Bible.

They regard Chamba as a herb originally grown in the Garden of Eden for the use of mankind for religious, culinary and medicinal purposes.

And that they don’t sell Chamba in open market as they  do it in their “Rastafarian gatherings” comparing the practise of Christian churches holding summer fairs and coffee mornings for fund raising purposes.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi Police nab Rasta man over hemp:  Bid to legalise weed”

  1. kauniuni says:

    legalize it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the holy herb!

  2. Ngambwe says:

    kulephera kuthana ndi cash gate kulimbana ndi Golide haha makape simudzalemera dzibani misonkho yathuyo

  3. Mwanawane says:

    Musiyeni Rastaman sinkhani imeneyo,mukukanika kugwira mbava za cashgate agalu inu. Sitingasiye kusuta chamba olo atati more fire Kingman!!

  4. New Govt says:

    Inu musamavele AZUNGU zilizose! Chamba is not a drug and ask the Cuba ppo are rich with this herb and are advanced in medics due to free use in any type of herb! Whites sell you wood glue which is so dangerous and ppo sniff it for pleasure why don’t u bann it also? Not everyone mad in streets is sick due hemp! Leagalise it If not I wlill run for presidency and leagalise this! For Trapence and Ntambo this is better to advance than homosexuality yanu ija akapolo inu! Peter Muthalika you should legalise this for forex earning to be quick!

  5. Gimbogo says:

    Azungu omwe anapanga malamulo oletsa chambawo kwawo akusintha ife tikudikira chani

  6. ndadabwa says:

    chamba chimenecho a polisi akagulitsa. nawonso amasuta. a polisi a ku Malawi ndi agalu. akanawapatsa 10,000.00 akanamuleka. apolisi akuba nambala one ndi apolisi a ku Malawi. apusi

  7. Dr. Mango says:

    Very unfortunate to read comments that are leaning towards legalising Chamba. Did you go to school? At least to Primary School?

  8. Chakumudzi says:

    Nthawi yoseyi apolisi simadziwa kuti timalima chamba?

  9. apao says:

    What ugive alicence to pole to fire arm which kills pole y not chamba , and for your info its not chamba it is called tsamba, wake up, promote whiteman’s industry not black’s , in. Africa Tina uzidwa ndi azungu kwambiri, coz futi adapanga ndi azungu adappangatso lamulo lokomela maganizo awo, hah bless, and guide while we r pushing for our freedom of. Association,

  10. Gift Nyasulu says:

    many are going mad in our street due to the same drug so its good that the gov add its mesures to resrict the use of the drug.

  11. Soul Rebel says:

    Legalize it plz

  12. NKHAMANGA says:

    Why do you regalise that which give us Cancer? Cigarette and tobacco that’s the answer. Pliz regalise that which give us consciousness, so to the higher higher regions we ha’fih posses it. You give a licence to drive a car and yet so many people die by cars, you give a licence to use a gun but when we use a gun another life goes down. Wake up from this impoverishing slumber and let’s develop Malawi for once by accepting that Ganja holds so many secretive answers to the myriad problems we’re facing. LEGALIZE IT AND I WILL ADVERTISE IT!!!!!!

  13. kalapashi says:

    Ganja is good. It is the laws that make it bad. The gvt can earn more money from the legalised sell of ganja. Its medical use of THC ( Tetrahydrocanabinoic acid) which is a drug found in ganja has more health benifits. Try to test the Rastafarian community with HIV and those of Seventh Day adventists members. compare the data and come up with your own conclusion. you ll not hesitate to legalise it. what it does is that it cacoons the cell from being attach. The cacooning mechanism is very ecentelic that our human brain can understand because we dont learn magic in class. The plant is very mistic in its mode of action. Holding Ganja can make you being a subject of misfortune. Using it can make you detached from worldy need. It improves sentence construction which is due to malfunction of a certain part of left lobe. It improves memory because it causes depression. It also ignite a centre which starts reasoning. A person can become mad because it amplifies traits of manic depression. The major sign to recognise that someone is mad is (CAMPTNESS). AVOID TAKING GANJA IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED!!!!! LEGALISE GANJA AND FREE HUMAN KIND!!!

    1. Geofrey says:

      Nothing good comes out of ganja!dont be cheated and u should know u dont have to smoke de weed 2 bcome a rasta!it will ruin and spoil your inner organs just alcohol does with liver and kidney!

  14. Tman says:

    Just legalise the staff and all of us have access to cash. Nanga zizngokomera anzathu a cash gate?

  15. George Lihoma. says:

    First give me a Licence for smoking Peter Stuyvesant and Chingambwe.

  16. Truth says:

    Even selling alcohol without a licence is a crime but no one is arrested for that.

  17. kaukonde says:

    These laws of our. Allowing drugs like alcohol which makes people even more crazy. Tell me how many people have been involved in car accidents because they smoked chamba compare it to alcohol. if you go to court most offenders will claim that they did what they did because they were drunk not smoke. stupid cop refusing MK4G

  18. congo says:

    Rastaman forever..mutayeni.

  19. Jentle says:

    Hahaha Ras amadya nzimbe, amadya nkhwani ndi udzu. Sheee zomera man congo!!

  20. Chamba is widely known to have medical benefits as well as industrial use. legalize it and teach people better uses of chamba other than smoking

  21. nuji says:

    Mutayeni walakwa chani. osakazula chili ku nkhotakotacho bwanji! A cashgate nde akuyenda freely chifukwa chani? senzani osamulanda nyumba ya pa bunda ija bwanji mxii

  22. Joel says:

    Please, can someone tell me what happens to the “Chamba” that is confiscated by police. All that stuff from Chingeni Road block – Balaka – recentlu.

  23. Puludzu says:

    So its possible tu have alicence,,,thandizeni guys ndipeze yanga,ndani safuna kutola cikwama imagine ka Bhoola kamodzi timagula K100, kkkkkk

  24. Detective says:

    Misala basi

  25. Botsotso says:

    Nyasa plz tell us where & wht r the requiremnts for one to hv “chamba” licence

  26. chilombo says:

    Kkkkkkkl I like this guy’s arguement. Legalise it,arresting a Rasta for chamba is like arresting a fish for being in water

  27. Patriot says:

    Kwa anthu amenewa olo muti museche wina aliyense wa ma dreadlocks, mupeza indian hemp mbwe.
    Koma munaksti wamangidwa chifukwa chopeseka ndi fodya wa life kikikiki

  28. A Polisi mukulanda chamba chokwera bus mpomwe komwe chili mminda mungochiona kachizuleni kuti ogula asowe kokagula.Anzanu a Fisheries salanda somba zamumphika kapena za pamsika koma amalanda makombe ophera nsombazo panthawi yomwe atseka kupha nsomba mmadera ena

  29. nana says:

    zopusa basi anakuwuzani kuti chamba ndi drag ndani?nanu NYASA mwapusa kwambiri

  30. Yankeez says:

    Nkhotakoata Police Station, takawamangani amene amalima Chambacho osati kumavutika ndianthu okawoda katundu ayi, ngati sangalimidwe katunduyu, palibe angapeze access yomuoda nangasi kulibe, I hope even the OC at KK police knows the growing fields of this Canabis but amalora chikule, chipange mature, munthuyo akolore, awodetse then mkumakamanga ogula, sindiye chambacho chimenecho? District of Chamba, Chamba people, Chamba their Police officers and Chamba Rastas,,,, KK woyee!? Pamenepo akuti akufuna ma Promotion pakuti adakana ka 4000mk, ayi sindikukwezani ’till muwamange amene chaka chinocho alima Chambacho?

  31. Achimidzimidzi says:

    So the man needs to have a Lisence according to section you have mentioned.
    Easy, give him the lisence but it should only be used in their meetings/

  32. Tongaman says:

    U give certificate to a gunman so give certificate to smock the weed.

  33. Sanabele munthu Rasta…leave him…with jobless on Nyasaland do u think anthu azitan to earn a living?mbala zikukukanikani apa?kumalimbana ndi a chamba.Zitsilu apolisi plus Bwampin…..ati chitukuko,chilungamo chitetezo kkkkkkkkk..umaona ngat kuyendetsa dziko ndi phada eti…uona polekela bwamps….

  34. cbk says:

    musamusiye ameneyo!parliament yake iti ingavomeleze zachambazo?

  35. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Without licence? By whom and where is the licence issued? Any way, it’s one step towards legalization! Jaah! Rastafarai!

  36. Prince Aliwid Bin Tahlahla Bin Abhula Ziz says:

    Free up Ganja…de sweet sensimilar…selar

  37. Chamba says:

    I think this might be a good test case for courts in Malawi to consider whether or not the use of chamba is protected under the malawi constitution on the basis of freedom of religion? Perhaps we should allow Rastas to use chamba provided they have a license.

    I encourage Human rights organizations in malawi to take up this case because the legal question that it presents is an important one.

  38. Peter says:

    He is a victim of reformed police. Our police is now reformed and they go for big deals only. With the reformation currently taking place in the system, only those currying tonnes of cannibas are allowed to pass. We know some guys in Blantyre who trade in this dangerous commodity and not even a single officer from this reformed police can handle them.

  39. None says:

    umaitha rasta

  40. mmv says:

    Mutayeni ndichipembedzo chache sanabe ndlama za boma ameneyo

  41. charlie says:

    Leave the Rasta alone!!!It’s his religious rights.Mukukanika kugwira mbava za cashgate!!U bambal klaats!!

  42. aphiri says:

    Kkkk mfumu yanga .more fire. Babylon police is hunting matafale. Kkkk

  43. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    What about try to corrupt a police officer , is that not a case ? It seems corruption is normal in Malawi these days , especially when corrupting a police officer.

  44. Chitseko says:

    Mwamuphwanyila ufulu wa chipembedzo munthuyu.

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