Malawi Speaker risks arrest

The Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya risks facing arrest for allegedly aiding two Parliamentarians and fellow party members, Peter Chakhwantha and Jessie Kabwila to escape police arrest on ‘WhatsApp coup plot’ charges.

Speaker Msowoya: Faces arrest on allegations of 'obstructing' arrests of MPs

Speaker Msowoya: Faces arrest on allegations of ‘obstructing’ arrests of MPs

Kabwila, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian for Salima North, was arrested Monday while trying to seek refuge  at  German Embassy in the capital Lilongwe.

While Lilongwe South West MP Peter Chakhwantha managed to escape the arrest and only handed himself  to police on Tuesday.

Information Nyasa Times has sourced and confirmed by the law-enforcers, Msowoya’s arrest is imminent on the charge of aid and abetting under Section 21(a) and (c) of the Penal Code.

Police spokesman Nicholous Gondwa said could not comment to avoid pre-empting.

He however said obstruction of justice is an offence.

Msowoya, who is also vice president of MCP,  resisted attempts to be drawn into the issue of whereabouts of Kabwila and Chakhwantha when queried by Parliamentarians.

However, the MCP vice president is said to have helped the two evade the police who had mounted a roadblock near Parliament, by providing refuge within Parliament building as well as offering his official vehicle which it was used to ferry Kabwila and Chakhwantha to German Embassy to seek protection.

Kabwila, MCP Publicity Secretary and Chakhwantha were spirited away  from the precincts of Parliament allegedly using Msowoya’s official vehicle.

But police managed to arrest Kabwila outside the German Embassy, some 500 metres from Parliament as she attempted to seek protection.

She was granted bail later on treason charge.

A Malawian law scholar at university of Cape Town, Danwood Chirwa said as long as Parliament is in session, Kabwira and all other MPs cannot be arrested because they have parliamentary immunity, whether they happen to leave Parliament temporarily or not

“They could be arrested after this session ends and when they leave parliamentary premises. There is no basis for their arrest,” said Chirwa.

Kabwira alongside MCP legal adviser Louis Chakhwantha, Ulemu Msungama are accused of treason and sedition following the leakage of that Whatsapp conversation which reportedly was plotting insurrection for regime change.

The discussion allegedly centred on inciting protest actions and work stoppages.

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51 thoughts on “Malawi Speaker risks arrest”

  1. Amalawi umbuli wanu wakupweteketsani ndale satenga ngati ufumu.poti bambo wanga anali mfumu ndiye nane ndikhala mfumu.Ndiye umbuli wanu wakupwetekesani ndiye msalire you voted for anaughty man msalire msiyeni

  2. BAKILI MULUZI says:

    Amangwetuuu! Kodi MCP idakalipo, Dzina limeneli ndidalimva ndipakale bwanji? moti tsiku ngati lalero munthu wanzeru zake mkuima mkumati kwachaaaa! usawiiii/ufitiii chani?

  3. smart says:

    it’s better to die or let this nation into war than to be ruled by these zitsiru zopanda mano mkamwa…………….za lomwe zopanda umunthu.


    Greed, selfish, hate, desparation and low reasoning power amongest the two camps mostly the opposition

  5. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    Koma MCP and Chakwera are desparate to hell. Tha’s why he fooled his brother to join politics. No wonder Msungama lamented that he is hell broke. Ndale zoziyamba mulibe dollar mapeto ake ndi ma coup plot. A Kabwila mumayesa mukhala nduna?

  6. kkkkkk arresting the president for the north? Try it and see.

    I can see APM dying before 2019. Mukadakhala ena mujadaphunzirapo pa mchimwene wanu, adali chacha pa July 20 forgetting mpheketsera.

    Kawerengeni nthano ya mbuzi mmene zidathera ndi kambuku

  7. George Kamanga says:

    Agalu osatira chipani cha Agalu cha DPP akuti Pitala is legitimate president. misala ya zanimuwone ndi umbuli mu DPP. Pitala is the illegitimate president and the evidence is he is failing to find simple solutions to solve simple problems. if he was legitimate God would have backed him to save innocent souls in Malawi.

    Mufa nokha komweko muli ndi Galu wanu Pitala kulephera kupeza Chimanga kuti mudwe nsima. gaga yomwe anthu a kwanu akulimbilana ndi chakudya cha nkhumba kapena ziweto zosiyanasiyana. nkhalani anthu a chifundo ndi abale anu omwe akudya zakudya zosayenela. anthu amu DPP tikamati ndinu Agalu ndi chifukwa mulibe umunthu. you pretend to love your people but you hate them.

    Galu wanuyo mutayamikira motani palibe nzeru iliyonse. iye kwake kuti Abe ndi kukasunga ndalama kunja. mukhala akapolo koma muli pa ulamulilo chifukwa ndiwosavomerezeka ndi Yehova.

  8. Humphrey joe jnr kawenga says:

    He must be arrested, atleast people must realise dat, we have a legitmate goverment. And we must accept peter mutharika is the father of the nation. Arrest msowoya yes, he tamperd with the law of malawi. Kwidzingeni!

  9. john says:

    All comments are from Malawi Congress Dark Party. Chipani chakupha anthu. Dr Chakwera wanuyo anapepesa kuti it is a killer party. Munapha Gadama etc. no need to repeat ll names here.
    Iwe Chirwa in Cape Town , please read the Malawi Constitution between the lines. Any Treason case or allegation cannot wait until parliament proceedings rise. This shows you dont even know what you are teaching in Cape Town. The Malawi constitution is very clear on seditious matters.
    If Kabwira didnt plan to over throw the Malawi Govt why was she evading towards Germany Embassy? And Richard Msowoya shows that he is a puppet indeed to have aided them. Amangidwanso.
    Listen to all or read the whatsapp correspondences amongst Jessie Kabwira / Chakwantha / Sungama / Chitembeya in USA / Nkhata in UK / Mwale in Zambia / Kabwira in USA / 3 anonymous.
    Bravoooo!!! to BINGU for acquiring the sophisticated SPY machine!!!!!!!!! MCP munya

    1. Humphrey kawenga says:

      Agalu amenewa anya. Chakwela anathawa mulungu. He go bk to his former work as pastor. Msowaya, kuti adziwe kuli president amangidwe basi!

  10. mamamia says:

    Malawi is a peace loving country and I don’t know why this provocation is continuing.

  11. kabotolokamo says:

    Get rid of peter ! that seem to be the answer here !

  12. MIKE KADZUWA says:

    malawians made alot of noise about the professor at law who can not even advise his police about the law .is he really a professor?I have reservations.

  13. [email protected] says:

    well the police is used to harass opposition using its power to arrest even if there is no case but the misery that such an arrest bring is a punishment enough, ask Gwanda, Peter Mutharika, Kalua, Muwalo and others know better.

    If government can be removed by ” WATSUP” then it is very weak.

    Why are we so stupid generally as a nation, if only we understand what Treason is we would want to educate the police and the judiciary

    “CRIME THA COVERS EXTREME ACTS AGAIN OWN NATION. ” OR ” A CITIZENS ACTION TO HELP A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OVERTHROW/MAKE A WAR”, however in many cases it is punishable by death or life sentence. To ensure that goverments arenot undermined or to protect their positions law makers likened ” THE ACT OF CONSIPIRING TO OVERTHROW A GOVERNMENT EVEN BY PEACEFUL OR DEMOCRATIC MEANS” as Treason in many countries. Encouragint people to democratically demonstrate against government to enforce a referendum or vote of no confidence to legitimately remove a president is an act of treason, as kamuzu,bakili,bingu,joyce,peter may know better coz they have both been on the either sides of treason where u r wrongly accused of treason then later u deriberately wrongly accuse others of treason to weaken their capacity or torture them, what stops the next president from being accused and later accusing other of the same watsup treason

  14. Temaco says:

    When you deliberately break the law,you quickly blame APM.If you want him to go,use proper channels not inciting violence in a small Poor Central African Country. Even if MCP comes to power,nothing better will change to ordinary Malawians.They will jst be enriching themselves.

  15. zoba says:

    1+1 is it not 2/11.@ pac meetings who disrupted the whole ideas that goodwill citizens were doing? Is it not Jessey and her comrades?what was they advocating for?,two days after the whole set up has been revealed.analysing it, am I that stupid not to see that there is case she has to explain to us Malawians of goodwill?..

  16. Mlangeni says:

    Msowoya musieni

  17. tonde wa kufa says:

    abale musamanyoze atsogoleli kwa munthu aliyese wa nkulu ndi kholo lathu,ndiye inu mwatani pomanyoza makolo?

  18. VYOTO says:


  19. geo says:


  20. Andrew says:

    These charges are bogus, Treason is applied when an individual assists a foreign nation to overthrow a sitting government usually in time of war. Or in the case of UK the killing of the monarch.

    Sedition is when individuals use violence, an outdated law when inciting violence is the modern legal term.

    Speaking that a government should change is every citizens right and especially the right of opposition parties in government. Free speech,

    Charges such as these undermind the rights of the citizens and are indicative of a 1 party dictator government which Malawi no longer has.

    Because of the many issues facing the country no doubt the hungry will be forced into violence and theft, is that sedition no just survival.

    Government drop these charges listen and work with the opposition to assist your people. Start by releasing more maize of the 60,000 tonnes you say you have. Doing this will reduce vendors price of maize reducing inflation making the kwacha stronger.

    Your power has been granted by the people the hungier they become more will demand that the government be changed,

    These charges are a sad day for Malawi, as many could face similar charges just for talking about a government change before election,

    Clearly this government is lost in how to be of service to its people.

  21. james says:

    soon muntharika he will surrender his life.

  22. Malawi dzuka says:

    Am humble to be in that situation

  23. FebruarywaApril says:

    These arrests are utter nonsense trying to destruct sleepy Malawians from the real issues of hunger and ailing economy. Is that the work of the spy machine silly. Wasting money with the arrests instead of arresting real issues of hunger and ailing economy. If you have failed honourably step down do not wait for end February to April. God is watching he never slumbers.

  24. ahijo says:

    I heard that our president also did law? So what is this mess he trying to bring into political circles now? OK paja amati “a bad carpenter always blame his tools”
    This not an open letter to the president,but rather a plea,Mr president,don’t make our land a land of police,because that’s what has happened in many parts of the world when leadership and reason have failed

  25. Buyelekhaya says:

    Abanye abantu bathi igazi lizokuphalala! Hayi mawethu. Makasithande ilizwe ngiintliziyo zethu zonke.

  26. Jehovah says:

    Malawi’s history of giving power to fools is obvious….

    This country has been in a downward spiral for years AND IS NOW NEAR ITS TRAGIC END AS

  27. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Malawians, lets impeach this lhomwe guy… He does not deserve to be on that seat.

  28. Aubrey says:

    These people will never learn. They have already what happened to Bingu some few years ago. Little do they know that that very same cardiac arrest can free Malawi from the bondage in which we are now. Our primitive police officers do not even know what the Law says on Members of Parliament’s privilege. What type of training do these Kachama’s do? I am more knowledgeable than them on issues to do with MP’s immunity whenever parliament is in session. To make matters worse they can stoop so low to mount a roadblock very close to Parliament, shame! Let’s just wait and see what happens next, which court is gonna allow those silly cases? Thats the problem of stealing power, there’s too much fear of the unknown amongst DPP members. That’s why Prof. Blessings Chinsinga said that Malawi’s biggest problem is that it is governed by “accidental presidents” one of them being Peter Mutharika. Instead of addressing social-economic problems Malawi is going through, they are busy arresting people for petty issues. Time will tell.

  29. Phwisa says:

    So the Cape Town based meant that if an MP steals, kills somebody today he can not be arrested? Msowoya is the onyo bado speaker Malawi has ever had. If Malawi has police worthy the salt then he would have already been arrested. Koma a police athu omwe amamenyedwa makofi ndi ma driver a ma minibus can not dare arrest him

  30. wa noma says:

    kkkkkkk kodi mayiko ena akamamva the type of coup in Malawi samatiseka? ha ha ha ha ndangodusa ine next will be FB coup kkkkkkk then viber coup

  31. beje says:

    dont worry guys let them arrest you they are to cough another package for this.

  32. mulakho says:

    muyerekeze mowone, mjunya muona

  33. peter says:

    When you give power to a fool, it is easier for a society to collapse due to foolish experimentation of the use of such power. I pray that we should have more wise people to whom power should be given.

  34. Fasco Faraoh says:

    Ukulephera kuyendetsa dziko ndiye udzimanga anthu? bwinotu, mmbale wakonso adatero. usamale.

  35. WhatsApp Coup Plotters says:

    APM & your DPP stop all this nonsense , don’t bring chaos in this country , fix the economy or else pack your dirty rags and leave the state house for others who are not accident leaders.

  36. zwathu nthawiyatha kale says:

    Clock is ticking and your late am sure February end to April Ngozi iyo kwali mwawenecho

  37. Pepani kwambi pepani kwambi, ah a Mmalawi amzanga, ine monga president wanu, patseni ulemu. Awa tiwamasula ndithu koma osamakamba zakugwa zija ayi. Ziko kwambi ziko kwambi.

  38. mwanafyale says:

    Pitala panopa wazelezeka angomanga aliyense

  39. Mr. Banda says:

    Dear Mr. President, as much as we appreciate that you have vested powers over police and Army, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should have powers on every malawian citizen. Having people in opposition is your blessings in disguise because these folks are just giving your government checks and balances’ we just need to register to your awareness that despite the powers you have you need to know you’re # 1 citizen. Arresting people especially in opposition will not at so ever expense solve the hunger, economic and social instability . I could have suggested on your personal capacity call Chakwela, Kabwila, Uladi and serious folks likes of Kachaje, Blessings Chisinga and ask for wisdom. It doesn’t mean mutchipa bwana ayi koma these guys will give do’s and donts which will help you the next three years and the coming 5 years of next term. Please know that every malawian who dies of hunger, you’re loosing 10 votes. These are the same people who need to cast the votes to your favor.
    Back to bwana Chilima, I one for all ndimakidziwani kuti ndinu munthu who was born intelligent but if your intelligence can be used to advise our big bwana the better. Don’t wait for the cadiac arrest so that you become the president to show your intelligence that is poor thinking. We understand your trick to bring everything on track within a reasonable time is indeed achievable please do something and save your people. I hope I’ve been so gentle in my message read it and get something!

  40. Thyolo Thava says:

    zautsiru mumumanga watani? Bwinotu apa tiwona magazi akuyenda ngati mtsinje muno mukangomanga a oppostion pa nkhani zosamveka.

  41. lipenga says:

    DPP and peter you have declared war on us Malawians and this is the end of your regime. Change of the regime is now imminent.
    Vuka Malawi now!
    Peter must fall ,very soon we will put you under house arrest and all the midnight 6 put on trial.

    UDF shame!!!!
    You are so dead busy with this useless DPP ,UDF will never rule again .Stupid Peter mutharika ,stupid bingu mutharika and stupid bakili muluzi .Malawians are angrily with Peter and DPP

  42. Buyelekhaya says:

    Mr Gondwa, be always applying Vaseline Blue Seal to your lips that are always dry and chapped. About the impending arrests, you said it. Since you are on arrests spree, I would urge you to arrest whoever your bosses (political) have ordered you to. I hope such action will help spruce up the image of your institution.

  43. Milward Malidadi says:

    Hehehehe!!! You are surely working overtime to bring confusion and paint the govt very black! Are there some journalists who can sink so low to fabricate such a story? Come on! Don’t make us a nation of simpletons. We ain’t that stupid . Tamakulani inu!!

  44. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Mr. Maurice, you are not professional and have hidden issues behind this article for I cannot understand why you say Speaker doesnot know that MPz cannot be arrested during parliament and even government do know this.

    And you are the speaker faces arrest. Arrest for what.? Be knowledgeable guys.

    Are you telling me that no matter what, government will hunt these people despite their freedoms. Is this DPP government as bad as that???

  45. pitamath says:

    Lero ndi awa, nanga mawa? Kapena ndinu amuyaya? Civil servants work like professionals, things do change and government also changes.

  46. Nalisewo says:

    DPP mulibe manyazi. What are your fears? Mangani onse amene mukufuna kumanga pomaliza mumangeso Dr. L. Chakwera kuti mitima yanu ikhalae pansi. There are real issues that you need to look into. Every minute people are dying with hunger and there are no medicines in the hospitals, look at the devaluation of the Kwacha, we simply cannot afford anything. Remember that God is for us all. If you die to day, no matter how rich you are or how much wealth you accumulate, you will go to the grave with NOTHING. This is to remind us that zonse ndi zachabe chabe. Why then cant we live in harmony?



  48. Matabaluka says:

    The police have erred in law by arresting the MPs when parliament is in session and chances are high that court will quash their case on the basis of illegal arrest when argued for the same if at all this case is tried in court. The MPs will be free to demand compensation for the illegal arrests. This is just clear and straightforward.

  49. BOKHO says:

    Excellent Msowoya. Keep it up

  50. James says:

    We need a stronger Kwacha please it has depreciated too much

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