Malawi student with tumour needs K10m for specialist treatment

University of Malawi second year Bachelor of Arts Degree student at the Polytechnic College, Suzan Mkwezalamba, is desperately trying to raise funds so she can go for treatment abroad for her tumor diagnosed in her left jaw.

Susan: Help, help please

Susan: Help, help please

Mkwezalamba is poorly at her home in Domasi, Zomba with the hope that her classmates will help raise awareness of her immediate need for specialised treatment which is estimated to cost K10 million ($18,485).

The student had not been well for over a month.

“We are appealing to everyone—individuals, families and the corporate world—to donate something so that Suzan gets the required treatment,” Wisdom Mwale, committee chairperson for those Polytechnic students soliciting funds for the cause.

According to Mwale, doctors at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (Qech) and Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre have recommended Mkwezalamba to undergo an operation in South Africa, India or the United Kingdom.

Those wishing to assist, or to get more details about Mkwezalamba’s medical problem which is keeping her away from school  may contact Mwale on 08 84 943 866 or 09 92 929571.

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33 thoughts on “Malawi student with tumour needs K10m for specialist treatment”

  1. Emmanuel Potani says:

    I absolutely agree with ebanda, that Suzan must seek help from GOD through Apostle Ziba.May i ask those close to her take her to the man of GOD,this is what he has been called to do.
    ‘Believe in the Prophets and you shall prosper’ its biblical.
    Your faith Suzan and Our faith, including those around and close to you is key to your recovery,Mark our words!

    May the good LORD increase your faith as you consider taking this advice
    Get well soon!!

  2. wokwiya says:

    Wishing you all the best Senzani. Have faith in the name of Jesus. Am sure you are not one of those Poly students who stone our vehicles when issues we know nothing about go wrong on the campus. To all students, take not that we all need each other hence let us treat each other as children of one family . If you break my car and I spend money on fixing it where will I get the other money to contribute to our friend’s illness?

  3. Sir JohnRodz says:

    commit your life to Christ, repent and for sure The Lord of all Mercies & Grace will heal you. There are God’s servants round town, Ap. Mbewe CFC, Pr. Ziba Fountain, Pr. Ching’ang’a , Zach Kawalala, Rev. Wame, just to mention a few, these will help and prepare you for healing.

    Please note that there is physical healing & spiritual healing. if your spirit is healed, for sure that disease cannot withstand the intense power of “the Spirit” dwelling in you (God’s temple),

    Be healed in Jesus name!

  4. ebanda says:

    Healing is near you Suzan,just need faith in God and go to man of God like Psr Ziwa of Fountain of victory in BT near Pa Kudya, you will surely be healed wish you a quick recovery. All things are possible with God.Mark 11vs 23-24

  5. IMPRESSED says:


  6. Sorry for that condition ,we wish you quick recovery and rapid response from well wishers .But my advice is that you could have found another photo for the notice of your condition not that one used.The reporter seems to be not serious and unprofessional by inserting that photo. Photos also tell story. Finally let me once again wish you all the best and quick recovery .

  7. blessings says:

    may I take the opportunity to
    request and advise Zuzana and everybody who have surrounding her understand that there isq no case to escape the anointings of god just find transport to and from Nigeria to meet man of god senior prophet tb jousha you be placed on emergency prayer line forhealing prayers as soon as you get there you will testify be cause instantly you will receive healings and you will testify to your fellow students at college and to our nation malawi

  8. ochewa says:

    May almighty God do wonderful healing to this future Gender Minister pliz

  9. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Chithunzi chimenecho ncha munthu wodwala?

  10. Muai says:

    Suzan you will be healed in Jesus name.
    Amen. Wish u well.

  11. Nyasosera says:

    What criteria does the government use to external referal?

  12. chidereck says:

    Provide de acc plz

  13. Mapiri says:

    I prophesy that she will be healed by prayers. Go and see prophet Bushiri or any man of God. There is nothing impossible with God. Just believe!

  14. KACHERE says:

    Hello Everyone!!!
    You can send your contributions through account Number :1000844434, Name :Wisdom Mwale, National Bank, Chichiri.

    0884943866 for those on tnm mpamba and,

    0992929571 for those on Airtel Money.

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  15. Mabilinganya says:

    First, unreserved thanks should to Wisdom and his committee for revealing the problem to the masses. My point is that giving mobile numbers to the public is’nt enough, there is also a need to organise other fund raising activities like discussing with these musicians to hold a show aiming @ sourcing assistance for the girl.

  16. mtima wa nyani says:

    eya mucite create koti ndalamazo zikhale ndi accountability than going into mr Mwale. sikuti aziononga ai koma kuti opelekawo aziona kuti kwalowa zingati. MUNDIVETSE SIKUTI NDIKUNYOZA BAMBO MWALE.KOMA NDALAMAYI NJOFUNIKILA ZAMBILI PA TREATMENT YA MWANAYI NGATI KUTATHEKERA KUTI ZAKWANA BWINI BWINO- NDE NDI THRASIPOTI, GADIANI,, KU CIPATALA ETC.

    akulu akulu a boma akadwala aids amapita ku SA, CHIna ,India. koma innocent young ones are left to suuffer. mulimo one per day for patients iwo ali mma happy kupanga buget ya bankweti hall, koma kwapiyta iwo zimimba tukutuku mbina za azibambo azimai mimba resting pa nchafula kudya bwino zonona, tikanena a mphwiyo kumacita kukwererra ndege wa joni pa weekend kokamwa- zathu ndalama zake.
    petulo, gudo nda azako muthandizani ndi tsogolo la mawa ili inu mwatha kale tingodikila tidzakadye nyama ndi ma fanta,mwinaso saladinya za cipepeso nkulandilakoso. ndinu anthu ovetsa cifundo mukadziganizila.

  17. Malawi says:

    Every little helps, Mr Mwale could you please put the account details where people can donate the money. Time is a factor so lets not waste time going round. We don’t have to look up to the big people first. As Malawians lets do what we can. Every penny counts here. Whatever people can afford to contribute it will make a difference.
    If there is no account am sure the Banks can assist.

  18. ophiri says:

    silver ndi golide ndiribe koma mwa yesu khristu landira machiritso

  19. chingolopiyo says:

    Circulate the bank account so that People or organisations can start donating. We dont need the issue To become political where One person comes on TV To donate government money inorder To steal the political limelight.

  20. Goliati says:

    Ndichifukwa chiyani malawi @51 tikuvutikabe ndi chipatala, nthawi zonse kunja , mmalawi muno osaphunzitsa a dotolo anu ndi kugula machine ake opangira operation. Ndalama zija zinabekazi sizikanapanga zonsezi? Ndinu adindo mudzafunsidwa patsikulomaliza

  21. akuntinji anamuona says:

    Suzan you are close to Shalom valley, Liwec Machinga. Go and meet Prophet David Mbewe,He will pray for you and you will get your miracle in Jesus name.

  22. Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo says:

    Tumor gate in the offing. Tumor=Chuma

  23. It is sad that this promising girl is sick. I wish to thank all students at the Poly who came up with this idea, raising money to help this girl for treatment outside our country. I wish the organizers could put all the information, like the bank account where the money can be deposited. We are more than willing to help, but since we are not in Malawi, it will be expensive calling someone, later on transfer the money. I wish you could give us the bank account number.
    I see that so many people are eager to help, but lets just help without bringing in other people, or other contributions that were made towards a certain grouping. The people who contributed were not forced, they did it willingly. Therefore if the same people wish to help they will, but do not bring in this topic. We should not ask some politicians to contribute, the best that has been done is putting this article in the news, who ever wants will do it. Amati PATSE-PATSE KULANDA, MWANA WAFULU ADZIWA YEKHA. Therefore our politicians are human beings just like you and me, they should not be forced, to contribute or do something because of their status in society. Lets treat these people with dignity. Please give us the account number, we shall help.

  24. mphandearon says:

    we educated pple trust only money for cure. Take my advice go for prayers that heals without money without price,Only Believe all things are possible. James5:13-18 Go To Bible Believers Church.Thnks Sister.

  25. ok says:

    Gwede, poorly is a very British term for I’ll.

  26. Parallel Market says:

    Hey everyone, this is not time for debates. Action is required now. Companies, banks, govt departments, parastatals, individuals, churches, political parties, choirs, bands, etc lets join hands to help save a life. I know it is possible. We have done it before. We have contributed millions to Mulakho wa alomwe. This little girl needs only K10million. Tiyeni a malawi tigwirane manja apa.

  27. g says:

    @The BIOCULORS. Why is it that when asked for help we always believe the next person is in a better position to help. As much as I appreciate that you suggest other avenues but are you going to help?. That extra 100 or 500 kwacha you have? You mention president Kenya take in this but why not mention Harambee. In the spirit of umunthu we all have a duty. It’s not about always expecting the next person to help because we believe that they are in a better position, but about looking at ourselves and asking what can I possibly do about it.

  28. Honourable Chanamuna says:

    Tayikani pic ina2 aaaah Nanga imeneyo

  29. sikusinja says:

    Why can’t u get all the information and put it here instead of asking us to call other pple.

  30. zibwente says:

    I don’t like india, you better go to south Africa and uk. Most of people that have been going to india seems very few have benefited.

  31. Ine says:

    #gwede akati poorly doesn’t mean poor. Poor health titelo, shaaaa kupupuluma commenting simutha so chizungu

  32. gwede says:

    But to me she doesn’t look poor,

  33. Let her approach the First lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika and Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati as well.Let these two ladies source for funds from well wishers such as the corporate world.Who knows this Girl-child could a future first lady or minister!!I also challenge the big boss himself Prof Mutharika to dig deeper in his pocket.Look at what the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has done.He donated 500 000 shilings to assist a baby with a tumar growth on his head and part of the forehead.

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