Malawi presidential aides in bitter infighting

As the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) struggles to maintain its foothold on political power, another power matrix game between President Peter Mutharika’s Personal Assistant (PA), Ben Phiri, and Senior Advisor to the President on Strategy and Communication, Bright Malopa, has also entered an intense phase that nearly culminated into physical fight.

Mutharika and his communication strategist Malopa

Mutharika and his communication strategist Malopa

Ben Phiri: Mutharikas special aide

Ben Phiri: Mutharika’s special aide

According to a reliable source at Kamuzu Palace, Malopa recently wrote President Mutharika informing the President about Ben Phiri’s alleged increasing arrogance and big-headedness, which he feared reflect badly on Mutharika as a leader and the DPP adminstration.

In the memorandum, Malopa expressed worry that Ben Phiri has grown so much into himself and that he refuses to take advice from anyone, including the Chief of Staff (Peter Mukhito) on crucial State House matters.

In Malopa’s communication to the Head of State, it was revealed that Ben Phiri bosses over all cabinet ministers and elected members of the DPP National Governing Council (NGC).

Malopa also disclosed to the President that his youthful PA allegedly extorts huge sums of money from rich Asians, Nigerians, Rwandese and Burundians“in exchange for appointments with the President and government contracts”.

The source said the President expressed surprise at the information he received about his PA. He chewed him out about his “unbecoming” conduct andthreatened he would fire himshould he continue with such “shameful conduct”.

According to the source, the President did not hide the source of his information, which is Malopa.

“Ben Phiri got extremely angry with the turn of events and at the apparent and clear ‘challenge’ on his authority by Malopa, who he considers as being small in terms of proximity to the President.

“The President’s PA looked out for Malopa and when they met, a bitter argument ensued and it nearly degenerated into physical fist of fury,” said the source, opting for anonymity for fear of the ‘obvious’.

According to the source, Ben Phiri accused Malopa of harbouring ulterior motives to snatch away his position and become closest to the President himself.

“He accused Malopa of leaking classified information from State House to the media, including information about the PA including his wife on a recent presidential tour to the United States of America using taxpayers money,” said the source.

Several State House sources corroborated the matter and confirmed Ben Phiri is “no longer the same Peter Mutharika’s blue-eyed boy”.

When contacted for comment, Malopa said he does not “publicly” discuss communication between him and the Head of State. Ben Phiri could not answer calls after several attempts.

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No need to take sides or criticise these two Young men. The bulk stops with the president. The responsibility is the president’s. He should sort out the mess he has created by giving and entrusting these two with influential positions in his govt which any responsible person would not have done so in the first place.

The whole blame lies with the president and those of you who are trying to shield him from the mess he has caused should be ashamed
Of yourselves.

The president’s image is being further tarnished!!!

Imraan Sadick


Wyson Nyson

a Ben mwamela mapiko. Munali ndani inu. Munali a scom pa Thyolo secondary, nthawi zonse panipani ndi akazi a scom. Anali munthu opepela Ben. Lero Ben sangayankhe phone yanga even though I was the one amene anamuchangamutsa. He used to call me for maphunziro omuchangamutsa. Akuti lero ndi bwana, to hell, not with me your master

Yokonia Gambuleni

Before elections Peter might have belonged to the Ben’s. Now Peter belongs to Malawi. The president should fire this young man. Ndi oipa mtima ngati Idi Amin. Remember, people hated Bingu coz of Mulli. Now we will hate Peter coz of one tiny creature called Ben Phiri, not worth it. Fire him now


it was ben phiri who made mutharika, nobody else, all the speech, how to talk to malawias

Yokonia Gambuleni

Kulankhula mopusa kumeneku. Ben made Peter? Stupid statement. Even if it was true Peter belongs to Malawians and not this Ben Phiri, and as Malawi we can allow one man to destroy our president

bow wow

i am in dpp and there is no single person who likes ben phiri in the party.the guy is a twat.everything that malopa has mentioned is true.ben phiri recently pocketed 50million from simama for helping him to get subsidy contract.he charge minimun 200 thousand for an audience with the president.state house is crowded with his relatives and whores. bright malopa is just doing us a favor by bring this to the attention of the president.

Henry wa Kumpoto

Lomwes at work,am eagerly watching how you are going to chew and swallow each other with your stupid nepotistic President.You will reap what you sow idiots.

Nambewe Maleule

Ben, Ben, Ben! How many times have I called your name? I hear ndiwe m’bale wake wa Peter koma ukumuononga Peter. Ife alomwe anzanu ukutisala chonchi, what more enawo? Ben Phiri unabadwa munthu wosakonda mnzako generally, komanso wa mantha. Enafe bwana amatikonda koma umaopa kuti mwina tingamamveke kwambiri ngati iwe. Koma ngati Peter sakuchotsa kumeneko, ndiye kuti akuzikumbira dzenje yekha. You are worse than Ebola virus, Ben Phiri. DPP timayikonda koma with people like you, eish. We thought being a youth uthandidza achinyamata anzako koma kutipondereza basi

chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa
chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa

Ntchito zongopatsidwa osakhetsera thukuta ndi choncho. Fire them. You dont need those You have well qualified government personnel for the two posts.

vin mongu

from the comments, bright has issues himself from the past but he is right that this ben guy needs to be pitch in the butt otherwise, remember how bingu died? it was advisors like mulli and their greed that made the old man lose his way and died earlier. so APM should listen to Malopa and dtrategise. as long as bright does that he will remain bright. send ben to embassy and OPC ku warehouse.


A Malawi its all about jeaulosy of Ben Phiri”s power and authority delegated to him by his boss. You think he does what he does on his own? Its the Malopa guy who whats bBen”s job

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