Malawi, Tanzania sets deadline for lake dispute talks

Malawi and its northern neighbour Tanzania have set a deadline for talks on the disputed Lake Malawi after a four year stalemate.

Kasaila: Malawi to revive talks with Tanzania on lake border dispute

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Francis Kasaila said the two countries have agreed this year end as a deadline for the talks.

This follows the meeting of President Peter Mutharika and his Tanzanian counterpart John Magofuli recently had  in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mediation to resolve the dispute has been stalled since 2012, but will be revived under the supervision of former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano.

“After the meeting of the presidents in Addis Ababa, we were told to write the high level mediation team which we did. Our mission in Mozambique has been following up with Mr Chissano and we are now assured that the matter would be concluded by the end of the year,” he said.

He said a series of meetings are planned in order to resolve the matter.

Malawi disputes Tanzania’s claim to half the lake–Africa’s third largest. The neighbours have clashed over their border since independence and reports that the lake had vast oil and gas reserves has reignited the ongoing dispute over the boundaries on Lake Malawi.

The government of Malawi awarded oil exploration licences to international firms such as Hamra Oil of United Arab Emirates to search for oil in the lake, which Tanzania calls Lake Nyasa.

Tanzania has in the past demanded that Malawi should halt exploration activities to allow for a diplomatic solution.

Mutharika said recently the issue of Lake Malawi was not negotiable, saying the lake belongs to Malawi.

The 54-year-old dispute stems from colonial-era border lines drawn around the 29,600 square kilometres (11,400 square miles) of Lake Malawi.

The case is still pending in International Court of Justice.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi, Tanzania sets deadline for lake dispute talks”

  1. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    I am in agreement with Zebron Henry Banda that there should be another partition of Africa. Some countries are not contented with the territories they were given.

    The partition in fact left tribes outside their original empires. For instance, tribes in the then Maravi Empire were apportioned to Portuguese Eats Africa, Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia. Indeed, the African Union should call for a new partition of Africa. Great Britain and Germany should be involved so that they review the entire Heligoland Treaty. So too Belgium because they got hold of Burundi and Rwanda in the colonial era.

    I am sure Kenya will get back Kilimanjaro and the land to the south of this mountain. Prince Albert of Germany got Kilimanjaro because he figured out that Kenya had two Mountains of which one was Mount Kenya. Albert’s men made sure that they got Kilimanjaro fro Kenya because German East Africa territory did not have a mountain as high as Mount Kenya.

    I wish I had posted a draft copy of the map and how the British and the Germans draw the boundaries of German East Africa prior to signing the Heligoland Treaty. If this draft is presented at this new partition of Africa, I am sure Malawi will get back her territories upon arguing vehemently !!!!!!!!!!! The boundary between Malawi and Tanzania is explained in the Heligoland Treaty which the British ratified in their parliament. The same parliament never repealed it or amended it. Both Malawi and Tanzania inherited it but the latter is not contented with the large portion of the territory it owns.

  2. Richard Soko says:

    Those who claim the Lake only belongs to Malawians are intoxicated with colonialism. Why should Tanzanias living on the other side of the lake also claim the heritage? This matter is about common waters and there is a law on how to deal with it. Do not listen to rhetoric from mad politicians who rely on notes from some junior officer in the Treaties office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  3. Yahya Jammeh says:

    If Malawi and Tanzania set a deadline to end the lake wrangle, is there need to engage mediators who have so far shown incompetence to resolve the matter? Chisano and team must pay us back our money they pocketed for their sole of mediation – they have not produced results after waiting for five years now. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  4. ifeyo says:

    yes, start polishing the guns !!

  5. self centred says:

    Msowoya and Tapulika whatever you call yourself ,I hope u re out of senses you came all the way fro TZ and stay in northern part of Malawi ,and changed your name to be Msowoya u are fuck !,on Lake malawi there is no negotiation , kamuzu then never claimed part of Zambia, and why malawi was granted the full ownership of Lake malawi ,go back to history and ask your grand fathers what quickly read into this agreement, m be ya was part of Malawi then and Lake malawi protruded to part of Tanzania then agreement was made that Tanzania takes mbeya and malawi have full owner ship of the water at north en side of the lake , malindi in mangochi was part of Mozambique, lake MW boundary with Mozambique, Rikoma is part of MW now but it takes up a negotiation for malawi to own Rikoma iland by demarcating the lake malawi to be part of Mozambique and this gave an opportunity for malawi to own likoma and malindi which is found the other side of Lake MW …so it was an issue of tolerance .In summery Tanzania took mbeya, malawi water ,Mozambique took part of the water and we were given chizumuru iland and malindi land,just to remind you Mozambique claimed that chizumulu must be controlled by Mozambique and took the great men to rich to a equibilliam and conclude the matter amicably with the sober mind so????????to hell with your wish and no negotiation, and failing to agree prepare for a war mark my word no president will give a chance to loose even a drop from Lake malawi mark my word just keep on dreaming

  6. Geroge says:

    Gentlemen, lets be realistic, Lake Malawi or Nyasa as known to our neighbours (Tanzanians), belongs to Malawi (HALF) and HALF to Tanzania. The ongoing dispute and shoutings like beds in a nest be left to IDIOTS. The wise concentrate on how to make use and benefit from the lake waters for their developments..

    1. Mugonapamuhanya says:

      Are you one of those idiots who see BEDS in nests? Hahahahahahahah

  7. Wa Liverpool says:

    lake malawi belongs to Malawians not tanzanians. even Tanzanian’s former President Julius Nyerere said that no single drop of water from lake Nyasa belongs to Tanzanians so why Tanzanians are behaving like cowards??

  8. winston msowoya says:

    The dispute over lake Nyasa did not start after independence.What started after independence was the issue of Land Borders between Malawi,Tanzania,Zambia and Mozambique and this was hatched by Banda’s neo-colonialist regime.The provocateur,the former Malawi brutal and corrupt tyrant Hastings Banda claimed parts of Tanzania in the South such as Iringa,Songea,Mbamba-Bay,Mbeya and Tukuyu while in Zambia he claimed all parts of North-East and in Mozambique,he claimed Tete Province that he said used to be his grand-father’s domain.Since all three countries warned him to try and see the ramifications thereafter,he waged his tail between his legs like a dog and,the issue ended there.Now,the issue of the lake, has been revived by Peter Muthalika and his running dogs for their own economic gains.What I would advise President Mugufuli is to stand filmly and not give into Muthalika’s bogus demands.To solve this issue which has been hatched by Malawi’s greedy and misguided thief,Tanzania must work hand in hand with Mozambique to maintain their status over the lake which belongs to all three countries without negotiations and if Muthalika remains adamant,Tanzania and Mozambique have all the rights also to extract oil from Lake Nyasa/Lake Malawi.For the masses of Malawi,they must not expect any benefits from oil,but the destruction of environment including marine life,water contamination,dissapearance of fish that had been the main food for thousands of years and rampant maladies,afterall,the person who will benefit from the oil is Muthalika and his gang of looters.Tanzania and Mozambique must not giveup their rights to these selfish megalomaniacs. Lake Nyasa belongs to all Africans whether Malawians like it or not.LONG LIVE AFRICA!!!!!!

    1. Magwira says:

      What did you eat this morning?

    2. kampango mulamba says:


  9. 3rd eye says:

    Malawi and Tanzania have been in long term cordial relationship,dating back to pre-colonial era.

    Many Tanzanians have married Malawians and visa versa,in short we are like brothers and sisters.

    In fact in Tanzania there’s a tribe called the Nyakusya,whose Paramount chief lives on the Malawian side together with the Malawian Nyakusya’s.

    So if there’s a funeral on either side Malawians and Tanzanians mourn together,so do they share joy when there’s a wedding or any kind of celebration.

    This has been the norm for years and generations,until something happened,


    Now things have changed, no more trusting each other between Malawians and Tanzanians.

    Every day many Malawians are being arrested in Tanzania and sent to hash Tanzanian Prisons for having no residents permit, which is strange to me considering how close and related we are.

    Am not saying that its ok to stay in another country without necessary papers but as neighbours we ought to respect and treat each other nicely.

    It may be different if some one is coming from let’s say Syria, Lebanon or Iraq,but Malawi???
    Its quite strange to me how Tanzanian immigration is now pouncing on Malawians especially in Dar es salaam as if they are armed robbers or hardcore criminals.

    Now on the Malawian side things have change as well,no more usual kindness on Tanzanian business people.

    Authorities in Malawi are so tough on Tanzanians these days,frustrating their businesses in whatever way possible.

    Now,just as you heard in the news,8 suspected Tanzanian ‘Spies’ will be going to a Malawian jail for criminal trespassing at a Uranium mine in Northern Malawi.

    All this just highlight mistrust that is worsening among these great nations.
    After carefully observing what is happening I have come to the conclusion that contrary to what many people think that Malawi and Tanzania will be at war soon,I think we are already at war


    So what the solution!!!

    Tanzanian President John Pombe magufuli and his counterpart Malawi President Prof. Peter munthalika should stop living in denial!

    Arrange a meeting,talk with each other not to each other.

    Look each other in the eyes,and boldly say




  10. zebron henry banda says:

    pple can be listening to bile spewed by arrogant and damn crazy taifas.they should tell the AU that there should be a new partition of Africa.All existing borders be frozen forthwith.that’s the best solution.and they should stop harrassing malawians or theirs will follow suit.imbeciles can hardly comprehend this issue’s complicity.

  11. TAPULIKA says:

    The story has some inconsistencies. Who told you that Tanzania is claiming half of the lake? Please be serious and careful when you write the articles. Tanzania is claiming the northern part of the lake. It is not half.

    1. kampango mulamba says:


    2. Zadziwika says:

      Tanzania is claiming half of the northern part of lake Malawi.

  12. Wangu says:

    Yes this issue is long overdue and a solution must be found at all costs. Include a mixture of experts in the team not only govt officers. Consider inclusion of civil society key members like Mkwezalamba, Undule & others. The issue should be beyond govt to govt.

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