Malawi to privatise mortuaries: Kamlepo says its ‘horrendous’

Member of Parliament for Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kalua (People’s Party) send parliament into a laughter mode when he said “a mortuary and an ambulance is the same and they marry.”

Kamlepo: How can you privatise mortuaries?

Kamlepo: How can you privatise mortuaries?

Minister of Health Kalilani: Malawi to privatise mortuaries

Minister of Health Kalilani: Malawi to privatise mortuaries

His comments came when he told Minister of Health Jean Kalilani that an ambulance in his constituency was withdrawn.

But when MPs laughed at his statement, Kalua said: “Listen, people should not just laugh for the sake of laughing or entertaining this House. It is similar and related because when a body is there, and there is an ambulance service, they can take that body to a village and for them to say it is not similar is something quite strange.”

There was more laughter and Speaker Richard Msowoya said Kalua was making the Members to laugh “for the sake of it, because a dead body, an ambulance and a mortuary are not the same.”

But Kalua insisted that they are the same.

“You know that they are not the same,” said the Speaker.

Kalua responded: “But they belong to the same section.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Kalilani told the House that through the reforms, government is going to propose the delinking of mortuaries from public hospitals using the Private Public Partnership (PPP) law, “to enable private people to run the mortuaries.”

Kalilani said it is a proposal and only informed “what is in the pipe line. “

Kalua stood on a point of order to state that Minister of Health is out of order by informing the country that in her ministry, there are plans to privatise mortuaries.

Said Kalua: “This is horrendous and terrible. How can you privatise mortuaries? What message is she trying to send to the country? “

Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya, commented on Kalua’s point of order: “I think you are in a very good mood today. You know, as much as I do, if I may say so, that in most of the developed world, all morgues are privately owned by the undertakers. Let us not go there, but what I am trying to say is that you are ruled out of order. Malawi must also progress amongst other countries. “

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55 thoughts on “Malawi to privatise mortuaries: Kamlepo says its ‘horrendous’”

  1. INEYO says:

    @ wINSTON MSOWOYA…….Hon Kamlepo has been talking about the Mlowe/Chiweta road in the house if u have been following deliberations, on this mortuary issue he is also right, dont put it as if it is the only thing he has raised for your constituency, mind u mps also discuss national issues,,,Kamplepo is outstanding…….ALL THE BEST KK

  2. INEYO says:

    hahah I LOVE KAMLEPO….we need him around. 2019 i will go vote for u in your constituency….keep it up

  3. Nzeru zopusa zimenezi do you want to tell us kuti ndi umphawi umene uli Mmalawi anthu azizitenga kuti ndalama zolipira ma Undertaker?????? DPP iganize bwino iyi ndi ticket yotulukira Mboma akuyiputayi.

  4. Zinjathropus says:

    First you store K92 billion from living people and now you want to steal from dead people;Sheeee!!!!

  5. wooooo says:

    zitsilu za dpp muuzane ndi mathanyula wanuyo

  6. ADE says:


  7. kesterchipala says:

    Kid anthu akumiz azizatha kukawombola mtembowo?pofunika aMP akafuse anthu adera lawo pa zakugulisa ma mamotchale aboma.akawuzu ubwino ndi kuipa kwake.osamangothamangira Ku ombela mmanja.kamlepo akulondola

  8. Malawiano says:

    If this is true the we should not be paying taxes so that we can afford to pay for hospital,motury and even school fees

  9. mafiloe says:

    Kalua has a point u must think twice before coming up with this issue dont compare Malawi to these developing countries death is not something u can plan for pliz think twice

  10. PIERRE says:


  11. tiya says:

    guy osangonyoza zilizonse,anthu akumwalira kuma pvt hospital after been admitted for a month & paying huge bills there koma akamwalira dead body ikasungidwe ku mortuary za boma,kodi bomalo silifuna ndalama?

  12. Issa Kabudula says:

    Its not new – we got private mortuaries in many developing and developed countries – what we need is respect of the dead – zaulele has made many our dead loved ones to rot in mortuaries due to lack of either funding or negligency.

    Boma (government) priorities must be on;
    1. Security
    2. General development of roads, clinics, hospitals, housing, airports etc
    3. Agriculture
    4. education – to mention a few, we do have private schools, clinics, hospitals the like of Mwayiwathu and whole lot, now a person having a mortuary is not a sin – therefore where id the noise coming from Mr. Kaluba?

  13. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Mukamachotsa ntchito zina za boma mudzichtsanso msonkho chifukwa kutsogoloku ntchito zonse zidzakhala za private.

  14. mwadoh says:

    kufa palibe amafuna ndiye ngati mwapangana ndi abale anu kuti azipanga run ma motuary mupenga,auzeni amange awo osati athu aboma,and tizikusiyilani mitembo muzikaika nokha tione ngati mungasunge mitembo zitsilu inu panu pan** stupid

  15. Bayangwe says:

    Chala changa.

  16. Njonjola says:

    Asa!!! like other developed countries? chindele is Malawi on the list of developed countries,zakatangale basi fotseku!

  17. Winston Msowoya says:

    May I remind Mr.Kamlepo Karua that mortuaries are not priorities in our constituency.Our top most priority is the Chiweta/ Mlowe road which serves thousands of people carrying heavy loads on their heads to Chiweta on a 13 km distance every day en route to markets.However,due to its poor condition,transporters overcharge travellers that the only alternative for them is to walk with their loads.The road was constructed some decades ago,but since then,it has been neither repaired nor improved for simple reason that it is in the north where the successive governments run by southerners and the central people,ignore and do not care what these unfortunate Malawians face.The leaders are busy looting and plundering national coffers for their own greedy ends.LONG LIVE NYIKALAND.

  18. Mashall says:

    Mpangenso privatise ma prison onse kuti mudzidwa bwino dollar

    Chifukwa mukuwoneka muli pachangu chokuba dollar kwabasi ngati kuti ndalamayo mudzanka nayo kumanda

  19. Hoitty says:

    I knew the most Malawians are poor card will be played here. What do these poor people eat, wear? I guess they get their food and clothes for free as well. The poor rural Malawian finds problems with paying hospital fees but does nit hesitate to go to a sing’anga and pay for treatment. Even paying sing’anga to determine if the death was caused by witchcraft.

  20. agnes wanzeru says:

    Mortuary ya private, hospital fees, school fees, taxes almost everything. So what will money from taxes be used for?

  21. makwinjaishmael says:

    Kkkkkkkkk. Thats a reason y!!!!.

  22. Patrick Kamanga says:

    The government should find ways of sourcing the money rather than privatising everything,hournarable Kaluba thumb up the public is relying on you.Some people sit in the national house only to enjoy tea,but i am calling you a HERO.

  23. jonas says:

    Kuyankhula mopanda mantha angakhale chibwibwi, boma la malawi layamba uchitsilu.Zikomo

  24. Vakabu ya amphawi. says:

    Tizikusiyilani mitembo muziyika nokha.

  25. bwalero says:

    Excellent news!!!!

  26. MBACHI says:


  27. chesayenda says:

    koma boma lomeneli silitilipilitsa tikakwata azikazi athu mmanyumbamu?

  28. Kenkkk says:

    Utter rubbish this govt is despite kamlepo’s presentation. Just like the fee charging issue. You can’t even compare malawi with developed countries on this and kamlepo is right to reject privatization of mortuaries in malawi. Other countries are rich, better developed and people have insurances all over to cover mortuaries, also those few not able are helped with mortuary costs. Most importantly the mortuaries are everywhere, just too many sometimes like every 500 metrers or so you see one.

    More than 80% of us are rural very poor people, how will they get the money for the mortuaries and how will the govt help them? The govt could end up paying billions to help these rural poor people. Unless all of us become Muslims and bury our dead the same day they die.

    Also you should know that in developed countries, hospital mortuaries are free if someone dies in the hospital the body can stay there for say 2- 3 days awaiting to be transferred to a private mortuary later on where it can stay as long as the relatives can afford to pay before it is buried. So we can’t privatize our hospital mortuaries but those who want to start mortuary business can build their own mortuaries and charge people.

    You can’t privatize hospital mortuaries because most of our people are very poor, let those who want this type of business not rush to grab hospital mortuaries, they should build their own.

    So pleased Jean try to be specific and not generalize. We reject the proposal to privatize our hospital mortuaries. Hospital mortuaries are also good for our medical student trainees In terms of learning. You should know that.

  29. MALEPA says:


  30. mleme says:

    The price of sending silly MPs like Kamlepo you get garbage contribution like this one.

  31. Angoni Ngayongayo says:

    Musaonjezere mavuto pa mavuto enanso. A Malawi ambiri ndi osauka kwambiri sadzakwanitsa kutero. Inu aphungu ngati mmakonda anthu amene anakulembani ntchito akumudzi ndi bwino muganize bwino bwino ndikukana zimenezo. Ganizilani munthu wa ku mudzi amene ali osauka komanso enanu tikati kusauka mukudziwa mmene zimakhalila.

  32. Joel says:

    kalionera sibwino….kut anzathu apanga zakut basi nafeso tiyeni tipange mmmm it will not help us….Most Malawians are very poor….ganizani bwino

  33. Ndatero ine says:

    akalirani development imeneyo kkkkkkk dont make me laugh dpp imeneyo
    Akugwirisani ntchito mudzavutike ndinu.

  34. Bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    this is bad news to Malawians regarding financial status

  35. Julie says:

    Ndiye misonkho tikupereka ku boma tisamaperekenso! Chifukwa timapereka misonkho kuti tizipeza ma service ku boma, tikadwala mankhwala ku gvt hospital kulibe, tikafa mortuary kulibe, whooh my Malawi

  36. mwadoh says:

    mwasowa zokambilana eti,zopusa zimenezo mukufuna kumakambilana za malilo chinthu choti sichiziwa chilichonse kuleka amoyofe tilipo,uku ndiye kuyambana mwanva

  37. dumakude says:

    running away from social services responsibility-if village people rely on members of parliament to buy coffinsfor them, can they manage to pay for morgue services. let us be serious guys.

  38. Chinthumwananga says:

    This is a most welcome development and once materialised I will invest in the business.

    See you when you see me.

  39. Alex Likoswe says:

    Ask our friends and relatives in US. For Malawians including our most African friends can not afford to pay the mortuary, often times , there is call for kamsonka msonka. Are we going to do the same in Malawi where we live under 50 cents a day?

  40. zanga phee says:

    kenako mupanga privatise manda, sitingakhale odabwa.

  41. gomes says:

    Unless if the government is to shoulder everything on behalf of the poor Malawians. I see effectiveness but consideration should go to the poor Malawians

  42. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    here comes another drama called malawi and its so called educated people, abale ndithu dziko latunthu kulephera kuyendesa mortuary. he he he de ziliko ku malawi. i think ife dziko latilaka ili tingogulitsa ndithu. inu malo a wathu okufa ndithu kulephera kuyendesa. ha ha ha zachisonitu izi

  43. Patrick says:

    Progess? Mr Speaker sir. Is privatising motuaries, paying in public hospitals, paying school in primary schools, paying tax on internet progress??? Mr Speaker sir. We need progress in terms of having good health facilities, good roads, security, clean water, big industries, and of ccoarse every malawian must afford to drink a cup of milk tea every morning.

  44. Chief bidder says:

    Please expplain properly how the tenders for the privatisation of morturies will be conducted so that Mlombwa, the president of IBAM should bid. He complains too much for how government contracts are warded. Already he is on tag of war with ESCOM for awarding of escom poles from Zim.

  45. Kadakwiza says:

    Anthu sadzakwanitsa kuyika maliro abale awo akamwalira. Ndi nkhani ya bwino koma a Malawi ambiri ndife wosauka. Ngati anthu amalephera kugula bokosi la maliro ndiye adzayika bwanji maliro. Chonde a phungu asalole nkhani yimeneyi.

  46. mulopwana says:

    zopusa zimenezo.nde misonkho yina achotsesnso.

  47. Sweet Boy says:

    What the minister of health said is right. All kamlepo is looking at is to continue getting services from got. free as usual and yet he is the same person who is in the forefront rejecting taxes. I thought that is exactly what his fellow opposition MP from MCP, Kazombo mentioned last week when he was suggesting that mining enterprising should be run by local businesses by allowing them to buy shares? To day you are told to do exactly as requested and you are negating responsibility? What a disjointed parliament whose members are always clueless and running about like headless nkhuku. Why should you dispute everything without substantial points to back you up. The problem with our MP’s is lack of exposure. The farthest they have travelled is ku joni basi, let alone reading widely to update themselves. Ndiye mudziwa bwanji m’mene maiko ena akuyendetsera ntchito za boma?

  48. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Nonsense careless thoughtless kamlepo

  49. KK says:

    A kumlepo kutha mzeru kikikiki

  50. khumbo banda says:

    it is simple to laugh but nothing they got 4lom that point.

  51. OLLAH AMAGENTS says:


  52. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Mr. Speaker Sir, out of order. There are more pressing issues that Malawi has to address. Privatising mortuaries? I think honourable Kamlepo Kalua is right. Our priorities are upside down

  53. Wakumudzi says:

    mwasowa popezera revenue, look at the economy of the country now and compare it with the economy of the countries you are comparing with our country
    Please find other means where you can source funds and not the health sector

  54. Nabetha says:

    Anthu ndiye owaponyela ma bizinesi osunga mitembo inu ndikumapeza ma big tender ku ESCOM. Chabwino.

  55. Achimidzimidzi says:

    How much per hour? For us villagers, we will see what we can do?

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