Malawi Police officer in court for impregnating teen girl : 2 men in for raping orphan

Euthini Second Grade Magistrate’s Court has referred to a court in Mzuzu a case in which Mbalachanda Police Unit officer-in-charge Paul Kuchawo is accused of rape and defilement charges following revelations that he made a 15-year-old girl pregnant.

Mzimba Police spokesperson Gabriel Chiona said it is alleged Kuchawo had been in a relationship with the girl since last year.

Kuchawo is alleged to have threatened that he would “shoot-to-kill” her if she revealed about the affair and the girl complied even during her pregnancy but she revealed after the intervention of gender advocates who cater for her education.

The girl’s mother, Eliza Banda, said the Police officer has “ accepted responsibility “ and admitted that he had sexual intercourse her “twice” in all cases without a condom.

Banda said her daughter is supposed to write Junior Certificate of Education examinations soon.

Sex abuse on an orphan

The girl who was abused playing at her in Chinsapo - pic by LINA guardian's house

The girl who was abused  sweeping at her home in Chinsapo – pic by LINA

In a related development, Police in Lilongwe are keeping in custody two men for allegedly raping a four year old orphaned girl.

Lilongwe publicist, Kingsly Dandaula said identities of the two are Friday Davis 15, from Malimande village Traditional Authority (T/A) Tambala in Dedza, and Chikondi Mdalla 18, who hails from Makanjira village Traditional Authority Makanjira in Mangochi.

“After committing the offence these two suspects cunningly went in hiding for at least a week. However, they got arrested eventually, on Sunday,” Said Dandaula.

In a separate interview, father to the girl Mphatso Maxwell, said the two had been sleeping with his daughter more than once.

Adding that after noticing the girl having difficulties in walking, he though of finding out from her what had gone wrong, only to hear the shocking news.

The girl is putting up with her granny in a densely populated Chinsapo township in Lilongwe.—(Additional reporting by Agrippa Ngwenya-LINA)

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15 thoughts on “Malawi Police officer in court for impregnating teen girl : 2 men in for raping orphan”

  1. Steve Mulowe says:

    Palibe choonongeka

  2. zymology says:

    parents! teach ur children the right ways in all aspects of life(spiritual,mental,physical). all in all,train them 2 say no to everything that wud risk their lives.A 1 yr relationship is enough evidence that the two were in symbiotic affair.mentioning dat one was threatened by a gun is not justifiable here

  3. newton says:

    Kodi ngati inuyo otsogolera mukuyambitsa kusokoneza chonchi nangano anthu atani?Ndinu anthu ozindikira koma nkumapanga ngati ndinu mbuliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.Nzomvetsa chisoni. AMANGIDWE BASI MWINA. ENA NKUTENGERAPO PHUNZIRO. Malamulo agwire ntchito basi ndipo Chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi.

  4. Helire says:

    Kodi ananyamata a 15 years, 16 years samapanga zibwenzi? Inuyo munalibe chibwenzi saizi imeneyi? Nthawi imeneyo munkatani, mmabgocheza basi, simunkagonana? Anyamata amasiku anowa sagonana? Ndiye a 16 years wa amapanga chibwenzi ndi mtsikana wa 18 years? Anawa amakwera atsikana a 15/14 bwinobwino. Masiku ano kamwana ka 15 kamakhsla kochabwino, mabere ogwirika bwino, mbino Ili umo kutsatira mbuyomu. Makolo alangizeni anawa kuti asamapange zibwenzi, anawa ngototetsa

  5. mkuruzinza says:

    Our dear nyasatimes, show us a picture of Euthini 15 yr old girl. Before I comment ndimafuna ndione kaye, coz tonsefe tinafunsirapo ngakhale kukwatira koma ndiangati mwaife omwe anafunsa zaka zankazi chibwezi chisanayambe? Munthu wa form two amadziwa chochita sangavomerere mantha no. Anatani kumunenera b4 kupasidwa mimba? Makoro amadziwa zachibwezi, Pano chifukwa chamimbayi ndipomwe azizimuka, Kodi Ka game Ka zigizigi kamachepa? Ndiye Ka ulereso (plane) mimba ingalephere kubwera? Tiometseni photo tisananene zambiri. Kwawo chimoka kuli tuwana tuchita kuchallenger azibambo. Tosanva 11,12,14,15,16 sizes. Tiri pa rank amawo amaauza kuti aliyese aziyendera yake kwawo kunatha bola anawabereka

  6. Euthini says:

    I come from Euthini. This police is luck. In the past he was going to be brought down with “mbavi” .

  7. justin says:

    threatened. you must be joking.

  8. ujeni says:

    From top to bottom no morals in Malawi. When you have leaders who marry like changing underwear, Don’t expect a moral society.

  9. The Most Concerned says:

    Wa 15 yrs simwana, umboni ndili nawo koma ndikuopa kulaura bwalo. Mwamanga munthu osalakwa……..

  10. chaiwone wawo says:

    Does this girl look four years old? she is a child but not four years. It does not change the crime of course even if the girl could be 4 or 15

  11. mbuyuni says:

    Sometimes I tend to wonder how difficult it is to apply our laws in certain circumstances. This man is a law inforcer, using his knowledge of how weak our laws are, the lesser evil is to make this girl pregnant and or with HIV and get arrested for 24 months. The goodness is that he will have enough time to write again MSCE.There is no decline of cases related to gender in our country. Take MoH as a model in the way they are fighting the HIV pandemic. Once postive immediately ARV. Watch out for 90,90,90.

  12. The father of the girl he said this is not first time these monsters to sleep with the girl.What made the father to keep quite?Shame first arrest father for poor responsibility to her daughter finally put 2 monsters into the prison

  13. daud says:

    U are right

  14. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    So the girl is an orphan to the father who is Mphatso Maxwell who is breathing 24/7.Why is the father not looking after the girl?The same girl is at the orphanage and living with her granny at the same time.So which is which?The animals that have been abusing the girl should be arrested and dumped in prison.The father should also be taken to task for not looking after girl.

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