Malawi Queens fall to England in first of two-match series

Malawi Queens who are ranked number one in Africa and fifth in the world out of some 35 national teams, on Wednesday lost 36-68 to against third-ranked at London’s Copperbox Arena in the first game of their two-match test series.

Malawi Queens go down fighting in first match of the double-header test series

Malawi Queens go down fighting in first match of the double-header test series

Playing without star shooter Mwayi Kumwenda, Malawi Queens made a quick start to Wednesday’s game, turning over England’s opening centre pass, but could not make it last.

The Mary Waya coached side had proved it has potential in  Caroline Mtukule-Ngwira, goalkeeper Towera Vinkhumbo-Nyirenda  and goal shooter Sindi Simtowe.

Waya said she was starting from scratch to add depth in every department to mitigate the future absence of regulars. Martha Dambe, Loraine Ngwira and Beauty Nyangulu represent the Queens next generation.

They did put up a tougher fight but trailed the hosts 19-35 at half-time.

Malawi put in an improved performance in the third quarter, reducing the deficit to 11, but they could only add five goals in the final quarter, compared to England’s 16.

Waya attributed the loss to “fatique”.

“We arrived in London on Monday from Malawi and had to train the same day and yesterday,” she said.

“We will put up a big fight in Saturday’s final game in Worcester ,” said Waya.

The two teams play the final match  on Saturday at the University Arena, Worcester.

The matches are part of the preparation for the 2015 Netball World Cup, which takes place in Australia in August.

England v Malawi – quarter-by-quarter

Q1: Eng 16-9 Malawi Q2: Eng 19-10 Malawi
Q3: Eng 17-12 Malawi Q4: Eng 16-5 Malawi
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37 thoughts on “Malawi Queens fall to England in first of two-match series”

  1. golo says:

    Whatever the case two things need to be done. first bring back saenda as head coach -why do I say this- because as a man he has no time thinking and wasting time on petty women issues like what NAM and Mary Waya are doing with the queens these women want to use the queens as a tool to settle personal vendettas and useless womens egos with Mwayi. Secondly bring back Mwai before the queens descend into the abyss. rest my case.

  2. Kanyimbi says:

    Mary should admit failure. Swallow your pride and allow our stars to play. Since you dropped Mwayi Misfortunes are on your neck. We were proud of netball and this coaching of yours leaves a lot to be desired. You want to start from scratch? who told you to start from scratch when you already have a world class team? Zachamba basi.

  3. M23 says:

    Chinanchina makosana. Uniform ya ma Queens ndiyokongola. Amene amawapangira adzipangiranso Flames. Last Uniform ya flames yokongola ndiyimene ankavala nthawi ya Ernest Mtawali.

  4. VINJERU says:

    Mpaka magadzi kutchutcha abele inu!! Kunabvutadi KuMangalandekutu! Agogo akuti muzingobwekako basi. Asamakuvutiseni. Zopanda ntchito zapansi izi – Nzachabe!

  5. khasu says:

    Mary can coach Minimini social netball team of Mulanje or Nkolokosa B socail netball team.We want Griffin Saenda back chonde a NAM. Che Mary alephera.Kapena timuyese Peace Chawinga ndi dolo kuposa Mary.Enawa basi matama kumsika pogula tomato.

  6. soha says:

    Guys let’s b genuine here ok!! England has all resources and England players it is there job to play netball, while malawi we got nothing at all, you check no gym for our queens ,no good pay so what do you expect you lizards?

  7. soha says:

    Kunali amayi ena from malawi embassy eeeee kuyakhula kwambiri ngati kuti iwowo ndiye Mary Waya! Pakwamwa 2 meter!!

  8. Aferazao says:

    Fatigue or no fatigue 38 baskets to 68 is nothing, but a big disaster and complete shame. Did Mary Waya want the team to play after spending two weeks in the UK holidaying and shopping? This woman is proving to be a failure, bring back a Mdala Sayenda to turn the tables around.

  9. Aferazao says:

    Mary Waya is slowly embracing the usual language used by Malawian coaches year in year out when their guards lose games. ‘The players played very well, but zinangovuta. We could have done better, but the problem was fatigue, was this was that. Learn to accept defeat honourably. When they left Malawi they were pretty aware of exactly when they were to play, why did they not say they were not going because they would be caught up with fatigue before playing? Mary Waya next time your players get defeated do not feed us with the usual defensive crap; we have gotten tired of them. If you cannot handle the team Zagaro should come back and take over the team, period.

  10. "COMMONER" says:


  11. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Bring back Griffin Sayenda. Ndisamve wina FWE FWE FWE FWE FWE FWE FWE FWE FWE apa

  12. Recall Mwayi if you want to back to winnining ways says:

    Mwayi abwere

  13. America says:

    go to hell mwai, mary wayA she built that before it is too late

  14. bbsupporter says:

    Mwawi ndi dhilu,chonde NAM isiye kudzikonda. Kukhomerera ayi mwamva?

  15. Omega says:

    Swallow you pride and bring back Mwawi Kumwenda!

  16. Hoitty says:

    Bring back Mwayi please. swallow your pride like the national football team who called back Fischer for their own good. With your performance, soon you will be on position 10 and you will not be invited to participate in these competitions. Swallow your pride, mutha ndikuyiwalika mukuona koma mwayi mulinaye kuti muzisewerabe mipikisano imeneyi.

  17. Nyamakumutu says:

    The problem here is the NAM brin back Sayenda as couch Mary sanapsye uyu and then Sayenda will come up with a winning team including our pride of Africa Mama Malawi Mwai Kumwenda. Whether you like it or not Mwai is a star of this generation. She would have combined well with my Sindi and then England would have seen fire. But with this coaching panel let’s forget about being number 6 next time smal teams will replace us with this coach.

  18. MMALAWI says:

    let mwayi go to hell ndimatama ake tiliza bt one day thngs wl work out 4 us.nanga akadzamwalira tizikamuwutsa kumanda?evn f mwayi oz thea akadawina.asa go to hell ndi mwayi wanuyo.

  19. Tengupenya says:

    Kugwa sikufa koma kuchalira ulendo. go Queens. Koma be strategic. there are no miracles in sports. if you are fatigued, then why even try to play a test match? deal with the fatigue first. if we are to improve beyond 5th in the world, we have to be scientific in our rules of engagement. if your are careless with rules of engagement, you will burn out your budding stars instead of growing them up. fatigue is disastrous when mismanaged at any level of sports.

  20. opportunist says:

    Very stupid coach and the whole panel u think u can deliver without Mwayi. This is total day dreaming and u will continue consulving following a yet another disgrace. U completely dislodged the ego of this nation. Stop hallucinations otherwise u will give up in a painful way

  21. Chisale says:

    Bring Mwai

  22. Tengupenya says:

    It is not about pride or about Mwayi folks! With due respect to all sports starts in team games, I must remember that teams built around single stars collapse easily when the stars dim, abscond or leave. In test matches, let us use the opportunity to gloom new stars as well! Mwayi has done her part, at national level. Now she has a personal priority in her professional game. For her to last longer in that one, she will cautiously guard her workouts in non-professional turn outs. We swish her the best in the professional career. Let other also grow and do their part in the voluntary national duties. For them to grow, Mwayi has to step aside at times especially in the test matches. Mwayi ndi mudambo muzimila moto (read mochinyila zigoli) in competitive game! Koma mupatseni mwayi woti azisungira nyonga pa mpira wa geni. you do not burn your best candles in the twilight. you save them for the darkest night.

  23. Thuli says:

    Mukufunika atumbuka menemo achina mwawi osati mphalezo otherwise muyaluka

  24. HENDRIX says:


  25. Malindi buoy says:

    one time the Cameroonians had to involve the whole minister of sports to bring E’to back in the field of play …… Koma ti-azimayi tili ku NAM todzimva …why not resolve your differences with the Mwayi Kumwendas….. Young chimodzi swallowed his pride and accommodated Fisher Kondowe coz of Public demand….. A Chinunda muzimvako za anzanu

  26. Ayaya says:

    kumalawi mavuto ndi kusakondana, kudelerana komanso kukula mtima. How do you leave your best youthful player, a world top player because she critisised u on poor mismanagement of players. U bwino wake mukunyenyananyenyana a TUMBUKA nokha nokha ku netball ko. zizakhala chonchoso tikapanga Federalism.

  27. J.C says:

    My take in this matter is simply to advise the Queens technical panel and Mwayi to enter into fruitful negotiations and what the two sides should know is that they are both spoiling the image of this country.Mwayi has been playing for her country all these years and for her to start quitting the games i suspect something within the NAM Leadership of which they do not want to disclose to the nation.I think that may be there must be some oppression there.
    This scenario is similar to that of Fitcher.Our national team used to leave him out for the unknown reasons but when the people cried out for him.We have all witnessed the impact of Fitcher to the Squard.Leave it or take it.But both of you Mwayi and NAM have a role to play in bringing back the glory of our team.

  28. v machado says:

    As far as am concern coach saenda is da best indaworld.ku

  29. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    Chili chonse sichikuyenda ndi boma ili Eish!!!!!!!! So many shut downs…. Now Goals shut down….

  30. nkunthamasese says:

    Where is Grivin Saenda? Mary Waya has proven useless. The team has never won a game since she started coaching. fatigue-fatigue yakuti!! team waisokoneza to extent that even Swaziland can beat us. Shame! kumavomereza u’ve failed to coach. give others chance to try the team.

  31. OGO!! says:

    I dont think it anything to do with Mwai making big bucks or whatever…its a case of kupondelezana coz Mwai is standing up for those who can ot speak up because they know kuti they can’t cut the hand that feeds them. Mwai has a leg to stand on but she is fighting a battle for the rest of these girls. Give them their allowances..whats our sports council doing. These deserve respect..apatseni zawo and I totally agree with Mwai don’t turn back from your words..stay away until they are paid their dues. siukapolo.

  32. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Bring back Mwayi. Swallow your useless egos and pride. Kadziko aka kali ndi tianthu toyipa mtima kwabasi. Nsanje just coz Mwayi is making big bucks?

  33. Pathako Panjuchi says:

    Agalu inu you thought you can win without Mwayi? These coaches are useless, ntchembere zatota, akhakhakha inu

    1. karonga says:

      Ndi kwa bwino kuluza koposa kumulambira muthu, pa ntchito dziko.

      1. observer says:

        so you want the girls to keep on suffering in silence. we need somebody to talk if there are problems. at least she is exposed and knows how things ought to be managed. secondly she had to sort out her personal health issues which the association cannot fund. she made a right decision to put her health first.

  34. Piper says:

    They played like a bunch of amatuers on the night…no fight whatsoever in them. Swallow your pride and bring back Mwai Kumwenda !!!

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