Malawi student killed in Kenya: Dennis Chirwa, son to diplomat

A  Malawian third year student at St Paul’s University in Kenya, Dennis Chirwa, was stabbed several times in the head and body. He died on the spot  Saturday night.

Dennis Chirwa: Murdered

Dennis Chirwa: Murdered

According to reports in Standard Media of Kenya, Chirwa, a journalist who was also a correspondent for Nyasa Times  and a son to Malawian High Commissioner to Kenya, retired Brigadier  Marcel Chirwa was murdered near his college in Limuru.

He was robbed of his mobile phone and other personal effects.

His colleagues said they had been at a local bar watching football at about 7pm when the incident occurred.

The assailants escaped soon after the killing and no arrest has been made so far.

Kenyan Police said Sunday a hunt for those involved is ongoing and moved the body to the mortuary.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo said they are yet to know the motive of the murder but suspect there had been a fight between the deceased and his attackers.

“We were called and informed there was murder at a bar and when we arrived there we found the man had been stabbed all over the body,” he said.

The deceased colleagues have already recorded their statements.--Source: Standard Media

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55 thoughts on “Malawi student killed in Kenya: Dennis Chirwa, son to diplomat”

  1. Chalo says:

    Very sad. Kenya is not friendly towards outsiders. Take care guys and my his soul rest in peace.

  2. Dennis's Voice says:

    this story is not accurate he did not get into a fight and he did not die outside the bar. please when reporting such sensitive news you should have full details of what really happened that night
    R.I.P Dennis you where such a humble guy you never bragged or showed off, if we didn’t get to know you very well we wouldn’t know that your father is an ambassador for Malawi

  3. Dodoma says:


  4. Mbanangwa says:

    Kenya is known for such brutal murders. Those of you who have lived in Kakamega, Eldoret, Nakuru, Lang’ata, Nairobi etc these are every day stories.

  5. womenslib says:

    The child of a diplomat should act as if he himself is also a diplomat. he should have been at home watching the game. RIP to him and let this be a lesson to others who like to frequent places of ill repute in the name of having fun.

  6. Willy Mbirika says:

    Dennis was a good FB friend of mine. He used to tag me in some of his,photos. How i wish i had physically met him. RIP

  7. Ndangodutsapo. says:

    This goes to WaMwano who are you to judge lyk that Dennis was a humble person munthu woti samatengera pangongo chuma cha abambo ake iye amapanga chake he led a simple life Wamwano ndiwe zoba heve and udzafa imfa yowawa.

  8. Gundumulani says:

    His father Marcel is a good friend and I personally feel very sorry for the early departure of Chirwa’s son so may his soul rest in peace.

  9. Charles Materechera says:

    May his soul rest in peace,such deaths are very painful

  10. masada says:

    Known this dude at Chayamba secondary school,,,so calm,,humble,,innocent,,,im lost of words,,,MHSRIEP

  11. VERY SAD + R I P +


  12. Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma says:

    Too bad for the young boy! RIP!

  13. za nosense ayi says:

    Mphoto ya utchimo ndi imfa,watsogola tikampeza

    1. nkhani2 says:

      wachimwa chani iyeyo? kodi iwe sunakumane ndi mbava eyi!!! dikila

  14. anavaya says:

    RIP my gd friend till we meet again. Will miss all those happy moments we shared together….our 1st trip together to Tanzania, all the booze in LL….will surely miss u.

  15. Sabiti says:

    May His Soul Rest In Peace

  16. Issa Kabudula says:

    Death can occur any where n any time and to any body regardless of position, status or power. May his soul rest in peace, he might be covering for an incident as a journalist, he might be on research journalism and can just be his first time to work in that place which is a bar – we can not blame the deceased we say good of the dead because they are defenceless and motionless.

  17. AKURU says:

    known Dennis since mid 90s ku Kamuzu Barracks, when I was a good friend of his sister, felistas. What a good lad, very calm and cool despite being a son to senior defence force officer. he was intelligent and hard working. gone too soon. what will pacharo, felistas etc. my condolences to my former DOF at MDF Brig M R D Chirwa. May dennis’ soul RIEP

  18. Ndife ayani says:

    Immmmmmm! Very sorry

  19. Wawaman says:

    Rip Denis…..

  20. SO SAD says:

    wht i know if you a son or doughter of an ambassodor you behave you walk with catious in aforeing country. why watching footbal in local pub at 7 pm? any university has got commom room or pub, bar or some where to watch tv. kungoti amafuuna akamwe basi.

    Am feeling pain because he is amalawian . some times we must be careful countries like are not safe. Kenya is on number 43 on watch listin the world.

    So sad RIP

  21. may his soul rest in peace,,, moyo wa dziko lapansi ngozuza.

  22. chichi says:

    dennie imfa yako yagwedeza dziko la malawi,ngakhale mwana wa president amapezeka pa pub chingakulake iweyo ndi chani kupezeka pa pub,akuyakhula za iwewa ndi anthu amene amakupangila nsanje amalakalaka atakuphela ku malawi komkuno,ndi zitsilu dzelu alibe,akapolo adziko and adzafa osauka or ayakhule chotani iweyo unali our hero…MAY YOUR SOUL R I P TILL WE MEET AGAIN IN OTHER SIDE…chixy

  23. Guest says:

    My condolences to the Chirwa family, it’s very disheartening to lose a beloved child who is just about to make something of himself, and more especially in this manner. Only God has anwers to this and we shall know them in our afterlife. Keep your faith in God, he gives and he takes away, and be thankful for the happy times we shared with the deceased. My prayers to the family and the deceased.

  24. GONANI says:

    Koma zimenezi ndizokhumudwitsa kwambiri. Kuphedwera ku pub mudziko la eni!

  25. Mngoni weniweni says:

    ” His colleagues said they had been at a local bar watching football at about 7 pm when the incident happened” Malawi losing an educated & young person just like that!!!! People will say a lot of bad things, but lets think if it happened to our Son!!! My condolence goes to the bereaved family!!!!! Pepani !!!! Pepani!!! Pepani kwambiri inu a ku banja la a Chirwa pa imfa ya mwana wanu Dennis !!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Austin Mussa says:

    Anthu mukukakamira kuja ayi muzitipeza

  27. Redeemed says:

    I’m concerned over the spot of death, perhaps had he not been to the taven. he would have escaped this senselense death. Here in RSA this morning we woke up to the disturbing news of the death of a Orlando Pilates goal keper. Apparently he has been fatally shot in an alleged robbery. The worse part is this incident took place at his concubine’s house Music artist Kelly Khumalo who was so sconneful and challenging enough to a point of cat fighting the wife, but to every one’s suprise Senzo stood by his girlfriend inspite of his family’s objection due to the history of this woman Kelly Khumalo with men. Another man she shares a child with is serving a fifteen year jail term for the murder of four school kids with his min-cooper.
    I just wish this death could serve a valuable lesson to all men at large who disrespect their wives and dishonour their vows before God and there families.

  28. charles mofolo says:


  29. Sad indeed. Condolences to the family. MHRIP.

  30. wa umoja says:


  31. Emmanuel Tukula says:

    so sad RIP

  32. nkunthamasese says:

    Anali ku mowa osati ku tv

  33. Wawa says:

    RIP Dennis. You were humble and humane. Hope the Kenyan govt will sweep Lumuru for once and for all and compensate the family and Malawi.

  34. thuza says:

    Munthu wanzeru kumati ndili Ku Kenya.Kuphana kuchuluka ngati kwathu kuno ku Malawi

  35. WA MWANO says:

    Kwawoko kunalibe tv kuti mpaka mwana wa ambassador kumaonera mpira ku pub?

    1. chichi says:

      Mpila umabeba kuwonela gulu,chitsiru iwe u knw nothng

  36. School mate says:

    Dennis was my classmate at Kaphuka in 2002.Him and other sons of solders,i.e Vusi Ngwenya and Patrick Mbite were just down to earth..RIP Dennis

  37. GOOD FRIEND says:

    what a lose I spoke to you a few days ago and only to hear that ur gone. You could have been one excellent journalist. You have been a good friend since Kaphuka days. I shall greatly miss you

    1. o says:

      kumanenatu kuti munali kachibwezi kake!

      1. Waa says:

        What an idiot!!

  38. So pitty we lost paramount person, rest in peace God forgiv ur sin.

  39. avide says:

    Zosakhala bwino

  40. so pitty we lost paramount person, rest in peace

  41. Gunz says:

    Just thinking loud. What if a son of ambassador for Kenya to Malawi was stubbed to death here, how would the Kenya government react? What about USA?

    1. khalid says:

      crime in kenya is very high you can not compare it with have to take care, be at the right place at the right time,avoiding the local pubs.local pubs leave them for the locals.

      1. 27 says:

        Kenya ain’t a joke when it comes to crime one has to be alert at all times especially in enclosed spaces like bars and pubs

  42. Boshah says:

    My fellow mw lets be carefully wen we are in foregn country. See now we ‘ve lost productive person, this is just advice

  43. Boshah says:

    My fellow mw lets be carefully wen we are in foregn country. See now we ‘ve lost productive person, my advice goes to all who are in forein country.

  44. Quota system says:

    Sorry. Gone too soon. My condolences, family members. MHSRIEP. These bars !

  45. Ma says:

    Imeneyo nde Kenya Al Shabab government. Amalawi samalani ku Kenyako imfa ili paliponse kumeneko….sheet is this the way to kill someone? Dont drink in pubs in Kenya chonde KENYANS ARE BARBATIC ALWAYS! !!

    1. kokoliko says:

      Very true and those in kenya shud limit their movements.

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