Malawi PSs shuffled: Sande, Kang’ombe retire

Malawi government has shuffled principal secretaries (PSs) following the retirement of Commissioner for Disaster and PSs in the office of vice president Bernard Sande and secretary for local government and rural development Chris Kang’ombe.

Sande: Retires

Sande: Retires

Kang'ombe: Retired

Kang’ombe: Retired

Minister of Information, Jappie Mhango, who is also government spokesman confirmed that the two Principal Secretaries will tired at the end of this month as part of Public Service Reforms recommendation of trimming PSs.

Among other recommendations, the reforms encourage PSs that have reached or about to reach the mandatory retirement age of 60 to retire early as well as a freeze on external recruitment to allow for re-deployment within the system.

Government has moved PS for Energy and Mining Ben Botolo to replace Sande while Stuart Ligomeka who was Chief Director in the ministry of lands has been deployed to be PS of Local Government, replacing Kang’ombe.

At Energy and Mining Ministry, according to Mhango, Botolo will be replaced by James Ali who has been acting as PS at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for almost a year.

“James Ali is leaving Foreign Affairs for Energy ministry as Chief Director,” said Mhango.

In an attempt to reduce the number of PSs, government created the position of chief director to accommodate all individuals occupying positions of PS II and PS III.

In its report, the Public Service Reforms Commission chaired by Vice-President Saulos Chilima made several recommendations after noting that the civil service had 96 PSs against 20 Cabinet portfolios.

Reads the recommendation in part: “The rightsizing in the number of principal secretaries [PSs] by fifty-six [56] from the current ninety-six [96] to forty [40] by deleting irrelevant portfolios, deploying some PSs and exiting those that may not be required within the system.

“A freeze on external recruitment in order to allow for re-deployment in the first phase in order to ensure best fit within the system,” reads part of the reform document.

The commission also recommended that a decent one-off exit package should be offered to PSs and an examination of the entire civil service to determine the total structure and delete all irrelevant positions in order to develop a lean and vibrant organisation.


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20 thoughts on “Malawi PSs shuffled: Sande, Kang’ombe retire”

  1. Nachika says:

    You Principal Secretaries who are retiring, what you MUST know is that Government will NEVER appreciate anyone no matter how hard you work. Even if you work your lungs out, this will never matter. Sooner or later Government will realise how important and useful you were when it will come to realise that it is remaining with upcoming PSs full of cashgate ideas right from the Primary, Secondary and up until their College time (likasas calibre). What then can you expect from this lot? Kangómbe has faithfully worked as a PS in a number of Governments while Sande has been representing Malawi as High Commissioner / Ambassador in United States of America and London faithfully, without cashgating but now you treat them like toilet papers. God is watching over this! Its only Him who will reward these people. I am not a politician neither a civil servant, but a Malawian who loves this country. I rest my case.

  2. Msena says:

    Foolish govt leading a country populated by imbeciles. Chilima said there are no vacancies so tell me why add PSs. Sande and ka little cattle are retiring not being retired. James Ali is Mkondiwa’s boy. Botolo has been removed because he wanted to remove Gideon Nyirongo from Energy without knowing that Nyirongo is the guy who enriched Mkondiwa through MAREP Project when Mkondiwa was PS Natural Resources. Dont blame Chilima he has love for Malawi the problem is APM he is being misled by Mkondiwa who is busy destroying the civil service. Why is it that Chewas and Northerners are not being promoted? At Local Govt there is Dorothy Banda why not elevate her? If govt believes that Chif Directors are not good chonde retire them font embarrass them. Koma zoona Charles Msosa akakhale pansi pa mayi Magaleta? There are 16 PSs and CDs who are by far better than Mkondiwa. Lastly there has never been 96 PSs in govt. Kodi atolankhani aku Malawi why cant u research your articles? No wonder we are all journalists.

  3. lupiya AG says:

    Very sorry mabwana

  4. che kaukutu says:

    kwanga mkupenya by the way when is Mutharika who is over 78 years retiring? what about Goodall Gondwe

  5. Paka Bush says:

    Eeeish….Bernard Sande the Headmaster retiring? Kapume munthu ovuta iwe…..Kang’ombe munthu wabwino iwe…We enjoyed uli Chief of Staff..Umayitha Job..

  6. Sapitwa says:

    Retiring is a reform because these people will not be replaced. That exactly what the VP said that those PS retiring will not be replaced as part if reform. Iam sure you did follow him.

  7. watcherakumwezi says:

    Reforms??????? my foot!!!!! anthufe a malawife ngopusa opepera. kodi ma reform ake ati. zoona this government thinks we are all brainless. Chilima obera mavotiyo ali we are saving money by trimming number of PSs yet all he does is to change name from PS nomenclature to Chief Director. A Malawi, I challenge Chakwera let him wake up, let him probe this and see whether there is any saving at all, I challenge opposition parliamentarians and civil society and the so called donors to probe if changing a name of a position equals government saving. but this is what pitala and chilima are making Malawians believe. iyitu si transparency( this isn’t transparency) iyiytu si accountability
    ( neither is it accountability) uwu ndi u crook. koma kodi sukulu mudapita a Malawi zidakuthandizani chani??? nonse mmakhala ngati osaphunzira, am saying go check the conditions of service of both PS & Chief Director and tell me whether there is a saving of a single tambala. they all have prados, they are all on Gold or is it platinum medical schemes, they are all receiving over a million kwacha in salary they all receive over a million kwacha fuel etc etc now tell me a Chakwera, the entire opposition, Ralph JOOMA, civil society, you donors where is the reform? where is the saving. Kodi inu ana a ku university izi simukuziwona? iwe George Kasakula can you send your boys to carry out investigative journalism and unveil what chilima is doing with his so called reform commission. I get worried when even some donors commend the reforms, they look stupid in the eyes of many of us except in the eyes of dpp and the reform commission itself, otherwise as a Malawian who would really like to see change registered am concerned and fed up with this trush.

  8. PIDO says:

    Is retiring a reform/ bodza lenileni

  9. nyoni says:

    byeeee kapumeni mabwana inu

  10. zagwa says:

    How can employees retiring be a reform? Komatu apa VP mwamuveka chinyau! Asatana inunso?

  11. Bongo says:

    Mr Mkondiwa bwanji akukakamilabe pa udindo umenewu.

  12. mbani says:

    tell them to go and cultivate at the hospital gardens

  13. yale says:

    abale anzanga abwino padziko sakhalitsa ndithu ndapeza ine,late Mr willie Samute was very very very sharp than these so called PS’ and CDs who are just draining our resources,may the Soul of late Willie Samute RIP

  14. Alex Ngalande says:

    Nanga Lutepo wanena chiani lero in the court about Mphwiyo shooting

  15. tsetsefly says:

    I will miss PS Botolo. He is very firm in decision making in a system characterized by slowness and less care for consequences of indecision and delayed decisions.

  16. Fabiano says:

    @ atcheya, PSs rely on technical people in the ministry so even if sande goes, there are people who will assist the new Ps. Moreover Sande was in London as High Commissioner he has been at Disaster for a short period. Palibe nkhani apa. Apite basi!

  17. first citizen says:

    how come these energetic dudes retiring at there pic hence u r keeping grandpaz like Goodal gondwe and George mkondiwa. very funny indeed

  18. Wake up Malawi says:

    Sande and Kangombe have retired as BILLIONAIRES in Kwacha and owning most of the properties in Lilongwe and Blantyre. Malawi’s PS’s have acquired BILLIONS of Kwacha in bribery and corruption. Wake up Malawi

  19. BOKHO says:

    This is useless. We want survival of citizens in this country and not suffering like this.

  20. Atcheya says:

    How on earth do you change a commander when you are in the battlefield? It is stupid to retire a commissioner for disasters when he is already up and down managing the situation. How long do you think it will take for Bottle to settle down? Stupid government!!!

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