Malawi to get donor budget support of K40bn- Finance Minister

Malawi expects donors to to contribute about K40 billion towards the 2015/2016 financial plan, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has aid.

Gondwe:  To get K40 billion budgetary support

Gondwe: To get K40 billion budgetary support

The national budget is estimated to be at K900 billion.

Malawi adopted a “zero-aid budget” for 2014/15, after donors suspended general budget support to government  following unprecedented corruption scandal, known as “Cashgate”.

But Malawi cannot balance its books without donor support, which makes up as much as 40% of the national budget.

“Though interested donors are coming up with a small budgetary support, as a country we are still working on zero-aid budget. You can see we are talking of K900 billion as the 2015-2016 budget but we are receiving just K40 billion in support,” said Gondwe during a pre-budget consultative meeting with various stakeholders in Blantyre on Tuesday.

He said the K40 billion budgetary support will come from donors such as the European Union (EU), World Bank and African Development Bank (ADB).

“After these consultation meetings, people should expect robust changes in the actual budget as all the views from the people will be taken into consideration. Some will be adopted instantly while others shall be considered at an opportune time,” said Gondwe.

He promised that the framework for the 2015-2016 national budget will be different from previous budgets, stating that government had put in place sufficient strategies on how to improve the country’s e

Gondwe then said the previous administration owed local companies and individuals about K155 billion.

“We are going to cut funding for ministries and departments so that we should repay the arrears the previous government owe people and companies.”

Gondwe has since urged the general populace to freely present their views on the budget through consultative meetings.

Malawi is implementing swingeing budget cuts in a desperate attempt to win back donors’ faith.

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52 thoughts on “Malawi to get donor budget support of K40bn- Finance Minister”

  1. Dreadful. Mwikhoma says:

    Kuyankhula kwambiri pamene ena akumvetsera sikuti nkuchenjera ai phunzirani ulemu
    palibe wodziwa zonse pabzikoli

  2. Young poet says:

    Give credit wherh it is due.

  3. Paul ziga Tembo says:

    Apapa mukudandaula ndi Mavuto azachuma koma tikuva mwagula ndege kuti muzinjoyera koma amalawi suzatheka ngati mwatopa siyani ndale azungu naonso atopa nsano kuthandiza amalawi. Gulitsani dzikoli kwa azungu mwina tione kusintha

  4. John Njoka says:

    Gulitsani mnyanga ya Njobvu mutigulire Chimanga mchakachi

  5. mwambop says:


  6. munyasiwa says:

    Koma abale dziko ili! Kodi boma silikufuna kufufuza 90 billion cash gate chifukwa chachani? Ndalama zinaperekedwa kale. We should forget and close cash gate chapter. Mzimayi uja sanaidoje. Bekatire inayamba kufufuza pompopompo. kodi mukufufuta umboni kapena? Madonars
    akufana cash gate yonse ifufuzidwe. Anthu one Ababa ndalama kuyambira 2005 amangidwe basi. Osamango sambira mmanja ena zanunso zibwere poyera. Ngati simunabe Ife tizakondwera.

    1. Richard mphopheya says:

      Ndipodi agaluwa andikwana ine aaaaaaa

  7. ujeni says:

    Western donors are capitalist, if you think you will develop by recieving change from them forget. This is money they buy stupid governments for favours. You see Surestream because.its from UK, you are bowing to anything it does in Malawi. Malawi politicians have slave mentality.

  8. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Bravo, bravo Peter, Gudal & Chilima!!!

  9. mike says:

    Once a slave driver always so, after using Africans to build their cities and work under peanut pays and unbearable conditions this is what we get I thought it is payback time. Malawi must sweat and create innovative and dynamic ways of providing for her sons and daughters AZUNGU anakwiya.

  10. Think Tank says:

    are we still in need of donors? Where is our tough talk of “We dont need donors?” I see many reversal,why? Were just campaign gimmicks to cheat voters?

  11. Hehehe. Koma mavuto alipo kikikikikiki. Kuipa kwake you will use that money to build toilets instead of constructing structures that will generate foreign income for malawi. Bushiri akuti akufuna kukupatsani ndalama za satanic za katapila uko. Kazitapeni.

  12. vacuum says:

    kazidyani ndalamazo koma mudzafa imfa yowawa.To nyasatimes pliz edit the news be4 post.

  13. Taweni says:

    What did your previous administration leave as local debt? Officials should learn to own the good and the bad patches of government. I would not be surprised if Mr Kayiwonanga would have isolated a previous administration if the issue outstanding was positive.


  14. Mike siliya says:

    Comment. I hope there will be sigh of releaf

  15. petet chimangeni says:


  16. freeman says:


  17. mbuya says:

    ndiye muzibanso

  18. Boyd Kilembey says:

    I have never seen a country such as Malawi where people are not ashamed of celebrating things in advance. Whats the motive for old man Goodal to tell us about this and what difference does it make. I remember sometime in Nov 2013 Air Malawi celebrated the the Jburg route three months in advance , but it never came to pass.
    Mr Goodal , learn to celebrate when things have actually happened.

  19. Gifted Brain says:

    I greatly appreciate the efficiency that is in some of DPP top officials like Goodall Gondwe and Saulos Chilima.

    Lets wish each other best wishes and unite as what spider webs do.Because when those webs get united they can tie a lion hence doing against odds.

  20. Chyclean Kachale says:

    You are doing agood job mr minister.

  21. Masoambeta says:

    For such a small country, one would think that K40 billion will do much good for the 80% of poor people languishing in abhorrent conditions.

    To the opposite, this aid will go towards personal treasure loots of politicians and their handlers. I am sorry to say but I have lost hope with the amount of confusion and backhand activities this Lomwe kingdom is manifesting.
    The Lomwe government tore it’s manifesto up and now are chocking the whole place with their foul activities. We need no more slogans and hot air. Please use this money accordingly and not depositing in your foreign bank accounts.
    Police, teachers, nurses and poor farmers need their lives to be uplifted. They’re the backbone of this man made poor economy.

  22. Jose' says:

    MK40bn is just 4% of the Mk900bn. However, coming from zero, I would salute this administration. Maybe we can reach sustainable levels of budget support from donors. Guys ndiye kuti Ntchembere ija imangoomba cash ya boma nkumapanga phokoso as if things were ticking? Good for nothing piece of nothing daughter of the darkness JB! Asandichimwitse ine, akamayenda ngati akufuna kumenya penalty… kkkk aaaasah

  23. Vincent Mkandawire says:

    Please don’t change our mindset on zero budget,, let’s continue but reduce tax on old cars.please

  24. selemani says:

    As Malawians we can make it, to meet the budget of our county. As we see that we try to use zero-aid budget before, from those year that we try to use it we have learn something from our mistake and achievement that we had. For as to generate income when need to start from local activities of generating income, then look for aid thereafter. When it come to generate income on our budget we our self we contribute 60% and donor 40% , if we are able to generate 60% of the budget what make as to fail the 40% if we can think critical what make as to fail generate the 40% on our own we can find the solution to this problem working together as malawians we can make it using the zero-aid budget.

  25. gab says:

    Last year we survived with our own resources. Use the K40bn to construct five star hotels to boost tourism. That will mark the beginning of self reliace

  26. Agalu Pa Mpando[APM] says:

    Don’t forget CHAM in your budget.

  27. Winnie phiri says:

    Comment: Ndiye reformed DDP tikuyidziwa ife. Osati chilichonse kutsutsa. Tiyeni tidziwe kuyamikira pamene zikusonya. DPP Woyeeeeeee

  28. lomwe says:

    this is an interesting move,but make sure never to chase them away again

  29. kika says:

    Achita bwino muzidye

  30. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Munkafuna kulowa m’boma musadandaule, ndilimenelo. Mwana akalilira nyanga ya nsatsi…

  31. Wayne Kazima says:

    For once can we please stop this Donor funding reliance. Can’t we utilise the water produce crops, hydro electric power, fish and export to support our own budget? It’s not mandatory for donors to give us suport. If they do lets teat it as a bonus and invest it in extra activities. Otherwise it’s time to feed our own nation .

  32. Nyapapi wa Nyapapi says:

    This is total madness. We get 40 percent donor support. We did not say K40 billion . No. I knew it. First the tap was opened just one quarter of the circumference of the IMF’s tap by K18 billion . Now its only K40 billion. Yet the country is totally flooded with the year’s heavy downpours. Please God open the eyes of the donors and let them read our problems on the wall so that they can support the budget according not with peanut. Even if it means they are going to support the budget with the whole K900 billion budget. We are in total economic problems worse than that of Greece yet Greece was totally belt out of their economic problems through donors.

  33. Ine Nchewa says:

    Reality talk from Minister of Finance only MK 40 billion(donor support) from MK 900 billion Malawi 2015-2016 national budget apetite for spending..The 40 Billion is even less than half of fertlizer subsidy which malawi spend so sad.The main problem is coming because our political leaders from 1964 were not seeing the writing on the wall that donor funding was for a specific time not forever…. China saw it and they used the donor resources to build capacity that has helped them to be independent of donors (lessons)…..this is no time for blame game but live with the reality…..we need to seriously discuss on how we can close the financial gaps where the poor of the poorest need be targeted for them to come out of poverty and start contribution to the country economic growth than the case now…..lets make the public service reforms a reality in realising our destiny…..

  34. mudyenso zimenezi muone…..

  35. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Ulemu wanu a DPP. Ulemu wanu a President, Ulemu wanu bambo Goodal

  36. ngwime says:


  37. Kanyimbi says:

    This is not good news. We want the zero aid budget. These whites thought we are going to suffer now they are swallowing their pride.

  38. Special advisor says:

    Chotsani ma zero enawao. Ma billion awa akuchititsa chizungulire. Drop some zeros! i.e 1000 can drop one zero and be 100. Thus $2.50 can sell/buy at K100 instead of K1000. Yes, it still means the same thing. No, it doesn’t? School me why and how!

  39. gift default says:

    Comment. Dats it good all

  40. dönors why you are resuming aid again .you are afraid after find out that malawi can manage to survive with zero aid budget

  41. chejali says:

    Ok ndiye munyambiteno dola zimenezi makamaka iwe wankhope ngati manda a gule a ku nchisi.

  42. GUANTANAMO says:

    Just say govt owes private companies K115b. Not previous govt. This language of blaming others for Mw poverty is what derails progress. Even Nankhumwa spends 90% of his words blaming PP. We put you into power to solve our problems, not to remind us of PP. Mind you, time is ticking!

  43. Ayi nkhani yabwino.yesetsani mwina zikhoza kusintha tikukanda kwambiri amalawi zero bajeti yatikhalira amphwawife ho!

  44. Nkhombokombo says:

    We don’t want your explanation Mr GG, just do your work and show us what you are made of. Blame game and pointing finger is a stale game. The borrowing and owing by the previous Adminstration was necessistated because the old DPP Adminstration, they had dug big holes into the coffers whereby creating Donor distance. So Mr GG just clear and correct this mess. So may God help you!

  45. Patriot says:

    Koma banja la a mutharika li kikikikikiki

  46. So is that something to be happy about…kuzolowela kupempha…..when the money comes.wat we knw is to steal..steal and steal until we are stinking rich…no wonder other countries are overtaking us in economy….I dont knw when we r going to do things on our own….

  47. Chimboche says:

    The problem is that Goodall and his DPP president do not learn.

    They did this and it never worked. Now they had to it with a different name. And we it, that this will not.

    Now they say Malawi can not balance its books without Donors. Mwadziwa lero? Pride yabodza.

  48. Aid cutting in ministries yes I agree but not in the Ministry of Education!! Ndakwiya nanu kwambiri chifukwa mumaonerera Education

  49. Aphiri says:

    Y take it tell them to stick in there ass nd its not even 5% of our budget increase motor cof’ s bassi

  50. We fought for independence in order to independent,but 50 good years we are still beggars.We are in this status quo because of our own blunders.In all these years we could at least utilised our God given resources ie national parks,water,good soils,gargantuan minerals still untapped and above all,human resources.Again,if donor nations give us funds to develop our nation,most of it finds its way into foreign personal bank accounts,some building personal ndatas,some buying fleet of cars so on and forth.Indeed,it is heart breaking to rely on handouts year in year out.finally,we have to admit ourselves that really,we are lacking visionary leadership.

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