Malawi secures Chinese ‘buffet’ of development aid: Mutharika outlines funded projects

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) elite are popping champagne at Kamuzu Palace following President Peter Mutharika’s successful securing of a multibillion Kwacha aid package from China which covers, among others, the construction of the district hospital and cancer centre worth over $23 million at Kameza in Blantyre.

Malawian President Mutharika outlines Chinese government funded projects

Malawian President Mutharika outlines Chinese government funded projects

Malawi government officials and Chinese officials listeing to President Mutharka outlining the funded projects

Malawi government officials and Chinese officials listeing to President Mutharka outlining the funded projects

President Mutharika greeting Chinese officials at Kamuzu Palace

President Mutharika greeting Chinese officials at Kamuzu Palace

Mutharika said this during a news conference in Lilongwe Wednesday where he outlined what he called the outcome of the discussions that were held during his recent trip to China with officials from the Ministry of Commerce, EXIM Bank of China and China Gezhouba Group Company Limited.

“The Chinese Government has provided grants to the Malawi Government as follows: US$25 million (130 million RMB)whose Financing Agreement was signed in January 2015; US$25 million (150 million RMB)whose Financing Agreementis being prepared for signing; and US$8 million (50 RMB million) interest-free loan, financing Agreement which was signed in January 2015,” explained Mutharika.

The news conference was held barely a day after a highly-level meeting organized Cabinet Ministers to provide a face-to-face platform to address issues raised by some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

The CSOs requested government to clarify on Farm Input Subsidy Programme, give a status report on the country’s economy, water and electricity woes.

Among the major projects which the Chinese government has pledged to undertake include a crucial but exciting 300 megawatt Kammwamba Coal Fired plant which will increase the power generating capacity of Malawi to meet the ever increasing demand according to Mutharika.

“The project cost is estimated at US$667, 232, 814,” said Mutharika, revealing that other projects are subjected to further discussions and review.

The power project, which will increase power generation capacity to meet the ever increasing demand, is exciting news to both Malawians and investors who endure hours of power black outs every day.

Another project on the cards is the dual carriage road from Kanengo industrial area to Mchinji round about in Lilongwe which drastically reduce congestion on the road thereby cutting back on delays motorists experience on the road as they come from Kamuzu International airport and the northern region.

Mutharika also says he has secured Chinese grants for the construction of the Blantyre District Hospital which was unceremoniously abandoned by late Muammar Gadaffi  of Libya and Cancer Centre in Blantyre at Kameza costing US$23 million.

The People’s Republic of China will also provide Lilongwe with grants for procurement vehicles for the country’s security agency, Malawi Police Service costing $2 million.

The Malawi leader said he secured the Chinese development projects when he held talks with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang during his recent visit to China.

Another grant is the construction of a Technical Teacher Training College costing US$5 million and the construction of Community Technical Colleges costingUS$6 million.

The Chinese windfall also covers the promotion of value addition activities for the Ministry of Industry and Trade amounting to US$5 million,

In the Chinese aid buffet, there is a grant for the procurement of equipment and exchange programs for lecturers at the Malawi University of Science and TechnologyUS$2 million.

It also covers the procurement of office equipment and furniture for the Ministry of Industry and Trade amounting to US$1 million.

The is also support for technical services for the Bingu National Stadium constructed with the support of the Chinese Government amounting to US$1 million and construction of a new Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building amounting to US$3 million.

China is a crucial partner to Malawi Government since 2008, they have been supporting Malawi in a number of areas such as irrigation and infrastructure development and it is also a free trade area for over 400 products.

Malawi established diplomatic relations with Beijing on December 28, 2007 after severing ties with Taiwan with which it had relationship for 41 years.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has granted Malawi government K22.6 billion for rehabilitation and expansion 21 Community Day Secondary Schools to increase access to education.

The funds will also be injected towards teachers’ training. –(Additional Reporting by Yamikani Simutowe, Nyasa Times)

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127 thoughts on “Malawi secures Chinese ‘buffet’ of development aid: Mutharika outlines funded projects”

  1. Mike says:

    good news this is good news to our a patriotic Malawian iam happy with this.we know some people love to argue and be counter productive wonder they dont move forward themselves as our beautiful country is moving cant keep on talking bad about your country and its leaders and expect God to bless them nooooo.lets all rally behind the only country God gave us MALAWI.

  2. mcnovas libson says:

    Its a very good news to me and to all Malawians to hear about such a huge monitory aid, all the projects outlined are indeed vital to us all and they should be carried out but one thing; health sector has been put aside, medical students who have finished their school are just sitting and weiting from the government. These health personels cannot go anywhere for they signed a bond to serve in government for five years. There is a need to consider them, these are the students from Malawi College of Health Sciences

  3. Aubrey Norman says:

    Kodi zabwino zipose apa?Anthu ena anangobadwa otsutsa ndipo iwo analonjeza kuti sazasiya kutero muwona ayambapo kusokoneza Wina mpaka akonza ulendo upita naye ku China kuti akavundule madzi.

  4. max botha says:

    nde makoswe ena apangeso cashgate instead of kutukula our country…..

  5. chingolopiyo says:

    Good news. Let the country move forward and let the professional mourners continue with their work. Congrats prof APM

  6. Pension Nenereko says:

    Malawians do not stop shaming me. How could the whole president went to China to negotiate furniture for a ministry?

  7. erer says:


  8. big brain says:

    Kusayamika a Malawi

  9. ZANU ZIMENEZO says:

    Why shud development go to the north wen everybody is here? pitani muzikakhalako then development will follow u chamba basi. Chilichonse mupezepo reason to blame. anthu osowa mtendere mumtima inu.

  10. Successfully mr President

  11. Bandawe says:

    Do we have fairness in the way this development is distributed?

  12. wobeba wanga says:

    Big up to APM

  13. Mfumu Tchiretchire says:

    Muzitafuneso anyani inu….

  14. Observer says:

    Pat am glad you have understood the fact that this is an old project . No need to present it as new development. When it comes to national project I will never applaud an individual since alot of players take part.

  15. Kadakwiza says:

    Thank you Mr. President for punishing the people of the north. When Bina Shaba was campaigning for federation other useless northerners said he is mad. Today developments are passing their nose.

  16. chefourpence says:

    kodi ku North ko ngati aini ake mukuthawako ndiye anthufe titani?

  17. bizzy says:

    we only have national roads in this country

  18. Pat says:

    Mr Observer, I hope you understood enough that this is the second phase of the chinese projects which were started by the dpp regime. Ndiye ngati mmafuna kuyimbira mmanja amayi anuwo pepani, she was trying to get glory through what Bingu started but she failed because her mind is too shallow to continue with such projects. This is for Malawi and malawians, so stop politicking

  19. Kadakwiza says:

    Anything for the north? Nothing, totally nothing. Thank you Mr President for these punishing northerners for the reason nobody knows. Thanks

  20. ganizani says:

    Munthu alibedi pabwino ndawonera mtundu uwu! Muzayamba kukonda anthu amitundu ina liti? Anthu oyipa inu. Tichose boma, namba wani, kuba namba wani, kulilira maudindo namba wani, kusankha mtundu namba wani, koma simuzatheka ndithu. Kuzikonda musiye.

  21. sosela says:

    More fire Mr President. Otsutsa lilani. Chitukuko a Peter abweletsa munya muona.

  22. James kotoki says:

    Building more hospitals while you are failing to equip and maintain the ones you already have.silly

  23. Busobabie!! says:


  24. khungwa says:

    No projects for the North. When we say no projets for the north sum pipo say u av the mbombela uni project forgetting that, that project was on the table yrs ago but not evn a single thing has been done on the ground. Project yongo phimba maso anthu, so that they can say the north has dis n dat project. At the sem tym while we the north get a single uni projet thats not even getting off the ground, luk at how many projects the other regions have gotten since the mombela uni project was unveiled countless.

    on roads, The north has only two tarmac roads, the M1 from llz to MZ n the lakeshow nkhatabay road n dats it. Non of the northern districts have tarmac roads beyond the ones the M1 that jst happens to pass by. Koma luk at other districts u wil notice webs of tarmac roads goin to villages of politicians, wen only the family of the said politicians use the roads as most of the pipo in the area do not evn own cars.

    O wat the North gets is a grand opening ceremony to opening of new roads n dats it, aftr the ceremony nothing is done on the projects for yrs, I.E jenda via mzimba road n mzimba ekwendeni road.

    Lukn at thr state of the Mzuzu nkhatabay road, mmmh u wud think its a small road going to a local treading centre wit potholes n patches than dat sumwer along the road the tarmac wil jst vanish n u wil be travelling on the dirt road. But this is one of the busy roads in the north, Yet nothing is being done about it.

    I can go on about the less developments in the north, ie stadium, airport, government buildings n its furniture mmh its a shame really. Some offices since ngwazis era haven’t changed a single furniture, local drinkn joints look far better than some of these gvnmt offices.

    Anyway in o fairness much as other districts n regions need the developments being offered to them, lets not be one sided.

    Dziko ndilatu tonse.

  25. Nyasi musi says:

    tiuzeni zoona…china will get what in return?

  26. emmanuel chinunda says:

    bora musabeso, but what u must knw is that “palibe chaulere” wait 4 china’s reaction

  27. Kenz says:

    I can’t see any project for the Northern Region. Why is our government not distributing developmental projects equally to all the three regions? Why is it that when it comes to development, quota system is not used? Pliz apply the quota system in everything for the benefit of all Malawians.

  28. mhango says:

    Amalawi ena ndinu osayamika basi,, tsono mufuna president azitani??????? Akakulimileni mminda eti!!!!!! Gv credid where it is due,, china apa yathandiza basiiii,, learn to apreciate abale,,, ufiti basi,, mxiiiiiiiiim.

  29. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    1. Malawi is currently experiencing food shortage. For a country with rivers that have water all year round and lakes, food security which does not depend on rain-fed agriculture should be a priority. Any search for foreign aid must stress agricultural development. There will be spin-0ffs of agro-industries.
    2. Does Malawi have a medium-term development programme which has been widely discussed by the public at large and passed by Parliament? Or is it a question of budgeting from year-to-year? If there is development plan then there is a risk that foreign loans/ aid will be allocated haphazardly without synergies (the benefits will not reinforce each other in s consistent manner to achieve given goals).
    3. A systematic planning program includes assessments of costs and benefits (short-term; medium-term and long-term). It also permits targeting allocations of the resources in s coherent manner. Besides electricity generation, there is need for upgrading feeder roads in many rural areas to facilitate transportation of agricultural produce to markets and access to needed inputs. Irrigation development is another very important area that needs development, strengthening of extension services for farmers is a must.
    4. Therefore, it will be informative for Goverment to map out the broad socio-economic development strategy to the nation; and within that explain how the priorities have been decided with respect to the foreign aid that has been and is expected to be received from China (and other countries)
    5. The foreign debt burden also needs to be explained. Equally important, it appears to be the case that China (and other foreign lenders) tie conditions to the loans/ grants. One undesirable condition is the free access of Chinese manufactured goods to the Malawi market. These cheap goods literally kill the potential for Malawi to develop any manufacturing industries (even if raw materials are locally available). The country will perpetually be a source of unprocessed raw materials for China and a market for Chinese manufactured goods. Malawi cannot hope to develop sustainably with trade relationships just to get aid to build infrastructure projects.
    6. Therefore, more information is needed for the broader development strategy within which the loans/grants have been secured.

  30. Akamuna says:

    Good people, nothing is for free here. It’s either they have given us the money in exchange for something or they have borrowed this money. Believe me, after 5 years from now they will say we are struggling to pay interest for the funds we borrowed from the Chinese government. Also, I see another cashgate here. Mbava izi zingosangalala kuti tiatumanso atumbuka akatibele.

  31. Mhesha says:

    Atumbuka,…there are already government projects in the North. Mombera, Livingstonia road, Nkhatabay road and the hospital, etc. Don’t be greedy forever. Otherwise you can do something better yourself in your region. Nyumba zabwino osagomanga ku Bt ZA or LL alone. Promote Mzuzu and other districts in the north also. One other challenge is that you don’t love staying or even visiting the North. As a result the region is almost deserted. As a result no investio will go to an area with no or small population.

  32. Concerned citizen says:

    What do these countries get in return? There’s no free lunch. What do they get promised. Pamenepo nde poopsya

  33. Prison Warden says:

    where construction is required, the Chinese better construct themselves otherwise this money will be EATEN

  34. Noah says:

    Whatever the case,, we don’t know. Let’s proceed with development. One Malawi One Nation!!!

  35. dadaboma says:

    When Bingu came up with zero deficit budget he said Malawi can do without donors. And stupid people clapped hands for that silly president. Behind the scenes Bingu went to the Chinese to beg for help. His bro. APM came up with zero aid budget and said Malawi can do without donors. Behind the scenes APM goes asking the Chinese for help. And the stupid people clap hands for him. The truth is that both Bingu and APM know that Malawi can’t do without external help. But they know that the western donors insist on good governance, democracy, accountability and transparency first before they can assist. Both Bingu and APM have no score on these democratic virtues. And they don’t even want to make attempt on them. They’re thieves to the core, corrupt and undemocratic. Their friend can only be China, just like Zimbabwe, whose Mugabe APM touts as a true friend of Malawi. China is autocratic, lacks accountability and transparency, and thrives on shady deals. That’s why these idiotic presidents go to China. And this China money is not coming here to develop Malawi – it is coming here to use Malawi to develop China, and it is coming here to prop this DPP govt in power especially when it is threatened. All DPP vehicles came from China, and the Chinese Ambassador is residing in Bingu’s house in Area 43 in LL.. China is not real. Sucks to China money – we want the western donors who are the real donors and who have helped Malawi in every respect from time immemorial. This APM has to be removed from power. He is spoiling Malawi.

  36. Katakwe says:

    People need to know that these are NOT grants but loans. We are just full of lowly educated journalists who do not understanding things. All these will be paid with interest except the few little value loans. The further stupidity is that a large share is going to either inefficient entities and to areas that cannot boost us economically to stand on own feet. We will continue to be lazy borrowers for decades. Celebrate while knowing that they are burdening our children with this heavy yoke which will pull them down for years to come for someone who just want to get political mileage….. We would have done all these if we did not let ourselves get exploited by these mining investors. Vuto la aMalawi ndi kupusa busy kuombera m’manja zinthu za ziiiiiii while letting us investors exploit us. Later giving us loans from the money from our own resources to milk us further.

  37. Eugene says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  38. Marley says:

    Good news! Good job APM

  39. chance says:

    Apulesidenti apa nde mwaitha muzitero.

  40. Praise says:

    Mind you! These are but promises

  41. Alex Likoswe says:

    Priorities lopsided . Only energy qualifies under priorities. I wish money went to tourism infrastructure , Agri processing, . If we pump money into Mangochi, road and power network To all game parks, the results would be worth creation.

  42. RoyK says:

    kuba musiye

  43. Stambuli wa ku karonga says:

    Gudall Gondwe is a complete sell out even his father was . How xan the whole minister of finance and economic planning not even pull a single development project in his own backyard .just being used no wonder late Bingu wamutharika exposed your corrupt mind

  44. The real ujeni says:

    So you really want the Cancer Hospital to be in the South so that people from North should have difficulties to access it? Just like you wanted the National Stadium to be built in the South just like you did with MUST. All these major donor funded infrastructure should have been constructed at the centre, Capital City for was access to all. MCP boma 2019.

  45. nachisale says:

    Shame on CSOs. Demonstrations will not work – people don’t want to be misguided by a bunch of selfish idiots pretending to be activists.

  46. Mwanga1 says:

    He is only to divert the attention of Malawian from the real issues

  47. william says:

    I don’t hear anything for northers here, kodi ku North azingotinamizila timiseu tosamalizatu ? Anthu akupoto pls awake we will end up having nothing at all, anthu awatungochenjela. Ma minister achitumbuka ndi anthu osathandi angoyayanga’na zithu zikupita mbaliyimozimozi. Ifetuzikutinyasa zimenezi lizakhaleliti boma lokomelatose kumalawikuno ?

  48. learnedmi says:


  49. The problem with the Chinese is that they bring their people to do the work from a labourer to manager. We have seen it with the Parliament Building, the stadium etc. When Malawians are employed, it’s very poor conditions from salaries to treatment. They treat us as donkeys.

  50. The major interesting investment is the energy generation project that has a potential of attracting investors. Please woo more key players into the ernergy sector to harness all our available sources of ernergy so that we can move forward as a nation.The other major area which needs serious investmentment is the water sector in both our urban cities where the population has outgrown the current facilities. Look at options of getting water straight form Lake Malawi,Salima to LL City and in Mzuzu from Nkhata-Bay Lake Malawi to the city. If we have a reliable source of wtaer we can do a lot of projects without worrying of dry taps.

    Once again thanks for the efforts in ensuring that BT has a district hospital. Please think about adding more facilities to Bwaila in LL so that it becomes a fully fledged district hospital as it lacks some crucial wards such as Children’s ward,Male and Female ward as well as a modern purpose bulit out-patient department.

  51. Katola manda says:

    No panado at present at queens n v want open a cancer hospital childish

  52. mzomera says:

    Nkhani yabwino ngati iyi very few comments. Ana anjoka inu. Koma ikanakhala nkhani yoti mankhwala muzipatala mulibe, pano makomenti ali 3000.

  53. akusipikana says:

    It is s complete joke. Can’t you think and think about the way people are suffering? The use of this grant or whatsoever it is called from the Chinese, is not what people want now. The sufferings should be addressed now before these silly developments take place. The most unfortunate thing is that the workforce will come from China and the money will to back to their country. Malawians will not benefit from these projects.They will loose nothing. All the minerals will ho to China. The trees will go to China. Whatever they find useful will go and by the end of the day ee will be poorer than before. APM shame on you. Malawiand, wake up. Wherever the Chinese go, they destroy and now they are taking advantage of our poor country. I cry for my country. The do called president had completey failed us.
    My fellow Malawians, what do you think?

  54. Noxy says:

    Amunamuna Peter Mutharika si osewera nawo Biggy!! Biggy!! Shame the Devil

  55. akusipikana says:

    APM, I’m just interested to know how much you have pocketed. This is s very disturbing development. Hospitals have no medicines, shortage of staff, no food, blankets, bedsfor patients, name it. People are dying of hunger, no place to sleep, pathetic houses. In schools, no desks, books, in general no school materials. Hunger is looming in the fountry

  56. walero says:

    great great great and good good news whatever comes from it.boma lobweresa chitukuko ili osati kubera anthu ake omwe.kkkkkkk by the way what are JB’s British bringing to Malawi??????azungu opanda ntchito inu good for nothings.bola azungu aku China omwewo!!!!!!!!

  57. Palibe chachilendo apa musaiwale zaka zingapo zapitazo Bingu analila nalo dziko litamukanika kutsogolela koma panthawiyonso nkuti china ikuchita monga yachitilamu.
    Bola tisanve kuti ma project ena omwe mwatiuzawa asinthidwa ndipo akakhala ku Thyolo.

  58. CHIMANGENI says:

    Before we clap hands, we should remember that this is a grant and it will be payed back soon or later by you and me and if its not you and me then its our children and grandchildren. Then it means that Malawi is still a borrowing country up to the time indefinite!!!!!!

  59. mfiti mayaya says:

    Todays scores are: China 10-0 Britain. Russia 8-1 America.
    The west is not for Africa’s “real term” development but rather only for puppet leaders like joice banda the she-thief.

  60. No Laughing Matter says:

    Money will evaporate just like that

  61. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    We had been told that Zomba State House would be turned into a cancer hospital. Why should a single president of one of the poorest countries in the world have more than five state residences yet his people are dying of hunger? If I were Mr. Ibu wa Mutharika I would have negotiated for this project realization and put the money for the cancer hospital to another good project that benefitted Malawians like expanding Kamuzu and MZUZU central hospitals. But unfortunately Mr. Ibu is a puppet president who is being used by other people musquarading as political advisers and ministers.

  62. chitsa boys says:

    JAmalawi umbuli unachuluka mukufusa kuti chithandizo chi tizabweza chani? Britain ikamapeleka thandizo mumabweza chani? Ena akuti kodi amalawi apindula chani? Fuso lopusa yamikani chitukuko cha anzanu inu mumaba malo mopanga chitukuko zikomo mr prlesident

  63. chitsa boys says:

    Amalawi umbuli unachuluka mukufusa kuti chithandizo chi tizabweza chani? Britain ikamapeleka thandizo mumabweza chani? Ena akuti kodi amalawi apindula chani? Fuso lopusa yamikani chitukuko cha anzanu inu mumaba malo mopanga chotukuko zikomo mr president

  64. barnaba sila says:

    @ Mbiri. It is not only the Chinese who give their money for something. Do you think the Western Donors give us their money for nothing? Why have we been suffering even in the absence of cashgate? Do you remember in the Kamuzu days when Malawi was rated as star performer in IMF rating when Malawi was reeling under the weight of structural programmes? Every aid has hidden strings attached to it. The whole issue of receiving aid from well wishers is a curse to us Africans. It has promoted laziness to us where we have failed to utilize the vast resources we have – fresh water, mineral resources, conducive environment, etc. It is time to wake up! The aid Mutharika has received, yes it is commendable, but we must admit it is only a temporary panacea for our problems.

  65. Shut Up says:

    Those of you who are saying ngw’eee ngw’eee ngw’eee are out of touch with national/ international finance matters.

    Just 2 days ago, the prime minister of UK and his finance minister were dancing after the Chinese president visited London & announced that China will finance construction of a new nuclear power plant for Britain

    Ndiye mukuti mfwiii mfwiii mfwiii chani apa? Do some research before making useless noise

  66. George phiri says:

    Bwanji ndalama zimezi tigule kaye mankhwala?

  67. jimbo says:

    After building these projects will the Chinese be donating money to furnish, staff and run them? Where will the funds come from, if not? Has any of this been thought out and planned for?

  68. Patrick Phiri says:

    Amene akufuna Cancer hospital in Lilongwe akafune zawo ndalama.

  69. john gwedula says:

    due to ignorance my people my country is being sold to chinise government hence they will all flock into Malawi. we will be laboures for these chinese bcoz even the whole of our president is sleeping to extent of ascending the anti-hill fooling the whole nation by the time we realize that malawi will remain rags only. my poor malawi self_contained with greedy ,nepotistic leaders in a batch of DPP

  70. milonde says:

    give credit where it is due. congrats!

  71. alhomwe atilaula says:

    ndingongole izi kungoti anthuwa saffuna kunena mwa mveveve. tiziona kuti zitha bwanji panjanso tili ndingongole zambiri ku World Bank, African development Bank, eee! kaya tizabwenza bwanji, ndithu chilipo chomwe China ipindulepo apa asatinamize! and from the statement only one grant is interest free ndiye kuti zinazo interest ndiyosanena

  72. Happy Eduardo says:

    APM I salute you! Anthu ansanje asiyeni and leave them behind while we forge ahead as a country. This is a roller-coaster of an aid package.

  73. Kandapako says:

    A Malawi tamayamikani zinthu zikakhala bwino. I do not particularly like Peter Mutharika but what he has done should be commended. This is the development we need.







  75. Mondokwa says:

    The only project worth while and I hope it gets prioritized is teh 300 megawart power station at Kamwamba. That will be a game changer!!!

  76. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    koma ma loan wa eish

  77. bizy says:


  78. Prof Dr Ngwazi kenneth Mugabe says:

    This govt is a total failure to Malawians……why do we have to construct more hospitals when we do not have capability to recruit them?UNGA entourage went for a shopping spree what does this mean when we have our technical colleges scattered around our communities who will promotes these products done by graduates?training and constructing more universities when the economy is bad and cannot sustain the demands by our so called graduates from these esteemed public colleges?Indeed this country in total mess waiting for the second coming of christ.CHINA will not develop Malawi for Malawians.Take example the bushes of Zimbabwe they have billateral relations with Asia what have they achieved?

  79. malawi view says:

    mtumbuka ukamati ku north palibepo ukutanthauza chani? kumafuna chilichonse mupange dominate basi! ..eee! ndiiiiizo mukupezeka ochuluka mu cashgate kkk anthu odedeluka inu…oipa zedi, mdani wa dziko lino. ambuye akukhululukireni.

  80. Parallel Market says:


    This is no mean achievement. Lets give credit to APM for this feat. Congratulations APM, 2019 Bomaaaaaa!!!

  81. TrueFact says:

    I hope these funds don’t end in somebody’s pockets (Cashgate 2).

  82. Becks says:

    YAAAAA. Tibeso ifeyo a DPP

  83. malawi view says:

    winawe umafuna pasapezeke ena othandiza malawi,kuti uziti APM walephera!…mulungu akukhulukire ndithu! kwa amene mukufa kusokoneza dziko lino mungotaya nthawi mulungu amakonda dziko lino kkkkk atate ine ndilibe nanu mawu yehova iii…… mawu! asatanawa akadzangofa malawi azayima nji! kkk.singer chitsulo

  84. Chong Weng Chooo says:

    Ma Chinese adzadze ku Malawi tsopano onse achita kusamuka kwaoko kubwela kuzadzadza Kuno muonatu a Malawi anzanga… That’s why because of kugona kwa a Malawi ku Golden Peacock Hotel kunadzadza ma Chinese okha okha.. Monga kuli be a Malawi qualified to work ngati ma receptionists ma reustrant managers.. Tulo Ife tikatelo basi tiziagwadila akuti kuopa Khungu lofiila.. Very very sad ‘ DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA’

  85. Dididid says:

    Uziti wazipezera ndalama zako iwe dpp

  86. sapitwa says:

    Then one should expect you to travel on economy class to China to secure these large grants and to arrive there after your legs have swollen from the long fight MXii!

    Could we say most of these large projects are focused on high Density Regions of the South and the Central for high utilization?

  87. akuntinji anamuona says:

    This is good news. Mr President that’s great achievement. May God continue to bless you and grant you long life. Do your work Bwana and a shame the schemes of the devil. We love you.

    Kodi mombera university ili kumwera kapena pakati? Malawi is one don’t divide us with your selfshness.

  88. c ngoleka says:

    Kuba inu

  89. NYONYO says:

    aaah atumbuka i tought akupatsani livingstonia road, mombera university…anthu osayamika inu hold on zina za chaka cha mawa zibwera kwa inu easy easy easy

  90. Chemwali chimwene says:

    There is nothing for free, government tell us what is China getting out of these deals?

  91. Mbiri says:

    Firstly, I will not join the overzealous hand clappers of secured aid and ngongole from China (which by the way is also struggling) because I know the Chinese will NOT give you money for nothing. Secondly, I would like to see Malawians emulating countries like Rwanda where aid money is only welcome if it is channeled towards the desired use of the natives, otherwise I think it is only a foolish father that celebrates a donation of furniture when his children are going hungry and are dying from curable ailments. A wise father on the contrary, will know that the donor is not interested in the beneficiaries but rather the employment and money that will be made from maintaining the donated furniture. It does NOT give hope when we see the likes of Henry Kachaje, who were trained by the country for free in the UNIMA, condoning such mediocrity. Surely truth should be told when securing such aid, otherwise we are cutting off a leg to get rid of a curable sore on the foot.

  92. benjnes says:


  93. Caterpillar says:

    How much of this money will trickle down to the ordinary person for we know that all materials except cement and sand will come from China and so shall a bigger portion of the labour too. While this is welcome I am afraid that it’ will not have much effect in solving the county’s economic problems. Again as someone has commented you are planning to build more hospitals but failing to recruit the staff to work in the hospitals. Tiyeni nazo!

  94. BigMan says:

    Excellent news for the country. Congratulations for the good work Mr President!

  95. who says:

    from white colonisers, to Indians and now Chinese. when will the Africans feature, apart from cashgate?

  96. John says:



    Buffet kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma zakudya zidyewe

  98. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stupid project while people suffer

  99. vindere says:

    All the projects are situated in either the southern region or the central but non in the northern region. I agree with no 12. The north should just break away from this stupid country if they want their region to be developed. Now is the time.

  100. mtate mike rsa says:

    Hospitals for wat, you are failing
    to pay government employees
    Iwe mutu siukugwira eti.Look at polytechnic,look at primary school learning under the tree,learning material no text books,no exercise books,no drugs,one meal aday for pentients,no pay for civil servants,higher price for basic goods.Look at these things first Dont go for bigger things when you are fail to maintain asmall thing kunyasa khope fuck you pitala and the entire dpp kakas

  101. dull professor says:

    apa zifukwa zogawana dziko zakwana,not even a single project in the whole northern region,you are not serious,ngati mumaona ngati anthu akumpotofe ndife zisilu muona!!!!

    1. kadamanja says:

      Boma la vindere vyakufikapo

  102. The real ujeni says:

    Nothing for the Northern Region of Malawi, this is a Southern centric government. Those people calling for federal system of government have been vindicated. Why pop champaign for foreign aid? Shame, be self reliant, for how long are we going to be inferior and act brain dead? Two foreign project and you host mapwevupwevu, go and see what is happening across Ethiopia, the who country is a construction site.

  103. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    That is what the president should do, not what he was doing in the US with over 120 clansmen/women, ie excluding security people. But now, getting the money from China is one thing, how many Chinese will come here to occupy Malawi, work and spend that money is another. How the officials are targeting that money is also another thing.

  104. Lake Malawi says:

    Hahahahhhhhhhh The actions show that somebody is under pressure trying to convince Malawians that he is delivering. My foot please know that Malawians are no longer sleepy and you can’t easily fool them as before. Just continue enjoying our money but don’t cheat yourself that you can fool Malawians any more.

  105. chaiwone wawo says:

    Investigate what these grants are costing the nation. No free lunch in town. Am sure we are losing a lot than we are getting from these grants

  106. YAKI says:


  107. Bola moyo says:

    Muzitikitenso zimenezo,mwamva?

  108. briton says:

    I have been saying it and I am saying agin here that if Malawi was clonized by these Chinese Malawi could be out of poverty by now. But alas not these stingy colonial masters of ours. I mean even if Cost Dosso from Portugal was successful in colonizing Malawi, with brothers of mota Engil, we could have been in G20. But not with these economists from the islands of …

  109. ULEMU says:

    Most projects are fine. But why should we spend money buying furniture for Min of Trade and doing ‘promotion” activities for value addition for Min of Trade? Can we not do some of these basic things ourselves?

    What I see here is another aidgate. Remember that after Bingu’s visit, it was Mwanamveka the MIn of Trade who went to ‘finalise” the deals. What I see here is that Mwana was sent to ensure that some dubious projects go to his ministry so that they can easily cashgate the money. zoona, tidzigula mipando ndi aid when we have no drugs int he hospitals?

  110. mtate mike rsa says:

    So pitala u expecting malawians to be hapy with that shit of chinese stuff. When in fact pipo are right now dying,we dont need that development fix the probs at hand first

  111. Peter27 says:

    Thats the talk, which is the easy part, like Gaddaffi’s promised hospital projects. Lets see the fruition of them. With the greedy ministers and party zealots DPP has, I will put the champagne on ice…

  112. NAPHULU VETEKHU says:

    Booomaaaa iloooooooom 2019 wooooo aTumbuka onseee manyazi agwira Gonapamuhanya

  113. kambwali says:

    no project for the north and when they say they want federal system of gafment you are denying them… ma rubbish

  114. mfana wa ma plain says:

    sorry mtavu #2, but god helps those who help themselves. muwonetse kaye chidwi chotukula region yanu panokha, kenako chitukuko chidzabwera mwachangu, osamangomanga ma upstairs phwii mu lilongwemu kumalemeletsa achewa thru city rates. after all, ma minerals onse tikudyawa akukumbidwa kumeneko, coal nkati.

  115. Rusty says:

    What I would like to know is what Malawi is giving up for all this? What price are we paying? I think Malawians should have access to such information too

  116. Patriot says:

    Another grant/loan?
    Indeed Malawi is a buried state.
    Chinese don’t just dish out money anyhow. The chinese economy is in a mess right now, . Izi zongothamangira usanawerenge bwino MoU yo tipwetekeka nayo. China always target a win win situation like our mineral resources, azapezeka akukumba migodi yathu kutengamo chiri chonse chomwe afuna opanda wina kuti nfwe. “Kobisidwa kazaululidwa tsiku lina”.
    Don’t forget DPP is a party of LIARS.

  117. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Kodi ndimesa Parliament inagwilirizana kuti Khansa Centa imangidwe ku Lilongwe poganizila anthu a zigawo zonse.
    Pamenepa simukuona mbali imodzi imodzi kodi?

    Odandaula mbusa.
    Nkhoma Synod

  118. shepherd says:

    Northern region? Bravo to the usual beneficiaries south & central. This should be an aye opener !

  119. baby says:

    I have always said it is too early to assess the capability of this president. Lets wait for sometime to see what he is capable of delivering.

  120. Moya says:

    These loans i pity our future generation we are making them captives even before they are born bcoz they will have to pay back. Enawa akalamba kale they don’t care so lets scrutinize what this will cost us interms of tax. We need more drugs and doctors than building’s without medicine and doctors.

  121. Khodoba says:

    Which cancer centre is this now? We thought we had agreed that it will be in Lilongwe. May be the Kameza one is another one

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Wishful thinking or misunderstanding on your part, man!
      Blantyre was chosen; no oncologist or other highly specialized healthcare professional, especially the foreign ones, will want to live in the largest and most urban (by Malawian standards anyway) city.

  122. J. P.C.M says:

    Keep it up APM.

  123. Mtavu says:

    No project for the north

  124. Tengupenya says:

    APM, delivering on what he promised.

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