Malawi risks ‘failed state’ declaration: CEDEP lambasts govt on electricity, water woes

Malawi is rapidly deteriorating into failed-state status and would be declared so failed should the persistent water and electricity woes currently rocking the country not be abated, a local human rights watchdo has said.

Trapence: Malawi really is at the limit, risks becoming a failed state

Trapence: Malawi really is at the limit, risks becoming a failed state

Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), a local non-governmental organisation focused on promoting and defending human rights, said in a statement  made available to Nyasa Times on Monday signed by executive director, Gift Trapence,  that it strongly express their displeasure with lack of any visionary leadership in the management of the persistent water and electricity challenges.

“Water shortages and electricity blackouts have become the norm and not the deviation in recent times,” CEDEP said. “ This is happening despite the fact that the water and electricity tariffs are way too high for most ordinary Malawians.”

The statement added: 2 What is even more disheartening is that the government, which is responsible for the supply of water and electricity, is not forthcoming with any credible and tangible information on any possible solutions to the water and electricity woes.”

Lack of visionary leadership

According to the organisation, the country’s present scenario displays lack of seriousness and visionary leadership which the DPP government “promised” during the campaign period.

“For example during the rainy season we are normally told the water shortages and electricity blackouts are caused by the mud that gets into the supply pipes and the dams. What about now during summer? The water and electricity challenges have been there for a very long period of time. Of course, they are getting worse as days go by,” adds the statement.

Malawi continues to experience intermittent water and electricity supply despite the country having a lot of natural resources which can support the supply of the same. Malawians continue to suffer in enduring long hours and days without any water flowing in their taps and electricity.

 Solutions possible

Cedep argues persuasively that the problems can be stopped.

“We all remember how persistent water shortages used to affect citizens of the city of Zomba and surrounding areas in the early 1990s.But a solution was found and water was tapped from Mulunguzi Dam from the Zomba Mountain. Today, water shortages in Zomba are history. Why can’t the same be done with the other cities? For instance Lake Malawi is only 100km from the city of Lilongwe.

“With Kamuzu dam drying up, why can’t there be deliberate efforts to harvest the water resources from the Lake and consequently end the water woes in Lilongwe City? Does the government have any plans be it short term or long term to invest in piped water systems? Again in the city of Blantyre, why can’t the government utilize the water resources that are found only 66km kilometres away on Mulanje Mountain?” questioned Cedep.

Woes violation of rights

Cedep pointed out that the woes are a violation to the people’s human rights and are crippling the country’s economy by far.

“In denying people access safe and clean water as well as electricity, the government is grossly violating the right to economic activity, the right to education, the right to health and consequently the right to life. Officials entrusted with the task to manage the utility companies need not to bury their heads in the sand thinking the problems will disappear on their own.

“The manufacturing sector and other large scale businesses that contribute a larger portion to the GDP to our economy which is already in a very sorry state make a lot of losses due to water and electricity shortages. The production rate has been reduced by over 60 percent as people who require electricity everywhere including in offices that offer services to Malawians like passports and driving licenses remain idle for the better part of the day,” the statement further reads.

It adds: “Malawians indulging in small scale businesses such as operating barbershops, salons, video centres and other business requiring water and electricity are also suffering. It is our sincere hope that the government acts on these issues with utmost bravery immediately for the benefit of all Malawians that entrusted it to run the affairs of this country on their behalf.

“ This is a crisis of colossal magnitude and requires serious attention from the government. The government needs to come out clearly on how it intends to avert these problems.”

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22 thoughts on “Malawi risks ‘failed state’ declaration: CEDEP lambasts govt on electricity, water woes”

  1. santana says:

    Winston Msowoya, I have now known that all your comments are done blindly just because you are not witnessing things on the ground since you have said that you are not living in Malawi. I would advise you to come and stay a month or two and go around the country and hear what people say about the parties in Malawi. It is from there where you will find out that you are just wasting your time if you think your rhetoric on Nyasa Times can move DPP supporters from APM to your Kamlepos or whoever will stand for northerners in 2019. Don’t cheat that you would prefer UDF without Atupele. You are an MCP diehard and you strongly support the alliance with PP which Msonda is planning to dump. You say DPP has failed to govern and it should be removed from power. Don’t you know the procedures of changing elected governments? Wasn’t DPP found itself out of govt after Bingu’s death? Why did people vote it back if they felt the pains during Bingu’s time? So you should know that people on the ground are seeing no alternative govt with these existing opposition parties including your MCP. The issue is not about monarchism but the capasbility to rule. If we have embiciles for presidents, can we leave the able one just because his father once ruled us? This is shallow thinking and you are just blind of international politics. All the failures you are talking about this govt are not knew in this country but you are saying as if it is DPP which has brought them in. All your comments only shows that you don’t know or follow what is happening here. Those who are sending you information about this country are just fooling you taking advantage of your embecileness. They know you can not follow things. Governments are chosen by people who vote. Since 1994 all govts have been there after being mandated by people themselves. This DPP govt did not come from the sky. It is found there because people including you participated in the voting though you voted for a loser, and this is what is paining you up to now. Just tell your party a good campaign strategy per chance it might win in 2019. Isults and rhetorics will pay you nothing, my brother.

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr. SANTANA,Iam not the type of a person who is interested in verbal rhetorics with brainless morons.You have asked me now that Malawi is a failed State,what next? The answer is that DPP,has failed to deliver the goods and it must be removed from power.2: If DPP abandons power,I strongly support the UDF to get in and form the government on condition that Atupele steps down as Malawi is governed by a Republican Constitution and not a Monarchy Constitution.Malawi belongs to all Malawians and not the Muluzi dynasty or the Muthalika dynasty.Mr.Santana,for your information, you better control your stinky mouth, I have never been an MCP member nor do I have that desire to join it until my last breadth.How would I join the Party that oppressed the people of the North more than the rest of the Nation? Mr.Santana,it seems you are politically untaught,your fellow Lomwe Peter has tragically failed to lead the nation as his late thief brother Bingu,people are starving,medical medicines are nowhere in the hospitals,joblessness is astronomically high,crime is indescribably the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa,corruption has reached indescribable dimensions,the nation’s unity is in muddle,Nipotism has reached a point of no return.Mr.Santana,I do not take you as a fool,but you are already a fool because what you are saying is humbug.The fact that you have seen these anomalies in previous governments,you can not do anything to correct the trend? Is it normal with you? For your information,Iam not at the moment living in Malawi,but I vividly follow the situation inside the country every second and I know more than you know yourself in your own country.Never mind about your misguided BE HUMANE ( in fact it is not BE HUMAN) as you have put it.It seems are an illiterate moron period and I don’t have time to waste with an embecile.

  3. Winston Msowoya says:

    Iam pretty sure that DODOLIDO is a deranged idiot who comprehends absolutely nothing and he must be thrown into hyenas for their snack. By the way Communism does not feed its people,but it encourages them to work hard on their fields,industries,factories and many other establishments.The government comes in when nature flexes its muscle for instance,lack of rains,floods and other unpreventable calamities like in Malawi where rains were scarce for a while as a result crops wilted unprecedentedly resulting in severe shortage of food and it is under this situation that the government comes in to feed its people by importing food from other countries using tax-payers’ funds,but in Malawi,tax-payers’ funds are used to sustain the interests of a few corrupt leaders and their running dogs.So Mr.Dodolido,you are amongst this evil group and that it is a silly insult to the hardworking people of Malawi when you mindedlessly call them LAZY AND STUPIT while on the contrary,you are the one who is LAZY AND STUPIT IDIOT.Have some intelligence!!!

  4. santana says:

    Winston Msowoya, now that Malawi is a failed state, what next? If it happens that the leadership resigns, which party leadership can lead Malawi to its satisfication? Choose from the existing parties so that we assess each of them. Do we have any strong party in Malawi? Or is your MCP ready to lead Malawians with all the internal squabbles it is experiencing? APM can not be proved a failure because of the problems facing the country because these problems have been there long time ago and during all the four govts before this one. So don’t take us as fools that we don’t know the history of these problems. You will change people from DPP to any other party unless you prove to them that they can produce. Otherwise there is nothing new to these problems because we have been seeing them in each previous govt. You are here in Malawi yet you fail to see what the govt is doing to solve thse problems. Can you read the comment which BE HUMAN is telling Trapence? Get ready for another DPP victory in 2019.

  5. be humane says:

    Trapence, when will you write from updated thinking? You mean iwe sunamve zonse zakhala zikuchitika kuti boma litenge madzi ku mulanje zija? Where were you? Inu nomwe a Nyasa munalemba story yoti a Chaponda athamangitsidwa ku Mulanje ndi anthu okwiya kuti sakufuna boma litenge madzi ku mulanje. Why not educating the Trapence. Mufunse Plan ya Lilongwe water board yotenga madzi ku Salima ku Nyanja kuti target yawo iri liti? Basi kufuna kuti Boma likachita mudziti munawapatsa nzeru ndi inu? Foolish thinking trapence pitiriza mathanyula ako aja. By the Way Who will declare Malawi a failed state? You remember you gave president mutharika 100 days to resign without giving a solution as to what would happen if he resign? Are you visionary yourself? Can a visionary leader be promoting Mathanyula in his own country?

  6. Chikwanje says:

    Did we not warn you Malawians against putting in the driving seat a man who clearly demonstrated cluelessness in running government affairs before becoming president. At the moment I doubt very much if he is concerned with the state of affairs on water and electricity. All we hear is that ” I have fulfilled my campaign promises kwambiri”. Its pathetic that in a land full of resources not available in other countries we fail to think and make good use of them. Mukufuna kuti Mulungu atani? Abwere pa dziko kudzakukonzerani zinthu. Shame on you. So I maintain my stand that we made a choice, a bad choice for that matter. Let the nation feel the pinch.
    On the other note we have a fool of an organization called MERA entrusted with the responsibility to regulate energy issues. It seems to me MERA is only interested in collecting levies from the energy sector. Regulation is not just about rates and levies. It is a cross cutting issue ranging from production, transmission and distribution. When I see these things happening my heart bleeds because I know this country has capable people who can run it and run it seriously.

  7. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawi is not risking becoming a failed State,but rather is already a FAILED STATE.There is no big difference between Malawi and Zimbabwe or Somalia.The Nation that fails to feed its own people,lack of medicines in the hospitals,bedbugs making patients restless in their beds,uncontrolled crimes and corruption,unemployment is astronomically high,tribalism has dangerously become a norm the list is long,and all these anomalies,are found in failed States.In Malawi right now,we are lacking progressive leadership and unless,we halt electing leaders on basis of tribalism and regionalism,we are heading to the political and economic oblivion detrimental to the wellbeing of our entire populations.GOD SAVE US!!!!

    1. Dodolido says:

      Why should government feed ‘its’ people, is this a communist state? Malawians are just lazy and stupid!

  8. Opals says:

    Spot on CEDEP! Public services are in such a sorry and pathetic state. The Fragile States Index already lists Malawi as “High Warning” with a Public Services score of 8.1 out of 10 ; where 10 means total failure. Economic Decline is at 8.6 out of 10. We are for sure making steady progress down the failed state path. No wonder productivity is so low and we are topping the poor countries list. Your suggestions are practical; only if there was political will. These fellas are satisfied sharing spoils and wallowing in power whilst everyone else descends into poverty. Unless we the people arise and say no to such mediocrity; it will always be biz as usual. Malawi can change for the better and is endowed with bountiful of resources. We need a Revolution!!!

  9. kingston bumushark myomyomyo says:

    Just trying to impress the donors that you are working, how can the whole of you with your NGO raising issues and solitions that the government is already solving

    1. Becks says:

      Kingston you seem to know what Government is doing to solve the problems rocking this failed State. Can you share with us How and by when should we expect these problems to come to an end?

      1. Bullshit says:

        Dont mind him mate.

    2. POLY POLICE says:

      Stupid bootlicker and hand clapper

  10. Suffering Malawian says:

    Thanks Trapence on this. The current status of social service provision in the country is inhumane and at worst point; water, electricity, health and education. It is a manifestation of poor and greedy leadership. While tax and donor money (whatever form and amount) is being collected and received few elites (politicians and associated technicians) continue to benefit on behalf of the country/majority. Enough is enough, there is a need to push these sleepy leaders to act. We cant continue to blame the past. They need to be seen leading to a right direction. the current leadership has failed us. the only weapon we have for these bunch of grannies to listen to us is through demonstration. yes organizations series of demonstration to awaken them from there slumber. AM FIRED UP!!

  11. duka says:

    Mbuzii zaanthu iziiii, They dont know what it takes to run a government and worse still they dont know that its us Malawians who are responsible for all these woes. We Think The Government is responsible, a fact which is totally wrong. ITS US PEOPLE to blame. We are very lazy only good at opening our empty loud mouths. Malwi Government is not a Communist State , a system where the Government produces for the people. We are Capitalist State where private sector produces and Government ONLY Regulation. We are very stupid people to accept this stupid capitalist economy immaturely. CHINA, RUSSIA, are super powers coz of Communist System. Us Malawi the capitalist System has failled us so we need to move to Communist System, where the government must produce for the state, and CSO’s blame on Government justified. For now, CSO’s blames are just political, serving their master’s agenda. Is it not the same where 90% of donor money went missing, and they keep quiet??? Nonses. Tell your donors to start a company for energy and Water utilitues, Government will not stop them. Be wise, not just service someones political agenda. Failled State means all have failled, DONORS,CSO’s, POLITICIANS, CITIZENS ETC. We need to sober up, When donors want to help the same STUPID CSO’s go to them to stop the funding, just a mere air ticket is enough to demonise your own country,. Today, you are crying forgeting your the ones who block investors and donors with these publicised negatives about your country. WE NEED AN ENERGY AND WATER OWNED CSO COMPANY. You seem good at identifying problems and investors. We need CEDP Owned Waterboards, MHCCR Energy Generation Company, etc, plas my own Hydro Electric, NOT GOVERNMENT OWNED. Otherwise we shall retire opening our mouths blaming any government . ITS All Our Responsibility to develop. Travel to developed countries on self sponsorship , that when you can appreciate that its the citizens responsibilities to develop their contry. But if you travel on somebody’s sponsored trip, nope, you drive sinister agenda of the sponsor. Ine ndi barber, i se solar and have chitsime for water. Those who wait for government provided water and energy, are out of business, ine ndikutakata

    1. Ineyo says:

      Excellent thinking and perspective. Teach these morons the way to think. They are very stupid and nonpatriotic. Yes government is struggling to provide public services and is unlikely to succeed soon even if there is a change of leadership. Why? Citizen minset and stupid colonized minds such as those of CSO and MHCCR. Exactly why not establish CSO and MHCCR owned companies to supply electricity and water. Being owners they will besides make plenty of money because the market is there. These have healthy funding. Walk the talk or stop your jelousy and politically motivated criticisms.

      1. Bullshit says:

        If it is hard to get barely a TV licence what more with a licence to operate a power supply company. Think before you come up with your ideas to the public. Pathetic

  12. The Analyst says:

    If you are waiting for things to get even worse, you shall grow grey hair waiting. Malawi is already a failed state, by any measure or benchmark.
    . . . “Madoli adafera mchenga oyera.” – Malawi Proverb; it is true!
    You see, the thought of a professor for a president made any sensible person to vote for APM. Alas!
    . . . There is literally nothing professiorial about APM.
    . . . The guy is just as pedestrian as clueless as unavailable hence as useless as he came.

    . . . “Mphuno salota . . . chosadziwa adayimbira mfiti mmanja.” – Mkasa.
    You see, equally useless is Saulosi Chilima. In fact it cant get any more useless than Chilima.
    . . . Chilima, literally does nothing, but tend to his beard!
    . . . The guy is so careful about protecting an image (whatever it is) that he literally does nothing.
    . . . The guy has literally hidden himself in an envelope so as not to be party to whatever is happening in this country. He is just as unavailable as APM himself; thus leaving the country at the mercy of the wind.
    . . . Thus, when APM is what he is (clueless), Chilima just watches. When for instance; APM charters a plane to receive an honorary degree (when the whole country is failing to bring back 30 girls from Kuwait), Chilima is comfortable in his envelope.

    One thing is clear from the APM and Chilima story: people who are as polished as Chilima (in status and looks) only care about maintaining status and lose lose focus of what they are hired to do – run a country!
    . . . Also, people who are as complete as APM (academic-wise), care about nothing!
    Malawi needs leaders with Zinjathropus looks and just some level of learning short of a professor.
    . . . Otherwise, Malawi already has all parameters of a failed state.

    1. be humane says:

      The first pathetic writing from the analyst who writes like a headless chicken

      1. The Analyst says:

        . . . Yes, I know [from your previous comments] that you are a DPP diehard; but [notwithstanding the party you are affiliated to], is it hard to see that we have two useless people for a president and a vice?
        . . . I can promise you that you always betray your mind by letting blind loyalty cloud your judgement hence sing praise for people who just watch as this country goes into nothingness.
        . . . It is a trait of wisdom to criticise [in truth] the ones we blindly follow; knowing well that this is our country, and shall always be [with or without these people we mistake for leaders].
        . . . And clearly and sadly, you lack this trait.

  13. Chalo says:

    Mr. Trapence maybe you are just being diplomatic here. The fact is that this country has been a failed state since Kamuzu left the presidency. All we have seen since 1994 is politically engineered theft of public funds, corruption, loss of work ethics, rampant indiscipline, etc. There is nothing to be proud of anymore. After 52 years of independence, the best that the successive leadership has delivered is to deliver us the unenvied status of the poorest country on earth.

  14. Dodolido says:

    Kikiki! Awa adzingopanga za mathanyula basi!

    He is talking about tapping water from Mulanje a thing govt is already working on. Sanamve kuti Chaponda was chased at the proposed source of the water?

    And am sure he also read last week end’s newspaper where the Lilongwe water board CEO talked about temporary measures being taken and that they are working on getting water from lake Nyasa!

    Ukala wa Sembereka wamulowa kubongo!

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