Malawi should turn to God for forgiveness over sin – Preacher

A presbterian preacher in central region tobacco growing district of Kasungu has called on Malawians to pray ceaseless to God for forgiveness, saying the current dry spell is a result of sin.

Rev Lazarus Chakwera the Malawi Congress Party president and leader of opposition with his wife intercede for the nation

Rev Lazarus Chakwera the Malawi Congress Party president and leader of opposition with his wife intercede for the nation

Reverend Ronald Chimzimu of Kanthera CCAP in Kasungu prayed for rains on Sunday, a day after state sponsored national prayers in Lilongwe called by President Peter Mutharika.

“Forgive us, our Lord. We have sinned as a nation,” said the church clerk without saying the sins Malawians have committed deserving the dry spell.

However, at the national day of prayer on Sunday, the men of God alleged Malawi is a sinful country because it is allowing homosexuality and God is angry.

Weather expert Elina Kululanga from the Meteorological Department and Climate Change said the prolonged dry spell in some parts of the country is as a result of El Nino, a weather phenomen blamed for prolonged dry spells and devastating areas in some areas.

Oxfarm and UNICEF said El Nino would be worse in Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Commenting Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi and economist Henry Kachaje said the best way for Malawi to get out of its food shortage due to prolonged dry spells is to initiate an irrigation project from Lake Malawi.

Lunguzi said it was disappointing that even donors were reluctant to fund an irrigation project just for her constituency, a few metres away from Lake Malawi.

However, in Kasungu, Reverend Chimzimu told his congregation God will continue punishing Malawi through the withholding of rainfall until Malawians repent.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi should turn to God for forgiveness over sin – Preacher”

  1. Tt says:

    To Uhuru and Concern, I am an adult not a child! I dont get scared when people try to scare me using their imaginary friends! Its really like telling me The easter bunny will kill me if I curse him, there is no difference! Its so amusing! Uhuru! I know this belief about a personal god is so strong in you and you love it , and since he is with you all the time! I am sure he loves watching you take a shit or fuck a whore! Sadly, I will be honest with you, its all lies Uhuru, you have been brainwashed JUST like any hindu out there, who knows for sure the world was created by one of the monkey looking hindu gods! you are in the same shoes! I can curse at any god, COZ THEY ARE NOT REAL, daaaaaa! cant you get that! BY the way, if you god is real, and SO LOVING, all forgiving and all knowing, he knew already I was going to say “ndiopusa” a million years ago, and he forgive me already, right? THE TRUTH IS: WHEN INSULT YOUR GOD, its YOU (the victims of the brainwashing) that gets UPSET, because YOUR BRAIN GETS CONFLICTING INFORMATION “how can something so true to you be ridiculed like this?” why get emotional if god is an independent entity?ITS because god is in your head , like a mental paasite, a brain virus!

  2. Tt says:

    @Concern and James Uhuru,
    Do you know why I can curse any god (whether its the Xstianity one, or allah or HIndu)? Coz they are ALL imaginary! If this scare tactic worked on you when you were in nappies, dont think for once that everybody will be scared when you mention any of your imaginary friends! Uhuru you are so consumed /brainwashed like a child who says ” mommy I need to behave otherwise father Xmas wont give me a present,!” That’s how pathetic you sound Uhuru! A brainwashed adult who have never overcome his childhood fears).

  3. I hadn’t realized that it was homosexuals who were responsible for deforestation, poor soil and water management, over-sweeping, over-grazing, erosion, lack of mulching, burning, monocropping, the establishment of coal-burning power plants, devastation of watershed areas, oil drilling, the burning of fossil fuels, carbon emissions, acidification of our rain and oceans, eutrophication, pollution, and many other environmentally un-friendly practices that affect climate change, rainfall patterns, and the recharging of the nation’s water tables. Human sexuality has very little to do with the ethical and moral responsibility that we, as a human race, have to respect the Creator by protecting, preserving, and safeguarding Creation. The bible that people use to oppose homosexuality is the very same bible that tells us to love one another (neighbors and enemies alike). The reference to homosexuality in the Old Testament was not reiterated by any of Jesus’s actual words in the New Testament. What did make the top-10, however, were commandments to not steal, not kill, and not commit adultery. Where is the national outrage at the millions that have been stolen by corrupt politicians and businesses,; where is the national outrage at the threats, intimidation, and acts of violence and murder that we have been witnessing; and, where is the national outrage at the ongoing infidelity of heterosexuals that has greatly contributed to the spread of HIV? While addressing these issues may not bring us rain, they would be much more in line with the teachings of Christianity.

  4. Amalawiopusa says:

    A Malawi kupusa ndi religion ya azungu

  5. Jaunky says:

    Ndilankhula m`chichewa kuti timvane bwino apa.Mosanamizana zinthu sizili bwino olo pang`ono,ndikadakondwa ine a president athu akadalamula 2 days public holidays komanso ya kusala kudya ndi kupemphera dziko lonse pogwiritsa mphamvu zawo bwana President,ine ndili ndi chikhulupiliro chonse Ambuye kumwambako akadamva kulira kwathu and kuwonjezela apo mapemphero amenewa akadalamulira kuti akhalire m`mabwalo onse otchuka pa Boma lirilonse mwachitsanzo,ku Blantyre pa Kamuzu Stadium,ku Thyolo pa communiy ground,ku Dowa pa community ground choncho pa Boma lirilonse zikadatero bwenzi mulungu wathu atamva Kulira kwathu.Tiyeni tikhale anthu owopa mulungu pakumvera chilamulo chake.

  6. mbewe says:

    Where the wise become wisest in the ends fooling oneself. There was national prayer for the rains attended by various interdenominational. This where politicians loses it all and people read between the lines of characteristicsof the party and it’s leadership. how can God hear our prayers if turn them as battle field for politics. I see politics playing it’s hidden agenda on the rains.
    what is required here is kudzichepetsa kotheratu other than politicising these Godly congregation. Right from secular leadership to religious leadership. Dzichepetseni inu atsogoleri a mipingo you are behind misunderstanding of politicians because of your affiliations to earthly governance than religious governance..

  7. James Uhuru says:

    God heal our nation. There are those that are making things worse by being contemptuous about Your greatness and Holiness through acts of blasphemy. You are the Creator of heaven and earth. All things in heaven and on earth were created by You. Forgive us all as a nation for moral decadence and here we are now insulting Your name and holding You in thoughtless contempt. You are a Sovereign and Holy God who is slow to anger and abounding in love. You do not repay us according to what our evil works deserve but you patiently await our repentance in grace leading us to eternal life through Your Son Jesus Christ the Saviour. There is no other name in heaven and on earth through whom one might be saved other than the name of Jesus Christ. He is the God who became man in indescribable humility. He is the Word which became flesh. He revealed the Father and His Kingdom. He delivered Himself on the cross to atone for our sin, including the careless insults being hurled at God. HE who knew no sin became sin on our behalf. His death and resurrection on the third day brought us salvation. Again Heavenly Father heal our land and forgive us all sin ranging from blasphemy, immorality, deception, greed and hatred. Lead us all into saving grace by turning to the name that is above all names; the name of JESUS. In Jesus name. Amen

  8. James Uhuru says:

    I urge Tt to repent his evident sin urgently. It is not safe to curse God. I know that you do not know what you are talking about. Whether you know it or you don’t you are bringing calamity into your family and of course yourself which will yield deep anguish apart from eternal domination. You must repent your sin immediately and and invite Jesus Christ as your Saviour. He is a Son of God and Himself God. Once you come to Him in humility your sin will be forgiven.Alternatively, avail yourself a Godly pastor to pray for you and to lead you into a repentance. Otherwise I am really afraid for your life. No one curses God and lives. That will be true for anyone on this forum who malign the name of God in vain.

  9. Truth of the matter says:

    The blood of Njaunju too is crying unto the Lord.
    The stealing of elections God is not happy.
    And if you can recall, the Southern Region is the worst hit by all these calamities.
    And now these young men hired by the US gouvernmnent to pretend they are gay yet they are not. By the way since this gay issue started, I haven’t come accross of lesbians, ndekuti atsikana akukana zonyasazi?

  10. concerned says:

    Mr or Mrs Tt, why calling God a fool? Sometimes its better to keep quite than blaspheme ngati m’mene mwachitilamu, ndakumverani chisoni ndithu.

  11. concerned says:

    Mr or Mrs January, sometimes don’t take things for granted, why can you call God a FOOL ? Can you call your own parents fools? Ndakumverani chisoni ndithu.

  12. Tt says:

    A pastor ndinu achitsilu pamodzi ndi mulungu wanuyo! Next time you pray! Tell him, he is a fool, there is no place for magical beings in the 21st, only idiots do that….

  13. KUKHALA says:


  14. ben says:

    We have dry spells lets pray the rains do come, But what about inflation and kwacha which is losing value everyday. Everyday our salary is being reduced throgh devaluation, infact devaluation is the easiet way for our government to reduce our salaries, they dont reduce the kwachas but they reduce the purchaing power of that kwacha, we need to hold peaceful demonstrations for higher wages to compensate the kwacha which has devalued by 75% in the last 6 months.

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