Malawi proud to welcome openly gay UK minister: Brings Scotland aid

Malawi President Peter Mutharika personally welcomed to his official Kamuzu Palace a UK cabinet minister and Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell – the first openly gay man to serve in a Conservative government.

Malawi President Mutharika welcomes Scotish secretary Mundell at Kamuzu Palace

Malawi President Mutharika welcomes Scottish secretary Mundell at Kamuzu Palace

From Scotland with aid:  Mundell meets Mutharika

From Scotland with aid: Mundell meets Mutharika

The 53-year-old MP, a divorcee with three grown up children,   came out as a homosexual this year describing his decision to acknowledge his sexuality as one of the most important of his life.

He is visiting Malawi at a time when the country is reeling from rising homophobic emotions.

There have been comments from a political party spokesperson that gay people are “worse than dogs” and should be killed.

Gay sex is illegal in Malawi and is punishable up to 14 years imprisonment. Recently, the government suspended the law pending review but the High Court quashed the moratorium, effectively reinstating anti-homosexual laws.

Mundell visits also comes at the back of Randy Berry,  the  US first Special Envoy for the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI), people appointed by President Barack Obama.

The Scottish Secretary, who openly speak about his sexual ­orientation, has been warmly welcomed by Malawi government.

He announced after talks with President Mutharika that Scotland has given Malawi K63 billion (US $7 million) to arrest food shortage among the population as a result of natural disasters that translated into bad crop for the past two years.

The aid comes at a time when government is restlessly exploring every means to ensure that every Malawian has enough food up until the country’s farm output will return to normalcy.

Mundell, who is on a three-day visit to Malawi, said he was “ pleased” to be able to relay to President Mutharika the “additional UK support.”

He said: “ This assistance is in parallel to discussions with the government and other donors on how collectively we can urgently introduce new ways of working and reforms that will help break the yearly cycle of food insecurity in Malawi.

The UK minister said his visit to Malawi has “reaffirmed” how much Malawians value the great bond which exists between Lilongwe and London.

“ This new UK funding will help strengthen this bond and provide life-saving support to hundreds of thousands of Malawians,” he said.

The announcement brings the UK’s humanitarian support in Malawi since October 2015 to £14.5m.

President Mutharika expressed his and Malawians’ gratitude towards the selfless act of the Scottish people.

“Malawi and Scotland share a 157-years long history of fraternal relations. Indeed, Scotland is the oldest good friend for Malawi from Europe, and this is testified and enjoyed by the people of the two brotherly countries,” said Mutharika at the event which was broadcast on official MBC TV news.

“On behalf of the Government and people of Malawi, and, indeed, on my own behalf, I wish to thank you most profoundly for all the support that Scotland has provided to Malawi over the years,” said President Mutharika.

The Malawi leader singled out the Malawi-Scotland Development Partnership, under which a number of development support programes from Scotland have been channeled to the Health, Education, Economic and other sectors, as a meaningful vehicle in improving livelihoods in the country.

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69 thoughts on “Malawi proud to welcome openly gay UK minister: Brings Scotland aid”

  1. Ndiwo zanji says:

    ReceivING billons after you have made Anur sex
    I remember time there were prayers for rain another prayer said, God gives rain without aaking us to have homosex but just to worshipping him.
    But our donor partners before they give they say we need to do something. (Same sec).

  2. Howard says:

    Malawi and Malawians are HYPOCRITES!
    The Churches/Pastors/Preachers and all associated with the so-called God Fearing Nation
    are hypocrites, Evil, Selfish and Bigots!.

    They hate Americans and American values including Gays.. But they are quick to grab our money even if it is coming from a Gay Man…

    I know this SHIT HOLE of a country and its Government and People!.. They are SELFISH, CORRUPT, EVIL, BIGOTED and ESPECIALLY JEALOUS JEALOS JEALOUS SUB HUMANS!..

    NO MORE DONOR AID!… Let them get up off their nasty asses and work using their own resources to survive


    you can easily tell by the face that he is worse than a DOG. To hell….!

  4. dee kay says:

    I can see mathanyulas up in arms here supporting this trash. Ndalama za matuvi izi. You eat and perish with it. Ngati simudziwa why Peter can’t control his tuvi, it’s all because of kuthanyula. Pano ndi uyo akuvala thewera ‘professor’.

  5. nsanje port says:

    if you want aid from righteous people you wont get it…for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God..including you and your pastor even though you are not gays

  6. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:


    “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. YOU CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MONEY (MAMMON). Therefore do not be anxious, saying, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we drink? or “What shall we drink?”. For the GENTILES(PAGANS) seek after all these things, AND YOU HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS THAT YOU NEED THEM ALL. But seek FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO YOU!”- Matthew 6:24,31-33. Do this Malawi and it shall be well with you. FORSAKE THIS MALAWI AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE PEACE IN THIS WORLD OR IN THE AGE TO COME!!! AMEN!!!

  7. Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan says:

    So what if THE MESSENGER is GAY!

    How many of YOUR RELATIVES are still in the CLOSET and WASTING AFRICA’s Made-In-Africa Dollars in the GAY-CAPITALS of The World?

  8. Ivan Mark Radhakrishnan says:

    Kamuzu Banda worked with ‘APARTHEID’ South Africa to keep us FED and EMPLOYED!

    Malawi and Africa’s PRETEND ANTI-GAYS and CLOSET-GAYS who are angry should MATCH THE GESTURE or SHUT THE EFF UP!

    Your relatives will be eating because of the cash Scotland’s GAY-MESSENGER bring! And they may also get EMPLOYED if CORRUPTION is kept away from this cash!

  9. Lupwito says:

    Where are you guys tiyeni tilumikidzane ma Demo basi ka. Tym z not to our side, Otherwise agalu awa atilowa mpaka kumachende.

  10. Mzasi Dums. says:

    Pocket that money we don’t care. Nothing is strange as to Peter you were roummered that you were practising the same offensive behavior. Keepon doing that but God will deal with you!!


    So if this man has three children it means this practice is not inborn. Analowa kuti alemere period. One of the branches of Illuminati.

  12. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.Dodoli,I think there is something wrong in your head,please try to consult brain specialists before something worse,leads you to the worst.Take my advice I care about your life,however,you tried your best and keep it on I care about you.May God lead you not to temptation.

  13. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr British Minister,I strongly condemn your remarks that Malawians have accepted sodomy and same sex marriages.Yes,we are poor economically,but we are not spiritually poor.It is an open fact that since you were defeated by evil spirits,your government admitted openly that Church attendance by your Christian members has regrettably assuaged due to supporting evil people in the house of God our Almighty.The Bible clearly,states that marriage is between man and woman and you are the people who brought this Holy Book to us.What is wrong you people? And what do you enjoy when sleeping with fellow man or fellow woman? It is indeed,tragic to note that Pigs and dogs know their partners and human beings who were created in the image of God,seem to go astray.We know you are using money as leverage,but it is a deadly sin before the Holy Kingdom of God.African poor people don’t come to Britain to coerce you converted into our traditions.Stay with your money and leave us alone.

  14. khwasukhwasu says:

    #Kuntaila, mapazi ako. Ife sitikufuna za utchisi.

  15. Anyone says:

    We are living in the last days. These days you never know. Men are being proposed two by their fellow men. We need Jesus more than ever before! These guys they need to know what a woman’s love really means.

  16. C-4 says:

    what else did they say apart from village in aid in support of the hunger situation? those r just messengers from Scotland govt to donate to Malawi. their. coming is contraly to or headline. akutuma eti? let he say with his mouth za mathanyulazo tone ngati sasanduka thumba la makala. mmxxxxxiiiiiiiii

  17. Tsoka kwamunthu amene akuchita zoipa akudziwa,remember judgment belongs from God,mudzalira ndikukukuta mano.

  18. Zautsiru,judgement belongs from God.kwanonse osapota ma gay,ur very stupid

  19. Chikhalidwe ichi ingakhale nyama sizimachita. Potero nkwiyo wa Yehova kuchokera kumwamba udzagwera onse ochita zonyansa izi monga Aroma 1 vesi 24 mpaka 32. Chibvumbulutso 21 vesi 8 adzaweluzidwa ochita zonyansa. Yesu adadzefera tchimo kotere sakondweretsa ndi tchimolo koma akonda wolapadi. Palibe munthu angatsutsane womulenga kapena kumposa nzeru Yehova. Adandaula Yehova kuti anthu ake akuonongeka chifukwa chosadziwa. Cholinga chimene munthu adalengedwera chili ndi Yehova Wolenga, wodziwa zonse,wamphamvu zonse ndi wopezeka ponse-ponse

  20. shemstone zimba says:

    nothing has been posted thus why am resending may be as u are saying of duplicate

  21. shemstone zimba [email protected] says:

    its a religious issue and needs religious leaders to mix heads on the matter and gay pple needs deliverance for they are demonised its only that those demons are hiding in the rights but they are only provoking the wrath of God

  22. Kenkkk says:

    U.K. Is just following USA, also sending their gay man to tell us something. Is it a coincidence you think?

    We should embrace the aid given to us, thank you very much. It will help many Malawians. After all the Scots gave us CCAP, they are Presbyterians.

  23. Concerned Malawian says:

    What sort of message is our president attempting to project? That we need to embrace homosexuality? I think not

  24. Thochi says:


  25. Kuntaila says:

    # 35 EPIGLOTIS, You just show that you are dull and do not understand issues. These people we call them LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transgender and Inter-sex) Get the meaning of each one of these, especially Bisexual and Transgender as you wife might be having sex with another woman without you knowing just because you are homophobnic. Don’t show that Malawians are stupid in public. After all, very few Malawians, less than 10,000 are Christians – by the standards of the loving Christ who would not promote hatred of one over another. may be you would be fit to be 400BC Jews unfortunately you can not join Jewish eni ake salola

  26. Fuko says:

    kkkkkkkkk 2016

  27. Jimbo says:

    To ‘The Patriot’ No. 2 – You need to improve your English. The word should be ‘diverge’ (not ‘divulge’). Also ‘cheque’ and not ‘check’. If you want to express your ignorant and outdated views in English, please use correct English.

  28. Dodoli says:

    Ask youself: What would Jesus Do? Would he stone the Gay? Illiterate Christians of Malawi. The adultery and fornication you do everyday is much worse than gayism as it breaks down hearts of your fellow human beings. Correct that first!

  29. Mbangi johnson says:

    No wonder these peoples are starving. Still living in the stone age.

    1. malawian says:

      Dude sum well to do countries reject gays in there countries too. it doesnt mean their living in the stone age now does it.

  30. kambuwi says:

    ndibwino kukhala osauka kuposa kugulisa umunthu chifukwa cha chuma.

  31. Wakumuzi says:

    Malawi malawi dzikoli likupita kuti? Lets not bow down to a satanawa… kumbukilani Daniel anakana kulambira fano ndipo mulungu anmuteteza ku mikango. Muli zitsanzo zambiri mu bible … nkhani ndiyakuti even if you can legalise LGBTI in malawi koma azunguwo sabweraso kuzakuthandizani apeza chifukwa china choti asakupatsireni ndalama

  32. Malawians wake up guys…tisampange Malawi kukhara ngat sodomu ndi gomola JAH akazakwiya azakantha tonse mosatengela kut amapanga nao kapena ayi…umphawi usatiyambanise ndi MULUNGU wathu…JAH bless and save my malawi

  33. Ray says:

    A lot of ignorance on here and hate don’t see much Christian spirit. If you murder a gay you are going to hell as its Wrong to kill someone says it right there in the Bible , you are using the Bible as a cloak for hatred its up to God to deal with that problem NOT any of you. The aid was sent in the warmest kindest way , would you see a friend in trouble? No neither would we God bless you all from Scotland

  34. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Ma activists ku Malawi ndikumalimbikira amvekere u gay ndi chikhalidwe chobadwa nacho. Mwaona apa uyu anabadwa bwinobwino ndipo amagwira ntchito kuchipinda bwinobwino, koma demon uja tikunena anmulowa pano ndi wa satanic. Anthu akumanamizira kuti ndine wa gay pobisa kuulura kuti ndine wa out the big eye is watching you.

  35. zoona says:

    our pulezident ndi chani? A malawi tiyeni tipemphere mtsogoleri wathu molimbika kuti azindikire chilungamo

  36. Semani says:

    Poverty is evil God bless Malawi

  37. Njala mchilombo abale, kuli kudya nsima yamathanyula chaka chino

  38. jayne says:

    Gay wabodza uyu! wakwatira kukwata mpaka ana atatu…kenako machine afooka nkumakanika kugwira ntchito ..He got divorced after kumangogona phwii ndiye wangoti alengeze kuti ndi Gay! za zii za bodza! wadya idya katundu mpaka ana 3 ndiye pano wagonja ng’o!

  39. letson kamphonje says:

    We are much pleased due to your kindness scotish people. This is godly and humanly gesture , we are thnkful.
    You are greatest human beings we beleave you respect other peoples lives, religions and cultural values.
    It is clear here that beside our constitutional values differences you have decided to embrance us all, this is godly.
    We hope you will help us to promote our moral values regardless of our differences in morals.
    We respect your moral values and we expect the same from you.
    Thank you very much MR SCOTISH for your kindness may the LORD guide you whilst teaching your heart

  40. cocht says:

    tiyeni tingowadyelako money zo chimanga chisavute ngat mchinji ndikasungu mumayidalila pa maize pano ikutenga tiufa kuzambiya

  41. M Sizini says:

    Point of clarification: Mundell is not a member of the Scottish Government; he is an appointee of the British (London) Government. His appointment was against the wishes of the Scottish Government. Opposition to his appointment was occasioned by the fact that he was a member of a political party that had/has only one representative in the Scottish Government.

  42. Chipwapwiche says:

    The minister is been sent on his capacity not as his personality. I am not sure he is worthy 63 Billion(not from his pocket). After all, no Man can be Forced to be a Gay. Be wise. People are staving out there.

  43. VITU says:


  44. Aswell Chirwa says:

    Thom Chiumia , kulemba kotere ndi kwa mtopola. What has aid got to do with sexual orientation of the giver? His intention for coming is to give aid not to let us know that he is Gay.
    Now are you saying APM should label all the bags of maize bought using this money from this Gay giver so that who ever hates the gays should decide not to receive/buy? Yankha!

  45. kachamwa jilu says:

    A malawi ndalama zabwera kuno mutipo chani abussa ali kuti,kudibwa ndalama zonyasa izo tilandila kapena ayi pali kukana ndikulola,koma m’mene zabwereramu mmmmmmm povuta kukana amulandila kale mwamuna wake zioneka pamapeto

  46. Mwana Mulanje says:

    This gay minister did not bring his personal money as a gift. He brought Scottish money. Even if the money was his, would that have been a big issue? He was only a messenger. Do you want to kill the messenger and return the money to the well-wishers, the UK government? Poor starving people aren’t shooting yourselves in the foot?

  47. Agalu inu! Agalu inu! Tangoyamikani apa inu, Pajatu munayamba kudwala Matenda otupikana kuli kusowa kwa Zakudya M’thupi, High court Judge n Mzuzu Dingiswayo Madise told the police to arrest Gays, Why the the Malawi police didn’t arrest him at the airport? Being openly gay? Where are Muslim countries who respect Shariah laws that Gays must be stoned to death? Always talking sheet about Gays but you can’t even contribute even a cent to help the People who are facing hunger ploblem? Here is Gay openly Minister with 63 Billion, Ukumva bwanji Mthupimooo!

  48. che tope says:

    ifetu ndalamazo tilandila kuzitafuna khwasu khwasu that is if wobwathuka mano kamwayo azituluse….KO Abe za gay takana kuti ng”oooooooo……pamwamba chiphwisi mpeeeeee……uli mwayi umayenda ma bodyguard…. koma dakalongeza michenga kumatako kwako Ku bloke…..kuteleko pamene ulipo uli ma sperm kumatako anaku kwata zulo Ukubwela kumalawi

  49. Bob Jones says:

    This just shows how inconsistent our leadership is. Only recently was it said that the President would not meet any visiting dignitaries without a VERY serious reason. Also that he can survive without donors. Yet here he is accepting a minor visiting politician for $ 7 million. Much the same as many minor investors might bring if the country was worth doing business with. It also pokes fun at all the anti gay rhetoric that Malawians support by biblical quotes. Yet they ignore all the difficult issues such as adultery, theft, greed.

  50. M'malawi Weni weni says:

    I wish Lucius Banda was a President of this country, he could have refused this donor aid. koma poti alipowo amamvekanso ndi mbiri zomwezi..mulungu ationa bwino 2019.

  51. His Excellence the Life President Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Satana wafika ku Malawi ndipo walandiridwa ndi manja awiri. Mvula simuyiwona.

  52. THE GATEKEEPER says:


  53. Ambewe Fk says:

    Sorry we dont want to suffer in Hell for K63billion through a cursed gay we would rather die poor&earn eternity trillions before God in heaven,am very ashmed of my president for not fearing God whom he will have to be answerable on judgement day for selling his soul&17mil malawians he has been entrusted for a mere K63bil

  54. Hero says:

    Abale inu $7, 000,000 is not equivalent to MWK 63,000,000,000. That’s why I do not find the news posted here to be credible at all. You are hard at work trying to bring dissension among us. SHAME.

  55. Finye says:

    He has come to see his fellow gay. Maybe they want to wed . Gertrude mthalika chenjera mzungu ameneyo akufuna akulande mwamuna , kapena mulora mitala

  56. Paka Bush says:

    Hahahahahaha A Patriot….The Scottish Government deliberately sent him to test the waters….Was Livingstone gay? Malawians will not be swayed by what he came to donate ………We gonna fight the Gays…….Adziwanso kuti alibe malo mmuno Mmalawi……

  57. Vinjeru says:

    I feel insulted and disrespected by the British people. They sending us aid through our enemy. This is like a Chief Mzukuzuku sending a gift to Bingu through one of his “slaves”. That’s the kind of shame i feel in this instance! Thank for the encouragement (Chilimbikitso) from the patriot that i should not focus on the ….. issue. British people show respect. Wanganya wa Dr. David Livingstone, Wa Morton Stanley and wa Dr. Rober Laws who created the initial bond with Malawi wakukana vinthu undere uwu!!!.

  58. Kandapako says:

    Bola asabeko ndalamazi. Ndalama ndi zambili izi ndiye chakudya chipezeke.

  59. gotohell says:

    This govt has no morals whatsoever. We want to kill our own gay people but have no scruples when it comes to money. Is he bringing aid or aid(s)?

  60. steptwo says:

    Amayeee akutiyesa zidatu apa, kuti tipanga chani, atumiza dala gay ati kuti tikalola nde kuti talola wu gay wakewo. Ndalamazo talandira koma zoti tigwirizanaa ndi za wu gay zakozo walemba mmadzi, mumasulireni mu chizungu amvese.

  61. Peeping lizard says:


  62. Zondiwe says:

    If the Scots were sensible, they should have sent someone else and not the Minister who behaves contrary to how the majority Malawians behave.
    Btw, homosexuality cannot take root in Malawi. We will of course hear about one or two people who will blow their trumpet out of proportion, and that is all. Even the so-called activists have got families and children. One wonders why they keep making noises. God continue to show us His favour in this wicked world, where good becomes bad and bad becomes good.

  63. wovinidwa Ine says:

    It is apparent that this government is one of inclusiveness, and is tolerant of differences in world view, and personal views. And even differences in sexual orientation; demonstrative of an awareness that we are living in 2015, and the 21st century. The Scottish minister is a gentleman, and and he would be welcome, all the same, even if he did not bring any gifts.

    Minister Mundell, do not even pay any attention to hate mongers who, if polls were to be believed, reside in all the cities, villages and bushes of this country. Ignorance is a killer: and that is their problem.

    It would be prudent for MCP, and PP leaders to show that their parties are also tolerant. By for example, welcoming the visiting politician in public, no less.

  64. Ronald says:

    Thats bad, development.

  65. Tintin says:

    oh shit!!!

  66. Amwali says:

    Hahaha when it comes to aid we welcome everyone including the openly gay what a joke. May God help us.

  67. The Partriot says:

    Lets not divulge from the issues here, the gist of the matter is that the Minister came here to give us aid, full stop!
    Even if the scottish government were to send a pigeon we would have received the check!
    About the “pride”in welcoming the gay minister, I beg to differ. He was welcomed as a minister not for his bedroom exploits with other men!!
    This is serious business and issues of sex should remain private and we dont care if this minister sleeps with men or not. That is his private life and we dont care about it, let him enjoy the anus of others or let others enjoy his anus, in private. As for me and most Malawians we enjoy what God gave us, the sexual organs of the opposite sex and NOBODY will force us to start same sex relationships!! Yes, NOBODY!!!

  68. Okavango says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha Malawi kufera K63 billion Kwacha. Are our morals worth that? No wonder the late Bishop used to call people with such-like chicken brains ‘chindere chakufikapo’ kkkkkkkkk

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