Malawi Prophet faces death threats over doom prophecy on Mutharika, Mugabe

Malawian controversial prophet Austin Liabunya says he faces regular death threats over the prophecies he delivered recently about Malawi President Peter Mutharika and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.

Prophet Liabuya claims death threats over Mutharika (right) doom prophecy

Prophet Liabuya claims death threats over Mutharika (right) doom prophecy

Liabunya prophesised recently that President Mutharika – who he predicted to win May 20, 2014 elections – will resign over incompetence and persistent illness.

He also said “Mugabe’s biological clock will not tick beyond this year” after which Zimbabwe will be “restored” to be in the top five of the richest countries in Africa.

The prophet said First Lady Grace Mugabe “will never win in Zimbabwean politics” and had simply joined politics to “protect her ill-gotten wealth.”

But Liabunya says he has received death threats because of his prophecies.

“I would like to apologize to my followers around the world that we have taken a long time to release the Malawi Nation detailed prophecy due to reasons beyond control including threats, but I would like to say that the prophecy will still come out if [Mutharika and the government] don’t sort out the areas God has told them to. And threats will not work but rather will just speed up the prophecy and make things worse before time,” Liabunya says in a statement which he also posted on Facebook.

Liabunya aid the abuse against him started after his prophecy of Mutharika and that some people are saying they were going to kill him.

He maintained his prophecy, saying: “There will be sickness, one after another, between Mutharika and his wife. They will be exchanging on their trips to hospitals.”

‘No reason to kill me’

Liabunya is a controversial figure who has won himself a following over the last few years predicting political events in Malawi. His followers claim that he prophesied former Malawian President Joyce Banda’s defeat in 2014.

He insists that his prophecy will come to pass and warned President Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for issuing the threats instead of focusing on rebuilding their relationship with God.

The Man of God strongly believes the death threats are originating from DPP and regime agent, saying the threats will only speed up fulfilment of the Mutharika prophecies.

“I would also like to say boldly that I’m not trying to ask God that this should come to pass but just to warn you what 2015 holds for Malawi so that you will know how to stand in your prayers because I’m the watchman who is supposed to warn Malawians ahead of time so that they don’t walk in darkness,” says Liabunya.

The maverick prophet also predicted at a New Year’s Day service that Mugabe would pass away this year.

The persistent rumours around the health and life of the relatively fit, and often funny nonagenarian, once led him to say in jest that according to his enemies he had died and resurrected “more times than Jesus.”

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Abdul aziz Jameson

Koma atapita zingakhale bwino? Anthu awatu ndi a satana.


So do you know when are you going to die your self? If yes let the world know. Osamangolosela za Anthu ena ayi nde usilu umenewo, umazuka cham’ma 1 mkumapita kulithipe iwe kumakadya ma borns umagona m’bokosi umaphaka usikuka.


Miracles are not to believe those are satanism,fuck it

brighton khudze

Remember my people! In the last days there will be more talkatives, people will push even a mountain with their prayers. They will predict something and happen. BUT dont follow them, because Jesus said that if you will see things like those, know that im on hand. See your salvation who is Jesus. And those Must happen to sartisfy words from the Holy Bible. Amen!

mac william shumba

Lets put everything in the hands of god I know god will do something for this country

vasco h mwale

Khulupililani chingakhale musadaone

chirimba boy

demonstation of gods power okuvaave osavaasavenso masikuotsiliza ndidzasilazimuwanga kwanthupi lililonse akulu adzaona masophenya, lets giv our life to god basi


tiyeni tingopemhera kuti izi wanena mpolofeti zichitike mwansanga timasuke.


Iwe ngati ukufuna kumasuka tangofa ndiweyo mpanda dzina ngati iwe ndipo palibe adzadziwe kut iweyo wafa osati kumwalira coz u r just a piece of nothing


wasowa chochita wayamba kuopsyeza anthu iwe ndiye satana ooneka ndi maso mulunguyo wangoonetsa iwe wekha basi ‘bwanji sukunena sunalosere za mvula yomwe ikuononga kumudziko.

Dr. Odala

When he prophesied a win 4 the president u said amen, now u fail! Why

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