Malawi Police net 10 witchcraft murder suspects

Malawi Police in southern district of Neno have arrested 10 people in connection to the brutal killing of four elderly persons suspected to have been practicing witchcraft in the district.

It was a lynching ceremony in Neno

It was a lynching ceremony in Neno

The four deceased—73 year-old Byson Kanjete, Eliza Enoce Kanjete, 83, Elenefa Kanjete, 76 and Julius Kanjete—were also believed to be behind the death of their granddaughter who was struck by lightning.

They were killed by angry mob in Chimbalanga village in Chief Dambe’s area.

The arrested suspects, according to Neno Police spokesperson, are 36 year-old Staford Chifundo, Amosi Sida, 32, Samuel Kaudzu, 20, John Harry, 21, Lex Mayenda aged 19, Manford Dyson, 15, Patrick Kanjete, 14, Lyton Silence, 15, Ben Saukila aged 14 and 13 year-old Eliya Mapeto.

Kaliati said the arrested suspects were identified by some of the survivors of the mob justice in the area and that more people will be arrested over the death of the four elderly persons.

“Our investigations have not ended. Those we have arrested were in the forefront, there are more others who participated in the murders and we will arrest them,” Kaliati said.

The arrest came barely a day after President Peter Mutharika condemned the ruthless killing of the four witchcraft suspects.

Mutharika promised to step up government’s efforts to stem the killings of elderly people on witchcraft suspicion.

He also ordered the Inspector General of the Malawi Police to investigate the matter and bring to book those involved in the killing of the four people.

According to a statement issued by Presidential spokesperson Gerald Viola, it was high time Malawians changed their attitudes towards witchcraft and realize the value of elderly people in society.

Meanwhile, police are patrolling Neno.

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40 thoughts on “Malawi Police net 10 witchcraft murder suspects”

  1. John says:

    Waffling on about something called Satan does not make it any more real than any of the other make-believe characters in the bible and similar works of fiction.
    There are no gods, prophets, devils, angels or – for that matter – satans either.
    None of them exist. End of.
    Stop wasting your time with religio-babble nonsense.
    Try leading a real life in the real world instead.

    1. Brown says:

      For me is may God forgive John. Thank you

      1. John says:

        I don’t need or want forgiveness from you or your imaginary non-existent nonentities.
        You have my sympathy for your delusional state.
        I hope you get over it as soon as you can.
        I look forward to when you start to live a real life.

  2. Chithaphwi says:

    The bits and pieces of information I have collected from books and articles written by some of those people that were once entangled in satanism indicate that Satan is so cruel and at the same time crafty. He will kill for no reason and create an allegation so as to legitimise the slaughter. The bible also comfirms that Satan is evil and comes but to kill, steal and destroy, John 10:10. Due to ignorance we destroy one another (Hosea 4:6) and what we are experiencing now (ritual killings and such other evils) are as a result of ignorance of Satan’s hatrade for mankind, his objectives and schemes. This, to me is testimony that the church still has a lot to do as the battle against Satan not yet over.

    Yes, I am quite aware that scriptures clearly reveal that towards the end time, these things will be common. People will not love one another, but I feel that we could at least, individualy or collectively, be doing something to reduce this madness or cushion its effects, if we accept it as part of our life.

  3. Brown says:

    Hey people such a babaric act is uncalled for in our society. Because these old people are poor and had no mouth to say they were called witches. Stop doing things in away that God can not forgive you. What I need as a citizen of this country is that those who took part in killing these old people should produce vivid evidence that they were witches i.e. how they conducted it. Chifukwa sibwino munthu chifukwa choti wasawuka komanso kukalamba ndifiti ayi. Tiyeni zinthu zina tizimusiyira Mulungu kuti satana achite manyazi. Komanso panthawi yomwe amaphedwa anthu amenewa mafumu anali alikuti and other village leaders? This is showing poor governance. Ndidakakonda kuti onse amene amawonerera kuphedwa kwa anthuwa osachitapo kanthu ayimbidwenso mlandu wolekerera.

  4. gangfuno says:

    Kwa chimbalanga moyo wao ndi umenewo ogulitsa mphezi mwina zathano zipita mphezi kwawo sanalakwitse kuzipha

  5. A magwira says:

    Shaaaaa kugulitsa mpaka

  6. Titus kamanga says:

    Where is the church?

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Ufiti ulipo , makolo anthu anamwalila pano tikuvutika ,fiti ndi yoyipa imadana ndi olimbika achita bwino kuzipha umasye ukuchuluka chifukwa cha ufitiwo

  8. Innohchester says:

    Opha nzake nayenso aphedue kom izozo ndizokayikitsa.umboni weniweni wot anamupha tsikanayo ndi azigogowo anautenga kut?

  9. Fargic says:

    Guys witchcraft is real,let’s not denie this.If found in our locations,let’s deal with them.They hinder development in our communities,because they always kill people who are capable for development,,,,,,

    1. John says:

      No, Fargic, it is ill-educated ignorant people like you who hinder development – no one else.
      Your thoughts and actions make you complicit in an act of murder.
      You are no better than the actual murderers themselves.

  10. griffin sinyala says:

    ine ndi mmalawi and zoti ufiti ulipo ndikudziwa bwino so awo ngati. dizowona kuti anatumiza mphezi zakhala bwino nawonso spite Akakumane ndi mzawo anamuphayo

  11. Yes even if they were real Mfitithat is in human to kill them judgment is only God

  12. mai mada says:

    Komatu akuti anthu 4 anaphedwa aja anali mfiti ndithu, amagulitsa ziphaliwali kwa amene akufuna kupha munthu ndipo zimathekadi, akuti iwo aja apha anthu okwanira 39, panopa anthu anawatopera, akuti anachokera ku Mozambique

  13. November Rain says:

    Analyst @ 1, please don’t waste your time responding to this idiot called John. I know this man, he is just useless like his father. You will find no good in him. He is a man who wasted his youthful life and paying for it, now. There are serious issues with his mind. He is a mad man.

    Just keep up your good comments. I enjoy them all.

    1. John says:

      Unlike you and the pretentiously self-named so-called ‘analyst’, I actually use my real name when posting comments, unlike you and your fellow false commentator.
      Why should anyone take any notice of people like you and him who lack the personal integrity to use their real names when posting comments?
      Both of you should be completely dismissed for the couple of fakes and phonies that you both obviously are.

  14. mbani says:

    kodi paja alomwe anasamukila kumeneku eti looking for land settlement i remember goliati issue no wonder

  15. Katiko Emmanuel says:

    Last days so sad

  16. Nabanda says:

    Which means Peter akadapanda kulamula these people couldnt be arrested? Because our Police Officers were quiet but once the state president has spoken now they have started arresting them!!!!! Zaka 13 wayamba kale kumangidwa? Koma yaaa! Mavuto alipo.

  17. Truck says:


  18. nachisale says:

    dziko la malawi likupita kuti tikukhala ndi matha tikamayenda

  19. paul kamanga says:

    how many people have been brutally murdered by calling themself holliness to judge even jesus did not do what we are doing today,he said my father is ajudger,me to teacher loveness,anyone break god commands her or him will face judgement ,this is the holly year of mercy ,may their soul rest in peace,we shall never forget you in our daily pray,and do not forgot us,because you have died martyrus,god of mercy have mercy on us,i pray amen

  20. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    As John @1.1 (not @ has written, in his comments to “The Analyst”, I echo his (John’s) sentiments:-
    – a serious custodial sentence should be meted out as an example of what future offenders
    should expect; the punishment should be so strong as really to act as a deterrent. And,
    – perhaps, only a scientific education will get us out of this backward thinking.

    Killing witches stopped hundreds of years in European history. Are we that far back in our thinking; in our beliefs of witchcraft?
    This is part of the mindset we need to change; not just the political, and economic or moral mindset APM has been railing about lately.

  21. Phiri says:

    Thank you Mr.President for the intervention in this issue. my question is, why you never do the same on the issue of the chief who was ambushed and got murdered in Karonga . Please bring also the murderers of this chief to book.

  22. Gloria says:

    Malawi is a very sorry state. My son in-law was brutally murdered by Catholic University students for no apparent reason but they were released on bail because they found a lawyer. Are lawyers supposed to protect murderers because they have money? Our tears still flow and this will never give the concerned murderers peace as his blood continues to torture them until justice is done. Diso kulipa diso. I still feel bitter though it took place sometime in October 2015 but I feel as if it took place yesterday. His children and wife are suffering because of these heartless students. Muziona nkhani zovomereza ma lawyer otherwise enawa amapangira dala kuti ma lawyer akawathandiza. Njiru sizipindula ayi. No matter wherever these murderers are they should know that they will be answerable before the supreme judge and lawyer who is on high, the son of God in heaven and they will never find peace on this earth as his blood is upon their heads.

  23. Ellias says:

    Akakalamba nde kuti ndi mfiti? Shame, umbuli basi. Wa dzaka 13 zoona kupha nawo anthu mmalo mopita kukachtsa umbuli ku school.

    Zikuchitika ndipo nowadays even achinyamata akutchuka ndi ufiti. Ena amasewera golf koma amagona akazi mmatsenga.

  24. Ibu wa Mutharika says:

    The Police should have arrested the suspects for committing such a heinous crime and not because the President has issued instructions. Sometimes I wonder if Peter Mutharika was really a law professor. There has to be separation powers in Malawi. We are tired with dictators musquarading as democrats

  25. fantasia says:

    mwinanxo omwe apha khalambazo nawo mndi mfiti apa ,,kma zaanzawo apa

  26. kalulu says:

    sweet news. Please rest everyone and let them justice and this should be publicised so that future perpetrators should know cosquencies

  27. wewe says:

    So sad. I shall never stop shouting on this issue until justice prevails



  29. Papeji says:

    Our Malawi Police, are you telling us that our police can’t arrest murders unless you recieve commands from your boss the Commader In Chief to tell you to arrest the killers who killed the 4 Gogos ?

    We are waiting for the same Commander in Chief to command our police to arrest all those people who killed Chasowa and Njauju otherwise our police is too rubbish , they only work through commands from their commander in chief. We are tired with this type of administration which is poor in everything you can think off.

  30. wopa uyo wandasange says:

    wana wachokowachoko pera,yayi fufuzani makora walala walipo.

  31. John says:

    Excellent news. The principal targets for police investigation should be those who organised and motivated the killings. It is no good just pursuing the foolish simpletons who were easily led to commit these atrocities. Catch the ring leaders first before netting the accomplices.

  32. The Analyst says:

    This is good news . . .
    We expect better news though, when these stupid fools are denied bail . . .
    And even best news when they are given the stiffest of punishments, if proven guilty. . .

    Otherwise, . . .

    Since government cannot be everywhere, anytime o potect every witch or wizard; it is very effective and cost efficient to “kill one so as to warn a hundred.” – Chinese Proverb
    Thus . . .
    If I were the president, or if our president was born a man, I/he would play games with the courts to mete a death verdict on these retarded bastards and gladly, I would sign it; so as to deter others; since death has been known to frighten many, even the already-dead.

    Sadly . . .

    “You dont kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong.” – Holly Near (American Activist)

    1. John says:

      Your comment ‘death has been known to frighten many, even the already-dead’ is silly.
      Once someone is dead, they are dead. Their life has ended. They are no longer capable of registering any emotions. They are incapable of being frightened by anything at all.
      Killing ignorant and stupid people does not make the rest of society or the state any kind of morally superior entity. Criminals should be locked up behind bars for a long period so as to serve as an example of how not to behave in a civilized society and their incarceration should also ensure that the rest of society remains safe and can lead normal lives.
      A much enhanced education system, specializing in scientific education, is what is required to reduce the existing levels of ignorance, folly and criminality within a society.

      1. The Analyst says:

        It takes a hollow and deeply shallow mind to fail to decipher that the statement quoted is figurative, yet you are speaking literally. Ha! Can anyone be more retarded than this? I doubt!
        But since we cant all have the same level of understanding, I will forgive your remarkable ignorance.

        1. John says:

          There you go – backtracking on your word.
          What an insubstantial little man you are.
          That’s where religionists lacking rational logic end up.
          You truly are pathetic.

          1. The Analyst says:

            More pathetic is your courage to not hesitate to celebrate your ignorance in public.
            Indeed, you have all courage of a kitchen mouse.

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