Malawi to hire local coach for national team: No cash, no expatriate

The government of Malawi has shut down its door on the prospects of hiring an expatriate national football coach due to cash constraints. The net searching for the Flames mentor would be cast from within the indigenous Malawians.

Nyamilandu: No money for expatriate coach

Nyamilandu: No money for expatriate coach

The Flames have no head coach after the firing of Young Chimodzi and Jack Chamangwana last month.

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has revealed that communication from ultimate employer, the ministry of youth development and sports indicates that coffers at the central government are too shallow to meet an expatriate football coach demand.

“The commitment we have from the government  is to recruit a local coach. The available funds are not enough for an expatriate coach,” said FAM president Walter Nyamilandu-Manda.

Belgium Tom Saintfiet was the last foreign coach to coach the Flames in 2013.

Malawi is expected to meet Swaziland in September ahead of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and reports indicate that by August 1, 2015, a new head coach for the Fames would have been recruited on permanent basis.

Currently it is Ernest Mtawali who has been taken on board as a caretaker coach. His first assignment was on Malawi’s 51st independence day celebrations where Chiukepo Msowoya managed to score a winning goal in a game that the visiting Uganda played fairly well against the home side.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi to hire local coach for national team: No cash, no expatriate”

  1. Zanga Phee! says:

    Mr president should also think of selling Flames silently as what he did with MSB. Tell Thom Mpinganjira also to buy this National team please we are sick and tired of loosing games like with Zimbabwe,See my name.

  2. sunderstar says:

    Malawi lets not re-cycle coaches, we need a coach who will understand the systems of Soccer not former footballers. Kinna Phiri, Jack Chamangwana, Young Chimodzi had their time lets forget about them. Government must talk to countries like Brazil, Germany, Spain to attach to us some of their trainer Coaches to our National team and to train as many coaches In Malawi for a period of three years, this should be under technical agreement where by Malawi can take care of accomodation Transport and allowances while the Donor country can pay him a salary at his home. Lets not beat about the bush the loss to Zimbabwe in a game Malawi should have won indicates that our National team has lost its touch and it has no technical ability to beat other teams in the region.

  3. Mzaliwa wapa Nkk says:

    Elia kananji akukwana

  4. I love my team. Indeed it was aflame of fire burning the strong and the wick teams,irepeat the ministry of sports make sure the team have got equipments. Gyming categolies for physical fitness and training allawance just to mention afew. The government must put an effort to our team because it brings money when they have done well.

  5. gwedemula says:

    Panopo chifukwa coach ndi Mtumbuka ndiye FAM yasangalala fotseki!!!!!!!

  6. Chabwanda!! says:

    Indeed Walter looks like a thief!

  7. Van de Kaithazi says:

    Just sell the flames national team to Aliko Dangote to manage and sponsor it.

  8. CHOKO says:

    Kinnah and Ernest are best local coaches who can take Flames somewhere. I love the two and Kinnah come please. You should this time around listen to people and ensure selection of players is done on merit. Don’t pick from Bullets only and those you love but merit and standard players we need always.



  9. Aferazao says:

    No more Kinnah Phiri, if the Government re-engages him we will smash his shapeless head. Remember he was head coach and Chimodzi his assistant. They got the boot together and he decided to take sanctuary in South Africa. Let him stay there or if he comes he should go and couch MZUNI FC.

  10. George phiri says:

    Zz junior wanena bwino. We dont need a foreign coach. Even if wr hired Jose/Wenger etc it will be difficult simply because of the way we run our football administratively. Our players again lack the liver. Lets just keep on rotating the same we have. Let Mtawali try his lack dzikakanika fire him no problem.

  11. Misonda says:

    Walter looks like a thief mwee!

  12. Howard says:

    Recycled coaches ,,

  13. faiti says:

    mtawali will do. he is an illustrous coach.

  14. chatonda says:

    For God’s sake, Walter Nyamilandu, when are you stepping down after a decade at the position as if this is a life position? Are you having ambitions like those of Kamuzu Banda with his life presidency/ Shame on you. Let others try and fail as you have failed.

  15. Christopher says:

    I said it in 2013 that the firing of Kinna was out of jealous, and I went a heard to say I don’t see any other local coach better that him. I also went further to say unfortunately our government has not been prepared to spend on an expatriate coach. Zonsezi zakwanilitsidwa. Tiwona amene mutamulembe hheheheheh

  16. If you can employ Ernest mtawali and Kinnah phiri it can be better. But supply our team with facilities that is national team even aclub needs equipments to prosper. All the time you will be blaming the coaches because their poor perfomance yet you know your selves that you are not providing your team with facilities.

  17. Pyola says:

    Kinna woye. Walter swallow your pride and call back Kinnah

  18. poooooo says:

    Kinnna Phiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! akhale ndi Enerst Ntawaliiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Kinna and mtawali can do better if given good administration players and resources otherwise let us just support netball

  20. Chemusa says:

    I agree with Walter. No need for an expatriate coach. Let us groom our own coaches.

  21. kanyimbi says:

    A combination of Kinnah and Ernest can assist but they must be provided with necessary resources.

  22. opportunist says:

    Ernest yemweyo Kuti wa wa wa

  23. Cyrus Mwenenyimbiri says:

    I see ourselves reinventing the wheel. The position has been successfully ring-fenced for a Malawian.Welcome back Kinnah Phiri!

  24. Myao says:


  25. Do wat u know dat z best 4 u

  26. Samarakunjuta says:

    A government that doesn’t have anything to do with national pride,what do u expect?? Live them they are busy with mapwevupwevu and the like!!!!

  27. ZZ Junior says:

    Malawi problem is not coaching rather its football administrators who don’t seems to have any vision and work without proper short or long term strategic plans. We need visionary leaders who will realize that without youth football developments, without corporate sponsorship, without advance match ticket sales, football doomed. We need leaders who are able to notice that Super League has and continues to contribute to poor standards of Malawi footy. We need administrator who will realize that the social status of most of our referees has a significant impact to the way they handle football matches……the list is endless. In short the admins we have now are failures and they are rubbing their failures to the country and the National Football Team.

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