Malawi pupil commits suicide

 A 10 year- old standard four learner died on Monday in Salima after committing suicide, Police have confirmed.

 Salima Police publicist Sgt Gift Chitowe identified the boy as Juda Nkhata.

Chitowe further said that the deceased, a learner at Kacherenje Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Maganga in the district committed suicide on Monday 29th September.

“According to statements given to Police investigators, he hanged himself using a neck tie, in his bedroom,” said Chitowe.

 Chitowe said that the parents suspect that the deceased was moved to take his on life after he did not agree with the piece of advice his parents over his unbecoming behavior.

“Before he committed suicide he had been grilled by the parents over his behavior and that did not go down well with him and in his anger he decide to take off his life,” said Chitowe.

Chitowe said that on the day the deceased lied to the parents that he was going to school, but instead he just locked himself in his bedroom and silently took his life away.

“His body was found late in the day after the parents had noticed his missing,” said Chitowe.

Juda Nkhata, the deceased hailed from Juma Village in the area of T/A Maganga in the district.

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24 thoughts on “Malawi pupil commits suicide”

  1. Bob sait says:

    how come a 10 year old boy can think of commiting sucied??……….there is something behind.

  2. [email protected] totally impossible!!,everyone of d@ age cannot think of suicide…makolo akudziwapo kanthu a Police chtanipo kanthu.

  3. Prophet says:

    This is a PRETENCE!…the boy did not kill himself…… of course he did something wrong to the parents..but in the course of advising him….the parents did something beyond as punishment and accidentally they KILLED him. Makolowa asaname, amamumenya mwanayu ngati njira imodzi yomulangiza koma mwatsoka ANAMUPHA okha in the morning… all this explanation is FAKE.

    No way can a 10 year old boy think of suicide….the worst he could do was to leave the home…

  4. Better says:

    makolo ena nkhanza too much, mwana uyu wazunzika kokwanila. every time kummenya, its good he is now resting.

  5. chikutumbwe nyani anthu says:

    Nkhani imeneyi ifufuzidwe! Musakhale kuti mwachita kumupha mwanayu ndikukamupachika pachingwe. Mwana wa zaka 10 sangadziwe zodzimangirira. Komanso tie adaitenga kuti?

  6. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Lets check the standard 4 syllabus.

  7. munyasa says:

    ten year old taking own life strange….who and where did he get the tie and who taught him u can take ur life using atie????????????? Food for thought

  8. Issa Kabudu says:

    I see the case with the parents to answer – if there is one hard thing to accept to happen to a person, is death. Now for a person to reach to a point of taking your own life away, its hard for old people even if sickly in hospital and in their bed sides, for this small boy there must be a hard situation to manage and the tie was an option – its by nature that we dont give respect to people who have killed themselves so we go no remorse for Juda – rest in the peace you wished without your parents boy.

  9. godobaman says:

    imfa imeneyi palibenso chisoni ndipo makolo amwana opusayu chonde musakhumudwe ndipo musalire ndimwana wasatana ameneyo ndiye ambuye powopa kuti mwanayu azakunzuzani ntsogolo amulola kuti afe

  10. missyelliott says:

    Do remember his name is Juda, very little to say.

  11. wakusalima says:

    go and rot in hell mother fucker!!!!!!!



  13. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    Police make thorough investigations. Build a story from your findings.

  14. yohane says:

    Do you think it was wrong way to advise him in that manner? Which way was good? Mwanayu wangokhala wokula mtima

  15. KHOLOBOWA says:

    Ibelieve chilipo adapangidwa either kupepetulidwa anthu akwa bibi maganga amakonda mankhwala adampititsa kunyanya azipha nsomba shatapu

  16. ma battery a mulhakho says:


  17. Mwiza says:

    Ten year old taking his life? There might be serious issues!

  18. mwana osavela afe ndithu,and if u say Rest In Peace,which peace are u talking about,mind u not every one who dies rests in peace

  19. Shepherrd says:

    We are talking of a ten year old toddler here. This is half the information. Something doesn’t add up.

  20. vikunowa says:

    RIP. Honestly, I have my own theory to all this, I am sure that the police are not believing this story. Investigate

  21. Akilly 2 says:

    Hmm! 10 yrs?????

  22. Quota system says:

    May his sou rest in peace. Gone too early, whatever the reasons.

  23. Livulezi river says:

    Very sad indeed!! As young as kumaganiza zozipha chomwechi, zoopysa kwambiri!! Makolo anzanga tiyeni tidzipeza njira yoyenerera podzudzula ana athu kuopa kuluza ana mu mnjira ngati iyi. Ndava chisoni zei chifukwa mwanayu akanadzakhala nzika yodalilika!! Mzimu wa Juda Nkhata uuse mu mtendere!!!!!

  24. Goliati says:

    This is very unfortunate, a young boy like him to take his own life. Parents lets be observant in terms of how our kids react to our advice. Their minds are still shallow it becomes really worse when they are not our biological children. They always think real their real parents wouldn’t have been treating them like but in the actual sense we are preparing them for a brighter future. I really feel sorry for the loss of our future leader.

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